Are the Arsenal players refusing to play for Wenger?

Are the players deliberately boycotting the manager and the club? by Konstantin Mitov

Alright, the transfer window is done, but the problems at Arsenal are far from over and after enough articles on how Wenger must leave the club, which obviously must happen, what about the players? The people wearing the famous Arsenal shirt and spiting on it?

Right now, I really couldn’t care less if we had sold any of those players. I don’t feel attached to them, because the Arsenal I know and love is long gone. Destroyed by Arsene. Did you read what Petit said? Boy how I miss his attitude. Imagine Petit and Vieira sitting in front of our defense? Would they have sacked our defense like Xhaka and Ramsey did? Xhaka and Ramsey.

I’m laughing with a tear dropping from my eye knowing what we used to have and the joke wearing number 8 in our side. Jamie Carragher (as much as I hate him) was spot on. Cowards, they are all cowards and Ozil’s post on facebook just confirms this even more.

You play on the field! If you want to shut up the critics, how about you do something in a big game for once in your entire career hey? Or else you have to suck it up and deliver the next game, not whine on social media. The Invincibles would have left their hearts on the field, not run towards the showers on their way home the moment the game is over.

The players clearly don’t believe in the manager. Wenger says it’s all good, and Sanchez is 100% committed, but tell me honestly do you believe this? Alexis wanted a City move and he is clearly disappointed he stayed. So what do we do now with him? His team mates don’t like him, he doesn’t wanna be there – so what next?

Arsene has to drop him like Conte dropped Costa. The team must come first. But Wenger doesn’t have the balls to drop him. Arsene picks his squad from a bowl filled with the players names apart from the goalkeeper. He has no clue how to pick his best side, playing left backs as CB, RWB on the left and a striker with almost 40 goals last season on the left wing.

This situation reeks of Mourinho and Chelsea. The players hardly have anything left in the tank for the manager, but he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Arsene thinks it’s just a blip. Can you name the last season, we weren’t trashed away to a big team by at least 3 goals. Thinking of it, it must be before 2010!

If the players wanted to just boycott the manager, I’d be happy, but they are sacking the club too. We’re eating the pain of their miserable performances while they live in their fancy homes, driving their fancy cars with the money we pay to see such garbage. Why didn’t Hazard leave Chelsea, when they finished mid-tabled? He didn’t cry to leave?

Players at Arsenal are princesses! And that’s down to their incredibly poor management. Every way I try to think about what is to blame for this apart from Wenger it just takes a turn to him, because he and poor results are the only constant at this football club. We changed literally everything else – the stadium, the major stakeholder, the squad (numerous times), we added new coaches too. What else is left to change?

Arsene is taking hits left and right – fans, media, former players, even players from inside the club are at a point where they just ignore him. Wenger is taking too many hits, but he is living in the Kroenke bunker, which shields him from harm and the players are the only people who are close to entering some part of it.

For me, the players need to take an open plea to the board and the owner that they want the manager gone. If they don’t do it and the fans don’t help by protesting, things will get only worse for everyone. If we beat Bournemouth, apart from the 3 points, it’ll be a disaster for the club sadly, because it will be enough for people to jump back on the Wenger ship.

I’ve seen it too many times before. People come destroying me for saying the manager should go after we win a game, or if I try to point out a mistake we make. One win and Arsene will say “You see, it was all just a blip”. We’ll paper over the cracks. We have to prepare for several difficult years for a few reasons.

One is we won’t get rid of Arsene anytime soon. It will take immense determination and consistency to take him down and he won’t get out without a fight. Even if we get relegated, Wenger wouldn’t accept it’s his fault so I do hope the players get together and try to force him out as bad as it may sound it’s for the greater good of the club.

And even if they don’t want to, their sorry excuse of a performance on the pitch will help. After Bournemouth, it’s Chelsea away. If you sway your way to Wenger after a potential win against the south coast team, it will take just a week for a sharp reminder where we stand. Because with all their problems, and Chelsea do have some right now, despite being champions, they’d crush us on their ground like every time they do it.

