The one Arsenal transfer that would make the majority of fans happy

Arsenal fans are like any other group of fans, they have their wish list of who they would like the club to sign and opinions will vary significantly but there is one transfer that the vast majority of Gooners would welcome and that is the sale of Mesut Ozil.

According to reports coming out of Turkey, there is a good chance that Fenerbache could yet sign the 30-year-old playmaker.

TRT Spor and Sabah journalist Fatih Dogan, is claiming that the former German international could be on his way to Fenerbahce.

It appears that confidence is high at Fenerbache that a deal could happen despite the fact that there is no way they can afford to match the sort of wages that Ozil is currently on at the Emirates.

The Turkish giants are actually under investigation by UEFA over breaching financial fair play rules and so reading between the lines it is highly likely that Arsenal would have to subsidise Ozil’s wages.

Something must be in play because Fenerbahce’s President Ali Koc is said to be very confident that he can take Ozil to the club he has supported since he was a child.

Details are scant it must be admitted but the report from Turkey does seem credible with the only stumbling block being financial.

Fenerbahce must play a very delicate game here but with Arsenal manager Unai Emery keen on getting rid of Ozil, the Turkish club desperate to sign him then where there is a will there is a way.

This one could actually happen.


  1. Nope, Ozil has a house in London and recently got married. And why should we subsidise Ozil’s wage and get nothing in return. It’s not like Arnautovic’s case, that the club desperately want him out. Rather keep and play him against lesser oppositions.
    If we are talkin about waste of money, remember Wellbeck was on 120k per week. No appearances, no goals, no assists, no shirt sales, and so on. Good riddance!

  2. I can’t believe rich clubs such as Juventus, Inter Milan and the gulf clubs don’t want to buy Ozil

    Qatari, Saudi and Emirati clubs should be able to afford his salary. Ozil would be happy to move to GCC like Xavi, if Arsenal can let him go for free

    I think Arsenal still want some profit from his sale, which could turn off his suitors’ interest

    1. You see-this is why I always believe you write posts without giving any thought to what you actually intend to your pathetic rush to be the very first reply to every Anew Headline Article?you fail to engage your brain.
      So basically according to your logic “Rich Clubs” and you mention Juventus.Thet are most likely early favourites to win the Champions League next season.So Ozil is good enough to play for the best team in Europe but not good enough for Arsenal?
      Go back to your INVERTED WINGERS and how important it is to DRIBBLE.
      No one listens to yo PAL-little surprise

      1. And very few also listen to you Phil about your odd passion for this long term lazy player. Oh, you have a few diehards still with you, Ken, Sue and a few others BUT the vast majority of Gooners whose views are regularly on here have long ago seen through this terminally idle man and crave his exit. Loyalty to players who care nothing for our shirt, for us fans and our ambitions and even for their own once stellar career,is harmful to our club. MOST of us see that only too clearly! I cannot predict he will leave this summer, as money is the only issue which will tip this either way, BUT there will an outbreak of general Gooner joy(Emery included too) when he finally leaves. You and your diehard few who agree with you are fast becoming the football equivalent of the Flat Earth Society. Rather like Wenger supporters still were on the day HE finally left.

        1. Jon-I refuse to believe that the vast majority want Ozil to leave.I would say the very vast majority would hope Emery would be able to get the best from our most talented player.
          Ozil will continue to sell more shirts than ANY OTHER PLAYER.That is a fact not a statistic.And from someone who continues to say that you never take statistics into account and only deal in hard facts then I can only quote the Club Shop on Friday afternoon.When buying my 8 year old grandson the new Home and Away kits with OZIL 10 printed on the back I asked which player had been the most popular so far.No surprise to me when Ozil was quoted as 4/5 times more than the next player which was Lacazette closely followed by Aubamayang.So from someone who goes to (very nearly) every game home and away to someone who I understand vary rarely attends I can only say to you that I believe you are totally incorrect in your statement of the majority wanting Ozil out of the Club.
          Just to also advise you,I did ask how many shirts he had printed with Iwobi’s name and number.No surprise he hadn’t done a single one up to that point.So it seems the vast majority much prefer the Thoroughbred to the Carthorse.

