The one reason why Mourinho will always be inferior to Wenger

For neutral fans, it is a sight to behold – whenever Jose Mourinho comes in a direct contest with Arsene Wenger. Over his period of stay at the Stamford Bridge, the Portuguese rarely passes up a chance to put one across the Arsenal boss. Even the recent talk about Arsenal spending more than Chelsea stems out of his attitude towards Wenger.

However, when it comes to winning, Mourinho is second to none. Over a period of 10 years between 2004 and 2014 (his two arrivals at Chelsea), Mourinho has won 11 major trophies spanning across three countries. On the other hand, Wenger won two – FA trophies, that too. The cherry on top of the North London cake is the fact that Wenger couldn’t beat him on the pitch in 13 attempts so far.

There is one thing where Wenger definitely has an edge over his nemesis – longevity. Deep down, though, Mourinho wishes that he can enjoy the same stability as Wenger does at the Emirates. The Chelsea owner (Roman Abramovich) is more triggerhappy than his Arsenal counterpart Stan Kroenke if the trophies are not won.

But, there is another side to the story. Mourinho has never come close to a fourth campaign at any of his clubs. He is entering the third season for the second time at the Stamford Bridge. For all his sarcasm and jibes targeted at Wenger, Mourinho likes the Frenchman’s endurance.

Wenger is also renowned for building the club – youth structure, first team etc. On the contrary, Mourinho’s reign is always succeeded with destruction at clubs. His previous reign at Chelsea had to be brought back on track by Carlo Ancelotti. He did that at Real Madrid who had Ancelotti (again) to thank for the fire-fighting. Mourinho did that at Inter Milan too which is still struggling to get their footing back.

The Portuguese bus conductor is also known to buy success rather than patiently build a young squad. In fact, the young players at the clubs Mourinho manages lose interest and move to other clubs. With Wenger, it is never a case. Listing the number of youngsters who prospered under his guidance will be an exercise that may require many hours of writing.

Also, his statements are a testimony to his combative nature which is a streak he loves exhibiting. He has never shown humility to sensitively manage and nurture relationships – both with those above and below him. He wins admirers with his style of play but he antagonizes many more with his style of play.
If Mourinho can stay at any club at least half the time that Wenger spent at the Emirates, he would earn a right to spar. Till that time, we all know, he is playing one of his old mind-games.


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    1. Can any anyone state the reason(s) why Wenger has been unable to beat Mourinho? How optimistic are you of today’s match?

      1. In the past (I’m talking back during Jose’s first stint with Chelsea) there were a lot of controversial refereeing decisions, and even then the game’s were very tight – back then we had quality youngsters in the form of Fabregas, and experienced leaders in the form of Thierry and still couldn’t break them down. More recently, it has been a case of incompetence in the defensive side of our game, we’ve tried to take the game to Chelsea and go guns blazing which put us at danger every time we lost the ball on the counter attack especially as we used to play a ridiculously high line. Last season saw Arsene change it up a bit (e.g Vs City & Liverpool) where he was a bit more cautious, sitting more deep and having more men behind the ball trying to put pressure on the opposition – sometimes this was successful, sometimes not, but it certainly reduced the amount of hammerings we got. I feel like we hit the right balance of attack and defence in the second half of the season since Coquelin emerged, he was a vital cog that was missing in Wenger’s machine – that is why I’m optimistic of a positive result today.

    1. Lets start a petition on this site, Give Davidnz 100 Thumbs up and maybe admin won’t post anymore Mou articles.

    2. It goes on everywhere, all the time – even on this site. The media LOVE to help Mourinho spew his vile nonsense.

      I sometimes go to ESPNFC online and half their articles on the ESPN ARSENAL page pretend to be about Arsenal but are really articles comparing something about Arsenal to Chelsea and the headline photo is a big head-shot of ……….. Josey Mourinho – ON THE ARSENAL PAGE!! It is everywhere, all the time.