Things at Arsenal haven’t been that bad for a very long time. If we don’t march against Wenger, it will only get worse, but in order to get better, we must apparently reach the very bottom and with Arsene there’s always a way down, but know this! Once the players abandon you, you are finished as a manager. Even if you are the leech called Arsene Wenger.


  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Spot On KM!?? I’m hoping these London fans Boycott the next 4 to 5 matches even if we’re winning. boycott matches till the club or Wenger comes out n say he’s done

    1. gotanidea says:

      The fans alone cannot force a big change. The players should do something like what Chelsea’s players did to Mourinho and the club two seasons ago.

      Currently Arsenal reek of negativity, among the fans and the players. I bet it is the same among the board and the executives.

      I think two or three more consecutive losses would be enough to make Arsenal do a drastic movement. It would start with Wenger, than hopefully executives like Gazidis. Just be prepared of the drastic results.

      1. Spectrum says:

        All Arsenal fans who care about the direction of the club, please sign the petition to get Wenger out. If you can’t make the effort to protest, boycott e.t.c. the least you can do is this…..

    2. kev says:

      It doesn’t seem right to boycott the matches.That’s just stooping low.We support Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.You don’t just boycott matches because of the manager.His time will surely come to an end.We need to get behind our players as this is the time they need us most.Think of the effect this boycott will have on our players.If we lose to Bournemouth because of these things then we’re done for the season.We’re humans and our love may be conditional but at times we need to think of the way others feel before doing things.If we claim we have class then we have to show it through our actions.This boycott isn’t sending Wenger out anytime soon.We’re just putting pressure on him that he’s already used to and putting unnecessary pressure on our players.This idea is not right at all.It basically derails our team not only Wenger.There are also players who give their all in that team and the mistakes of others should not be blamed on them.

      1. Eddy Hoyte says:

        bro save the ? on your memory card. We’ve supported the team and coach for years. and in the end they always end up hurting us. the board wont react unless we hit them where they value most!! Boycott matches, don’t buy tickets and watch Stan consider his loss. None of you should come and tell me this is the time the boys needs us most. I wont give my support to people who doesn’t care that their actions hurts me and the other fans every weekend

        1. kev says:

          So it looks like on this site one cannot reply someone without getting personal.You might as well shove that thing in my mind into your mouth.

      2. arsenal-steve says:

        There is no disputing, from how you write, that you are a good person. At root you are right, it is always better to show good qualities. Without compassion and kindness the world would be a meaningless quagmire. But it is always best to think of the majority. Masses of people are now at the rump end of Wenger’s actions. He is openly not giving the supporters what they want and it is the supporters that count. Sometimes drastic action is needed to overthrow tyrants. I appreciate you gentle attitude, but in these circumstances the supporters are the most important group and we should fight against the Arsenal regime who are causing such unhappines.

      3. arsenal-steve says:

        There is no disputing, from how you write, that you are a good person. At root you are right, it is always better to show good qualities. Without compassion and kindness the world would be a meaningless quagmire. But it is always best to think of the majority. Masses of people are now at the rump end of Wenger’s actions. He is openly not giving the supporters what they want and it is the supporters that count. Sometimes drastic action is needed to overthrow tyrants. I appreciate you gentle attitude, but in these circumstances the supporters are the most important group and we should fight against the Arsenal regime who are causing such unhappines.

        1. kev says:

          The thing is I’m not even thinking about Wenger.I’m thinking about the team and the effect it’s gonna have.I don’t want this season to be a trophyless one no matter what.

          1. Eddy Hoyte says:

            Kev i didnt take it personal.. i’m sorry if i did in anyway but you should know we’ve suffered enough. But Wenger and the players, i just dont want any one telling us to support them after they constantly hurt us

          2. Spectrum says:

            “…I’m not even thinking about Wenger. I’m thinking about the team and the effect it’s gonna have…”.

