The Painful Progress of Arsenal Transfer Rumours!

The Arsenal rumours so far.…. by SB

This transfer market is moving exactly the same way every transfer window goes for Arsenal – slow and painful links to players and nothing more. But what’s comforting is the fact that nothing else is moving in the transfer market. So, let us look at who’s been linked with the club – both inwards and outwards.

Let’s talk about the incomings now. Petr Cech is the one name that is linked with the club ever since the last season ended. Some reports even put him as already having signed up for the Gunners. The reports have since been rubbished by Cech but it doesn’t take anything away from all this. Cech will join the club and it is just a question of when and not if.

Moving to other targets, there is the ever continuous link up with a defensive midfielder. A DM is something which will always be on top of wish list every transfer window; not least this one. Morgan Schneiderlin is very well capable of making the holding midfielder position his own. He is looking for a bigger platform and Arsenal will be his best bet. He already proved himself in the Premier League and would be a great addition. Will he join the Gunners? Possible!

Reports from Germany talk about an Arsenal bid for Borussia Dortmund star player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Ever since Jurgen Klopp left the club, there are reports that the Gabon international is looking for a way out. Aubameyang is one of the fastest forwards and if he signs up for Arsenal, it would be one of the fastest front lines in the Premier League. Just imagine having Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aubameyang in the same team.

Now one for the future; Wenger always plans for the future with a clever pick of a kid. Reports talk about his interest in Chelsea teenager Charly Musonda. The teenager is already likened to Eden Hazard and is linked up with PSV, Monaco and Marseille too. Arsenal is ready to offer a permanent contract for the player.

Now, let’s look at players moving out of the club. The impending arrival of Cech could mean end of game time for David Ospina. Reports indicate that he is in talks with Fenerbahce. It is almost guaranteed that he will not be a Gunner in the new season.

And of course the rumours will not cease about Jack Wilshere and Oxlade Chamberlain or even Theo Walcott. Manchester City is trying hard to sign homegrown players to boost their own quota. Signing Wilshere could be their answer but it is highly unlikely that Wilshere or Arsenal will agree to that.

So, who’s your pick of all these to materialize? Cech, Ospina, Aubameyang, Schneiderlin or Wilshere?


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  1. My one wish is that Vidal and Cech transfer saga is true story. Jackson Martinez would be an icing on the top. If for some reason, we sign Ronaldinho, I would name my first son Arsene.

    1. Why do you guys want vidal so bad we need a DM not another box-to-box midfielder. He is exactly like Ramsey, attacking at every opportunity and playing very high up the pitch.
      Ramsey and wilshere could be as good or better than him and yes I’m serious. Let’s bring in a DM and let Ramsey and wilshere be the driving force in the midfid

      1. I absolutely agree with you but……..

        Wenger does not always see things the way we do. He loves attacking midfielders and likes to use them everywhere on the pitch. He may believe 1 pure DM is enough and 3 B2B mids is too few.

      2. Actually, I don’t worry too much about our new DM because many options are available in the market. My concern is about Santi’s back up. He’s a lonely deep lying playmaker (DLP) which require our recent football style. If he absent then our title chance will strightly in danger. I can’t see Jack nor Rambo are willing and discipline enough to stay deep like Santi does let alone his long ball accuracy. Santi has been told by AW to sacrifice his nature to drill into the box for the goods of Arsenal. AW should find his back up and it’s a bit difficult because DLP type is rare. My opinion, Ilkay Gundogan is an instant solution for us, but it’s look like AW won’t settle his mind yet. In modern football adjustment from B2B to DLP are possible. Vidal or Cabaye or other B2B might be in AW shortlist for this special role. Finger cross and lets hope for the best! COYG!!!

    2. Ffs when will people understand? The English transfer window doesn’t officially open until 1st July 2015. Some other countries are open already hence deals are being announced, also out of contract players can move freely and also if all parties (both clubs, the relevant fa’s, the player, all the sponsors and all the agents) are in agreement then a deal for an in contract player can be confirmed, to get all that permission ahead of the window opening is really difficult. Also a number of players are still away with their countries and others refuse to cut short their family holidays.

      Just relax, wenger and the board haven’t missed any of their targets, they have only missed media targets and some fans targets.

  2. What is the future of Arteta,Podolski,Flamini,Sanogo,Campbell and Jenkinson? Any News?

    1. Turkish outlets saying Poldi is going to Gala. Metro apparently have a quote from Poldi saying he is leaving, but its Metro so…

    2. Wouldn’t get your hopes up on Arteta moving. Seriously.
      Or a permanent move for Sanogo, I think a loan will be likely. Despite all the arm-chair opinions Wenger obviously rates the kid.
      The other’s I think will be sold, bar Jenks.

