The perfect set of Premier League results for Arsenal this weekend

Arsenal fans will be keeping an eye out for certain results this weekend.

The reality is that Arsenal faces an uphill task to make the top four, possibly top five but it is not impossible if the teams above them drop points this weekend.

Obviously, one of those teams in Everton and a win over the Toffees on Sunday would see the Gunners leap above Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

This is the current status right this minute without Liverpool, Man City and Leicester City.

4th – Chelsea 41
5th – Tottenham 40
6th – Sheff Utd 39
7th – Man Utd 38
8th – Wolves 36
9th – Everton 36
10th – Arsenal 34

Chelsea host Tottenham in today’s early kick off and a draw would be the best result there.

Sheff Utd is at home to Brighton and an away win would be by far the best result in that game.

Man Utd welcome Watford on Sunday and of course, a win for the Hornets would do nicely.

Wolves take on Norwich at Molineaux and obviously an away win there would be fantastic

Now, I do not see any of those results coming off unfortunately but in the event they did, then the table would look like this.

4th – Chelsea 42
5th – Tottenham 41
6th – Sheff Utd 39
7th – Man Utd 38
8th – Wolves 36
9th – Arsenal 37
10th – Everton 36

Still a tall order for Mikel Arteta’s side but that would be a lovely table to look at come Sunday evening.

I actually believe that Chelsea will win, so will Sheff Utd, Man Utd and Wolves and if that happens and Arsenal does beat Everton then the table would be as follows.

4th – Chelsea 44
5th – Sheff Utd 42
6th – Man Utd 41
7th – Tottenham 40
8th – Wolves 39
9th – Arsenal 37
10th – Everton 36

The only real positive I could take from that, apart from Arsenal beating Everton of course, is that we would close the gap on Tottenham.

Anyway, chances are we will see a mixed bag of results.


  1. We’ll definitely need some luck between now and end of season to make it to the top 5, firstly by other teams decapitating each other, and we winning just about all our remaining games. Possible? Yes. Probable? Don’t think so. But it starts tomorrow against Everton, and that result will send a huge message.

  2. O T

    Again ( as said on here in the week ) how how an element of so called Gooners did not rate, and show Ollie Giroud respect is totally beyond me – just notched for Chelski again when brought back into the side.

    I rated him at our place, and still do – shame he’s in the wrong shirt !

    1. When the ball hit the back of the net… I’d have loved to have seen the look on those poor little spuds faces (& Maureen!) Priceless 😂

      1. I’m with you on that one Sue !!

        Gotta “luv” Ollie G haven’t you .

        Once a Gooner!

        Second for Chelski as I write.

        (Giroud flick involved…o k I’ve made my point) 😉

  3. “Shockley park”

    Now admitting red for El Celso fella.

    Of course it was, could see that when it happened.

    He went over the top, and knew EXACTLY what he was doing!!!!

    Auba at Palace. ????????

    Consistency please.

  4. It seems like the shf utd game is a tight one.
    I hope brighton win and i also want bournemouth to win.

    Tomorrow is a big game,we must win.If the ban for man city is upheld we would be closer to CL football.

    Is ozil back?
    And is bellerin injured?

      1. VAR is not a joke, VAR works just fine and does its job. It is those interpreting what they are seeing on VAR that needs an overhaul.

        1. I am sorry,
          VAR in the PL is a joke.I think the PL lack quality referees.

          And the man city game,whats the difference between the hand balls of KDB and the leicester city player.Are the referees that dumb…

          1. You should read up on the problems with VAR in Italy, Spain and Germany. Accusing English referees of lacking quality is lazy in my opinion when you ahve no idea of the issues elsewhere.

          2. Admin Martin.

            The issues in other leagues have not been as bad as in EPL. So both of you are partially right IMO.

            The system needs an overhaul, but the personnel in charge in England is also totally incompetent or biased… (I’m not talking about offsides or handballs, but especially fouls/reds)

            1. English refs are the best on the planet. I watch other leagues every single day, it is my job and I see true incompetence on a level unimaginable in England.

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