          1. As you yourself say”I refuse to believe” and that sums up my whole argument on your odd refusal to see truth. A recent fan poll had an overwhelming must go verdict on OZIL. Perhaps you missed it. As for shirt sales, we are a football, club, NOT Adidas, Puma, Nike etc. Shirt sales are a red herring, thrown in to change the subject of his being far too lazy.

    2. GAI, Juve are serial winners in their league, Inter have a great history and are determined to challenge and restore their past glory, no rich club with ambition to win titles would accept someone doing a weekly evening walk on their pitch! Middle east weather would not suit Ozil IMO. And Xavi is Xavi, a legend respected irrespective of club affiliation. Legends stretch their performance and perform till their very end. Better not to compare players, as each is unique.
      For me, if Ozil can revive his career at AFC, then great, at some other club better (we get some transfer fee).

  3. Ozil is still Ozil, we cant just sale him as scrapp, we are not obligated to sell, his wage is an issue but he is still part of our major players. To me he needs competitors ,a young guy to mentor or play with. Its unfortunate Wilshire injury forced him out, he would have been d perfect replacement. I reckon Wilshire and Ramsey game improved when Ozil arrived. Ill love to have him around and i hope we can buy Fekir, 18m reported price is a very cheap/good bargain just like malcom loan with buy option

    1. We don’t need more no 10, because we already have many players that can play in that position

        1. how about you go reply jon fox … why do you have to shy away ? because he got you hand’s down ..hahahhaah

    2. I don’t want Ozil he offers nothing 2 this team. His attitude in that final summed up his effort to this team. Can only play when he feels like playing. He plays 2 out of 5 games which isn’t good enough 4 us. I rather give a youngster a chance.

      1. Thats the fact point he gets a lot of money but he is not there when his effort is needed and EMERY gave him enough chance to prove him self all in vein.

  4. same situation like before…with any managers

    we are struggling to sign a quality centreback or winger

    because of the tight budget….

    this has been the club policy for decades

      1. not all signings u mentioned were signed in 1 season….theres a financial budget….

        spend too much in 1 season….less for the next….

  5. I don’t believe a Turkish club could afford the type of wages Ozil earns. I also very much doubt Ozil would accept a wage cut, given how hard he pushed the club to get the wage in the first place. Nonetheless, I’d be ecstatic if this story came true.

  6. If i enable to see the sale of ozil from arsenal this summer, the day he goes out will be my happiest day of all days since i start to support arsenal back my teens long years ago.

  7. AdMart-You just can’t help yourself can you?You expect the contributors to respect you and your desire to keep this site fresh yetvyou allow yourself to regurgitate this Topic Heafline from only a few days ago.While i will accept every fan has a few on Ozil and most differ from mine they are only responding to the Topic that you file for debate.You say you will not allow confrontation yet this headline would likely instigate a less than friendly debate.And I feel you know this.
    Not too professional of you.You have stayed your thoughts on Ozil before so I know where you stand.But to me you have made a hypocrite of yourself.Its your platform.We are playing to your rules.But this is too fat in my opinion.

    1. Sip ologies for mis-spelling.Far too many but it’s early Saturday after a late Friday evening

        1. That was some night Dan-I’ve got one tonight as well but my wife is pretty cool as I don’t make too much of a habit of them.Still at least you got home mate.Its when you don’t get home the real fireworks go off

    2. Phil- I understand you may not like the admin publishing certain articles about ozil. I really don’t care if Ozil stays or leaves, but let admin post news on this platform not withstanding the players involved without being castigated.

