The Ozil v Iwobi Debate – Some perspective please

Some of the fairest criticisms of our players I read on here do come from Jon Fox and that is because he criticizes a player for who he is, with respect to the standard required at Arsenal. The Iwobi debate exists because some persons want to justify why Ozil should start every match. I believe if we had a good number of Armenians here, we would also have a strong debate on Mkhitaryan. This set of persons create reasons why Ozil, despite his poor performances, should always play and one of the reasons given is to downgrade any possible alternative to him in the team.

I defend Iwobi not because he is good enough for Arsenal first team, but I feel he needs some protection from some of Ozil’s hardcore fans. Moreover, his performances and end products are not as poor as they want us to believe. I even find it difficult to call some comments criticism. How would you swear for a player? How could you say a young lad wouldn’t make it in his chosen profession in a very insensitive way, you wouldn’t like any of your children to be in such situation.

Putting Ozil and Iwobi on the same measuring scale is one of the most absurd comparison I have ever seen in sport. Compare Ozil with David Silva or Eriksen and you will know how poor he has become.

Differences between Ozil and Iwobi…

1. Ozil was a marquee signing (club record as at then) while Iwobi is an Academy product.
2. Ozil is 30-year-old while Iwobi is 23.
3. Ozil is our supposedly star player (1st choice playmaker) while Iwobi is a squad player (3rd choice playmaker).
4. Ozil is on £350k weekly wages while Iwobi is on £70k.

The difference is clear and the expectations for both players can’t be the same.

However, if we must compare their games then we should be fair to both players. Iwobi is mostly criticized for lack of end product but how could he create and assist more than Ozil last season in a team where people make excuses for Ozil.

Games. Minutes. Big Chances created Goals. Assists.
Ozil. 20(4) 1742. 3. 5. 2
Iwobi. 22(13) 1976. 10. 3. 6
Mkhitaryan. 19(6) 1645. 10. 6. 4

That is the poor EPL stats of our three playmakers.

Football is certainly not only about stats, but some stats are important. One of those stats is chances created by a player especially for playmakers. Compare 10 chances created by Iwobi (3rd choice) to the 3 by Ozil (1st choice).

Ozil only defeats Iwobi on goals. Iwobi was joint 1st with Kola and Myki on big chances created and joint 2nd with Ramsey on assists. In the premier league the younger players above him in the big chances chart are the wonderful Maddison and Trent Arnold. Both Maddison and Arnold also top him on the assist chart with Rashford making same number as Iwobi. All three are highly rated but Iwobi’s case is different because a certain section of our fans had already damaged his rating by some undue attacks.

In football most young players are celebrated for headless running around because end product comes with experience, except for some exceptional talents like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe etc. Salah, Mane, Sterling were once headless runners but now they are world class.

Also, one common thing about headless runners is how often they get the ball into dangerous positions but end up with a bad final ball. They easily blossom when they start getting those final balls right. It is often a risk letting them leave at an early stage of their career. Iwobi is one such player, but people easily forget how he got himself into those dangerous positions.

I’m not saying Iwobi is qualified to be a first team player but if our senior players especially the playmakers were playing as their counterparts in other teams, we would have appreciated Iwobi’s effort as a squad player.

I laugh when some fans clamour that we should sell Iwobi this transfer window. Our management is not even ready to sign players better than Iwobi for our first team, how then can they get squad players as good as him. Some even wanted injury-prone Welbeck to stay over him which is also laughable. I wish he could leave; it may as well help his career because the pressure at the club is not good for any young player, especially with the attitude of our senior players.

All players should be criticized so Iwobi shouldn’t be an exception but he should be criticized for the player he is (a headless runner, a busybody and a squad player) and not making him a victim of another player’s situation.



  1. It annoys me when I see comments like “only Nigerian fans rate Iwobi” etc because I’m not nigerian or African for that matter and I’d keep him over mkhitaryan and ozil! His end product needs work and I’d he gets it we are going to have a good player in our hands! Who here can honestly tell me they knee who miki was when he was iwobis age? If theirs no clear improvement soon then yes I agree we can then sell him. But for now just give him a chance and stop getting in our players back!

