The Ox can have BIG impact for Arsenal – As super sub!

Assuming that the Arsenal starting line up for the Champions League away clash with Olympiacos tonight includes Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, there is a very clear decision for the manager to make for that third forward position, Joel Campbell or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Going simply on current form and the performance of each player in the Premier League win over Sunderland last weekend, you would assume that Wenger would go for the Costa Rican, even though the Ox was clearly a bit rusty after a spell out of the team with injury and should be sharper now.

When you add in the fact that Campbell spent time on loan with Olympiacos, playing 43 games and scoring 11 goals, then I reckon that seals the deal as the atmosphere in the stadium could be a big factor and Campbell being used to it must be an advantage.

However, I still foresee a big part to be played by the Ox, coming off the bench and trying to do the job of super sub. Although Wenger has suggested that Arsenal have to go for it tonight, we still need to keep our defensive shape and not give away silly goals. So it could be a night for patience.

If the game goes with expectation it will be the Gunners pressing forwards and having most of the ball and that should mean some tired Greek legs towards the end. That is the perfect situation for the pace, power and direct style of the Ox.

This match could be set up for him to come on and make himself a hero. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. That’s great! ?
      Reverse psychology my friend,
      That means Giroud will score his first ever hat – trick,
      Tonight. ….. “who said thattttt???” ???

  1. CheLsh! Are the most consistent team in the EpL this season

    1 win in August
    1 win in September
    1 win in October
    1 win in November

    1 win every month Like going thru a MENSTRUAL CyCLE …. If they faiL to register a win in December, They are PREGNANT! L()L…..

    1. Hahaha ? Nice one man ?

      There’s a very good chance of them falling pregnant tonight
      When they get well and truly ####ed right out of the Champions league by Porto.

  2. Ox’s fortune and ability to influence the side is no different than that of Jack, Theo, Gibbs (not as much as the others as far as ability is concerned), and to some extent Ramsey. None of these players can consistently stay healthy. As a result, when they do get back fit, they struggle the first couple games, put about 3 good games together after that that have people raving about their potential, and then they get hurt again. Until this pattern is broken, I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to truly depend on these guys.

    For me, there’s a direct correlation between Arsenal not getting over the “hump” and Arsene keeping these 4-5 players as main players in the team. They always get hurt right when we need them and results suffer as a result. Gibbs is only healthy because Monreal keeps him on the sideline.

  3. This kid the OX should have broken in to the first team by now and reason he gets hurt is because AW holds players back all the time. Don’t play for 3 weeks then come on for 30 then again AW won’t play him. I think he should do what TW did and hold out on his next contract

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