The only way is UP for Arsenal and Wenger now

I must say that I was a bit surprised by Arsene Wenger at the weekend, even though it seemed like Arsenal have walked straight into a wall of bad luck and everything that could go wrong for our club and manager had done so. We have rarely seen the Frenchman looking so out of sorts and affected by things as he did in the post match interview.

I think that all the things going wrong had got to him, with injury problems during the defeat to Liverpool compounding the problems that saw Arsenal go into the game without our three best defenders, best creative player, and main centre forward.

I also feel, however, that Wenger will not remain downbeat for long and that he is probably already looking foward to the weekend clash with Leicester City. The boss is usually pretty pragmatic so he should be able to see that things will quickly get better for the Gunners, both on and off the pitch. They can hardly get any worse.

This week should see the likes of Ozil and Giroud get the match fitness they need to face the Foxes on Saturday, while Wenger can ease the fears of the Arsenal fans by signing a player or two. Even if disaster strikes again and we lose or draw in Leicester, the games then get much easier while our big players get fitter and sharper.

So should we all be looking up rather than wallowing in the current mire?


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  1. I disagree
    There is definitely room for things to get worse
    More injuries
    No more signings or top quality signings
    Finishing outside the Top 4
    Losing Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin next summer

    I hope and pray none of this happens but if Wenger doesn’t sign any Top quality players all that is a possibility

    1. True,

      and remember when we got manhandled by City, Liverpool and Chelsea away?

      Well maybe this is the season we will get bum-fudged by rivals at HOME. Liverpool already put us to the sword, 1-4 around 60 minutes.

      1. I would literally cry as a grown man if the club I grew up supporting gets slaughtered at home like we’re the away team. When was the last time we finished a season without losing a home game? You can already strike this season off after ONE match. Two days or so until our next match and I’m contemplating on even watching it. Fans are reaching their breaking points. I guess expect the same lineup besides the day 1 injuries.

    2. I totally agree with Arsenal_Girl. I fail to see where Admin_Bob gets his optimism from. We have a makeshift pair of CDs of which Chambers is certainly a premier league standard (imo). The only reasonable CD we have in the squad is injured. Three years ago we paid £15m for this reserve player from Southampton – still no sign of improvement from him. We have no striker (of any sort) at the moment and a sort of a striker who is not match fit ( giro us) in the squad who normally plays with his back to the goal. We have no penalty takers in the squad (perhaps with the exception of Cazorla – who is only average in taking penalties). We have nobody who can take freekicks to score in the squad. Even Elneny is discouraged by Wenger to shoot from distance. Shall I keep on going? It baffles me to find any positives. How sad that the squad is allowed to become a collection of hotch-porch of players most of whom not fit to wear the shirt. No physical presence, no leadership, no Plan A on the pitch let alone Plan B. How can you spend £35m for an average midfielder (xhaka) when we have 1,500 midfielders while the whole world is pleading with Wenger to buy a striker (that we don’t have) + a CD that we need to pair up with Kos? Mind boggling!

      1. Sorry about the typo. The text should read Chambers is certainly NOT premier league standard. Blame it on predictive text.

  2. Wenger brings abuse to himself. It’s as if he loves it along with chaos amongst the fans. Sickening!!!

    You can’t tell me the Arsenal regime are not aware of breakdown throughout out the years. This is truly heartless!!!

    1. Its sad. Mahrez and Lacazette could have sorted out our lack of goals
      Mahrez scores goals and assists. He is only 25 too

      1. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Leicester, they already have half a yard on the players and the fans before a ball has even been kicked on Saturday.

        The build up to the game will revolve around them agree contract renewal and if we lose all the papers and media outlets will say mahrez made the right the decision. And judging how things are going… He probably did. ?

        And just for the record… If he was open to a renewal he must have also been open to a move! We either didn’t go in for him or couldn’t convince him to come!

  3. I TELL YOU! why talk about MARHEZ, why he want to go Arsenal. We have no ambitions. SO SAD, no more purchases after MUSTAFA. Seasons OVER!!

