The number of fans Arsenal hopes to get back into the Emirates revealed

Arsenal is hoping to allow as many as 15,000 fans back to the Emirates when they play Sheffield United on the 3rd of October.

Fans have been away from the Stadium for more than five months because of covid19, but the government has given the Premier League the go-ahead to start letting fans in gradually.

There had been planned dates earlier like the Community Shield, but it was eventually considered too premature for fans to get back into the stands.

The month of October has now been chosen and Arsenal’s first home game in that month will see them take on Sheffield United and they hope to get as many fans as possible into the Emirates.

Fans haven’t bought season tickets and they will not be required to do that before they watch that game.

The club plans to hold a ballot and to distribute the available tickets with priority given to gold season ticket holders and premium members, according to Mail Online.

There are about 48,000 fans who meet these criteria and they all have until the 10th of September to make a payment that secures a slot for themselves in the ballot scheme.

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  1. Correct and I’m already in the ballot.
    As for only 20,000 it will be as if UE was still the coach, but we still created an atmosphere by singing our ode to Mesut Ozil – probably be a song for our “boys from Brazil” this season…. just hope I’m lucky 🤞

    1. Ken, Firstly , best of luck in the ballot! Secondly, I now think that this virus has lost much of its virulence, as despite many regularly getting infected there are hardly any deaths and few even in intensive care, compared to months ago. We oldies are most at risk of course but even among us, deaths and intensive care numbers are hugely lower. I am still wary of being in indoor public places BUT have been playing bowls outdoors almost daily since May without a hint of a problem for any of us.

      Naturally we oldies at bowls are very careful and sensible in socially distancing even while playing. Plus massive amounts of disinfecting all equipment and ourselves. Given those precautions, I DO NOW think that our stadium could easily and safely hold a minimum of fifteen thousand, given government approval, obviously.

  2. Personally speaking I think it’s way to soon to start introducing fans ,as it’s been widely reported that COVID will spike when the cold weather hits ,but insuppose clubs need the money and life as to move on ,just hope it’s controlled properly and all precautions are well looked into .
    Would hate to see a second wave and send the country into meltdown again .

  3. Dan and Jon,

    I really think that The Arsenal will be ultra careful with regards to the coronavirus.
    Imagine the outcry if they got it wrong!!!

    As the stadium holds 60,000, the social distancing shouldn’t be a problem and I’m assuming they will let the crowd out in stages.

    I’m sure if the situation changes, The Arsenal will act accordingly.

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