  3. as much as I dread Cech and Vidal, I wonder what youngsters we are signing this season. We used to sign amazing U18s player, and we haven’t done much in recent seasons

    1. We are about to sign 2 youngsters from Lens. Reine-Adelaide, who was also scouted by Barca and Utd, and Yassin Fourtune, also scouted by Barca. Former a ST, latter a creative midfielder. Lens coach confirmed a few week ago they are coming and there are pics of them in Arsenal jerseys.

    2. We have signed a Greek defender, two french attackers and 7 kids from the academy, Not sure about your comment not done much in recent seasons, last season in total we signed 22 players from scholarship level upwards and the year before it was 24, the year before that it was 17. We have signed 10 already this summer.

  4. i think this will b the situation at the eblnd of market
    cech, schneiderlin or carvalioh—in
    podolski, campbell, ospina —out
    i don’t think v will sign a striker even though v need one !

  5. Definitely no shortage of rumours… If you take away stories from the gutter press with absolutely no quotes or sources linked, just hunting headlines.

    JC, Podolski, Ryo, Ospina, Diaby looking to have them off the books extremely early, in Ospina’s case I think this is the best indication that we are extremely close to Cech if he already has confirmed negotiations in place with another club. My money was on Flamini and Rosicky also on the way out, but yet to see any movements in their cases..
    Howedes comments I find extremely interesting.. I didn’t think we’d be in the market for another CB with the additions of Gabriel and Chambers last season. I think our defence could improve, but it’s the deepest i’ve ever seen it IMO with 3 RB’s 4CB’s and 2 LB’s. All quality. With our more attacking options hopefully available next season on the right (Ox, Theo) I personally think Debuchy will reclaim first choice RB.
    Attack – I’m yet to see a link with any substance. There’s names galore but nothing that’s been backed up or quoted. My PERSONAL hunch is this is the window we’ll move for Drax… Read a bit about Schalke’s season and after a few matches he seemed incredibly disheartened. They’ve already signed Johannes Geis who’s a young player to build around. Their prized asset could fund more moves and no CL to offer could be a deciding factor.
    Midfield – the links in midfield seem to be a bit stronger. I’m relatively sure we’ll see a marquee signing and I personally think the links to Vidal may just have some merit due to a lot of their early movements involving midfield. He’s versatile, runs for days, shows leadership which a lot of our most talented midfielder’s lack and IMO could be a lift for the team of Ozil/Sanchez proportions. Having a truly world-class all around midfielder would put some serious pressure on Ramsey and Wilshere to elevate their games.. I’m reeeeeeally hoping this one’s true.

    1. I think your assessment of the attack, midfield, and defense is logical.

      As far as departures….. the most likely possibilities are Campbell, Poldi, Ryo, Diaby, Ospina, Flamini, Rosicky (as you stated), and possibly Sanogo or even Jenks. That would be 9 potential departures – quite a few considering Wenger’s track record. I would be surprised if we see that many departures. Maybe 5 or 6 at the most??

      1. Of the players you mentioned, the only one who had any baring on the first-team whatsoever this season was Ospina and very few times Flamini and Rosicky. We loaned out 5 of the 9 players mentioned even with long-term injuries to Ox and Theo, so squad places are obviously extremely tight. Wenger isn’t the type of manager to gut a squad of first-team players Mourinho style, but trim unnecessary squad players in volume? Definitely. I think, if we are truly in the market for a marquee midfielder all the mentioned names will be either loaned or sold without question.
        Contrary to common opinion I think Sanogo is worth holding onto. It’s not like he’s returning on the back of a very successful loan spell or is it eating up a significant portion of our wage bill, so loaning him out for another season really doesn’t effect our squad or transfer plans in the slightest. Personally I’d loan him to a lesser league club, hopefully he’ll play week in/week out, gain some confidence and may be a bit easier to assess his future potential. (as opposed to the arm-chair fans, who were as quickly to talk him up with a pre-season hat-trick as they are to write him off completely with precious few appearances.) Jenks had a solid season on loan, regular football obviously improved his game. Nothing wrong with another loan move for him either.. People seem to forget how young he is and defenders generally mature and peak a lot later.