    1. Unlike Ozil, Iwobi doesn’t even play in his favorite and natural position

      Despite being a makeshift winger, he is still able to produce better attacking stats than Ozil

      He worked hard for the team, whereas Ozil prefers to sulk rather than putting in extra effort in the field

      1. Exactly. I cant be mad at a player that puts in 100% every game because at least they’re trying! I’d rather have 11 players that put in 100% for the team than 11 sulky “stars”

        1. Exactly. I’ll take 10 more Jenkinson’s over another Ozil. Just a leech that puts a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. I don’t see it as Ozil v Iwobi at all. Some fans like one of them, some like the other and believe it or not some fans, like me, see the value in both players. I like Ozil for his pure skill, his sight to pick a pass and occasional very good goal but I criticise him for his work rate and apparently poor fitness. I like Iwobi because he takes players on, tracks back and tries hard all the time but I criticise him for his final ball, not very good crossing and poor shooting.
    Off topic but can anyone see the sense of Jordi being sent out on loan to a second division German club? He’s a very good 20 year old right back who has also played at left back and we are sending him on loan when we desperately need cover for both positions!

    1. DONE DEAL!!
      Arsenal have agreed a €30m fee for St Etienne defender William Saliba. The player has agreed a 5 year contract but will return to the French club for another season.
      Arsenal do have a return clause in the loan.

      Arsenal beat teams such as Bayern Munich, PSG and rivals Tottenham Hotspur

          1. maybe people would acknowledge when you get it right when you acknowledge when you get it wrong instead of excuses or nearly done.

    2. Fine comment. The thing is Ozil doesn’t have a pure fitness problem (as in stamina to stay the 90), just hides from getting stuck in. Again, he seems to have lost that confidence to pick a pass no one else saw. He is rather too cautious to only pass when assured it will be perfect. That’s not what we knew him for. He spends a lot of his time on the pitch just moving the ball around and playing from deep rather than provoking offensive play, hence his numbers are dropping. It may have something to do with the new manager, though.

  3. Excellent article! One also has to remember that Ozil gets to play in the middle, and Iwobi is almost always played out of position on the wings.

    The Ozil vs Iwobi debate was delusional from day one, but what is so funny is that Ozil fans were still left with egg on their face as Iwobi outperformed Ozil this season! Iwobi has shown a brilliant attitude this season to work hard, and doesn’t moan when he gets subbed or starts on the bench. Whereas Ozil acts like a petulant child most of the time, and couldn’t care less about the team! All he cares about is his reputation. Maybe Iwobi should start mentoring Ozil?

    I don’t know why Iwobi gets so much flak? Like many others, I wanted him gone in the summer, but he’s got his head down, worked really hard, which resulted in his best season for us. Despite playing out of position almost all the time, Iwobi was one of our better performers last season. Along with Laca, Iwobi is the only other player willing/capable to take opponents on. We need more players like him who are willing to take risks.

    At the moment we do need better than Iwobi to reach the next level, but he is a quality squad player, on a low wage in relative terms, and has potential to get even better. I would like to see what he could do if played in his best position. I cannot understand why some fans want rid of him, especially considering that attacking midfielders is one of weakest areas. Ramsey is gone, Miki is awful, and Ozil downed tools about 2 years ago.

      1. It’s not crap though. All the hate Iwobi gets from you and he still had a superior season to Ozil, and outperformed him in UEL final.

    1. Iwobi really pissed people including me when his work-rate was crap in wenger last season. players compensate for lack of natural skill with bigger work-rate and iwobi just stopped working so he became a worthless player. plus the off-field fiasco aka parties didn’t help. This season he was a completely different mindset, better workrate, more confident dribbling, direct football and an improving end-product.

      I still think he is only good as a squad player who comes off the bench to attack tired defenders until he improves his end-product more. Ozil just finished, the end; to the garbage bin is where he belong. he had nearly 3 years to fix his form and he is still crap

  4. I always smile when stats are used for one argument and then dismissed as irrelevant for another.

    Surely when one is discussing any player, it is that persons performance that should be discussed?

