The pendulum is swinging towards Premier League resumption as worldwide leagues set dates

A lot was made of the French Government’s decision to cancel all major sporting events until September 1st and the resulting cancellation of French Ligue 1 and 2. However, that decision is far from being one that has widespread support from footballing authorities worldwide.

Here is a sample of what we know so far.

Seasons ended


Season stopped and PSG named champions. Lyon very unhappy and threatening to sue.


Season cancelled, no champion named but AZ and Ajax put forward for the Champions League. This decision is now under review.


The season ended where it was but is also being reviewed and may be reversed.


Season stopped outside the Premiership, however, Rangers and Hearts are fighting fiercely to reverse that decision and stop any attempt at ending the Premiership.

Set to return


Premier League determined to return as soon as possible behind closed doors at possible neutral venues.


Despite three Koln players testing positive this week the Bundesliga is on target to resume this month once Government gives go-ahead next week.


Every Serie A club voted to complete the season on Friday, training to resume this month and games in June.

La Liga

Maintaining a holding pattern but the intention is to finish the season with no date set as of yet.

Czech Republic

Return date set for 25th May

South Korea

Football has returned but only friendlies right now with K League returning this month.


League set to return this month and training has resumed.


Looking to begin on May 29th


Same intention as what Denmark is considering, a May 29th restart.


Looking at an early June restart

Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and many other countries have also pencilled in dates, the list would have been too long to include them all.

In conclusion.

The vast majority of leagues are intending to resume within the next 4-6 weeks and the ones that jumped the gun and called off their seasons early are facing massive challenges with the high likelihood that most, if not all, will reverse their decisions.


  1. Playing in a stadium without fans will diminish the exciting spectacle which makes football the addictive sport it is.The measures taken by France and the low countries are entirely appropriate in the face of a Pandemic which will unfortunately be with us for some considerable time..With regard to Lyon threatening to sue, they have as much chance of being successful as I have of breaking the four minute mile in my seventy third year.

  2. For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.
    I have long held on to hopes of the League restarting but I now do not believe that will be the case. The bells are tolling all over Europe and it is not good news. The first bell was when the Dutch and French Leagues were stopped. Now the second bell the death Knell is tolling in Germany as first the German Chancellor delayed a decision on a restart date and now three Koln players have tested positive. Italy Spain and Britain are all way behind the German recovery so when the Bundesliga is stopped Spain Italy and the UK will follow soon there after. The third bell, the corpse bell will then be rung to end the 2019/20 season.
    Of course there will still be the not insubstantial matter of determining placings for this season.
    But at least every one will be on the same page and all energies can be channeled into preparations for the new season.
    Will Arsenal finish eighth or ninth?
    Will there be any European football next season?
    Will there be any transfer monies?
    Will football be played behind doors until Xmas?
    At least the players will be refreshed and the fans starved of football will be enthusiastic.

    1. Stevo
      You are a fan of ending the season as it stands if I recall correctly.
      My husband suggested a pools panel. I hadn’t heard that one suggested anywhere else!!

      1. Hey that’s an idea! A pools panel run by the referees, coz they know what the results are going to be before the game kicks off!

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