The ONE player Arsenal need this summer!

Hold up you Gunners… We don’t need a striker! Marco Reus is who we require… by CE

First off, I would like to congratulate the Arsenal team and coach for a sensational 2014/2015 season. Though the games against Monaco and our loss at home to Swansea left me thinking whether we are back where we started.

I think the team right now is in tip-top condition to challenge Man City and Chelsea for the league title. Every position in our 4-5-1 formation is being contested by at least two good enough or world class players. But ‘alas’, challenging and actually winning are two different things.

Squad lineup Analysis for 2015/2016

Goalkeeper (Oooooospina)–sub: (Szczesny)– Wishful addition (Peter Cech)

Centre-backs (The big German Merty and King Kos) — subs: (Gabriel and Chambers)– No required addition

Right-back (The speedster Bellerin)– sub: (Debuchy)– No required addition

Left-back (Monreal)– sub: (Gibbs)– No required addition

Defensive Midfielder (The Gladiator Coquelin)– subs (Arteta and Flamini)– No required addition

Centre and attacking Midfielders (Cazorla and Ozil)– subs (Ramsey, Wilshere and maybe Zelalem??)– No required addition

Wingers (Sanchez and Chamberlain)– subs (Gbnary)– Required addition (MARCO REUS!!!!)

Striker (Walcott) — subs (Giroud, Welbeck and Chuba Akpom)– No required addition

We really don’t need a new striker. If the boss does decide to get one, it should be a big upgrade to our current available strikeforce. ‘He’ should be able to score 30+ goals in the 2015/2016 season to give us that fear factor. That means a goal in every 120mins of play. I don’t see ‘washed-up Falcao’s brother Cavani’, Jackson Martinez or Lacazette doing that in their first season.

The only guy I see doing that is Benzema, but there is no way Real Madrid will let him go now Morata has ignored the comeback option. CR7 wouldn’t be deployed as the top Number Nine, he needs space to run with ball. Maybe if cry baby Benitez decides to get Aguero…


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        1. And more to d point . We actually need just 2 signings, a keeper and a rite winger like d article says. Anything more den dat will b luxury

    1. You know the writer is wrong when he still consider FLAMINI as an option, but didn’t even mention THE MIGHTY ROSICKY. Plus we need a CDM.

    2. I think it does have a point….one main and one sub….maybe the conclusion should Ve been “so whatever we need is like the third option or option for aging players”.
      I disagree though in the sense that we should have additions in some key positions just because for once….we can

  1. I m getting a bad feeling about dis transfer window. According to d rumours it seems like most of d players dat we want are also wanted by Manchester united. Since arsenal and manu both offer champions league football, as well as same targets in d epl it wont be d deciding factor when players have to chose between d 2 teams. But, manutd can offer way more money to d selling club and higher wages to d player den us. Also mautd hav more space in dere team to accommodate new players. For eg if dey buy schinederlein and benzema dey will most probaly get straight into d team. But if we sign Dem dey will hav to fight off competition, especiallly schneiderlein. We need a high summer spending , and petr cech shud b made d no. 1 priority signing!!

    1. For all the years I read fans saying we couldn’t offer champion ns league football until we went trough the play offs it’s surprising to see fans stating that manu can offer it.
      They will be able. …but just not now

      1. Lazio or Monaco could cause them some problems and a round trip to CSKA Moscow won’t be a walk in the park. You would still back them – but depends which United turn up in early season.

  2. Cavani’s washed up yet Theo & Giroud are good enough? Lol….ok then, I think I’ve made my mind up about your ability to judge a player already.

    We clearly need a DM and an attacker of some description depending where Theo will be playing the majority of his football next season. The GK thing really boils down to the simple fact Cech wants to leave and he’s such and obvious and dream solution for a position we’re just ‘decent’ in.

    If we don’t get Cech I bet my mortgage we don’t even look at another keeper. He’s just a case of too good not to get given his desire to stay in London, quality, price, and proven ability in the league.

    1. if theo stays to play on the wing, we need a cf. if he stays as cf, which he will, we need a winger that s got 10 goals in him. goals were missing from the right and side this season. ox is in the making and a great player in the making too, just need someone who will bang em in.

      1. If goals were missing from the right and I agree they were then why wouldn’t Theo play there and give us goals? He won’t last as a lone striker in our system.

        1. Him and Giroud are good attacking options, allowing AW to tailor the attacking style to the defence we are trying to crack. I agree with the article that Reus would be incredible for us, but don’t agree with the rest of his analysis.

          – Cech would be wonderful, put no GK required if he does not come
          – Theo is now a striker, we need a natural right player (REUS)
          – Le Coq needs back-up / competition, and Arteta / Flamini are just not good enough

  3. Neither Ospina or Chesney are good enough to be our No 1
    We need a centre back
    Neither Flamini or Arteta are good enough so we need a defensive midfielder
    We need a 30 goal a season striker – Giroud is a good player but Welbeck is not good enough.

    Funny – auto spell has just corrected Welbeck to “sell back”

    1. ‘Chesney’ is the one and only’, no-body he’d rather be. He is the one and only,
      and you can’t take that from he!