    Comparisions can be made, BUT it usually done with the emphasis on what the individual making them believes, just as this well written article does in fact do.
    No question that the author prefers Iwobi ( as is his right of course) and the post reveals itself in that way.

    We should also remember that an opinion is just that, not a statement of fact, as some would want to make you believe.

    1. Funny enough this article will cause a lot of bashing on Iwobi though as you say the author prefers Iwobi.Both are not starting material for Arsenal and I couldn’t care less about Ozil’s ability and talent.As for Iwobi I always knew he was average so I don’t really expect much from him.Bpth players should be started in 4-2-3-1 last season yet people keep telling me our defense was bad so Emery switched to the three back system.That system saw us dominated in midfield in the EPL and loss in the Europa final.Its funny how the same Emery had the guts to use 4-2-3-1 against Liverpool at home but didn’t use it again.Imagine including Monreal in a three back and thinking your defensive problems are solved.He was shocking last season

  5. How can anyone even begin to compare these two players is beyond me.Im not bothering going through the stats because they mean nothing in terms of ability.They also do not reflect the true picture,merely an overview.
    I was brought up to appreciate FOOTBALLERS.I would have had Charlie George over Geordie Armstrong.A few years later it would have been Liam Brady over Brian Talbot.Following on it was Tony Woodcock over Paul Mariner.David Rocastle over Brian Marwood.Etc etc etc
    This is not saying the others didn’t give value because every single one was a class act and proved their worth.But can anyone seriously say Iwobi is this?A class act?Of course not.And as fit those who say he only needs to work on his final ball and shooting?How much longer do we wait?Its obvious the player is limited and will never be the standard all Arsenal fans should DEMAND of their players.
    Ozil still is a wonderful footballer.He was let down badly by Wenger and then by Emery.I will not accept his work rate is not as it should be but I do accept his attitude and demeanour is poor.But this I believe is purely down to frustration at having to play in a system that is totally alien to his natural game.
    Emery wants him gone of that there is no doubt.But it should also be noted by all these Iwobi lovers that Emery picked Ozil over Iwobi time and time again towards the end of the season when even this very blinkered manager realised the poor product Iwobi was producing week after week.And this is from a manager who insisted he would COACH better performances from EVERY player when he arrived.That worked well didn’t it?You only need to look at our defensive record to see how well he did there.
    So to sum up.Please do not ever compare Mesut Ozil to Iwobi.One is a supremely gifted footballer and Alex Iwobi will never be anything other than a plodder with zero ability and zero hope of ever having a career as a professional footballer at a Premiere League Football Club.
    He is on borrowed time and he knows it.The simple fact is we have youth players coming through that will deem this player as surplus to requirements.And this day cannot come soon enough for me

    1. You’re being harsh on Iwobi and it’s evident you dislike him as a player though not as a person.Most including me agree he is average but he should’ve been starting matches in the 4-2-3-1 along with Ozil because he was the only closest player to winger but instead Emery stuck to his dreadful three back system.If I wasn’t an Arsenal fan and watched Ozil and Iwobi last season I’d say both are as good as each other.Being an Arsenal fan Ozil is a far bigger talent but currently their levels are close.Its only the blind ones who would deny that fact.
      Ozil doesn’t deserve another chance in Arsenal and if Ozil stays then I Mustafi and Xhaka should also stay

      1. The issue started when the likes of Phil kept reminding us of every foot Iwobi and Mhkitaryan put wrongly while telling us Ozil completed 100% of his passes. They expected everyone to accept the lack of penetration from Ozil passes. Ozil plays a whole match behind two good strikers without sending any ball into opposition box. But some persons have more energy to bash Iwobi and Mhkitaryan who most often provide the best attacking treat from midfield for us. What good is a talent that is not put into use. We might say stats is not everything in football but Kev, what will you say in a situation where Iwobi and Myki creates 10 good chances each while Ozil ends a season with only 3 chances. Especially considering this is an area Ozil built is career on. Like you rightly put it anyone who believes what Ozil offers on the field is worth applauding has not right to criticize any other Arsenal player. Last I checked Xhaka and Mustafi had better input than Ozil last season.

