The next week could see multiple Arsenal transfer deals

There is an assumption that the reason there has been no transfer business done by Arsenal so far is that the club is waiting for July 1st to unveil players in their new Adidas kits.

It does not work like that, especially with players leaving the club and there is absolutely no reason why deals cannot be done and any unveiling delayed until the new kit deal kicks in.

No, the reason that there has been no transfer business done is that nothing is completed yet but that could all change this coming week.

There are now strong indications that Arsenal will make a second bid for Celtic defender Kieran Tierney, according to the very credible David Ornstein of the BBC.

Ornstein claims that there is optimism that a deal can be agreed and that personal terms will not be an issue.

Lucas Torreira could be on his way out of the Emirates this week with Italian media outlet Sportmediaset claiming that AC Milan has made a two-year loan offer worth up to £7.0 Million and will include a £34 Million one-off payment right to buy clause.

Apparently, Arsenal did not dismiss that offer out of hand and have told the Italian giants they are open to negotiate and want the option to buy upgraded to an obligation to buy.

Finally, almost every media outlet is claiming that Arsenal will accelerate their move for St Etienne defender Wiliam Saliba.

The signs are that the gloves are coming off and Arsenal is ready to get down to some serious negotiating.

Players have been on holiday, some are involved in tournaments and managers themselves have been taking a break but as July approaches and pre-season and tours get closer then transfer business is expected to begin in earnest.


  1. Toreira is good players but doesn’t fit Arsenal he is too small for EPL and that’s where our weakness is I would prefer Emery to bring in his own players the way he sees fits his style.

    1. Despite his weaknesses in shoulder charging and in aerial duels, he is very good in tackling and intercepting

      He can go if he misses Italy, but Chambers, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles and Bielik must be as good as Torreira in the DM position

      Guendouzi got the highest numbers of interceptions and tackles at the club before Emery started Torreira more often, so I’m confident that Torreira can be replaced by one of the boys

    2. Size isn’t vital to play in the PL
      Cazorla was small and was one of the PL best
      Rosicky was small too

  2. Media late again to Saliba, Torreira and Tierney news.Ornstein was also late to the Tierney offer.

    I will repeat once again Torreira does not want to leave Arsenal and all these rumours are emanating from his agent who wants him to get him a new contract.So basically Milan is just being used.
    The structure of the offer totals up to €50m.
    Bid has been rejected!

    Saliba deal hangs on Saint Etienne and Arsenal being able to come to a common conclusion or agreement on him being loaned back.The same happened with Kurt Zouma when Chelsea signed him.

    As reported we will submit a bid of £19m + Jenkinson and maybe Osei-Tutu for Tierney tomorrow.Ignore any rumours of a bid being rejected from him today

    1. It’s strange that Celtic want two RBs to replace their best LB

      Nonetheless, Tierney was spotted in London and I really want to know how good this hyped LB is, if the deal goes through

    2. Jekinson and Jordi Osei-tutu are both right back. Why would Celtic takes both of them and why not keep Tutu as a back up for Bellerin. So much for playing youth. The boy is 20 already and he is good enough to play.

      1. I wondered how on earth Osei-Tutu didn’t start over AMN even once.I thought we were going to sell him this window if he couldn’t even start over AMN and might have been considered not good enough.I rate him very much and I dont know why he didn’t start last season.
        The thing is Celtic are interested in Osei-Tutu as well as Jenkinson.But it wouldn’t shock me if Smith-Rowe or Nketiah are added to the deal instead of Osei-Tutu

    3. Wow your slagging off pornstein ..
      He is the closest to arsenal rumours than anyone and it as been this way for years .
      You told us arsenal had a 17 mil bid rejected ,this was confirmed today to be 15 mil so who ever you are following is just second guessing.
      I don’t need to remind you of some of your other 100% done deals over the last few transfer windows .how on earth do you know or anyone else know that we are going to table a bid tomorrow.

