The ONE thing Arsenal fans learned from the AGM

So by all accounts the latest Arsenal AGM was further evidence that there is a lack of understanding from our board in relation to what the fans want and expect. Our board said very little and the questions they did answer were done so in a rude and dismissive manner. Someone should remind these multi millionaires they are not doing us a favor, we are the paying customers and in terms of the supporters they conversed with in midweek, they are shareholders of the club.

Yet again we seemed cursed by a lack of clarity from the people in power. The day before Stan Kroenke tells the press the ambition remains to win Premierships and Champions Leagues, 24 hours later we are reminded that we are in fact over achieving in terms of the money we spend. Which is true! The majority of sides would love to boast 3 FA Cups in 4 years. But our nett expenditure is simply another example of contradiction when Ivan Gazidis often promises there’s 200 million in the bank each summer. The biggest shock for me is why is anyone surprised?

Fans last season became as hostile as they have at any point in Arsene Wenger’s two decades in charge. While we don’t seem to possess a football person who holds any power the fact remains these are rich people. You don’t excel in business with out having a brain. So they knew Wednesday would be uncomfortable, that it was very unlikely they were going to win over the haters, that the target of this meeting was damage limitation. That’s why our owner suddenly prepared to talk to a couple of newspapers was nothing more then a PR exercise, timed in a manner where he could excuse himself from being in the firing line. From a public relations perceptive it makes sense. Be honest, is there anything the American could have said to your face that would’ve made you respect him or believe in his methods?

The saying goes, actions speak louder then words. Anyone can give the journalists quotes about their vision, his true ambition was evidenced by what he did/didn’t do in July. Yet the idea that nothing of relevance came out of the AGM meeting is not actually true. There was one small snippet of information that might show at least we are learning from our mistakes. A detail that may have got overshadowed by the arrogance of our chairmen but non the less crucial. At the end of this campaign, even though he will still have 12 months left on his existing contract our manager has confirmed his future will be reviewed.

Now this isn’t me starting the Arsene Out debate early (my view has always been the opposite) but our boss has gone on record multiple times saying uncertainty over his future last season affected his players and in hindsight it was mistake to let it drag on. When you think we missed out on the Champions League by 1 point, that proved quite a hefty error. Well in less then 12 months we will be back in the exact same situation. The Frenchmen’s tenure will be about to expire, the abuse will start on social media, the banners will be back out and the Emirates divided, half wanting him out, the rest wanting him to remain.
If we are being told the truth at least that will be avoided. I say ‘If’ because often we are told what we want to hear and then are lied to, eg the cycle of change we were promised.

By Wenger’s own admission, confusion over his long term plans would undermine our top 4 hopes or (hopefully) title aspirations. This will be at a time where we will already be trying to adjust to life without Sanchez and Ozil and praying reasonable replacements are secured.

Whatever your views on him no one can deny Arsene Wenger loves Arsenal Football Club, maybe even too much. The idea of not managing us anymore seems to hurt him to the point where he convinces himself he’s close to making another great team. Of course he now has critics who are tired of waiting for jam tomorrow. Is he blinded by love? Does he truly believe he is the most likely individual to make us champions again?
Or if he got a sense that a Carlo Ancelotti, for example, wanted his post would that love make him do the right thing? It didn’t when the world was aware that Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola were free agents. That’s not to say they would’ve done any better under these employers. Employers who would let Wenger extend his time with us for ever as long as he is banking them millions while asking for little in return. That’s why Wenger is the one who will make the decision.

That’s the only thing we learnt from this AGM.


  1. AndersS says:

    Even though it may be a fact, Wenger’s contract will be reviewed, there doesn’t seem to be any clarity whatsoever regarding how exactly he is judged to have performed.
    If it has to do with how the team performs, what is then the goal(s)?
    If it is to win or at least be a contender for the PL title, he is failing miserably.
    if it is to be in the top 3 or 4, then there is a chance, so we will see it.
    If the actual PL placing doesn’t matter, if Arsenal win a cup, then it is also achievable.
    One of the reasons, why Arsenal doesn’t have the winning mentality needed to really contend is in fact, it is not “installed” from the top. If Wenger couldn’t get away with eternal top 4 finishes, but actually had to achieve winning a top competition, maybe we wouldn’t have seen unmotivated players on regular basis. He would have been pressed to make them work 100% every time as a true winner does.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That’s true. If they are being friendly with Wenger telling him how well his team looks and rewarding him with more money. That will trickle down to the players.

  2. puntamarina says:

    If some fans are unhappy with Arsenal progress and customer service take your business to another who share your ambitions. If you want change the direction of the club, you should leave the club. There will be less revenue coming into Arsenal and the board will lose money and the club will change.

    1. xxnofx says:

      You sound like you belong on that board with them

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        The latest AGM was just the latest confirmation that Kroenke and the board treat Arsenal supporters with utter distain and are satisfied to take the money from season ticket holders, knowing that any ticket not renewed will be taken up by someone on the waiting list.
        Gazidis promised that leaving Highbury for the Emirates would allow Arsenal to compete; we now know his definition of “compete”. Kroenke is leading Arsenal to the same level of mediocrity of his US sporting franchises.
        Arsene Wenger says he loves Arsenal and it is evident that the football club is his life. He won’t leave because without this football club, his life appears to have no purpose. The money he has made, he couldn’t spend in two lifetimes. He has again been hung out to dry by the board; but has been complicit to this. He has been been so associated with the Arsenal brand (eg apparently the loan for the Emirates was dependent upon him remaining manager) that had he made a stand and resigned on principle it would have had more impact on potential business partners, than any action the supporters took.
        Arsenal need Kroenke to be bought out, as no decent manager other than Wenger, would work under the current regime.

        1. Incarnate says:

          Thank you! Wenger is distracted, the players are distracted, Arsenal under Kroenke and Gazidis is headed for the rocks anyways, Wenger in OR out. Wenger in basically delays the inevitable demise of the club under the watch of these pair of clueless scoundrels.

        2. Jeremy says:

          I think we must first learn to let go to receive more.

          AW isn’t the one and only who will lead the club forward and we must recognize that there is no such thing as forever.

          I think I have to agree with you with Kroenke and Ivan, no ambitious Managers will be keen to join especially if 4th place is the target of those people in the boardroom.

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