        1. But Martin we know that you support arsenal because of iwobi ,he’s all you and a few others ever talk about .
          Why don’t you defend iwobis season by his own play not by comparing Ozil

          1. Ozil is brought in because that is where the debate stated. Supporting Arsenal because of Iwobi?? maybe you are an Ozil fan and not an Arsenal supporter.

        2. I do not rate Iwobi much but I need not be a communication expert to understand as you say that people have more energy to bash Iwobi and Mkhitaryan and kind of make excuses for Ozil who has been about as impactful as them.If you weren’t an Arsenal fan and new nothing about all three players last season you would probably have called Iwobi the best of three though talent wise Mkhitaryan and Ozil far surpass him.My point is clear neither Ozil,Mkhitaryan and Iwobi should be rated as starting material from Arsenal ever.The objective ones know this is true but the bias ones will say otherwise

          1. exactly if a limited player like iwobi has had a much better season than stars like ozil or mkhiyaryan, this proves how much they were bad. The fact is if people are comparing mkhi and ozil to iwobi instead of silva, eriksen then thats what their level is average.

          2. We can’t go far with any of those three as our first choice. But Iwobi is not preventing Arsenal from signing a better playermaker as he is on a considerable lower wages and producing a much as his counterparts on higher wages. So if there is any who should be forgiven among them, it should be Iwobi rather Phil will spend more time analyzing all is faults while clapping for Ozil. I wonder why his expectations from Iwobi is very high while that of Ozil is very low

          3. kev, come off it old son, nearly every article that has a negative in it always comes back somehow to Ozil and his wages.
            There is at least one post a day since adminmartin took over, that gives the opportunity for those who dislike Ozil to have a go.
            It is clear that, just as the author of this article is biased, so is the admin side of “justarsenal” on the Ozil debate.

            What none of you have answered, however, is Phils point regarding UE selecting him before Iwobi…why does that happen?

            I would like to know the opinions of the likes of TH14, gotanidea and ackshay exactly why that is happening.

            I can only assume that he watches them in training and during games…looks at their attitude…how the other players react to their performance and abilities and then? Well, he chooses Ozil.

            Is there any other reason why this happens, unless of course, the old chestnut about having favourite players rears it”s ridiculously stupid head again…and we know that isn’t the case here because of what happened at the start of the season.

            I would just remind RSH that when UE picked our four best players (aba, lacs, ramsey and ozil) we won five games on the trot…we got progressively worse when he tinkered with that system.

            So can someone please explain Ue’s stance and please don’t just say it was a mistake, because that is a complete cop out as we all know.

            1. This particular article had nothing to do with me Ken and the claim that one article every day since I came on board gave people a chance to attack Ozil is absolutely wrong. I don’t mind people criticising me but at least be accurate with that criticism. I would also suggest you ask yourself why are people having a go at Ozil. Never understood why it is always the messenger that gets shot.

    2. You’ve got my support Phil, spot on. How anyone rates Iwobi is beyond me. Eventually he’ll be loaned out to a team like Brighton and from there it will be downhill all the way

      1. It is not a case of rating Iwobi rather having more energy to bash him while applauding the Ozil for jogging around the field.

      2. AdminMartin, sorry but you haven’t got a tag for me to reply directly.

        If you read what I said, it clearly states that at least one article a day GIVES the opportuNIty to go Ozil bashing.just look back and you will see that it happens.

        Secondly, I know it wasn’t you who wrote this and I complement the author on a well written article (even if I don’t agree with it).

        You must have a thin skin if you see either of the points you make as me having a go at the messenger and I believe I have been very accurate, just ask yourself why others have criticised you for the amount of Ozil related posts.

        1. Yes, since I took over is what it said, Ken.

          Trust me, I have thick skin for the amount of criticism I get on here and it is only Ozil supporters having a go about Ozil related posts, same with Iwobi supporters when there is a post about him. We get criticised for too many articles or too many transfer articles and so on.