      1. Not slagging off Ornstein.Ornstein is a master but he isnt first on deals all the time and this applies to many other journalists.This has been the case for many years.For e.g interest in Saliba was first reported on May 17th by an ITK and then by Kike Marin who was late.The person I follow isnt second guessing at all.There can be differences in fees for many reasons for e.g add ons.
        Let’s forget about the past and at least I got Torreira,Sokratis and Lich right last window.
        This window is going to be exciting I tell you.Stay tuned

        1. Yes Raul and Vinai have already said that Samuel Umtiti and Hakim Ziyech are very likely to be signed.

  3. Will be interesting to see what happens with Torreira. I want him to stay but if he wants to leave then hopefully Arsenal can make a tidy profit to invest in some players who want to be here.

    If he is just doing this to get more money than I hope Arsenal sells him. I’m sick of players trying to renegotiate valid contracts – I can guarantee he wouldn’t be offering to play for less if he had a poor season.

    1. Media took his words out of context and the player had to clear up the issue.
      Their bid has already been rejected and from what I have gathered Torreira will not be sold this window

      1. Kev…………are you Ornstein in disguise ?……….or maybe his son ?……….I`d respect you even more if you change your name to ………..Son of Ornstein !
        You know it makes sense, make it so ! 🙂

  4. Tierney is highly rated by virtually every Manager,Ex Managers including Dalglish and Strachan and fellow professionals including VVD and Andrew Robertson of Liverpool.The word “hyped” is not appropriate to Tierney as his ability is there for all to see and does not need to be exaggerated as the word “hype” implies.If he signs for Arsenal, as I sincerely hope he does , any doubters will quickly see that he is right up there with Robertson and Chilwell.

      1. Yeah his injury record is terrible and we just let go of our fitness coach so idk how that’s gonna work

  5. Give Celtic what they are asking for well to a certain extent, l mean we have got to be able to banter haven’t we,and bring the price
    down and also seal the deal on Saliba,but so that he will be able to stay with us,l mean offer them Mustafi or Lolo anything to get deals over the table, for they should be honoured to come to a fantastic opportunity like ours, okay we ain’t had that much luck over the last few years, but slowly we are beginning to get better!!!!!!!!⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽?????????

  6. It’s being reported that a second bid has been offer 10m under what the asking price is is a bit much.. all this bloody haggling… it’s not like we’re at a market in a foreign country buying a bloody bag or belt ? – we want him, pay up & sign him please… if we waste too much more time haggling & he ends up going elsewhere, it’s going to be really embarrassing & I’m not going to be very amused

    1. Sue it is the same every window we just wont pay up we always want Harrods’s quality but only willing to pay pound land prices.How does players feel if we under value them.

  7. Really hope we get Tierney; young man can do it all. Tireless engine, assist, most importantly he can defend!

    Tierney and Bellerin can do a real job for us for next 4-5 years and settle the fullback slots.

    We missed on VVD for £13 million, lets not miss Tierney for the sake of £5 million.

        1. Oh you love it ?? so Arsenal being cheapskates again Sue will this club ever stop embarrassing itself ?

          1. Haha start of many.. you got a sense of humour Sue ?? this will be a typical Arsenal window it’s demoralising ? Dani alves is a free agent now so guessing Arsenal might jump on that 36 years old this might be a trend aging right backs on free transfers every summer ?

          2. Oh christ I can’t deal with anymore old freebies! Lichtsteiner has put me right off!!
            You could be next on the radar.. ??

          3. So why did you get a tattoo of him ? ? Jeez me next you would have a meltdown I’ll be 38 before the Europa League final ???

          4. Hahahaha oh I’m not sure about that Sue I haven’t played in a long time ? so what’s the trending on twitter this week #emeryout #bringlichsteinerback #newwigforkroenke ? ?

          5. Damn it so he’s not coming to Arsenal then ? ? Let’s get Carly Baker on the payroll then we’ll see performances improve ?

          6. Everything would come to a standstill.. as everyone’s chin would hit the floor, including yours!! ? you’d be in a trance!! Hahaha

          7. ? no she’s a PT she can improve the fitness of the underperformers I’d be only thinking of the players fitness ???

          8. I’ll hold you to that Suzanne ? by Friday there must be at least one signing ? have a good day Sue don’t work too hard ? ??????

  8. So for me, this transferwindow would be perfect if we can sell:

    Cech, Lichtsteiner, Ramsey, Welbeck free agent (already gone).

