The numbers that could end Wenger’s Arsenal reign?

I am not quite as angry with Arsene Wenger as many Arsenal fans appear to be, with the number joining the ranks of the AOBs seemingly growing on a game by game basis. I can at least sympathise with the problems that the Frenchman has had to face this season, from the bad luck of our awful injury situation to some dodgy referee decisions and the inexplicable loss of form from players like Giroud and Walcott.

However, I certainly expected more from Arsenal this year and even though this season has been one of the strangest that I can remember, and we probably won’t see the same from Leicester and hopefully Tottenham next year, there is a strong possibility that this season could actually be the worst for the Gunners in a decade in terms of numbers.

Every season is different of course, but the lowest points total Arsenal have managed over the last 10 years is 68, which we got in 2007 and 2011, while the boss still had financial constraints from the new stadium. Arsenal are currently on 64 points and the way we are playing, how likely is it that we will get more than four points from the final three games against Norwich, Man City and Aston Villa? How bad would it be if this season saw the lowest points total from us in a decade?

Even if the Gunners amaze us all by actually winning the final three games, we will have fewer points than in the previous two campaigns and exactly the same as three years ago. Is this the most damning proof that Arsenal are going backwards under the Frenchman and proof that we really do need a change?


  1. Well be prepared for another shambolic season, because Wenger has already said he is staying put until his contract is up next year. Oh the joy ??

    1. Just watch he will win an FA Cup, finish 2nd in the league by 5 points and reach CL querter finals so he can get his contract renewed

      1. Ha! Like that is ever going to happen under both Wenger and Kroenke. It’s time to move down on the table, TV rights are bringing enough cash that there is no need to invest in the players to get the UCL money, with the TV rights money heavy flow Europa League is enough and not only enough, it’s a goal, it’s the new Wenger trophy. I was saying this before, we should prepare to get fully Liverpoolized.

  2. It doesn’t really matter what the.points tally is. The fact is wenger himself said we can judge it him at the end of season. So here is the evidence

    League Cup – early exit to Sheffield Wednesday, wenger has never won the league cup

    FA cup – lost in semis to Watford, who could not even beat Crystal Palace

    champions League – last 16 exit for 6th year running, wenger has never won a European trophy

    Premier League – lost to Leicester, wenger has now failed to win the league for 12 continuous years

    I rest my case, but he must go with kroenke

  3. I think he will resign at end of season, too many missed opportunities this season. He cannot take us any further.

    But we owe him a lot, the new stadium could have bankrupted us and the fact it did not is mostly down to wenger.

    1. We (the fans) do NOT owe Wenger or AFC a damn thing. The fans do not get a share of the the large profits, that the club generates, so the least Arsenal can give us is a quality product on the pitch. Now i’m not suggesting that we should get a share of the profits, i’m saying that the club owes the fans, quality signings and a competitive manager. It is Arsenal that owes the fans

      1. The point I was making is that in 2004 when wenger was at his best he could have gone to a club with lots of money. He chose to stay at arsenal, knowing that we would be paying off stadium debt and having to sell our best players. It could have gone wrong, we could be bankrupt with stadium sold off to highest bidder. CL football brought in a lot of money hemce my comment we owe wenger a lot.

        1. He chose to stay because here , he was never gonna get fired. He knew if he went to Madrid for instance that they would not tolerate mediocrity. If i was gonna get 8 mil a year , and never get fired, hell, i would stay too.

  4. At the moment I’m not in either camp, not out nor in. I am just expecting more effort from everybody at Arsenal. I want to hear the owner say how losing out on the title is a huge blow, I want to hear him say we must try harder, and we aim to improve the squad as of now. I want to see the players try harder, probably too late now but I want to see some examples made of them. Some should be sold while others should be further away from the first team beginning next season. I want to see our manager make the most of the little time he has left, his contract is almost up and he will not be sacked. I want him to try very hard in getting back into fans good graces. Id like to see a great deal more effort in applying pressure on our transfer team, rather than leaving all of his eggs in the same basket regarding current players. I have too much respect for Arsene to now begin calling for his head when he has one season to go on a contract, it wouldn’t make sense for me. However, I can see why people are very upset and for the most part, I don’t hold it against them. I also would like our fan base to stand up next season and finally sort out that atmosphere, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe on it. I just want Arsenal as a whole to shape up and start behaving more like the Arsenal we all love.

      1. I agree. Kroenke has spoken once and told us he is not interested in winning championships, so he must be interested in the money. He also says he wants to grow the brand. Seems contradictory to me so Kroenke needs to speak again and explain further.

  5. Same old lame excuses.
    Arsenal has “never” had
    any financial restraints.
    Arsenal paid its players
    and staff 160 million a year in 2007.
    Bad luck with injuries?
    Diarby Wilshere and Sanogo are total injury wrecks
    RVP Rosicky Gibbs + Djourou are/were also badly injury
    prone but are/were kept on far too long.
    “Inexplicable” loss of form of Giroud and Walcott? Ha ha ha.
    You mean they are really as good as Ronaldo and Messi?
    Well I never!!! I thought they have always been useless.
    “Dodgy referees”? You mean those guys who award the
    opposition goals when the ball rolls into our net?
    Or do you mean those guys who fail to award us a goal when one of our
    world class goal scoring machines like Giroud Bendtner Park Girvinho
    Adeybayor, Chamakh Wellbeck Walcott Chamberlain miss from one meter
    or balloon the ball into row 375??????

  6. It all just confirms that
    after Mourinho came and
    scared the pants off
    Wenger back in 2005
    Wenger the artisan shape shifter slid into a world of his own design.
    He redefined success. 1st place was no longer the holy grail. No no and no.
    Ferguson and the 2 oil teams became the evil triad of death
    and their trophy collections were really signs of a decadent humanity.
    Arsene the hero would find kids at the local orphanage
    and have them play fabulous football of heavenly quality.
    Of course all the while he was spending vast sums of money on a series of flops
    which became a giant pile of deadwood which like a hoarder he hates parting with.
    Just when the towns people were starting to titter at the madman and his imaginings
    along came rich King Kroenke who wanted a football team who never won
    but made him lots of money. So Arsene was saved and continued to live happily
    on 8 mill a year in his fourth place paradise. The end :).

  7. Wenger leaving is the only way we will be able to compete for trophies. He is repeating same mistakes every season and not learning from it. He always fails in the transfer market by not signing a better striker than Giroud although plenty are available or even top strikers are available if u are ruthless. He also hasn’t signed a true DM. Coquelin coming good was due to luck. He also keeps faith in Mertesaker who is not good enough. Last year he have new contracts to Rosicky injury prone and Arteta too old. Then he gives Walcott new 140 k pw salary overrated. We keeps giving Giroud and Theo chance even though they haven’t deserved to play. He plays the predictable football with no tactics and doesn’t organize defence. He makes substitutes only after 70 minutes every match. He blames refree and fatigue when team doesn’t win. He also blames fans.

  8. Wenger screwed Arsenal at the start of this season by not buying one outfield player when we needed CB, DM and striker. He spent just 10 m. He had 200 m in the bank and refused to spend money. Sometimes I feel wenger doesn’t want arsenal to win trophies that’s why he keeps making same mistakes. If we had signed a better striker and DM we would have won the league this season. What we need is a 20-25 league goal striker. Giroud has never scored more than 15 league goals which is a shame.

    1. Kroenke sets the agenda, everyone follows. Kroenke is not interested in winning championships, he has told us so.

  9. Under kroenke and wenger arsenal is no longer a football club but an invoke stream … For both … Stadiums don’t make clubs results do very sad state of affairs

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