The perfect front three for Arsenal that can rival Liverpool

Used right Arsenal front players have the potential to be as good as what Liverpool have.

Liverpool’s front three is arguably the best in the world at the moment. They have helped Liverpool win the Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup.

The Reds are also on the verge of winning the Premier League after 30 years, I believe that their recent achievements would have been impossible without their front three, and here is how Arsenal can replicate that front three.

Arsenal’s attacking quartet of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Gabriel Martinelli, Nicolas Pepe, and Alex Lacazette are equally as good as Liverpool’s attacking options.

What is missing at Arsenal is that combination between them and Mikel Arteta has to take responsibility to develop his attacking trio.

On current form, I would say that the perfect front three for Arsenal is Gabriel Martinelli, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Nicolas Pepe.

The above trio is not as good as Liverpool’s in terms of speed but they have the skill required to make a front three work.

Martinelli is skilful and very hungry for success, he is not the fastest player but he is also not slow, I believe he can score or create goals for us should he come in from the left of attack.

Aubameyang can score all sorts of goals undoubtedly and I believe he should play as the centre forward in the front three.

Nicolas Pepe has his flaws and can be frustrating most days, however, he is the only genuine left-footed forward that we have and I believe that he should take the right forward place.

Lacazette has been doing well, but he can’t get a goal and I believe he should spend some time on the bench.
It would take some time for Arsenal’s front three to become as devastating as Liverpool’s but we have to start now.

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    1. Saka is currently playing at left back and will be for the immediate future.
      I think that Pepé being naturally left footed should play on the left wing and Gabriel on the right IMHO.

      1. Arsenal should’ve gone for chukwueze instead of pepe. He’s far better and dangerous. He isn’t as lazy as pepe. And he wouldn’t have cost as much as pepe.

        1. Is that the same Chukwueze who has scored 8 league goals in 45 games in 1 and a half seasons since joining Villareal seniors?

          Jeez, I wonder why he would have been cheaper.

  1. “The above trio is not as good as Liverpool’s in terms of speed..”is a statement i cant agree on,for me our front 3 can match their speed or overpass them in terms of pace.

    I wont talk about the other skillsets now cuz we are not in that phase,we are rebuilding,getting the ideas in working the philosophy out…

    1. True.
      Auba is the fastest of the 6. And Martinelli and Pepe are faster than Firmino so overall our 3 are at least equal if not marginally faster.

  2. We must reinforce defense at Adrenal and be more ruthless in front of goal.slowly getting there

  3. Our tridente have a potential to be the best, but they have to play in 4-3-3 formation as what Liverpool and Man City are doing

    Liverpool’s front three work well because Firmino is an excellent false nine and they are supported by two half-wingers

    Unfortunately Arteta has to accommodate our no 10s, so I don’t think we would see our front three running rampant in EPL like Liverpool’s. Unless our no 10s can play as half-wingers like De Bruyne and Silva

    1. Agree, to play like Liverpool we need 433, just to start with. More protection to the back four and more potent up top.

    2. You’re right, but another reason it works so well is also because they have 2 fullbacks who are both very fast as well as fantastic crossers. Imagine a slightly better Tierney merged with the speed of Bellerin.
      Without TAA and Robertson Liverpool would still be excellent. So while everybody raves about Virgil, those 2 are the unsung heroes (well, not entirely unsung, to be honest).
      They open spaces for Salah and Mane.
      So while Liverpool is great in every department their fullback combo is BY FAR the best in the world which except for VVD cannot be said about any other part of their team (I don’t think their attack is massively better than City’s).

  4. The articles for one day are just too much. 12 articles for just today… ever wondered why u have less than 15 comments in majority of them? I used to love this site but people don’t really find it interesting anymore. Admin I advice you do something about it sooner or you will end up chasing lots of people away.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I will file it alongside all the other complaints but will not repeat for the umpteenth time to get used to it.

      1. Any business that routinely disses its customers and ignores feedback suffers the inevitable consequence Admin MARTIN. For every Gooner who has the “brass neck and sheer cheek” to criticise the constant turnover of threads, before many have even had chance to see them, there are many more who think it but do not say so but who will just leave when they have had their fill of this. MANY BUSINESSES ACTUALLY SEEK CUSTOMER FEEDBACK AND WELCOME IT. Not here though!

        1. Absolutely wrong and you know it or should I repost your comments and others that have appreciated the feedback I have given about the site and how we have taken on board your concerns. To say otherwise is both false and beneath you Jon.

    1. I think she is referring to what we would term as an inside forward as per the good pod days of 5 forwards,
      Centre forward, two inside forwards and two wingers.

  5. I think the real difference between us and Liverpool, besides they are playing togheter an clincking fora long time, with an awesome manager on the Helm, is their back line and not their front line…their fullbacks and cd are in the top of the world football

  6. Isn’t Martinelli quite quick? Martinelli Auba and Pepe or all blazing fast I think. Interestingly they have very complementary skill sets to each other and they can all score and assist. These guys can blow teams away but it’s true, Arteta has to find a way to get these complementary skill sets clicking together so they can be unleashed to their fullest potential. Early days… we’re improving every game… I see progress and the prospect of bigger wins than 2-0 Man U

  7. If Auba wants to leave this window could we sell him for $60m then use that money to trigger Erling Haaland release clause which is said to be $60m

    1. @Roshan.The release clause is something very tricky;remember the Liverpool clause of Suarez?
      Anyhow I like the idea.

  8. i totally agree with you !! Laca needs to go on the bench to get angry and hungry !! Auba is wasted out wide and should be starting upfront martinelli without doubt needs to start out wide with saka pushing him when Kierney comes back !! Pepe needs competition and with Arsenal buying another right full back that will free up maitland to push Pepe !! competition is good for players and the team as a whole

    1. Agree partially Carl; but believe Lacazette would be very effective for Arsenal playing as a CAM behind the front three of Martinelli, Aubameyang and Pepe.

  9. A trio of Auba, Martinelli and Pepe upfront is great with Auba as the CF. Laca can be benched and come on as a sub or can play just behind the front 3. Also once we are stable in our defence overall our game will improve and Arsenal will be back to its winning ways and already the process has started under MA.

  10. I agree with Martineli Auba Pepe as our front three. As per comparison between arsenal to Liverpool, Liverpool achievement is more than just front three, what about their full back, the best presently. Liverpool also has better center back too.

  11. Liverpool differ from the other sides in the PL in that they have no apparent weaknesses,especially in their top eleven.Their goalkeeper and back four in particular, are individually and collectively better than the rest.Their midfield three are highly energetic and their wingers are both superb.Their system differs from others in that Firmino is deployed as a deep lying centre forward and he really is the hub of the side when it comes to creativity around the box.All in all they are a very fine side who have set the benchmark for others to try to attain.

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