The ONE thing Arsenal need to ensure strong EPL title challenge

Football is a matter of opinions in some ways, even though it is on paper a simple game that is about getting a round bag full of wind into an oversized net, and this is highlighted perfectly by the very different sections of Arsenal fans that have become known as the WOB and the AKBs.

So I am sure that many of you Gooners out there will disagree wildly with my theory, but here goes anyway because I truly believe that there is just one thing that the Gunners need in order to mount a credible and sustained assault on the Premier League title in the season to come and it is better luck on the injury front.

All the other things, like formations, tactics, transfer deals, team spirit and all do play their part but I believe that, in general, Arsene Wenger and the players are on top of it. The one thing that, in my opinion, has derailed our title bids in recent seasons is the terrible luck we have had on the injury front.

Remember a few years ago when Aaron Ramsey found his shooting boots and the Gunners were flying up until about halfway into the season? IN fact it was not until February that Arsenal lost our place at the top of the table but by then we were feeling the effects of losing key players like Walcott, Vermaelen, Ozil, the Ox and of course Diaby and Wilshere (again) and most importantly Ramsey.

Arsenal rallied towards the end of the season and did end up breaking the trophy drought by winning the FA cup but I fully believe that injuries cost us the title that year, just as they did last year. The manager lost all sorts of key men like Alexis Sanchez, Welbeck, Cazorla and Coquelin for long periods while the winners Leicester City were able to select the same starting XI almost every week.

The reasons behind our seemingly constant injury list are another matter, but do you agree that Arsenal could win the EPL with the squad we have now if only Wenger had them all available throughout the season?

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  1. quality reinforcements would have countered our injury problem
    so no that excuse falls on deaf ears
    rotation will lessen chance of injury, playing players into the ground doesnt help
    wenger is not impractical he knows all this….which is the worry here as he hasnt remedied our problems squad wise when we needed them most.

    tells me he has perhaps weakened over time, that edge u need to be at the top

    1. Agree with Muffy – if we had a better and deeper squad injuries would be less of a problem.

      ALso if you have players that are injury prone such as Jack and Theo, you cant say if we hadn’t lost them we would be ok. Keeping them healthy would be a miracle.

      We NEED a Top striker and a top central defender. We missed on Suarez, we missed on Higuain (twice), and now who are we going to get? LAcazette – no way he is the answer – Giroud is above him in the pecking order in the French squad. Lukaku – lots ogf potential, unproven and very expensive – not an Arsene choice – Morata is also very expensive and will take a season to adjust. – Draxler – not really lighting up the world is he – so buying for potential.

      He will wait until the last moment and then panic buy somebody – he will also NOT get a Defender claiming he has Holding and Chambers – who are at best potential and not the finished product.

      Another loooooong year awaits

  2. Absolutely not! Injuries play their part of course, but one can’t ignore how bad Wenger is from a tactical point of view, players constantly out of position, transfers (ignoring the priorities, and taking an eternity to get rid of the deadwood), seems unable to motivate the team (especially against the lesser clubs), and so on, and so on…

    One thing a really disagree on though, is calling the injuries bad luck. They occur with such consistency, that it cannot be deemed bad luck, something is clearly happening to cause these injuries. Most probably the training methods from what I’ve read, and hanging on to players with chronic injuries. An example as to why I don’t think it’s got anything to do with luck – If your car broke down once, maybe you hit a rock or something, probably just bad luck. But if your car broke down every week for like 40 weeks running, would you still put that down as bad luck or think that maybe something is wrong with the car?

  3. No I disagree

    First both defense and offense needs to be consistent

    You need at least two forwards who consistently score all season
    Theo and Giroud were terrible in the 2nd half of the season
    Giroud went 15 PL matches without a goal (scoring two goals in FA Cu after 12th PL game)
    We were lucky to get some goals from Welbeck, Alexis and some others
    Even Alexis who is WC hasn’t been consistent all season but he can be
    Mahrez and Vardy were consistent all season

    If we get a Top winger and Top striker, we can compete for number 1
    Also Theo and Giroud need to improve

    As for defense, getting 1 Top CB will be key to having a tight defense

    1. I don’t see Theo, Ox, Giroud consistently performing well all season

      That’s why I would like Mahrez or Draxler and a top striker

  4. Arsenal has a good top 11
    but the next 18 are weak.
    So yes injuries cost us.
    This is what happens when
    you are afforded the luxury
    of never having to win the title.
    The vast majority of fans at the Emirates ignored
    the protest last season which simply justifies
    the top 4 is good enough Arsenal mantra.

  5. If Mertz is out for an extended
    period then this will be a classic
    test of the Arsenal resolve
    to win the title.
    Will we buy a top CB or try and get by with El Cheapo Holding
    and struggling Gabriel and struggling Chambers (who won’t be going on loan now).
    A 20 mill+ CB would may mean keeping struggling Debuchy too.
    Big money striker and winger signings may be put on hold
    or be replaced by cheaper versions or even loans.
    Cazorla has a troublesome achilles + Wilshere is always injured.
    Would not be surprised at all if Giroud Ozil Koscielny
    and Ramsey will all be rushed back early.
    Injuries indeed will be a big factor for Arsenal again.
    But why make it worse by keeping so many injury prone players in the first place?

  6. I don’t know what is so difficult in convincing a player and putting up the cash to meet the proper valuation unless your not willing to…
    1) We’re in one of the great football city in Europe
    2) We’re one of the top clubs in London and arguably play the most beautiful football
    3) We have loads of cash and true not all of it is for transfers but with the new tv deal, our on going & new commercial deals we have more money than most
    4) We have players such as Ozil, Sanchez, Bellerin’ Ramsey & Cech I mean if I’m a player it would be a pretty attractive prospect
    5) We have a great stadium

    So what are they doing? Mahrez should be a no brainer, if BFG is injured for 5 months no excuse not to go for a Koulibaly/Manolas and completely fill the hole.

  7. Football its a sport with sports you have injuries add to that its contact sport so the probability of getting injured is sure Ok I can understand luck and ball wobble has got something to do with it but as a soccer player you know you could get injured just like that two or more players are going for the ball you could be sandwiched you could instantly hit the same ball one gets injured both get injured what ever but injury is part of the game some go away pretty easy some dont and can get aggravated because not all can wait in a in a heavy box for too long and if you do well you become weak so it will take some effort to get back to full strength praying that you dont get a strain or muscular problem players mangers coaches and physician know that i know that because not long ago i had bad thigh injury all was fine with it then i got a knock just below my knee 3 weeks ago and there is still slight pain in it but will try and play on Thursday thats part of the game The manager has to account for it in his head i got 11 players 6 might go down my contingency if it were to happen is and you still got a fully balanced team well thats the essence and Arsenal all fall because that contingency plan always falls short

  8. I think this is the season where Wenger will finally fail to achieve top four…
    Unless something drastic happens in the next few weeks…

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