Arsenal still need a clearout to make room for new signings.

Its time to SELL, LOAN and BUY again! by Brighton Manyex

Hi Gooners
Last season has been the most forgettable one…why? Because it was poor and what caused it to be so was undoubtedly the type of players Mr Wenger had to endure.

But I feel this season we must start to do things right! We tried to do well in our transfer window of lately with the acquisition of a GK, CB, RB and 2DMs, although I am not really impressed by the option of going for Matteo Guendouzi instead of Steven Nzonzi – that still baffles my mind! I am afraid our midfield will be bullied around by tall and physical teams. it’s just my opinion though!

Last season I was not impressed by…
● Any of our Goalkeepers, although Ospina never had enough time to be tried. Hence this season they can all be released for a fee – after all it’s a bargain if Cech can be sold, and Ospina should be sold for quite something significant above the £10million we are hearing. He is a World Cup hero by the way!

● Our Defence – with it being the worst in the league! Thanks to the strike force we survived relegation and secured Europa league. And I thought we were going to get ourselves a proper replacement for Per Mertesacker as Rob Holding is still nervous and clumsy and he should be LOANED for experience.

Chambers is just slow, although he is good to me he has no speed, but we may need him because he is a native. Mustafi is a good defender who just needs to have his confidence boosted. Mavropanos is OK with me so far, he impressed in the Man United game, he is a plus! Koscielny is out for the whole season and Osei-tutu is in for him which is fine to support our Academy. Hence we needed not just one signing in defence but two.

● Left-back has been our challenge last season and we had to employ Maitland-Niles in that position because Monreal was injured and Kolasinac was a disappointment in there. Although Monreal became our star for the season he is now ageing and we need to make serious investments in that position! Arsenal should look into the Crystal Palace Dutchman Van Aanholt as a replacement there, he is a beast of a young man!

● Our achilles heels has been the Defensive Midfield. And this window we are being linked to quality players, thankfully one is already in, Lucas Torreira, and we are left with Steven Nzonzi! Yes Guendouzi is good but needs some time. To me Mohammed Elneny and Xhaka have been disappointments although Xhaka – sometimes he would show some brilliance – but he just needs some consistency and some competition!

● Central Midfield or Playmakers or Attacking Midfielders have been a challenge of late, with Aaron Ramsey being injured most of the time, Mesut Ozil choosing games and being weak and moody and Jack Wilshere just uncharacteristically not doing well. Now that Jack is not there are we sure these 2 can be relied upon? With Ramsey’s contract issues and Andre Gomes on the loose or James Rodriguez there we can exploit the market in time! Or even opt to have Mikhtharyan in that position and not buy any! And have the money for the much needed Winger or another DM (Nzonzi).

● Attacking Winger is a much needed man at the moment…we can’t be using Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi anymore. We tried that and it failed dismally! Some without remorse they were partying till late before games, when we expected them to respect us fans and be professionals. I strongly feel both players should be released and we buy a better, direct, offensive and aggressive player e.g. Gareth Bale, Ousmane Dembele (on loan), Douglas Costa or Coman or activate Julian Draxler!

In short
TO BE SOLD: Petr Cech (£15mil), David Ospina(£12mil), Nacho Monreal (£20mil) or Sead Kolasinac (£15mil), Aaron Ramsey (£40mil) (if not signed), Alex Iwobi (£20mil), Danny Welbeck (£25mil), Chuba Akpom (£2mil), Carl Jenkinson (£2mil)

TO BE LOANED: Rob Holding, Mohammed Elneny, Adelaide, Matt Macey

OTHER PLAYERS IN: (GK) Yamm Sommer (£15mil), (CB) Caglar Soyuncu (£25mil) optional if we are bringing another DM he is not necessary… (DM) Steven Nzonzi (£30mil) (AW)…(£45mil) options above!

●Young exciting players we have now are; Reiss-Nelson, Maitland-Niles, Joe Willock, Rowe-Smith, Eddie Nketiah, Konstaninos Mavropanos and Matteo Guendouzi. They all need guidance and leaders!
We still have business in the market please! Gunners for life! Go on Unai Emery we got your back man, and the board should let the man do his thing. No restrictions! With my little breakdown there we can sell and buy and still have profit and a reasonable budget for salaries! Come on Our Board we can do this!



  1. Grandad says:

    If you think Mustafi is a good defender you are deluding yourself.He is the first player the new Manager should attempt to sell a!ong with Xhaka.This duo must be two of Wenger,s worst ever buys.

