The one massive match that will confirm Mikel Arteta as the real deal

Beating Liverpool would confirm Mikel Arteta has arrived as a top manager.

Arsenal has made considerable progress under Mikel Arteta this season. His appointment has been a breath of fresh air and he has brought renewed hopes that we can end this season inside the top six.

The most important win we have collected under him this season has been our win over Manchester United.

The Red Devils are the only team that Liverpool hasn’t beaten this season and they have also beaten Manchester City and Chelsea(twice), it was a huge result that we beat them 2-0.

As satisfying as that victory was, I believe that a win over Liverpool would be the ultimate confirmation that Arteta is the real deal as a manager.

The Reds are relentless, they have beaten every team in the division except United. They have broken the record for the most points after 21 league games in Europe’s top five leagues ever and they look set to break even more records as the season progresses.

However, they are not unbeatable. The Reds will be at the Emirates on May 3rd, there is a big chance that they might have won the league title by then, however, we have to beat them.

Especially if they are still on target to end the season unbeaten.

I believe that Arteta can pull off a major upset in that game and if Liverpool has won the league by that time, you have to think their desire would have dropped a little.

The scene is set for Arteta to write his name into Arsenal folklore if he is the man to stop Jurgen Klopp’s men from matching the invincibles.


  1. Why re people beefing Liverpool…,if they go the season unbeaten ,how is that any body’s problem…
    They can go 2 seasons unbeaten …it’s not my business
    My business is arsenal ..
    I ll rather prefer we get top 4..That’s when I ll consider that arteta is really special and a magician…

  2. Big ask. Not sure it’s fair to suggest Arteta is the real deal if he can mastermind such a victory-I’m struggling to get a single Arsenal player into a combined team and that makes this article an odd one.
    A better point would be can we go toe to toe tactically and have sustained period of the game where we have control.
    Don’t forget Liv are the current world and European champions and are unbeaten in 38 games!!
    If Arteta can start to get his own players in I think the title of the article will be far more relevant in Spring 2021.

  3. As TSC mentioned it seems ridiculous to be thinking 5 months ahead when we don’t even know what might be happening today/tomorrow/rest of the transfer window.

    Admin, perhaps calm down a bit, take it easy and write less articles. Then you wouldn’t need to dream up this irrelevant stuff or write articles which are very similar to each other. Please believe I say this to help, not criticise.

  4. Not a fan of Darts, but any goober winning a World Championship, for me, is an instant celebrity and deserve to be celebrated!

    So yes, Sue, hearty congratulations to one of us, the great Wayne Warren!!!!

    Drum roll and a blast of the trumpets please…

    1. A “goober” 🙂
      Goober is a character in an old American TV programme called
      “The Andy Giffith show”

  5. I know what will give me more joy between victory in that match and listening to Singing Camels.

    Liverpool are World Champions, so what? They will win the EPL by then, so what? If we can beat the only team that they couldn’t beat (Man. U) and go on to get Liverpool’s scalp, I think that will be such a great feather in Arteta’s cap and make me (and many gooners worldwide) very happy indeed.

  6. Yes admin the Liverpool game “could” be huge if Liverpool are still unbeaten.
    Liverpool has to go to Everton Man City and Arsenal though.
    Doubt they will go unbeaten.

  7. Considering Liverpool’s position at the table, even the mildest of fans will not be satisfied if they fail to win at the Emirates. The least they’d expect is 4-0 considering their GD as well

  8. We can’t beat Palace and Bournemouth at the moment. Beat Liverpool? We are hoping to make the top 7 but we want to talk about toppling a side 33 points ahead of us on the table? Lets maybe try and win an away game against any team first and then start talking about Liverpool please.

    You need to crawl before you can walk.

    No wonder managers don’t survive in this game, honestly.

  9. Over that period we play Wolves (A), Leceister (H), Spuds (A) and then Liverpool. And in all likelihood tough Europa fixtures in between.

    In reality, the other 3 games are more relevant and important to us. We could very easily lose those other 3 and then Liverpool could slip on a banana peel against us.

    Finish 9th, but hey! At least we beat Liverpool. We have arrived!

  10. They aren’t going to drop off after they’ve won the league. Klopp has massaged the crap out of their minds and instilled a winning mentality. Liv players sound like they feel invincible, I was listening to them after that world club win and they are true believers. The only way to knock them is to beat them, I don’t think they or the FA and referee association are going to make it easy for us. But if we do beat them, people will use that as an excuse, that they dropped off.

    I think proper long balls tactics by a talented bunch of players are the only tactics that Klopp fears, switching between long and short, it is the only time I’ve ever seen him complain about the quality of game his opponents brought. He had a go at Wenger for knocking long balls down the wing which interfered with his marauding fullbacks, he didn’t like that the fullback was in two minds when leaving space behind him, and that our winger was getting some joy with only the CB’s to stop him.

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