          Every time it is the messenger, me, that gets it, even when I am not the messenger lol.

          1. AdminMartin, I am not responsible for the criticism of others and I have to say that there are fans from both sides who have mentioned the number of posts.
            I have made a valid observation, along with others. I haven’t criticised you, rather you have misread the post, believing it criticised you.
            Anyway, onwards and upwards until the next one appears.

      3. @ Kenny Rolfe
        Please honestly answer me this .Was Iwobi better than Ozil,JEsse Lingard ,Bernard last season ,
        Or let me put it this way apart from sane, fraser,sterling,mane,Zaha ,Hazard,son can you name a few Lw who played better .
        The hate is too much . I dont think Iwobi is special but as a good squad player he is ok . but to insult our academy product is sad, especially for putting an effort .
        we saw a similar case in Coquelin now that he is gone i hope Xhaka is doing it for youall.

    3. yup, Emery picked Ozil over Iwobi and we got completely worse. Many ppl would call Emery’s selection of Ozil a MISTAKE. Middle of the season when Ozil was benched and Iwobi started was when we were at our best. Ozil is part of our problem. Live with it.

    4. I cant understand how you can say a player is let down by 2 coaches .You can make that 3 coaches cause Joachim low let him down as well .lol. Next is the players around him are not good enough or the system doesn’t suit him .
      Ozil has been poor for 3 seasons and we all know it , IWobi is juvenile and They both should find other clubs to play in. Iwobi on loan and Ozil gone for good .
      Can you honestly tell me Ozil played better than IWobi or Miki last season.

    5. Are you watching the same games I watched? You will repeat this same comment in the next 2 seasons, but properly. If your Oil is that great, how come no one has come knocking? It is laughable you know ?

  6. I’m not a fan of either player but will always support them when they play for Arsenal! Both players are terribly frustrating beyond belief lol obviously I’d prefer upgrades but it is what it is ?

    1. Closet Mesut fan, Kev ??? you’ve come out at last ? haha! How are you doing after that weight has been lifted from your shoulders?!! ?

      1. Haha closet mesut fan ? definitely not Sue ? I don’t understand how Tottenham are spending 60/70 mil when they owe a fortune in stadium debt when we were told building the Emirates will affect our transfer budget for years! The club is taking the p*ss Sue I’ve said it all along ?

          1. Haha parasite – bang on there, Kev!!
            I’m good thank you, how about you? I hope you’ve taken it steady so far.. it’s only hump day, still 2 days left yet ??
            I watched the women’s football last night – it was really good!! Netherlands were lucky!!! I know it’s not your cup of tea, but your gf was in the studio & nearly blinded me with her teeth ???

          2. I know Sue 48 hours and we’ll see if you were right ? we’ll I was under seige with a bee the size of a hummingbird this morning it was the Godzilla of bees ?? yeah I heard Cameroon Kung fued the England team or so Phil Neville said ? haha I love her smile ? as WF says she should be on a Christmas card ?

          3. I bet you sorted it out ? ?
            Aww you’re all gushy.. I’m gonna have to get you a moonpig card with her on ??

          4. Haha what makes you think it didn’t sort me out ? haha aww I’ll get it framed ? you watching the Uganda game Sue ?

          5. I just know – meg knows ??
            No.. that Nigeria game was more than enough, and I only saw the last half hour! I have the music channels on now ?
            Is the copa back tomorrow? Did you see Suarez appeal for hand ball against the GK?! What a ?? ??

          6. So you didn’t want Suarez at Arsenal you agreed with the £1 extra bid ? ?? No I didn’t see it Sue ? and yeah tomorrow night late I think don’t quote me ? vintage ? ? Jokes ☺️ I hope meg predicts a signing by Friday ?

          7. Vintage – yes you’ve converted me! Oi Oi!! ??
            Quite possibly Monday, Kev.. then will loan them back ?
            Are you watching Uganda then?

          8. Sue it wouldn’t surprise me if by the time we get back from the states the only signing will be that Brazilian kid ? yes I’m watching it, it’s not a bad game ? haha I knew it ??