            After thirteen barren years, you still come out with rubbish like that ? can’t you see that the team is not performing BECAUSE of Wenger ? Because he can’t motivate them consistently. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You think the players can’t sense that as much as we fans do ? Why do you think so many are demoralised ? Why many want to leave ? Why Van Persie and Fabregas and Clichy e.t.c. left before them ? Why Alexis won’t sign a new deal ? Most players want to win the trophies THAT MATTER. And they know that under clueless Wenger, who is propped up by an ambitionless profit driven joke of a board – that isn’t going to happen.

          3. Mikekobi says:

            Who cares abt trophy this season, hell knows we ain’t winning any thing this season.

      4. Spectrum says:

        Oh please. Save us the pathos.

        We NEED to lose to Bournemouth. And against Chelsea. And for the next ten matches after that, hopefully. Then the atmosphere will become so hostile to Wenger and the board that they will feel COMPELLED to act. It’s called short term pain for long term GAIN. The problem so far has been timid, complacent do nothings like you. YOU and those like you, are the reason we are STILL in this mess. It’s why Wenger has had a SECOND contract extension shamefully given to him as a reward for his underperforming failure.

        You say you want change, then ACT like you want it. Play your part in a practical way. Don’t expect others to achieve it for you. That’s what true fans do…. you know, the ones that were out there protesting last season and the one before that – whilst you were lazily sitting at home waiting for the next Saturday’s instalment of dross. And then moaning about it on here.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Well said that man!

        2. jon fox says:

          Spectrum, I would like to buy you a drink and shake your hand for writing a such plain, common sense, cut to the bottom line, masterpiece. Your post was like reading my own mind, whilst reading the post. We badly and urgently need a bigger downturn still in performances and results, for exactly the reason you have stated. I stopped going a year ago, after starting going back in 1958 and being a season ticket holder for 40 years. I have seen many years , over that time , when the team was far worse than now and finished far lower down the table. But in all that time, not once has the team been so demotivated, stale, uncaring and frankly, cowardly(most of them) Carragher was right; they ARE cowards. And Wenger is himself a coward , who cannot stomach the important surgery and ruthless training methods a PROPER manager, ( Conte, Fergie, Mourinho, Cochettino, and my personal choice Simeone) would immediately instill. He must go and mass protests and better still, boycotts , home and away are the best method. I now hope our key players get injured, anything which harms our on field winning, since I and you and many others KNOW that regular beatings are our best weapon to enforce change. Well said!

        3. Dee23 says:

          Spectrum,Spectrum,Spectrum…..Wow! You guys learned nothing from last season? Fans wished for Arsenal to lose matches then, hoping we would fall out of the top 4 be in Europa “to expose the fraud” because they thought it would result in Wenger being sacked. That didn’t work.

          Those fans got what they wanted and regretted it. We finished out of the top 4 but Wenger got a 2 year contract extension. Why would you still think that loosing games is the way to get Wenger out? So no, we don’t need to loose to Chelsea and we don’t need to loose to Bournmouth.

          The crazy thing is no other fan of a team anywhere in the world would hope their team lost just because they didn’t like the manager.

          I dislike Wenger’s management style as much as he next man but I would never hope MY team flopped. Wanting the team to flop because you don’t like the manager. That is the perfect example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      5. Lance says:

        @ Kev. “His (Arsene) time will surely come to an end.” When will that be? Do you know?

  2. Arseneout says:

    great one. 100% i for once hope we loose to bournmouth because if we win wenger will say we show coherence and spirit and then we will be crushed by chelsea and both team of manchester. there are many fans afraid from the change but look at real madrid when they changed benitez or when chelsea sacked mourinho we must unite and kick wenger out of our club. ITS ARSENAL fc not ARSENE fc

    1. Spectrum says:

      “…ITS ARSENAL fc not ARSENE fc…”.