    1. kev says:

      Mustafi should be sold but the funny thing is in terms of defensive skills only he’s better than three Arsenal CB’s whose names I won’t mention.Mistakes is what is clouding people’s judgement of him.
      Our defence is a shambles tbh and all you hear is”they only need coaching” as if Emery is perfect.
      Bad decision making and lack of talent is never the fault of any coach.These things can’t be coached into a player.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Kev, your contradicting your self again, you say in terms of defensive skills Mustafi is the best we’ve got but a simple bit of decent coaching won’t help him and should be sold Then you say bad decision making and lack of talent can’t be coached into a player. well let me tell that’s exactly what good coaches do, improve their decision making and increase their talent. Just like the silly rumours that you keep telling us about, you talk bullsh*t

        1. Break-on-through says:

          @Kev, that’s exactly what I was saying about statistics. We know Mustafi’s faults because we watch him regularly. The stuff that he’s bad at, you can’t find that in statistics, concentration, errors in judgement or not seeing the danger, communication, bad with the offside line. The same with Leno. When he goes and does an Ospina, missing the ball without giving a shout to his defenders, that doesn’t show up in stats. When he gets beaten to the far corner like Cech, it won’t show up in the stats. You can talk about shots to saves ratio, but doesn’t tell you enough, you need to see what shots are beating him to get a full picture. Cech’s shots to saves ratio is very good, that didn’t speak badly of Leno, that spoke well of Cech. But we know from watching Cech, he has difficulty in reaching the low far corner shots (a little understandable) but also he rarely comes out to claim or clear the danger, which he used to be great at. If people read something and then had a change of mind on Leno, they should say so, that piece worried me too. Instead of talking like it was something they were always aware of and this was always how they felt.

          1. OzzieGunner says:

            Defensive coaching in techniques, tactics and discipline is essential. Just ask ex players like Tony Adams, Martin Keown and David O’Leary how much time and effort Don Howe and George Graham put into coaching defensive drills at Arsenal training sessions.
            Improvement in defense, specifically away from home will greatly improve player performance and Arsenal’s potential league position.

  2. Sue says:

    Sell Kolasinac?? ?

    1. Innit says:

      I know right. We are fine at LB
      Silly to sell both kolsanic and Monreal

      1. Innit says:

        Sorry I meant either Kolsanic or Monreal
        Keep them for the coming season at least

  3. Ian wrights bruva says:

    IT is going to be an interesting season, I am not sure that the players will have enough time to gel and form relationships and feel we might look exposed in midfield and defence depending on how many of the new signings start especially if the new GK sits behind a new look defence.

    Change was needed so it will be interesting how the team have gelled, I hope we can hit the floor running.

    I have no concerns around the LB/wing back positions, nacho and the tank should be do well with amn giving us a 3rd options if we lose players to injury of loss of form.

    Let’s hope we have a bright start with the team fighting for each other.

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Pay 39 millz for Steven Nzonzi?? what do you guys see in him? you do realize he’s 30 right? I’d rather have AMN play backup for Torreira

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      30million for ageing Nzonzi is delusional

      1. Nayr says:

        it’s not delusional if he can get the job done.

        i would rather have a 30M nzonzi than trust in AMN then he ends up costing us at crucial moments.

        eddie idiot hoyte yo heard.

    2. Nayr says:

      eddie idiot hoyte so just because someone is 30 years it means he isn’t a good player.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Admin WTF is all this rubbish you’re allowing on this site?? I see loneliness has eaten deep into your skull and I figured mom and dad never gave you attention, well I ain’t giving you any of my attention either. You could grab a rope and end your miserable life, I wouldn’t give a damn

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Not cool Eddie.

        2. Break-on-through says:

          Not cool Eddie.

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Break-on-through I’ve always been the type to mind my business and keep my cool but this kid here is not one that I’ll tolerate. My bad for the wrong statement but kids like this do nothing but spread violence and hate

          2. Break-on-through says:

            Fair enough Eddie, FYI, I replied before I seen his earlier comment.

          3. Nayr says:

            eddie idiot hoyte sometimes i feel sorry for you.

            keyboard warrior hiding behind a screen.

            you must be such a champ abusing people online.

            argue about football.

            bitter chap

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Brighton, I don’t think its as simple as you’ve put it. Its hard to buy and sell. To buy, the AFC head coach and his technical staff have to be very careful not to buy names but players who can impact quality playing in the team. And also be careful in selling and loaning out to avoid selling and loaning out their players they shouldn’t sell or loan out. For, no Gooner is sure which Gunner will perform very well, average or below it until the new season begins and pans on. A Gunner who didn’t perform well last season could turnout be the player performing incredibly well for Arsenal next season in the PL.