          9. Ere Kev, I’ve been meaning to say to you – for ages – when we were talking about Robbie AFTV.. you said he must rake it in – well it’s supposed to be around 400k a year ? we’re in the wrong job ?
            It had better not be just that Brazilian kid.. I’d be more than happy for an Ivorian too ?

          10. Did you read the mirror and how they were putting the boot in! Saying how were in Tottenham’s shadow because of they’re imminent transfer of mdombele and you know what they’re probably right! They said spurs have bought a guy 20 million pound more than our entire transfer budget ? I’m super angry more questions need asked about where the hell is the club’s money going! 40 million pound is a take the p*ss! 400k wow no shopping in Aldi for Mr Lyle ? haha that’s never gonna happen until we sell Elneny our most valuable player ? why is Mustafi still an Arsenal player? Am I missing something????

          11. Ken has just put a comment on the Zaha thread – makes perfect sense. You may calm down a little after you read it ? there’s still a long way to go in the window yet Kev! Don’t give up hope just yet. I’m certainly not worrying about the spuds!! They’ll have to start looking over their shoulders ??
            I’m afraid no one wants Shkodran!! ?

          12. Season ticket holders may make excuses for the low transfer budget probably because they know they’re getting short changed and have to find a way to justify paying so much money year in year out.. it was quoted by everyone last summer that our budget was 70 mil and they were spot on it was exactly 70 mil so I’m believing it again this year ? not as long as elneny Jenkinson and Mustafi are staring up at them ? Well Sue pre season gets underway next weekend are you overly excited ?

          13. 15 mil until 2031 jeez where did we move to ? A private island in the south Pacific. We moved to the Emirates 13 years ago so what’s been said the stadium will be paid off after 25 years lol is this what the club is telling supporters so they can be cheap and still sell season tickets? I don’t know Sue but I don’t like the way they continuously lie to us fans there’s a different story every year and come 2031 they’ll be a brand new one to why the club is skint ?

          14. Somehow I get the impression I’m more excited – about next weekend – than you are ??
            I do see what you’re saying.. although if I think too much about it, it’ll make my head hurt, so that’ll have to be for another night ? we have to give Raul etc time & see what they come up with.. you might not be a gooner in 2031 the way things are going!!

          15. Oh I’ll still be an Arsenal fan by then if I’m still around ? the stress of it all might be take me out before then though ? I respect all opinions Sue but not buying into the 25 year stadium debt we aren’t Millwall ? and who says mdombele will be spurs only signing? They could well sign 2 or 3 more the difference is that they got ambitious people on board and we have Satan Kroenke and as long as he’s in charge we can forget about major honours ? I would look forward more if we had at least 2 signings in the door the transfer window slams shut in early August so only about a month to do business and Arsenal need about 6 to get one player ???

          16. You might not be the only one it takes out ?
            Things will start happening from Monday!! You need to put a comedy film on & cheer yourself up.. ?

          17. Haha Sue I don’t get angry for long seen it all before I love the club but they definitely aren’t my number one my daughter is my number one Arsenal is just a team I support a past time there’s more to life I don’t let it get me down ? haha you hope ? you working tomorrow and all weekend Sue ? ?

          18. Well just Thursday and Friday Sue I don’t work weekends thankfully ? so AWB going to utd he’s a good signing he’s fast and can tackle I hear they are going for Ben Yedder too, I suppose anything is better than Lukaku ? well Sue it’s that time of night so I will bid you goodnight, goodnight Suzanne, sleep well and don’t work too hard ??????

          19. Yes I agree – anything is better than Lukaku ?
            Well he’ll improve them (AWB) unfortunately!
            Have a good day old fella & it’s nearly F..F..Friday!! ??

          20. Lukaku will probably leave though maybe inter will take him ? I wouldn’t mind so much had Bellerin been fit but maybe Tierney will play right back until he comes back providing we get him ? old fella ? Charmer ? yes Sue so glad ? well enjoy your day Sue and I’ll chat to you later ?

