The Ox AND Walcott should return to Arsenal squad v Liverpool

There have been a few horror stories in the press lately saying that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the latest Arsenal player to join our ever-growing injury list and could be out for the next month at least, but according to an injury update from Dominic Fifield in the Guardian the Gunners medical team are “quietly confident” that Alex will be recovered enough to play against Liverpool next weekend.

Arsene Wenger was originally worried about the Ox when he said: “We cannot afford to lose him (Chamberlain) at the moment. I hope it’s nothing bad.

“He had a little bit of inflammation before the game. I took him to Galatasaray and maybe two games was a lot for him.”

That is great news as Alex was in excellent form against both Galatasary and Newcastle and would be sorely missed given our lack of options right now. There have also been rumours that Theo Walcott had also had another setback but the same report is under the impression that the speedy winger will also be fit and ready to play by Sunday, although it is very likely that Wenger won`t rush Theo back by making him a starter.

WENGER said: The signs are quite good. He (Walcott) has had two days of training now but he now lacks competition and fitness to come back to a good level.

It is certainly a welcome relief from our usual bad news on the injury front as Mikel Arteta (calf), Jack Wilshere (ankle), Aaron Ramsey (hamstring) and Laurent Koscielny (thigh) are all still unavailable, but at least Mesut Ozil has finally returned to training…..

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    1. Szczesney
      Bellerin – Debuchy – Mertesacker – Gibbs
      Chamberlain – Flamini
      Alexis – Cazorla – Podolski

      If the OX isn’t fit, then play Rozza/Coquelin/Chambers depending on how defensive you want to go.

    1. Yes, you’re spot on! And while we are at it why pay their salaries if they are not fit ? Loan them to Bournemouth or Accrington. That’ll teach them to be of some use to Arsenal. Who do they think they are?

  1. I am the only one a little nervous going into the pool game???

    I watched there match against United and they were quit decent I must add, if not for the heroics of De gea you never know they might have clinched it AT OLD TRAFFORD were we always bottle it up most times.

    Am saying we should be cautious and not get carried away by there recent form. There defense is there weakest point but so is ours so the best injury news for me would be the return of Kos in that defense. If fit and selected Chambo should practice hard jellying with Flamini so they protect our back four and he handle Sterling before he faces Mert (assuming Sterling plays down the middle again or cuts inside).

    Theo is always good to have, I just hope his back for good this time around.

    Where is Gnabry by the way??????

    1. A lack of confidence is one of the worst things a team can have. There is always that feeling of nervousness with Arsenal when it comes to these high profile games, but if we take hold of the first 30 mins and put a goal or 2 past their substitute keeper they will completely open up, which is what happened Vs United. I expect Sanchez to have a field of a game Vs Glen Johnson/Lovren.

      1. True that.

        I don’t like the fact that we start too slow (NOT) cautiously but slow, and only kick on after a goal down or in the 2nd half against the big guns. I say we hit the ground running, disrupt there game before they score, though keeping sharp and been cautious.

        If Pool scores 1st and keeps the momentum, its possible we could have a repeat of the United or Chelsea game (all play but nothing to show for it).

        I aint saying we should lack confidence, quit the opposite. Been naïve, wasteful, careless, and approaching the game without fight is what I am against

  2. 3 cheers for King Henry who retired today…I am not sure we’ll ever see a classier striker in an Arsenal shirt.

    We could do with him coaching our strikers, I think Wellbeck, Akpom, Campbell and Sanogo would benefit greatly from his experience.

  3. 3 days seems alot.
    Some players had a week off last week and now another week as well.

    but I guess with all the injuries and matches coming ensure everyone is 100% rested

    1. He said today he is not ready or properly able to coach but would welcome it in the future. Guess we will have to wait.