    2. Howedes confirmed we were interested in him in january, I personally believe after he rejected us we purchased gabriel instead but I could be wrong. Definitely agree with you on Draxler, it has all the potential makings of an henry/van persie transfer. Wenger loves strikers with the qualities of attacking midfielders (creativity, dribbling, passing) as well as those of a striker (finishing, power, speed…).

      Draxler’s got great passing, he’s creative and is a quality dribbler. He’s got the physical attributes to be a striker it’s just a matter of him becoming one and improving his finishing. He’s 6’2 but his balance and dribbling ability is astonishing, his vision is good, his shooting from distance, can use both feet, plays with a ton of flair reminds me exactly of a young van persie.

    3. I share your views on the midfield and Draxler possibility. Way I see it is our engine room STARTERS are made up of Coq (24), Rambo (24), Jack (23), Santi (30). Vidal at 28 would be an ideal player in terms of age and experience should we see Flamini/Arteta depart. If they stick around I think a player like Carvalho (23) will be added and we’ll have an old/new gen midfield dynamic.

      My ideal window would see us seal Cech/Vidal and Higuain…..however any ST seems far off at this point, far more likely is a player like Draxler who can be shaped into a forward while Theo gets his shot. I’m hopeful we get this window right, don’t want to reach Jan and start yapping that we should’ve added a forward or DM in the summer etc. Just want to start a season with so holes in the squad and let the optimism turn into tangible success.

  6. Yes progress is slow.
    9 years and counting.
    The deadwood clear
    out is almost complete.
    Vermaelen Bendtner Park Chamakh
    Djourou Vela Diaby Ryo and now
    Podolski Flamini and Rosicky are close.
    Really only Sanogo and Campbell remain.
    Last season we added Gabriel Chambers
    Debuchy Sanchez Wellbeck and Campbell.
    Bellerin Coquelin Monreal were three top bonus prizes.
    Jenkinson remains a valuable asset.
    This season the club must go up another level.
    Cech, a second DM and another attacking
    option Str/wing is all that is really needed
    and there is plenty available.
    Cazorla Ramsey Ozil Sanchez Giroud
    have become a proven battle hardened unit.
    But they need quality back up.
    “IF” Walcott, Chamberlain Gnabry and Wilshere
    can play 25-30 times then the squad should get
    up close and personal with the EPL trophy.

    1. Monreal a ‘bonus prize’ now. Maybe, just maybe it was Wenger adding a quality player??

  7. According to this website, Arsenal have signed about 10 players. Every other headline is “Done deal”

    The rumors are abundant, the BS is abundant, the lies are abundant, but the signings are non-existent!!!

    1. Seriously… 2 seasons ago, someone said to you in the future we’ll sign Petr Cech from Chelsea with Mourinho in charge. Surely you’d be institutionalised!!
      Make no mistake that’s a Marquee signing, and for Wenger to let go of Keeper who’d shown promise and seemingly justified his place in the team is a BIG sign of intent. Nothing shrewd, not trying to turn a profit, not looking to the future. It’s a signing for here and now!

    2. Andrew! Please state facts. Only ONCE in the last two weeks (check yourself) have we used the words DONE DEAL – And that was about Cech. You must be getting us confused with some less reputable websites….

      1. Ok so the words “done deal” may have literally been used once, but I think he’s making the point that almost daily there’s a headline on here ‘extending the truth’ shall we say about gossip sourced in rags such as the Star and Metro.

        Be nice if there was less sensationalism is all. Perhaps a more stringent filter on your end could spare us from articles suggesting we’ve opened talks with a La Liga star…..that turns out to be wellington silva.

        1. There would be no traffic on this forum then if these types of articles were based on pure fact because the information would only appear on here after it headlines Sky Sports and – hence there would be no point of even publishing such information on here as it would be old news! Sorry Charlie but you cannot have it both ways. Right now, there is no football to watch besides International friendlies and the Copa America, hardly anything to write about Arsenal related. So unfortunately, these rumours and speculation are the only thing keeping this forum going in the interrum. If you don’t like it, then simply don’t come back here on until the season starts.

          1. Thanks Mr.Big, but in my defence I do my utmost to bring in as many “debate” -type articles in the summer to keep readers interested.

            @Charlie Yes the Wellington headline slipped past me I admit but you can never accuse JustArsenal of being a sensationalist headline grabber just for the sake of it. Just scroll back through the stories and you will see that I prefer the honest headlines most of the time….

            1. Fair enough, just elaborating on what I thought Andrew was referring to. However that attitude towards the content quality is much appreciated..

