“The only thing he does better nowadays is not shoot wastefully from 40 yards,” Xhaka slammed

One of the first things that Mikel Arteta did when he became the manager of Arsenal was to mend the relationship between Granit Xhaka and the club’s fans.

The midfielder had fallen out with the supporters towards the end of 2019 under the management of Unai Emery.

He was stripped of the club’s captaincy and everything pointed towards him leaving the club in the last January transfer window.

When Arteta became the club’s manager, he had to decide if the midfielder featured in his plans.

He determined that he wanted the midfielder to stay and Xhaka has been a key member of the Arsenal first team ever since.

The former Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder, however, offers nothing to the club, according to Tony Cascarino.

He says he wonders why Arteta still fields the Swiss player because he doesn’t contribute anything meaningful in their matches.

In his scathing assessment of the midfielder, he also says he just commits lots of fouls and makes simple passes.

‘We heard so much about how Arteta had revitalised Xhaka after the midfielder’s falling-out with fans but the only thing he does better nowadays is not shoot wastefully from 40 yards,’ Cascarino told The Times

‘He does little more than get the ball off the back four and make a simple pass, and commit lots of fouls. 

‘He seems incapable of making a challenge without conceding a free-kick. Yet Arteta continues to pick him.’

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  1. The earlier MA drops him, the better for us.
    As I said in the earlier post, Xhaka contributes nothing to the team yet he gets picked. IMHO, he’s behind Partey, Elneny, AMN and even Willock.

  2. Another one of our non performers that some Arsenal fans think is the bees knees and everyone else thinks is dog dit. The guy is one of the worse midfielders we have ever signed and why Arteta wanted to keep him is beyond me. Negative is his positive, absolutely brilliantly average at best but normally just plain rubbish.

    1. Yet, he’s been picked by four Arsenal managers – consistently. By his national side – consistently. Then we’ve got you, talking shit on the internet.

        1. Maybe but also sadly so very wrong Being amusing does not mean you are right. That clearly needs saying, as on fans sites many fans are more interested in amusing comments than in perhaps more plain, uninteresting, boring, TRUTH!

          Xhaka IS rubbish and most Gooners agree. That needs saying too, even if only to combat your own silly amusement at a daft and incorrect comment, Ad Pat.

          1. You are definitive that Xhaka is rubbish, but as pointed out above, four Arsenal coach’s piuck him every time.
            But obviously YOU know better!!!

            1. A huge percentage of GOONERS THINK EXACTLY AS I DO. Now, I wonder why that could be. ,

              Don’t you PAT!!!

      1. Also, it must be remembered, MA talked Xhaka out of a reported £35,000,000 transfer, so he actually turned down most of the money to buy the player he was desperate to sign in order to keep Xhaka.

        1. Ken Which of course means, in your mind, that MA was desperate to keep him at all costs , whereas the truth is we need a full squad and Kroenke was never going to stump up for a quality replacement. MA is a pragmatist, though I have long ago realised you choose to reject this.

      2. Alright! But let’s get it right- how many times has he made incisive passes from deep midfield? All we see are lateral and back passes! He screams at other players to pass forward yet he can’t do it himself when has the ball!

  3. I believe that AMN should start every week, because he’s a warrior. Not in the position that Arteta like to use him though, but as DM, RB, RWB or RW. He defends better than Bellerin and he can give width on the right with his speed and extraining protection

    1. Exactly; Arteta just can’t put best players at their natural position!

      Niles is an amazing player, can defend and attack.

      If Partey still injured:

      Bellerin Gabriel Holding Tierny
      Eleneny Niles
      Nelson Auba Saka

      We locked the house and so much threat upfront; combining, even more so

  4. Only at Arsenal could the same ridiculous behaviour be repeated by the very former player, now manager, Arteta, who, like Xhaka, was wrongly turned into a defensive midfielder, even though they both made a name for themselves as forward thinking, highly skilled, centrally located midfielders, with the ability to provide cutting edge service and the occasional spectacular goal…instead we put these slow-footed, overmatched, defensive lightweights in deep lying positions, knowing full-well that it would only be a matter of time before they were both exposed as DM frauds…why couldn’t we just try them in more advanced positions so that we could utilize the very gifts they were both blessed with to our advantage…Xhaka rarely does any of the things that he was once revered for, instead we expect him to pass sideways, rarely be in shooting positions and cover players twice as fast…you would think that of all people Arteta would empathize with his plight since he likewise faced a similar set of circumstances, which had some positive moments, to be fair, but overall made little sense…at least Xhaka didn’t have to take a reduced salary to come to Arsenal like Arteta…we’ve been such a backwards club for so long we don’t even seem to question the most obvious shit…Arteta hadn’t played DM since he was 20-21 in Barca/PSG before we asked him to play there in his twilight years…that’s who we are

    1. Arteta has actually been playing Xhaka in a more advanced position. I can name games where the cutting edge passing actually got us going, but most people here don’t watch games , and I commend you for being able to pick out his strengths.

      Do I think Xhaka is an obvious starter week after week? Definitely not . Do I think he’s improved under Arteta? Yes .

      He is not a defensive midfielder. Xhaka is a Toni Kroos, Xavi, Jorginho type of central midfielder. His biggest weapon is an eye for a pass . It sadly means however, that unless everyone else gets their movement right, these kinds of people never change games.

      In games where there’s movement, I’ve seen Xhaka do what I expect of him, which is to progress the ball through lines.

      1. Joe as you compare Xhaka to greats like Kroos, Xavi and even just decent players like Jorginho, presumably you think a Mini would compete on equal tearms with a Jaguar, Aston Martin etc! There is the little matter of PACE when picking a pass, which you choose to not mention. I wonder why!!!

        As for “progessing through lines” I have seen soldiers progressing against the enemy lines far quicker than Xhaka ever does.

  5. Enough about this Xhaka crappy critique now,what about the long range shots and accurate long range passing,the desire to wanna play for us ? you only get dirty by working ,maybe think about how better to use him,this is the guy that wore the armband everywhere he’s played,surely that must count for something !

    1. Actually Harvey, pace and mobility also “count for something”, they count a great deal, as does woeful lack of both. So he is passionate; well whoop de doop, so am I but I don’t get picked as I have neither pace nor mobility nor many other lacking things too.

      Nor should Xhaka get picked. When he finally leaves – glorious day – he cannot then play. Roll on that day!

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