    2. Kev, the same applies to me,I reiterate Iwobi needs to improve and play more, either AFC/elsewhere and Ozil needs to up his game at AFC/elsewhere.I wish both players luck and will never use foul language on either as they are human beings first and football pros next.I do get upset with their performances as they are paid mega bucks to deliver.Would not like to comment more on the debate as the writer has said it all in very neutral manner, except that I do not agree with”Compare Ozil with David Silva or Eriksen and you will know how poor he has become.”On the contrary Ozil has become the richest of the trio – Eriksen 75K/week, Silva 220K/week!Ozil needs to be told blankly to shape up or ship out.Third option – banish him to the sub juniors for the rest of his contract.
      And finally a picture of a smiling Ozil to brighten up my evening, thanks Admin.

      1. In fairness to Iwobi the boy does try and has some bouts of quality even if they are few and far between and of course Ozil also but really both flatter to deceive.. rightly so Bob as fans we have emotions, and sometimes it gets the better of us! I’ve never got involved with the Ozil in/out brigade I’ll let the football club decide that.. personally I think he should move on but if he stays I’ll continue to support him and any other player who plays for the club.

  7. DONE DEAL!!
    Arsenal have agreed a €30m fee for St Etienne defender William Saliba. The player has agreed a 5 year contract but will return to the French club for another season.
    Arsenal do have a return clause in the loan.

    Arsenal beat teams such as Bayern Munich, PSG and rivals Tottenham Hotspur

        1. Oh FFS – paid in installments!! No wonder we can’t get anyone – everyone wants the cash upfront.. not 10 years down the line, when that player has retired ? it only happens to us ?

          1. Nah not true.Clubs mostly always pay the fee in instalments.Hardly do clubs pay all the fee upfront.This isn’t usually reported by media.
            For e.g Utd have agreed a £50m fee for Wan Bissaka but they will pay only a portion of that but media won’t report it.

          2. Actually it’s from an ITK on Twitter so news outlets won’t report it but because they are unofficial sources they try to get as much info as they can.Hence why I used the Wan Bissaka example

          3. kev, ITK’s are wrong all the time though. According to the “best” ITK’s we should have signed Draxler, Malcom, and a bunch of others. They then go back and delete tweets and act as if nothing ever happened. That Football Mole fraud is the perfect example. It’s just a guessing game.

      1. If it is true (I don’t doubt kev) to spend money on a player that won’t be around to help us seems to be about the least effective way to help our ailing defense I can think of.

        We should build for this upcoming season not for 20/21

  8. At first I thought this was written by Admin as time and time again when things are quiet they stick in an article with Ozil’s name somewhere in the headline in order to send fans into their usual frenzy for and against him.
    Ok so this time Admin are not guilty but I think the writer may be well aware of that effect and is doing exactly the same as Admin.
    You see, much as I admire anyone on here who writes an article I simply do not see any point to this one – ‘The Ozil vs Iwobi debate.’ What ‘Ozil vs Iwobi debate’ is that then? Apart from this one of course which has just now been created.
    Might as well have compared Ozil OR Iwobi to the freakin’ keeper.

    1. Just decided to knock together an article on why Iwobi should STAY at Arsenal.

      This is only fair play as it will give the writer, Nifty, and others a chance to have a go back at me. Should be fun!

      Will try to get it into the hands of Admin in the next couple of hours so that they can then immediately change my headline – whatever it is I come up with – as they always do and then (maybe) post it.

      After that it’s over to you – so get stuck in! I can take it 🙂

  9. The Article would have had more credibility if you hadn’t spent the entire time slagging off Ozil .
    Why didn’t you just talk about Iwobi because that’s what this articles was about surely.

    1. To simplify both are not starting material for Arsenal.Iwobi only stays because we lack decent bench options and at times you can see when he comes on he terrorises the opposition with dribbling e.g Chelsea(Europa final) and Liverpool(home).With time he might leave but his time hasn’t come yet
      Ozil would also be a good bench option but his salary is too high.This is speaking the plain truth and without bias

  10. I have criticised both players but for different reasons..

    Ozil because of his poor attitude, demeanour and petulant gesticulations.. He doesn’t do enough for the collective and his footballing prowess seems to be deserting him..