    Yes, our first team can do with physical presence in the midfield. We may not get another Patrick Vieira soon, but we might have gotten a strong built battle ship in Lucas Torreira as a holder in the midfield for Arsenal. Mark you, we also have the able and competent Granit Xhaka who I am sure will still be a starter in the PL comes next campaign if things are okay with him. And the tested and ever improving Mohamed ElNeny be counted on too at the base of the Arsenal midfield. While AMN who is able to play as a right back remains as understudy in the midfield area. It will be interesting to see if Unai Emery will start two of the trio DMs of Xhaka, Torreira and ElNeny against Man City in the PL at the Emirates Stadium on the opening weekend of the new season

    1. GunnerJack says:

      “the able and competent Granit Xhaka???”, “the tested and ever improving Mohamed ElNeny???.” Hilarious! Best laugh I’ve had all day.
      I’m hoping Unai wants to WIN against City and there’s not much of hope of that with those 2 clowns in the lineup… or even on the bench.

      1. jon fox says:

        Jack, We have never met, but we shared that same laugh! Some people are so keen to hype players who just don’t have the needed abilty. God alone knows why they do it.

    2. Uchman says:

      respect bro,very good analysys devoid of hate or sentiment, I enjoy reading comments of guys that understands football

  6. Maks says:

    Why we have to sell players when we have a billionare owning the club?
    Although I am happy that we get rid of some of Wenger s deadweight. Emery should be very careful who he sells (or this is not his department?) and how many wenger a golden boys he keeps. Very very dangerous area.

  7. gotanidea says:

    It’s not easy to sell players

    Maybe Mustafi is still in demand, but who wants to buy Xhaka and Ozil now

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I reckon we could get about 20 – 25m for Xhaka, other teams aren’t as open as we are and they’d probably see the benefit in having him play a play-making role or even a long ball team might use him. Mustafi’s stats are pretty good as someone pointed out the other day. On paper Mustafi is a good player, the stuff that he’s bad at you need to see with your eyes. We have new coaching set up, it would be unwise to not wait til we see how they go. The ones who performed under Wenger more so than others, that might not be the case under Emery. Emery will get a good idea with training, he already let Jack go, and he’s trying to sell some spongers, Jenkinson (can’t believe he’s still here) maybe Campbell, Akpom and some others. We should see how Elneny, Xhaka, Mustafi, Cech all get on before writing them off completely.

      1. Astronogee says:

        Great opinion, after seeing how Wenger was tacticaly incapable, its fair not to write xhaka, elneny,Perez,cech,kolasinac,iwobi,mustafi and chambers off. This is because a new coach always offers a different and new horizon to the existing players. Emery has no favorites now but from the signings he has made so far, the one thing they have in common is that they are all aggressive fighters, Wenger made most of his first reamers lazy. Come to think of it we are slaying xhaka and elneny whom I remember were great outside the box shooters until Wenger started managing them.

        1. OzzieGunner says:


    2. fluent says:

      Bayern have always been interested in Xhaka… yet to give up on him completely and I believe that with the right partner and set up he can do well. We already know his strengths and weaknesses and I hope that the new coaching set up will work towards addressing his weaknesses.
      He is the best long range passer I’ve seen at arsenal since cesc left.

    3. Uchman says:

      U mean no one will buy xhaka and ozil? @ gotanidea? is it how deluded u r?

  8. Franco vacca says:

    Where are you getting some of your valuations from?

    Cech 15m at age 36
    Monreal 20m at age 32

    I can’t see us getting that much for them two, and I wouldn’t sell Monreal anyway.

  9. Innit says:

    I disagree with a lot of this
    We cant sell BOTH Cech and Ospina. We need one.
    Selling either LB is not going to happen either. They are fine for this coming season. LB is not a priority
    We should keep both Holding and El Neny

    Bale and Dembele won’t happen
    Draxler or Coman would be nice
    N’Zonzi won’t happen. We have Torreira and El Neny

    We should focus on getting a top winger, CM upgrade to Ramsey/Xhaka and a top CB.