          2. Not true at all, and it isn’t about the content as much as it can be the presentation of said content. It’s fine to discuss various rumors but don’t have them dressed as legitimate developments at the club. Pretty normal request, and Admin has responded in kind…

            Stop puffing your chest out and being defensive. It’s a simple critique from a user, save your “if you don’t like it come back later” crap for someone else.

            1. I honestly think you are nitpicking because you are in defense of what Andrew had to say – and what he had to say was that most of what we read currently about transfers, regardless of what the source is, is 99% speculation. So congrats for figuring that one out and reminding us of something we already knew.

              Yet people will come onto this forum, read up about ‘done deals’ that haven’t actually happened yet, and then still whine about the fact that everything they just spent 10 mins of their life reading was a lie. It happens every transfer window and as admin said it is more about sparking debate about the outcome of speculation, than the actual truth of the speculation itself, something which not many people can understand or appreciate.

  8. How can transfer progress be called slow when the official transfer window is not yet even open?

    As far as progress in transfer negotiations…… none of us know what is going on there either so how do we know if it is slow or not????

    1. Haha i’m predicting if we haven’t completed a move within the week a lot of fans here will be hitting panic buttons with the ‘what is Wenger doing?’ nonsense. ‘liverpool and united have already done this’ blah, blah.

  9. I don’t see much of a future with us for Sanogo. I think he should be sold. Also, Podolski and Campbell. Flamini should be released unless we don’t get another DM

    Coming in ? Possiblilities/Rumours
    DM/b2b: Schneiderlin, Carvalho, Krychowiak, Bender, Gundogan, Gustavo, Song

    Striker: Lacazette, Aubmeyang, Benteke, Lukaku, Morata

    CB? Van Dijk, Howedes

    very unlikely: Reus, Greizmann, Benzema, Vidal, draxler, Higuain, Cavani, Bendtner, Sterling, Schweinsteiger

    Gone= Dybala, Kondogbia, Milner, Martinez (almost), Mandzukic, Khedira, Falcao (almost)

    In? Hopefully, Cech at least 🙂

    Please don’t sell Wilshere, Oxlade, Walcott

    1. As it stands the 25 man squad sits at 27 players, so once a couple of in contract players move on when the window opens next Wednesday. I expect things to start happening. As you stated no need to get rid of too many just 2 and then it should be one out one in after that. I personally think that the first few to follow the players being released will be podolski and ospina (permanent) then campbell, sanogo, jenkinson (loan) that will give us room to sign 3 players, cech included. I think wenger will then assess the squad in pre season and up to the end of the window and if we have signed the right players he will inform wellington, flamini, arteta, rosicky and martinez of their limited roles within the squad next season. If any then decide to go, there might be the usual late activity.

      Let’s not forget the league season starts on August 8th but the window doesn’t close for another 23 days after that, a lot can happen in that time, players get injured, realise they are not going to get much game time, etc. This will be the shortest window ever prior to a season starting starting but also the longest a window has stayed open after the season has started.

  10. in as much as we like cech, ospina is a good keeper leting him go after one season is not a good idea oooooo, the best thing to do imo is send him on loan, and watch how cech does cus u never can tell cech might be a floop and we recal ospino back, if cech does well then we sell ospina next season. Since everybody think seszney is untouchable

  11. There is no doubt that we need another typical DM. Schneiderlin is an obvious choice, not only has he has extensive BPL experience, but according to stats he had the highest interceptions in 2013/2014 and was also nominated for PFA player of the year award. As much as I like Vidal, I don’t think he is disciplined enough to defend the back four. We need someone who can sit just in front of the back four, intercept, control and also thread passes through to our midfielders and strikers, someone not easily pushed off the ball. Either Lars Bender or Schneiderlin will fit the bill perfectly to rotate with Coquelin.

    Up front, I honestly feel we lack a clinical finisher. We have a plethora of strikers with different attributes, but I think only Sanchez has a real eye for goal and score those types of goals we see the Aguero’s, Messi’s etc score on a regular basis. Giroud is hot and cold, and the same can be said about Walcott. Not nearly consistent enough although Walcott has improved a lot. For what is available, Jackson Martinez would be the perfect buy. Not only does he have pace, individual skill and height, he has an AMAZING finesse shot. I have been saying it for 3 seasons, this is exactly who we need as a CF. 30+ goals every season for Porto. Look at Neymar, people said he wouldn’t cut it in La Liga coming from an inferior league, yet he took no time to adapt and has been playing better than well.

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