The numbers show Arsenal have improved every single season under Mikel Arteta

During the 2019–20 season, Mikel Arteta took over in midseason and managed to guide Arsenal to 56 points. The following season, 2020–21, his team improved and earned 61 points. And in the 2021–22 season, Arteta’s influence continued, pushing Arsenal to pick up 69 points.

Last season, they improved dramatically; they finally broke into the top 4, picking up 84 points and finishing in second place, just 5 points behind the eventual champions, Manchester City.

This season, if they manage to beat Everton in their last game of the season, they’ll end up with a total of 89 points and may or may not win the league title (depending on how Manchester City and West Ham play out at the Etihad). Ever since coach Mikel Arteta took charge, Arsenal’s points have been on the rise, showing a clear improvement each season.

Positive changes have also benefited the team’s style of play and competitiveness. The team has always been on the rise, showing no signs of slowing down compared to the previous season. With a final tally of 89 points this season, the sign of progress is quite comforting.

It’s a clear indication of our Gunners’ progress and momentum. However, it falls just short of the 90 points set by coach Mikel Arteta for us to have a shot at winning the Premier League. Looking at the Arsenal points trend, it’s pretty clear that, whether they win the league or not this season, Arsenal will come back even stronger next season and aim to win the championship with 90+ points.

As Gooners, the most beautiful days are still waiting for us. You can be confident that this group of players will take this club to new heights. They’re willing to give everything, from tears and sweat to blood, to help Arsenal return to the top, where we belong.

Sam P

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  1. We can’t put “improved numbers” in the trophy cabinet

    A points goal is useless, Liverpool got 97 points one season and still came second

    The lack of focus in the cups is still a big concern, there seems to be little to no focus on improving in that area which is a great opportunity for a trophy and using the balance of the squad.

    1. Numbers aren’t trophies, but they are good indicators based upon which predictions can be made.

      Consider Liverpool points tally since 2017/18 season:
      17/18 : 75 Points
      18/19 : 97 points
      19/20 : 99 points
      20/21 : 69 points
      21/22 : 92 points
      22/23 : 67 points
      23/24 : 79 points (running)

      Consider Man Cities numbers since 2017/18:
      17/18 : 100 Points
      18/19 : 98 points
      19/20 : 81 points
      20/21 : 86 points
      21/22 : 93 points
      22/23 : 89 points
      23/24 : 88 points (running)

      Can you see the difference and why your Liverpool example fails? There is no consistency. What Arsenal has showed is consistency and since last season, are now above the 80 points mark. If a team needs to accomplish things like City, consistency is the first non negotiable quality, which Liverpool could never maintain and Arsenal are showing it since Arteta arrived. And we are now stabilizing in the “above 80 points bracket” in the league for 2 successive seasons, this season almost touching the 90 mark. If Arsenal can remain consistently in that bracket without any aberrations such as falling into 60 points category next season, trophies will surely come to Arsenal soon.

      Numbers may not be Trophies themselves, but they can predict the probability of winning one, which Arsenal numbers are clearly showing. Points aren’t useless, in fact they are the only important stat.

      1. Jax, But surely we are all free to interpret what we read as we see fit and to mention other things than the very bland thoughts presented by a numbeR of JA writers . Not just this writer either, as he is far from alone in writing blandly, but in what is sadly SO common among CERTAIN JA article writers.

        Just like MA, we should all TRY to insist on higher standards, of writing andof some DEEPER analysis, in our case.

  2. The fact that it is a steady and gradual improvement, and not inconsistent highs and lows, assures me even more that we are on a right path, and the next season will have more improvements rather than falling off the performances of this season. That is why I trust Arteta, he doesn’t believe in volatile qualities, not at the club level, not at the players level. Steady improvement seems to be his thing and that enables us to actually look long term into the future with optimism and certainty. I don’t quite appreciate managers like Mourinho and Conte for this reason. Volatile, and the fans can never rest assured for the foreseeable future that their club is will have the same leadership. Many fans here have called out several times that Arteta isn’t the guy but I just see the lust for momentary gratification behind such opinions. I don’t want Arsenal to be another Leicester, winning the league one season then vanishing into the championship league in a few years. I can say by many peoples’ opinion here they would just be happy if they could snatch a win someway, just “once”, again. I would rather see Arsenal dominating the league this decade and also winning the league because they are The best in the league and through no other reasons.

  3. We WILL continue to improve, and next season, perhaps with the additional benefits of a level playing field, we stand as good a chance as any of a better finish.