  4. Admin would you mind writting an article abt cazorla hitting form. Our lil spanish maestro has scored 3 goals in a week and his penalty against newcastle was just oozing confidence. We all know what Santi can be when he’s at his best and personally I feel he’s as good if not better than Sanchez offensively. I’m just hoping the football gods have mercy on us and make just one more player in the likes of ozil/walcott/ramsey hit form and we will be as good as real madrid, yes I’m being realistic. Three players excluding the striker able to score goals at any time of the game and has amazing technical skills is Invincible Arsenal and Real Madrid standard. Furthermore, I’m always on this site and been reading the comments for a very long time and to be honest the wenger in/out drama has been going on for way too long. Nothing can/will be done until the end of the season so suck it up and judge Le Prof at the end of the season. Stop looking at negatives and concentrate on the positives. Be an optimist and find an opportunity in a difficulty. And don’t give me the ‘I’m trying to be realistic bullshit’. Your reach wont exceed your grasp if you don’t think about it. Cheers

    1. On Carzola: there were some comments from some individuals saying Carzola’s cheeky penalty was disrespectful towards a young keeper. They said if Arsenal was not in a winning position carzola would not have tried a chip. I find that very foolish and anti-arsenal. Even when Arsenal produces a convincing display, these pundits will always say something negative.

      1. Totally agree.

        Why can’t they just leave it and let our players enjoy themselves. It was very well taken and I doubt it was to embarrass the keeper.

  5. There you have it, I won’t post another Wenger out comment the until January transfer window closes.
    (just needed to get it out first)

    I will be positive.

  6. OT: Classic King Henry Quote

    “When we won the league at Tottenham, they came back 2-2 in the last-minute of the game, and they’re celebrating – because they’re happy to draw against us, obviously. And I remember saying to Mauricio Tarricco, do you realise we only need a point to be Champions? And they all [were really shocked]. So I said ‘Yes. Now we’re going to celebrate on your pitch. Bye bye!’”

    Thierry Henry on winning the league at White Hart Lane

    Haaha, Spuds!!!

    1. True that CraigZWE. I miss his passion for our team, his vision, pace, trickery, power and charisma.

      I mean a lot of players have scored goals, but vey few have scored Henry’s goals.

  7. Is it not proper to dedicate today write ups to the King who has just retired??? That is how to pay tribute to our own…

  8. I’m Still p1ssed off about this game last year, hope the team are as well and come out firing. Liverpool didn’t play that bad at old Trafford but they have been terrible most of the season so I’m expecting a good performance & win for us. REVENGE IS NEAR !!

  9. Extremely off topic : Thiery Henry hangs his boots finally. Can @admin please publish a tribute article on our King Henry. His starting days in Arsenal shirt, his rise to being the kings, his best moments, how would he impact Arsenal in management role etc. etc. Anything. I think it would be fitting if this website take a moment and do this for one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced the football for Arsenal and the whole world. Too much to ask ?

  10. I am happy that Henry has decided to join as SkySports pundit. Finally some sanity and balance will be stored in the biased panel of SkySports.

  11. Last week a DM from the Russian league flew in for talks with AFC,this week a CB from Norway in town for talk,Arsenal very keen on both so does this mean Wenger getting business done early in January of just more smoke and mirrors ?

  12. We need Ozil and Walcott badly

    Playmaker/No 10 and Speed demon/goal scorer respectively.

    I’d love to see a front like


    1. I think we are missing Kos and Arteta more so. If the team that beat newc could stay fully fit and we had Kos and Arteta to start well then i think we would do just fine. I like Ox in that role and on the attacking front we look good. I know all of us want an upgrade on Arteta but he is at the moment our best for that pos. Also our win percentage with him is notably higher than it is to without him.

      1. Agree with you YingYang69. Not wanting to kick off the whole debate but MA is way better than many give him credit for. If a genie in a bottle said I could choose 3 players in our squad that would be guaranteed 100% fitness/form for the season to maximise our chances of playing well then I would pick Alexis, Laurent and Mikel! We have hundreds of players/permutations to work around those three.

  13. Team to face Liverpool:

    Debuchy Chambers Mertesaker Gibbs
    Alexis Ox Cazorla
    Giroud Welbeck

    Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Monreal(if fit), Rosicky, Walcott, Podolski, Sanogo.

    Flamini is definitely the weak link in that team, he is absolutely shocking and words cannot emphasise how much we need a DM.

      1. I wouldn’t play bellerin because of inexperience ..I’d just start flamini in the DM role and tell him not to cross the center circle..sterling has so much pace..mert needs all the help he can get.

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