‘The penalty is not a penalty,’ Emery not impressed with major decision

Unai Emery has slammed the decision to award Arsenal a penalty in their 2-1 loss to Villarreal last night.

The former Arsenal boss saw his Villarreal side concede an away goal that could be their undoing when both teams meet for the second leg, next week.

He has a fine record in the competition and he even led Arsenal to the final in 2019.

He has been tipped to win the competition with Villarreal also and they wanted to have a good first-leg advantage, but they conceded a penalty that was converted by Nicolas Pepe for Arsenal.

It was a refereeing decision that Emery didn’t agree with and the Spanish boss made that clear to reporters after the game.

He says the official made an error in awarding the penalty and it was an important part of the outcome of the match.

‘The penalty is not a penalty,’ the former Gunners boss firmly told BT Sport after the game via Mail Sport.

‘[It was a very important refereeing error and also, with VAR, you can see it.’

It was a tense game that resulted in one red card each for both teams and it is now finely poised for the return leg.

Arsenal will hope to prove much for their opponents at the Emirates and their away goal gives them a good start.

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  1. True, it wasnt. What about the hand ball though? And Ceballos non existent second yellow? Any comments on those Unai?

    1. Yes an iffy penalty for us that Saka “won” but the handball by Pepé was handball and Ceballos did stand on the players foot so your point is?

      1. Yeah Ceballos did stand on his foot BUT it didn’t look intentional. That’s why I’m SO SO on for ex players being refs but yeah that’s another topic!
        Oh and I would have been LIVID had that pen gone against us. Absolutely raging but we’re due a hell of a lot of luck this season so I’d take that.

  2. Considering the luck we’ve had with VAR this season, I was stunned that wasn’t overturned. I honestly believe if that as the in the Prem, it would have been.

    1. You dont understand VAR then, if the ref had given nothing for diving, VAR would not have given a penalty. People have to understand what VAR can or cannot do in turning over decions or not. It has to be clear and obvious.

    2. 100% spot on! We get NADA in the prem! There’s definitely something anti Arsenal going on here in our league. Not just from the refs but the governing bodies AND most definitely from the so called pundits. Including the Chelsea fan Paul Merson who is NO Arsenal legend by the way! Just saying!

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