  4. ,credit toLeicester City for thei winning the Epl title when they won it some seasons agobut they were relegated to the Championship I think principally because most of their top quality players but Jamie Vardy. Who helped them to win the title, in the season they won it. Were all bought by some of the Premier League top-six clubs.
    And I think the tragic death of their owner who died in a helicopter crash near Leicester’s Stadium. Could be a contributing factor to Leicester relegation to the Championship that saw them relegated.

  5. Spending 800 million or so also helps. The club has spent 150 million or more nearly every Summer rebuilding the squad; which was needed.

    Arteta has improved us, and I’m happy to see the progress under his management.

    Next year should bring an end to the rebuild, and look towards achievement.

    Hopefully the next “phase” will be reinforcing our squad depth with some academy promotions.

    Walters could have replaced Cedric on the roster and Patino for Elneny and not affected our results at all.

    We can’t continue checkbook managing, at some point internal solutions have to be found.

  6. Yes! Arteta has improved Arsenal team squad group from last and this season. More especially when Arsenal finished on 84 points last season. And came as the runners up to Man City on 84 points who won the title on 89 points.
    But period to this, Arteta had led the Gunners to 2 eight placed finishes in the Epl. After he took over from the sacked Arsenal manager Unau Emery.
    Who left Arsenal in 5th placed to qualify for the Europa League Cup competition the following season before he was sacked.
    But which resulted to his paving way for Arteta to come on board as Arsenal manager.

  7. The numbers are there obviously, the boys giving their all in training and on the pitch physically and mentally glossed in PASSION AND DEDICATION, even the backroom staff doing their best to contribute, not to mention the board’s full backing. but here we are hoping for some final day miracle to win our first title in TWENTY gaddamn years, despite having all it takes to do it easier. All Mikel’s crazy intention unfolding and i hate to say, i’m not a fan of it. We’ve earned the right to be better! I’m FUMING!!!

  8. Look, I’m Arsenal through and through and support the club no matter what – but why is the author trying to rewrite Mikel’s early history?
    It’s only these last two seasons that we’ve seen real progress on the field and it’s been brilliant, aided and abetted by our owner backing MA’s vision.

    I can’t forget the previous three seasons though, the early domestic cup exits, no european football, the bad buys, the crazy salaries and contracts and the insiped football on show.

    Yes, it was a learning curve, yes it was from a manager at his first job and yes, he inherited problems… but he made MANY mistakes before turning the corner.

    We are now a UNITED club, from the top to the bottom and back in the CL – pushing city and their 115 charges to the very last game for the PL title – but please let’s not try and rewrite MA’s record, as it’s part of what makes it so EXTRAORDINARY today!!

    1. Foresight is only given to some , but not all, KEN including you. You would rather spend time debating hs earlier learning curves then giving due PROPER credit to his later two years .

      I know you did mention them,albeit briefly, in grudging style, but what matters to all forward looking Gooners is surely the near future, and NOT raking over past mistakes which he CLEARLY DID learn from..

      1. That’s right Jon, you have to make mistakes to learn. I thought the improvements in those first three seasons were small, but improvements nevertheless, and Arteta was a rookie after all.
        TBH, as a non match going supporter I can sit back and not be too fussed about results, while if I still had my expensive season ticket and travelling the length of the country, I’d feel a bit more entitled.

        1. Jax, although I go to every game I can, I don’t feel “entitled”… more “privileged” would be a better way of putting it.
          Neither am I diminishing what MA has achieved, rather pointing out that, from an awful beginning he has brought us to the final game of the season battling it out with city115 for the title.
          So, if one looks at his time from the very beginning to now, the upward projectory didn’t begin (for whatever reasons) in the final placing in the PL, until the last two seasons versus the previous two manager / coach.

          Now, if others see it differently and want to forget the first three seasons, that’s their perogative, but obtaining more points, scoring more goals etc etc didn’t result in ANY league position improvement on UE ‘s 5th spot finish until last season.
          A simple fact that can be checked in the record books.

          As I say, with a forward looking owner, willing to back him 100% MA is now proving his worth with excellent football and a bringing together of the club, both internally and externally.
          What more could any supporter ask for?
          Just don’t rewrite history in order to elevate him in status, as he doesn’t need it – just be factual and enjoy the ride.

              1. Because if I was still a match goer I’d resent some armchair critic from hundreds maybe thousands of miles away preaching football, or writing articles telling me what’s right or wrong about the game, or challenging my opinions on the game I’d literally invested time and a considerable amount of money into.

                1. JAX Isee BOTH SIDES OF THAT DEBATE. Yes of course those who attend regularly make a huge financial, as well as an emotional committment.

                  But so do those who watch regularly onTV,someof whom, through intensely personlal circumstances, are simply unable to commit to a season ticket, even IF they could get one, which is itself an almost impossible dream for manyfans.