  1. “The one reason why Mourinho will always be inferior to Wenger” I think you cannot doubt Mourinho’s managerial capacity, the guy is too good to be undermined …
    But hey, it is already too many articles already about Mourinho …

    OT: Wenegr, please start with anyone upfront but Giroud, the guy is too handy for Terry and Cahill … Giroud cannot hold sh#t with erry … Please Wenger, go 4speed and forget about holding up …

  2. All these are talks. I just want a damn victory over Chelsea, what ever the competition is especially today and in the league + win EPL, to silence critics (Roy Keane) and to make us fans happy. In football, you claim superiority on the pitch and not by words. In Spain then, the world knew who was better between Mou and Pep despite the other making more noise. We can only silence him by beating him silly and not by responding to his talks.

  3. thank u buddha…the football season is BACK…yessssssssssssssssss
    this window has been annoying to say the least…its gone slowly..manage to learn spanish in this window its been so long!

    siempre in mi corazon…arsenal .
    jose mourinho chupa mi verga

    1. Hahaha haha muff are u Spanish speaking person ?
      O usaste traductor de Google?
      En todo caso muy gracioso jajajajajaja

  4. I don’t think that the angle ‘Mourinho is inferior to Wenger’ is useful. Wenger is, no doubt, a better coach and the football style of Arsenal much more pleasing to watch. Wenger has a wonderful youth policy too. But Wenger is tactically naive, and has another major fault that is totally self destructive……he always starts the season two players short of a league winning challenge. The jigsaw is always two players short. How can such a great coach and economic manager be so lacking in the big picture.

  5. What is the inferior/superior nonsense? It depends on your measurement criteria. But here are some basic truths about the 2 managers.

    Wenger is a good manager who has accomplished things Mourinho has not.
    Mourinho is a good manager who has accomplished things Wenger has not.

    Wenger is a decent human being.
    Mourinho is an awful excuse for a human beings.

    Wenger is an asset to the EPL
    Mourinho is poison to the EPL and football in general.

    Now can we finally be done with this Mourinho nonsense on this site – FOREVER.

  6. Mourinho is more ruthless. Mata was Chelsea player of the year, Mou kicked him out. He also kicked out Schurrle and it seems he’ll be kicking out Cuadrado as well. Mou has no qualms feuding with his players to get what he wants. He’s tactically flexible and although he’s a defense-first manager he’s no slouch in setting up his teams for carrying out devastating counterattacks (e.g. Champions league final against Bayern and THAT Costa goal against Arsenal). Mou has always worked with great strikers: Eto’o, Drogba, Milito, Ibra, Benzema and Costa. Will Mou persist with Giroud for 3 seasons? I really don’t think so.

  7. This match is a show of how our team qualities. With a good pre season, we look strong but if we don’t show the intent and hunger in this match by our players and manager than we will know how far this team can go this season. If the whole team show it but still miss it than we will know is the quality of our team and Wenger can improve it and hope he really known where to improve.

  8. Mouthing is amateur when it comes to understanding the game.Arsene already forgot what Jose will never know.
    Jose’s arrogance and Abramovich’s willingness to spend makes perfect match.And look how they pick their players:they watching targets of big clubs(often Arsenal) and then offer more money.Or they get bullies like Diego Costa.And,we can’t even compare styles:one is a machine while the other one’s is gracious beauty.

    1. Jack picked up a knock.he will be back in a week…he ain’t no white one can ever break diabys record

  9. Mourinho, Mourinho, Mourinho l!

    I mean

    Pep, pep, pep!!

    I mean

    Arsene, Arsene, Arsene


  10. I am so tired of hearing arsenal are 1 or 2 players short of winning the epl, that has been the case every year. Even if we buy a world class CF and a DM this season and then fail to win the title, the next season then its the same 1 or 2 players short crap again. Y’all forgot keeping our squad injury free should be a priority and also finding the right balance and players for each game. Chelsea scored just 2 goals than us last season but conceded less goals and that is why Wenger was quick to get Cech to address that. Mou won the league because of an ever present back 4 and the midfield pivot of Fab and Matic and Hazard on the left, those are the important players. We showed what a fully or almost fit Arsenal team can do from Jan when the whole squad came back and Theo didn’t even really play that much. Chelsea do not really have the depth at the back like we do ( ivanovic-cahill-terry-azpillicueta… Bench: Zouma and who?) Kos and Monreal or Gibbs will make their 1st eleven… Sometimes we should appreciate what we have and stop reading much into the media nonsense.

    Opinions divided… What y’all think?

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