  4. what utter rubbish. our current predicament has got nothing to do with bad luck. it’s all down to the mismanagement of the team by the incompetent dinosaur at the helm coupled with our clueless board who have fuck all ambition. this shit storm has been coming for ages and the manager, the owner and the board have chosen to ignore it because the top 4 money keeps rolling in. wenger has completely destroyed his legacy. total omnishambles and i can’t believe there are still blogs which are still using excuses like “bad luck” to hide behind.

  5. This is hilarious…there is an air of familiarity with our fans that genuinely makes me fear for our sanity. Every year having not addressed the fundamental flaws of our team during the transfer window despite being linked with every striker or defender from here to Timbuktu… And you mean to tell me everything is going to be alright, we lost to Liverpool my opinion the easier of the ‘top 7’ gunning for the title, take what you will but nothing suggests to me he stands a chance against mourinho whom correct me if I’m wrong a man he has not beaten before, or City or Chelsea and as blasphemous as it is Tottenham. Especially if we haven’t addressed what is wrong with our team. If you think we’ll be ok you are part of the problem

    1. sunday was all about bad luck according to the writer of this blog. you’re right. people with that view are part of the problem. whoever takes over next season – and don’t think for one minute he’ll spend millions because kroenke will STILL be the owner – had better get ready for thursday night football.

  6. The only way up for all of us is simply not to stuff ourselves with these negativities and insults to Wenger but to b a little positive on this club. We may have all the players most people here have suggested and still lost to Liverpool. Give this people a chance pls. It ll take Wenger a win of 2 or 3matches and most here ll start singing his praises even without new signings we clamour. Its happened severally.

    1. rubbish. i’ve remained positive for the last 10 years and the manager has repeated the same mistakes for the last 10 years.

    2. I admire your Optimism truly never loose it, however ist it better to be optimistic where there is genuinely change as opposed to the same old same old we get with Arsene and the board, our last 7 Premier league seasons I virtually carbon copies… I mean if you where to buy a DVD copy of Arsenals last 3 premier league seasons you’d be waisting your money…

    3. Cough and double baulk ?⬇⬇⬇

      Alexis Sanchez has delivered a bombshell to Arsenal by telling the club he wants to join Juventus, according to a report.

      Spanish newspaper Sport claim the Gunners talisman has had a meeting with manager Arsene Wenger and explained his desire to join the Italian giants.

      1. Do you honestly blame the guy?

        Why waste the best years of your professional futbol life playing for a club and manager that lost the plot many, many years ago?

        At the moment…

        Real Madrid
        Atletico Madrid
        Bayern Munich
        Man City

        are all more desirable clubs than Arsenal.

        Ozil will be next to walk into Wenger’s office

      2. What would the scenes be if this happens? If that isn’t a sign that things are bad at the club then I don’t know what is. What bothers me mostly about this is the fact that he was signed a year after Özil, spent 2 full seasons and now wants out. That Liverpool game did now damage than we thought!

  7. I really hope people realise how important Ozil and Sanchez are to this club whether they are inform or not.

    if either of them put in a transfer request it publically refuse to renew that would send the whole fan base into melt down.

      1. To be honest, they didn’t make that much difference!
        It was a nice start to a project but Wenger messed it up by not adding a WC striker to it, last season.
        It took Ozil two seasons to adjust to the premier league, whereas Sanchez hit the ground running!
        Yes, two Fa cup wins since Ozil and Sanchez arrived,
        whoopee f’- ing doooo !
        It would have meant more to me if we would have won it for the third consecutive year, Especially by beating Utd in the final and equalling the all time record, which hasn’t been done, for over a century.

    1. we all know it’s coming. Ozil’s contract will be up soon. Why in gods name would he extend it when any top club in the world would take him, where he could actually win trophies and play with elite players? What do we offer him?

        1. Yes, i can … It isn’t worth Two bob! @ Arsenal,
          That’s less than two cents, to all the Gooner yanks out there! ?