      1. Phi didnt restrain admin from posting article on Ozil but he only differ on the heading, which i personally agree with, sometime heading of articles on this site are disrespective to our players, so far this guys are still contracted to us ,they deserve our respect no matter our personal view, AdminMart should know better and not to get too emotional. Most fans abuse and disrespect our underperformance and Admin shouldnt be part of badwagon as i see admin as a significant figure who can sway opinion

        1. I understand the title may be distasteful, but if you remove Ozil and put any other player say Mhki,Iwobi, mustafi, you will probably not get similar response off Phil. Admin could be corrected on the use of proper topic title in terms all players related to arsenal FC, but shouldn’t be accused of regurgitating news if it’s making the round on some media outlet. This is in no way a personal attack on Phil, but asking for perspective.

    3. I seek zero respect Phil and I have no problem with confrontation, all I ask is there is no personal abuse that is it. I report what is in the news, this was in the news, it really is as simple as that. Have a nice day.

  8. In reality, Orzil doesn’t have Arsenal at heart because many players have accepted to reduce their wages to help there clubs or to favor there club but Orzil<s behavior has left me speechless he doesn't do what he used to which he is even aware of and he goes on to insist that he is going no where meaning that he is milking Arsenal without feeding the club properly given the number of goals and assists.

    1. Everyone on this platform keeps blaming ozil wages what nobody is talking about is the spineless idiots at arsenal hierarchy that gave in to his demands in the first place and by the way are Manchester utd fans at meltdown over sanchez 500k a week wage and truly both players earning massive amounts but not delivering on the pitch

  9. As for tranfer rumours the only one`s that have looked a bargain to me are Ziyech and Fekir, we could possibly buy both of them for the reputed offer for Zaha !…………..

  10. We either try to sell Ozil for a nominal fee, say £5m or we double our efforts to reignite the undoubted talent the player had and give him one last opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our Club.As the former aint going to happen we need someone at our Club,perhaps Llungberg,to give Ozil the kick up the backside he needs and for him to show real effort on the pitch.

  11. Message to Mesut Ozil….auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, adios, au revoir…..goodbye. Please sign Nabil Fekir as a replacement. We always had a creative midfield. Losing Santi Cazorla killed our team. We desperately need a magical creative midfield player. That was our hallmark. Cesc, Aaron, Jack, the Little Mozart, Rosicky, Hleb. Now we are looking at…Xhaka, Elneny…arghhhhh. We need magic…not stats. Fekir has the magic for a reasonable outlay. We need our ‘magic wand’ back. Auf Wiedersehen..Mesut. Goodluck elsewhere. Welcome Nabil.

    1. I cannot see this happening as from what I have been reading Fenerbache have a 64mil debt due to buying older players and are now looking at investing in youth.

  12. After careful thought, I’ve realized if we forfeit a transfer fee, signing Ozil would only be a £36M investment over two years for an interested club. I know he’s 30 but surely the Chinese would take him?? Please? Pretty please?

  13. Wish we could get rid of him too,
    Ozil is a generous man outside of foorball with him giving money to charity,why dont he go to arsenal and tell them he will go down in wages to the next big earner ,it will take the pressure of him and get fans to stop going on about his wages….cant see it happening tho.

  14. I think it`s possible that we could see Ozil back to his best if we get the winger(s) we all hope for and of course some decent defenders.

  15. To all my fellow Gunners that hold on to a faint hope that some rich clubs from China, Qatar, USA, etc will bail us out, with sadness I will put an end to your delusion.
    Do all of you know in the past Ozil rejected £1m per week offer from China? a quick search confirmed that.

    and this one is more credible because it has quotes from himself:

    So the chance Ozil leaving is virtually zero, get on with it XD

  16. I agree on the loan, he declined last season, and obviously he does not get along with Emery but if we will subsidise his wage, I am not sure that it us a win situation for Arsenal.

  17. “there is one transfer that the vast majority of Gooners would welcome and that is the sale of Mesut Ozil.” A shameless, shameless, shameless lie used to support your agenda against this player.

  18. Please please, let this be serious.
    Come on you Turkish giants.
    For real, Ardogan help us.

  19. if some fans think it’s only Ozil who is the issue at Arsenal then they are horribly is astructual goes deeper.

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