                  We need to REMEMBER that of all our countless millions of fans around the globe, only A TINY PERCENT are ever able to watch in person. We OUGHT NEVER to diss those who cannot attend.


                  1. Agreed Jon, and the club makes millions from overseas support etc, but my point was that I will always defer to a match goer (like Ken eg), as I respect their opinions more than any others. But that’s just m😜.

    2. The author is actually stating facts.
      Every single season under Arteta, we have won more points than in the previous season.
      Whether you recognize, that the slow improvement to begin with was actually achieved while starting a much needed rebuild of team and culture is all up to you.
      But the facts remain, we have actually won more points every season.

  9. Perfomance measurements are done through drawing of competitive anslysis
    1. Against our own past benchmarks which are quite impressive. Keep it up!
    2. Against the best practice team which in my viewpoint is Man City we have fallen short.
    3. Against the industry at task and mega levels the trajectory is desirable.
    Therefore @ 2/3 we can conclude there is steady improvement but we can only get EPL by scoring 3/3.

  10. Let’s also add the patience and leeway Arteta was given when he took over.

    Ken is correct in pointing out Arteta’s early years.

    1. Took over from Emery we were in 9th place
    2. Finished 8th twice
    3. No European football, first time in over twenty years.

    Wenger and Emery never afforded the chance to survive that.

    Thankfully the Kroenke’s gamble paid off, we have had a great run last 2 years.

    Like Ken I am pleased with the progress over the last 2 seasons.

    However, to talk about more points is a bit misleading because we still finished 8th twice.

    Yes, we improved but so did others, that’s why we did not move up the table. Remember, “the table doesn’t lie,” so let’s keep account of all; good, bad, and average to be accurate and consistent.

    1. Durand what your post indicates is that the KROENKES – unlike many fans on JA, some of whom post daily and have done for years past – had wise foresight.

      Whereas lesser intellects had only hindsight. And some still dont even have THAT , as SOME, even now , would be glad to see MA leave!! . Sigh!!

      1. Jon
        I admit I was skeptical to say the least when Arteta was hired; no experience managing and no experience building anything.

        His first year and a half of finishing 8th and the style of football we played had me really questioning the decision of sticking with him.

        I was pleasantly surprised to see his decisions slowly pay off, as my impatience was shown to be impatience truly.

        Arteta was slowly learning and adapting, and our club was reaping the benefits.

        I gladly give credit to the Kroenke family (mostly Josh due to his continuous involvement), as well as Edu for the growth and progress.

        Now hopefully titles and trophies will follow the patience, trust, and vast investment in this project.

      1. Ken
        true about the points and table.

        Points can indicate a percentage yield of growth compared to previous seasons, but not so much in terms of competition compared to the growth of other clubs.

        The table is a more accurate yardstick in terms of growth and “progress” compared to other clubs growing and progressing during the same time.

        I believe both should be considered for different measurements, and to discount or ignore one in favor of pushing a narrative is inaccurate and subjective reasoning to prove an opinion.

        Regardless, I am pleased where we are now, and eagerly look forward to taking the next step of overcoming the juggernaut that is City.

        1. You make valid points Durand, but it all goes back, in my opinion, to when we were querying the tactic of Mikel on a variety of subjects and trying to find out what he was being measured against.
          All of those tactics are now, seemingly, brushed aside, with the strapline of “he inherited a mess” or “he was learning on the job.”
          That could well be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that we DIDN’T progress for the first three seasons and, if one looked at our domestic cup results and European endeavours we actually went backwards.

          It’s now time to look forward and we are certainly in a better place NOW than in AW’s last season and UE ‘s time – just let’s be honest about our history.

          1. I repeat Ken, that back then in his first two and ahalf seasons , SOME, INCLUDING KSE, HAD THE FORESIGHT TO SEE THE EMERGING TALENT HE HAS BECOME, while others sadly could not see it.

            And in SOME CASES, not you, they had no intention of ever seeing it, come what may! Ther are some who to this day regularly slate any of his decisions which they personally do not agree with. But who NEVER, simply NEVER, ever praise anything he does. I am sure you too know precisely those few names, as also do most on here.

            1. regrettably you are right @jon fox, somehow there is still an ‘Arteta Out’ brigade, who pop their sad heads up at any opportunity

              laughable nut jobs in the eyes of fans of other teams

              approx 6pm Sunday we might find a few scurrying around condemning Arteta for not lifting the PL trophy

              they know who they are

              what they are is embarrassing

    2. Do you mentioned wenger not given chan? Probably a mistake. As for unai , if he was allowed to end the season we probably would have finished worse than 9th. … the downward slope is scary and there’s no signs of change in performance. Sacking unai is not ideal but necessary.

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