    2. u really think those bunch of akbs that attend matches at the emirates are really going to utter a single word against their beloved wenger? couple of injury prone average panic buys and everyone would start singing ‘one arsene wenger’… welcome to another year of mediocrity… oops i forgot 4th place is a trophy to some

      1. So you are saying that the 60,000 fans go go to see Arsenal every week and show real support are idiots. But you, sitting in front of a keyboard somewhere in India, having never actually been to a game, are completely right????
        Explain your reasoning please….

        1. first of all i have never said they are ‘idiots’… i said regular visitors don’t protest
          second i am in india doesn’t mean i never go to uk and never attend matches at emirates
          third u own the website doesn’t mean only u have the right to say anything and criticize others, ppl who comment here are also equally part of this website’s success
          fourth i know u can’t handle criticism and will ban me so please go on, there are lots of fan run websites where dictators are not on the prowl

          1. I often handle criticism and discuss with Arsenal fan about anything as long as there is no personal abuse or insults. And as I own the website (as you rightly say) it DOES give me the right to say anything I like!
            I answered you because you managed to insult 60,000 Arsenal fans in one go. A new record!
            If I was a dictator I don’t think you would get the free discussion you get on here, but what I won’t accept commenters who come on here insulting our team and manager in every single post without any reasonable discussion whatsoever.
            You accept that the fans in London support the team but say they are all wrong. What makes your opinion so much better than theirs?

  8. I heard we’re after gimenez of athl.Madrid …now dats we call ‘top-class’….young, physical, aggressive and way better than mustafi…mustafi is a more composed player but for £30m, I’ll rather add 5m and buy gimenez

  9. who cares honestly. We all know what to expect this season. Scrape top 4, R16 exit in Europe, drop of form in January, injuries galore, Giroud to stop scoring. It’s so predictable. Just pick any season review DVD from the past decade and watch that instead. Things will never change with a greedy board and a useless manager.

  10. How could whoever was involved be so stupid in letting Kroenke be majority shareholder? That was the day the downfall starting, and everyone below just fell in place adding to the demise. Arsenal was a great club!

    1. Its about to get Worse mate,
      That Fat Russian guy wants to sell his shares and join his buddy at Everton, He will turn those toffee’s into Chocolate
      and Caramel coated toffee-apples, with the money that he will pump into them.

  11. Only way is up? I like your positivity but disagree. There is plenty of scope for us to continue sliding south. Will Wenger lift the fans and players spirits by pulling a rabbit from the hat come deadline day? Ot: I wonder if a medical survey was completed across a selection of premier league clubs fans to monitor blood pressure and stress levels throughout the summer transfer window and the season as a whole, wonder where we’d rank?

  12. Let’s take off the red and white colored glasses for a moment and HONESTLY assess our beloved Gunners…

    Giroud…..average to above average striker, unfortunately just not good enough to consistently lead the Arsenal line

    Welbeck— snakebitten with injuries but will never be a 20+ goal scorer in the EPL.

    Ozil, Sanchez and Boss–Arsenals best and only WC players.

    Walcott. Wilshere,Chamberlin,Ramsey–overrated English core that spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. Even @ there individual and collective best are not good enough to be starters @ a club like Arsenal. That they start regardless of form illustrates exactly why AFC is a Big Club that wins FA Cups and annually chokes in Europe and England.

    Coq,El Neny,Xhaka—Havent seen enough of the new man but his Bundesliga rep and strong Euros performance have me cautiously optimistic. The Egyptian and Frenchmen are solid, unspectacular players that simply don’t tick all the boxes in the center of the pitch.

    Monreal….The Spaniard has been solid over the past year or so but I feel his best years on the pitch are probably behind him
    Was terrible against Pool last week.

    Bellerin—incredible talent but far from the finished product. Will have his best years in another European league.

    Gab and Per—No comment

    Chambers and Holding—Both should be out on loan, not starting against Liverpool. Think Holding more so than Chambers has the opportunity to be a long term servant @ the club

    Cech–one of the greatest of all time but trending toward the twilight of his career @ the Emirates.

    I hate being so dang negative about the club I love but with this collection of current players is it so surprising that Arsenal continues to be the big kid on the block that gets his butt kicked in every big fight?

    Sad sad state of affairs

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