    Ospina 5m, Koscielny 10m, Mustafi 25m, Kolasinac 15m, Elneny 10m, Mkhitaryan 15m and Xhaka 30m. This is imo the minimum we should get for them. This is a combined fee of 110. Maybe we could get even more.

    We should buy:

    Saliba 25m, Tierney 20m + Jenkinson, Inigo Martinez 60m, Ceballos 45m. This is a combined fee of 150m and should be doable with the money we get from player sales and our starting budget. With this team, we should be able to at least compete for CL spots again.

    Let me know what you guys think

    1. Tbh that’s very unrealistic with the money spent.
      I’d be happy with
      – Tierney $20m + Jenks
      – Saliba $25m
      – Ziyech $30m or Claude Maurice $20m

      1. Why would it be very unrealistic? Saliba and Tierney should be available for the 45m starting budget. The rest should be financed with money we get from player sales. Maybe Inigo is too expensive, but then we can go for the cheaper option Mario Hermoso. Think he would cost around 15-20m. But I’d rather go all out for Inigo. He also has some leadership qualities which we really need right now.

        Ziyech is a good player, but not needed as long as we got Ozil. Claude Maurice is too much of a risk. I’ve also read he is off to BMG anyway.

    2. Zaha is back on the Arsenal radar I belive Zaha is just short of being a world class player and he is exactly what we need hope we get him

        1. I would really love to see Zaha at the club too, but I think he is unreachable for us. I think Palace want around 80m+ for him, which we can’t afford. So I think we should go with youth and give Nelson a chance.

  9. I’m not too concerned at the moment
    Hardly any team has made transfers yet
    I’m patient

  10. Why for God’s sake are fans not holding back from renewing their season tickets until kronke put his money into the transfer kitty

    1. Simple-There are still over 40,000 on the waiting list foe season tickets at Arsenal.The day I give mine up I will never ever get it back.Ive supported Arsenal since my first game at 6 years old in 1962.I have had a season ticket since 1971.I will still have a season ticket EVERY SEASON HOME AND AWAY until the day I pass from this planet.So PAL.What gives YOU the right to believe the answer to our problems will be if myself and 41,999 other season ticket holders throw away our tickets just to prove a point for someone like you who has most likely NEVER been to a game in their lives.Ive supported this Club DECADES before Kronke took over.I hope to still be supporting this Club foe DECADES to come.But someone please explain to me exactly what Kronke has done wrong.FFO forbids money coming into a club unless from gained revenue.Kronke ONCE took out £3m as consultancy fees.Othervthan this one instance he has not profited from the Club by a single cent.SO BEFORE you start trying to insist it’s all the fault of season ticket holders CHECK YOUR FACTS.You to me are the problem with our fanbase on this site.You need to seriously THINK what your saying before posting.

      1. ?Spot on Phil. I wish I had a season ticket, but the commute would bankrupt me, if not kill me!

  11. O.T: #kronke out. He is killing us. Spread the word. No body is bigger than the club. You mess up, you are out. #kronke out

    1. See my reply to the other post immediately above.Congratulations for joining Mr Patrick as another with absolutely ZERO football intelligence

      1. He’s the only owner in the top flight who hasn’t invested a penny into the club, he doesn’t come to ANY games even CUP FINALS. He has invested heavily in the RAMS and guess how he did that? By using arsenal as collateral, Arsenal’s valuation is significantly higher than when he purchased the club, so yes he has profited from the club. If he was to sell arsenal today he would’ve doubled his money. he has no passion for the club or the sport just as long as we keep steady commercially Kroenke and his family couldn’t give a flying @$&” how arsenal do on the pitch

  12. For me I think the three mist important positions we need to get sorted out are central defence, the left wing position and the central midfield,in that order. there for I will suggest these players; Willy boly, zaha/pepe,and Docoure/neres

  13. I see players doing the rounds on free transfers. The fact that we didn’t have significant links with them gives me hope that we do have specific players in mind.

    There was a dutch defender that joined Real on a free, Mata was ‘available’, Toby, Rabiot etc.

    There wasn’t anything to suggest that we had a significant interest in any of them, one would think that with a limited budget, that these would be the ideal candidates. Especially a Rabiot that we could have made a decent amount of profit on.

    I sincerely hope that it is due to us having bigger fish to fry.

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