      Of course it is. Sensible fans who care about their club know this. The club’s welfare and reputation is paramount. But from the number of downvotes your post received, it appears that a lot of…. shall we call them “supporters” (? ) view it the other way around. They are, in effect, the enemies of the club. Because anyone who still defends Wenger’s atrocious (mis)management is doing so only for SENTIMENTAL reasons, not footballing ones. They elevate the manager above the club itself. They are prepared to forego hope of better times and progress, in order to prop up a manager who treats them ( and us ) with disdain and never delivers. And that’s disgraceful.

  3. Sean Williams says:

    I agree with everything you say. I add Wenger is the only manager to openly admit he hates supporters who want him out. I cannot believe that a manager can say that. He must hate 60-70% of the supporters. To me he is trying to make sure the club supporters get nothing. What a mindset. How can he be manager? You have to work FOR the supporters. That’s the job description. I’ve never seen this in football…anywhere….ever.

  4. barryd says:

    How can you ppl call yourselves arsenal fans wanting the team to lose wenger will go when he wants not when a few jumped up fools on the internet think he should

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      How can you call yourself an Arsenal fan whilst you sit on your hands and letter Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis run our club to the ground, continually lie to us, deliver crap football all whilst increasing their profit margin.

      Call yourself a man, let alone Arsenal fan!

      1. barryd says:

        So I’m not a man if I don’t agree with these tantrum throwing children ?complaining on the internet won’t change a thing do something or shut up

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          I am as are others..

          You just sit on the sideline telling us how we can’t achieve anything..that will turn things around

          1. barryd says:

            I support the team not act like a spoilt child cos I don’t get what I want and we would be much better off if “fans” like you just f**ked off and pretend to support someone else

          2. ArseOverTit says:

            Lay down mr passive wallflower.” If you want.

            If you had any form of intelligence you would know that the ‘our’ team (a collection of highly paid footballers who get paid to kick a ball around) are part of a bigger picture.If they don’t kick a ball around for us, they go and do it for someone else.

            This team, is part of a much larger structure and system and that system is how can I put it, not functioning very well as a footballing entity (very well as a business one). That’s because the owner, Gazidis and Wenger are not good for the club.

            So you keep supporting ‘the team’ whilst I and others get off our arses and try to change the slide our great club because people like you ‘support’ the team blindly and without looking at the context and bigger picture

            And your go and support someone else nonsense. It really does show a minuscule iq.

            Ive been Arsenal all my life and am not gonna change anytime soon especially on the recommendation of a naysaying wallflower.

          3. barryd says:

            another fool who thinks he can change the world? I agree that we need a shake up but my point still stand wenger will not leave because a few thousand want him to and really trying to say I’m dumb and have a low IQ real classy glad most arsenal supporters I know aren’t anything like you stupidly aggressive little keyboard warrior

          4. ZA_Gunner says:

            Yup and barryd you also want people to see the way you do and they never will

          5. Spectrum says:

            It’s pathetic sycophantic A.K.B.’s like you that are so far out of touch with what’s going on at Arsenal that you are now actually harming the club and its future. But you don’t have the sense and awareness to understand how, do you ? If thirteen years of running on an endless treadmill of missed opportunities as a result of incompetent management haven’t taught you anything by now, then YOU’RE the one who should be looking for another club.

          6. barryd says:

            I’m not an A.B.K I just don’t think complaining on the internet and hoping are team lose is the best way to do anything

          7. ZA_Gunner says:

            The internet is one medium to do so not the only one, if fans cannot use this medium as an outlet to voice themselves then why are we here on this forum then?

          8. Lance says:

            @Barryd. So which is the best way. You criticise others for trying to organise protests that may or may not get Wenger out. But offer no better alternative. At least they have the guts to suggest something.

          9. ZA_Gunner says:

            It’s not being spoiled or entitled to expect better things for this club. You are entitled to your own opinion and so can others. Problem is our club has not respected the fans and have belittled them for so many years, many of us have gone through the emotions and difficulties and just can’t stand seeing this club dig deeper and fall further under this regime.