    Iwobi because he has been a first team player for more than four years and hasn’t improved.. it’s his performances am looking at..the strides and progress he makes year to year..And I still don’t believe he is Arsenal quality… not by a long shot..

    Have nothing personal against both and wish them all the success they hope for in their careers… Just don’t think they have enough to be Arsenal starters… Ozil once did..but not anymore.. I personally class Iwobi, Lingard, Walcott in same category.. Good players but not top class material.. One could argue he is only 23, we had such argument with Walcott too until it became clear he didn’t have that top class quality..

  11. Kev, as u claim is a done deal, how far with Tierney?
    Does that mean we sign a mature defender?
    Can u list our targets as u seem to be a ‘source’around here.

  12. If and a big if we do not sign any new players for the start of the new season and there are no sales either. I think Emery will go with a 433 sysyem and I wouldn’t expect ozil iwobi or miki to be in his first choice x1.
    Bellerin Sokratis Kos nacho
    Guendozi torreira xhaka
    Nelson Lacazette aubameyang

    Martinez, kolasinac, mustafi, Niles, ozil, miki, iwobi.

    However, I honestly hope and have utmost belief that of that starting x1 Kos and nacho will be gone and 2 new signings will replace them. Whilst Guendozi and nelson are more likely to be on the bench and 2 new signings in those positions, with kolasinac, mustafi, miki and ozil also sold and their places taken by youngsters.

  13. Very pleasing article as it takes on a contemporary topic amongst Arsenal fans. It irks to think we have fans who have no support whatsoever, for a product of our academy and will want to see him sold instead. Secretly, I keep thinking I dare them to sell; same fans will bemoan such a sale in a few years, when he is strutting his stuff at another club, with real supporters. In two years, I daresay Iwobi will be a big player. He is on the right trajectory and does want to improve. For me, all he needs now is one successful season (where he played a strong part) for the club and he will be on his way.

    Off topic, he has been preferred to start in the No. 10 role for Nigeria, over team skipper, Mikel Obi, as Nigeria take on Guinea today at the AFCON. We’ll see how well he performs.

  14. I actually don’t see Iwobi and Ozil as competing players.

    To me, Ozil is a playmaker and not be used out on the wing and Iwobi should be used outside but not as our playmaker.

    I would be willing to give Iwobi minutes on the wing next season (not as a starter) but I hope we will not see Ozil on the pitch for us ever again.

  15. Admin, why my comment doesn’t show up? and have you checked the stat in the article above?

  16. I`m in the minority of liking both players, but have slightly to Iwobi on the grounds that on Ozils wages we could have 5 Iwobi`s !…………….Imagine that !……..5 Iwobi`s running down blind alleys with no end product, but the good side is we will all become Nigerian !……………you can all apply to me for the New Citizenship papers……….no cheques please !…………just 10,000 Naira paid to the Cornwall Brance of The National Bank of Nigeria……….it`s about £20 ! or 6 Pasties !…..I`ll send you the fake documents in the post, dont bother with your addresses as I know where you all live !

    1. i know your trying to be funny but imagine me calling all Colombians drug dealers or Arabs terrorists or Calling Americans ignorant war mongers .
      I happen to know a lot of reputable Nigerians who have done a lot for the world . I have visited the country as well . I was shocked to find out it is not what the media paints it to be, I tell most pf my friends here in the Caribbean’s to try visit Africa more often.

  17. Iwobi right now is a gamble, he might come good or continue to struggle to hit the top class.
    Ozil right now commands almost same wages as that of Leroy Sane, Bernando Silva and Fernandinho.

    Guys, who would you back considering past, current, future factors to setting up your team?

    OT: Phil, just saying hi, stay strong man.

  18. Europa League final… Ozil plays most of the match, impact is minimal. Iwobi comes on and scores the ONLY goal for us. I was calling for Ozil’s head that night. I still think he should move on but class is permanent in Ozil’s case and he can regain his form. Iwobi makes bad decisions in the final third but his worck rate is 100%, his mistakes can be coached out of him. He should play more often as his directness often causes problems to the opposition.

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