  4. this is the most useless article ever published on justarsenal website..
    useless and waste of article please..POOR ANALYSIS..
    how can we depend on arteta n flamini as coq replacements?how can you say we dont need a striker n needs a winger while we have such quality natural wingers in gnabry,Sanchez,walcott n OX?

    1. 1.GK
      Cech or no one.
      2. DM
      We will get another DM
      3. AM/Str
      We will get another goal scorer
      either a Striker or AM.
      4. Maybe a young LB.
      Who will leave?
      Any where between 0-5 players.

      1. My guess.

        No-one in (we are world beaters in the making) and no-one out (we have great depth in quality, especially attack).

        I’m off to get my head tested now after a nice pint of my own urine.

  5. I’d like Aubameyang always enjoy watching him for Doutmund he doesn’t get much praise but after seeing Benitez wants him at Madrid to me that confirms he’s quality. Benzima’s Higuain’s very good players but they don’t really excite me never have. Always think play to your strengths. Ozil loves having fast direct players in front of him Walcott + Aubameyang would be brilliant could swap positions during games plus with us having a small midfield adds much needed hight. Not completely writing Giroud off he still will offer us a lot next season and a good alternative option.

    1. walcott is the alternative option as of now. he hasn’t carried us through seasons recently. but he s clinical on his day, we just need consistency from him. great to have options.

      we are expecting big things from welbeck. i hope working with wenger will make him clinical and improve his first touch. the power and athletiscism he has is amazing. watched some of his highlights back of him bursting past players and running half the pitch before missing the target. that needs to change. but he is young so he can improve.

      aubameyang is very fast and his finishing is good. scored 25 this season for a stop and go dortmund. klopp is out, they arent in the champions league and he has said he needs to review his situation. it wld be awesome if we go for auba. he can play across all 3 forward positions. yummy

  6. How many teams have a second DM as good as Coquelin? Not many! And that is all across Europe!!!!

    People need to stop living in cuckoo land. There is no option to sign another DM unless Coquelin is sold. But either way there isn’t going to be two top DMs at the club. DM is one of the hardest positions to recruit and I doubt Arsenal are going to become one of a couple of clubs that have too many in that position.

    1. how is there no option? you think he can play 50 games a season at his intensity??

      schneiderlin, wanyama, kramer, guilavogui, (vidal), kondogbia, imbula, kryschoviak, carvalho.

      i am not recomending all of these guys necessarily, but i am naming dms or guys that can play there for fun.

          1. Well actually there is, for both technical and management reasons. Squad restrictions for one though many on here gloss over this fundamental, and the obvious difficulty in managing/motivating and ultimately keeping multiple top quality options in any given position. Just ask Mou and how his GK project is going.

      1. All things being equal a club has a right to expect 40+ games a season out of its star players. You can’t spend £25-35M on a player and not look to play him 90% of the time. Matic and Mascherano played close to 50 games. Jeeez even Terry played nearly 50. Messi and Ronaldo closer to 60. There are 10-15 cup and league games a season where he can stand down if necessary and we’d get by. We buy one of the guys you mentioned then Coq isn’t gonna sit around for season after season living off scraps and waiting for someone to get injured.

  7. Arteta and Flamini aren’t great subs for Coquelin

    If Walcott becomes CF then get Reus or Greizmann or Sterling
    If Walcott stays on wing then get Lacazette or Martinez or Cavani or Higuain
    If Walcott leaves get both a winger and striker

    Cech would be fantastic and would really push Ospina

    1. walcott somehow plays always fantastic when the contract plays a role. After it he goes into the sleep mode.

    2. As Robin Vanpayslip says above – we do need to occasionally look around and smell the coffee. Chelsea have JOM, City have Fernando, United have no-one after Carrick and Pool have, errr, no-one after Lucas. No doubt there are JOM and Fernando fan-boys on here but I’ll take Arteta over them as a sub if required.

    3. Cech would be fantastic but lets get real, the only place he will be pushing Ospina is out the door.

  8. Everyone keeps saying that Coquelin needs competition but I don’t think he does. He loves this club and from what we’ve seen this, he looks a player that is going to give his all and his best every time he’s used by Arsene.

  9. what kinda rubbish is this?! quite an unambitious fan u are.. flamini, giroud, szczesny and especially arteta cannot cut it for a squad that wants to win major titles. i like giroud as a back up but not to walcott (who is also not very prolific), arteta is no longer a good enough DM but i understand his importance in the squad as a captain so on that ground i dont mind him staying.

    So out this summer should be: Diaby, Flamini, Rio, Rosicky (only cuz he’s not playing enough either way), Campbell (for the same reason).
    In: DM, GK, ST

  10. Sometimes these posts’ make me laugh

    Why on earth are we or HOW are we going to Sign Reus when he’s just signed a deal at Dortmund?
    Above that; saying we need him is ridiculous. Arsenal’s squad if full of wingers. Marco Reus is a winger.

    Ridiculous what I’m reading.

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