          10. arsenal#7 says:

            Actually we should be entitled my friend.
            We pay more for a price of a ticket than any other club and yet we
            are not in par with Chelsea , City or United.
            Why not ? Because their fans EXPECT THE BEST.

            Entitlement is good in this case. A club like Arsenal should be expected to compete every year for every title they are in.

            What we have the last few years is a couple FA Cups to pacify the masses.
            Expect the best from yourself and everyone you support. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE WE ARE PAYING FOR IT.

            Makes sense no?

        2. Spectrum says:

          “…So I’m not a man if I don’t agree with these tantrum throwing children…”.

          You’re not a man if you don’t want to see your club doing better, and are not prepared to do SOMETHING, whatever it is – to change the situation. To end the division among the fans that Wenger and the self serving board and owner that keep him on – are causing.

          What is YOUR proposed solution to end the damage that our ongoing farce is doing ? “Support the team” ? “We must focus on the next game” – as Wenger always parrots after each embarassing loss that he is to blame for ?

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Most of us don’t want us to lose but because of Wenger’s poor amount of top transfer signings we will not make the Top 4 let alone come anywhere near winning the PL. Maybe even 6th place this year

      Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidas are the problem. They only interested in making money. This summer they made a profit without getting the players we need and getting rid of the players we don’t need. They screwed us again. We’ve had enough.

    3. ZA_Gunner says:

      Arsenal is bigger than Wenger

      1. Spectrum says:

        “…Arsenal is bigger than Wenger…”.

        Only one upvote for this statement so far ? It seems then that we have a very peculiar and disturbing phenomenon here. A certain percentage of fans seem to have a perception problem. Perhaps it’s “Stockholm Syndrome” ?

  5. That is a very good articles Wenger shou;ld never have been given a new contract he has completeky lossed the plot and if he is allowed to stay on things will get steaderly worse with our team I have supported Arsenal for over 70 years and we have had some bad times during that period but I have never felt the way I feel at the moment I really hate Wenger now and have never said that about any of our managers before But really believe Wenger will destroy our great club I believe the Boerd of Directors plus Usmanvof should out vote Kronke and make Usmanof the new Chairman then Usmanof will then sack Wenger As he said he would do if he was Chaiman then we could appoint a new Manager the one from Juventus or Atletico Madrid and Start to see Arsenal begin to be great again

    1. stubill says:

      He owns 67% of Arsenal shares, no one can vote him out!

      1. Spectrum says:

        If Usmanov can’t or won’t make Kroenke “an offer he can’t refuse”, then perhaps our new possible saviour – Dangote – the Nigerian billionaire who has been in the news lately speculating on buying the club – will.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Ozil’s plea to get behind the team is laughable.

    Ian Wright is right when asking: So why haven’t you signed the contract yet then?

    If the team is so important him then he would sign the contract, which probably has a salary he may not get anywhere else (especially if it’s £250,000-£300,000 per week)

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Boycotts don’t work. If you don’t show up, someone else will (usually a Japanese tourist).

    We have learnt that protests outside or inside the ground before, during or after the game will have the necessary effect.

    1. Wolf says:

      My ticket my seat. There wont be no Japanese tourist sitting in my empty

    2. Spectrum says:

      You don’t have to throw your ticket away. Just don’t attend for say, six matches. Watch on T.V. if you must. Then go back. And if nothing changes, boycott for another six. You’ll still have your season ticket, but you’ll have sent a message to the board and more importantly, THE SPONSORS, that your support won’t be taken for granted. That you won’t be patronised with false promises of success and idiotic statements such as Wenger “can be a catalyst for change” – when everyone with a brain knows that Wenger and change are mutually exclusive and poles apart.

      In other words make a short term sacrifice for the prospect of real lasting change, and more vitally – HOPE for the future. Because otherwise what’s to say that Kroenke won’t offer his love child ANOTHER extension ? And we all know how Wenger would jump at that. Because he has no interests or hobbies outside of Arsenal. He has admitted this.