    But I suspect we may only get a Winger this summer unless Ramsey doesn’t re-sign. We may not even get a winger as Emery said this week that we are “complete” which I disagree with. He said we MAY get 1 or 2 signings if outstanding players are available

    1. Malch95 says:

      “we may get 1 or 2 signings if outstanding players are available” did that sound wenger-esque to anyone or was that just me?? Looks like we’re going into a new season with glaring deficiencies. Our CB’s r poor if we’re being blantantly honest and we have no width. I really hope Emery can work some magic cause I don’t know how we can compete with city, Liverpool. My only hope is Chelsea get torn apart (hazard, Willian, kante & Courtois leave) & Tottenham bottle things as usual.

  10. Nayr says:

    it’s not delusional if he can get the job done.

    i would rather have a 30M nzonzi than trust in AMN then he ends up costing us at crucial moments.

    eddie idiot hoyte yo heard.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    One of these people who buys into every transfer rumour doing the rounds and wants them without realizing he knows nothing about them. A kid, tired of his own toys. You can see it even when he talks about our youth players, talks them up because they’re new, and because they haven’t played enough games to have the disappointing ones that go with them. His tune will change on these ones very quickly too, like a rattle snake.

  12. Sean says:

    I for one have been very optimistic about the change at Arsenal & the signings already purchased but if that is the end of the spending then we will struggle again. No winger amongst any of the players we have so no width to open a game up, we will be same as last year but with a bit more pressing.

    Sokraits is level on Mustafi is my opinion (Koss replacement maybe) that’s why I think a lot of fans think we havnt reli did anything in the defence line & a 34yr old RB to guide Bellerin or what’s his job at Arsenal, is it just exp? Doesn’t really scream upgrade!

    We will struggle but not because of just the signings but we are in transition with Unai also. Going to be very interesting this season but won’t get my.hopes up. Nice to see something different in Unai Emery that’s really all to get excited about.

    Torreira a good signing but we will see of he can cut it in the Prem which all players do not, his height doesn’t help but he’s a little warrior! Sonethi g we have lacked over the years

    We need a CM, Ramsey to a new contract & a top winger. Perez becomes back up, he’s a good player, better than Iwobi who may also leave for a nice sum of 20m+.

    Sell Ospina,Akpom, Campbell, Jenko, Elneny & Welbz. If Mustafi goes then another CB, Soyuncu maybe!

  13. WHO WILL BUY Cech for £15M, Iwobi £20M and Welbeck £25M???? You need to divide the prices you have written by at least 3 if you expect to move that incompetent lot on.

  14. Nayr says:

    eddie idiot hoyte sometimes i feel sorry for you.

    keyboard warrior hiding behind a screen.

    you must be such a champ abusing people online.

    argue about football.

    bitter chap

  15. jon fox says:

    Brighton, A keen if a little unrealistic article, in just a few places, but I appaud you for having the courage and ability to write it at all, as I do to all who contribute articles. I had to smile at your first sentence and how you phrased it as “Which Mr. Wenger had to endure”… as if he had no choice in who played or who was brought in; he was ONLY the manager and man responsible, after all! You rather let your enthusiasm run away with you in “our defence is the worst in the league”. It clearly was NOT, though I would say it was easily the worst under Wengers time. On the other hand you make many good points but I suggest you try a little more perspective and less hype when writing. I have written all my long life and professionally too. You need to make the case with true fairness for all your views. But well done and please keep contributing as you have real passion and courage, not given to everyone.

  16. Ingleby says:

    For Admin: Please look at some of the exchanges earlier on this thread. Having found this site a few months ago I really don’t want to see it degenerate into the childish not very clever name calling and abuse that made me give up on JA606.

  17. Kingojode says:

    The area where we need an urgent change or solution is the left wing. It was this position that cost us the match against Athletic Madrid. No one from our team was able to force a mistake from their right back. We looked very predictable; those guys sat back knowing that we had no one on our team who could do it. Alexis, the one who could have done it quite well, had gone. We looked very toothless.
    From the little I have seen from their pre-season thus far, I think there Will be some positive changes in way we approach games. Perhaps we will not be seeing changes made only when we get to 70 minutes mark.
    Aubameyang is already talking about the change.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      From video I have seen there is no doubt that Unai Emery and his assistants are working the players hard on fitness and skills. The attention to shooting practice against the goalkeepers should hopefully improve the final product of players like Welbeck and Iwobi.
      Burgess and Parham will have Arsenal players super fit for the start of the season, which will make a difference.

  18. Patrick_G says:

    Brighton…..What you smoking? This article is crazy talk, especially the one where you state the amount of money you can sell some players (Cech for 15 million HAHA, really?..) and for the fact you considering it (Kolasinac – is worth over 40million and is someone even Pep will take, need i remind you he was in the Team of the year in Germany and we got him for free) is all crazy talk….

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