  8. kev says:

    It makes no sense wanting them to lose.I support Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.This won’t do anything to change the current state of affairs.Some clubs have not won anything but their fans keep supporting them like they’ll be winning something.I want Wenger gone and if possible today but that doesn’t mean I won’t face reality.The painful thing is ever since 2004 we’ve had squads capable of winning the EPL but always small mistakes cost us.That’s the most painful thing about Arsenal.Our mistakes that need to be corrected are so small but never corrected.This squad is capable of winning the EPL and so was our squad last season too.It’s just being poorly managed.At times praying for Wenger to do the right thing is a hopeless thing.But all in all you must give support to your team 100%.I’m not in support of this boycott thing at all.I believe in team support even if I don’t like the manager.It could have a really bad effect on the players.It just doesn’t seem right when you look at the state of other clubs and how they support.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      “This won’t do anything to change the current state of affairs.”

      Spoken like a true fighter;)

      Laughable really laughable.

      “You will always be a puppet on someone else’s line if you don’t care enough about the big picture to let your tiny voice be heard. When it is combined with the tiny voices of others that is the real power.”
      Kenneth Eade, An Involuntary Spy (Involuntary Spy #1)

      1. kev says:

        I want Wenger gone already but boycotting the match won’t help our team.As for the quote you put out it doesn’t imply we should boycott.We can make our voices heard without boycotting the match.It just doesn’t feel right.That’s just my opinion.If you feel boycotting would get Wenger out and improve our team’s performances this season well that’s your take.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          I’ve said before , boycotts are not effective.

          Visible and audible protests are where they can be seen and this is what will be done.

        2. jon fox says:

          Kev, I am a boycotter and have been for the last year, after starting way back in 1958 supporting. I recognise bullshit, lies, lack of ambition, financial greed, too comfortable players and nothing ever changing, year after long year. I suggest to you the dislikes to your comments, which vastly outweigh the likes, reflect more accurately what the majority will do. And even you want Wenger gone, thankfully, just not enough to actually do something to force him out. Well, the vast majority of fans actively despise him and his cohorts in crime, Kroenke and Gazidis and the puppet board. I believe we can and will force him out, even by his own resignation and believe we have a new, professional, 21st century tactics man in charge by next season. But no thanks to you, you faintheart!

    2. Spectrum says:

      Other clubs haven’t had to endure the long running farce of misguided cult-like devotion to a long past it manager, as we have at our club. Too many supporters have been brainwashed into accepting mediocrity and top four, as being “success”. The A.K.B.’s have idolised Wenger so much that they have lost sight of what the aim of being in a competition is all about. As the name suggests, it is a COMPETE-tition. We never seriously compete, we just flatter to deceive. And it has gone on for so long now that our resultant apathy and in-fighting has made us a laughing stock. Just look at the comments on the Arsenal Fan T.V. site for instance, and the antics of that mindless fool, Ty.

      No other club has lowered itself as much as we have. So you can’t compare other teams’ plights to ours. We are in a sad, and disturbingly unique dilemma that currently shows no sign of ending, only getting worse. This is the real tragedy.

  9. Declan says:

    Support the team as a man against Bournemouth. Protest before and after the game not during it. Hope the stadium is full for the game. But everyone stay behind and refuse to leave. That is a protest that will get noticed!

    1. arsenal_champio_neighs says:

      No point protesting if
      the team has a big win.

      1. Spectrum says:

        That’s the wrong approach. If you carry on as normal or celebrate a win, what message does that send to Wenger and the board ?…. “Oh all those pesky protests the other day we can ignore, because the fans are happy again.” And so it goes until the next fiasco like the Liverpool match. And the cycle starts again.

        No, this mentality leads to a condescending “let them eat cake” attitude from the hierarchy. We must be resolute in our determination to force change, whether we win, lose or draw. Progress has to be earned not simply wished for.

    2. Spectrum says:

      Boycott the game against Bournemouth. And as many as possible after that. Alternatively, walk out at half time regardless of whether we’re winning or losing, though this would admittedly be harder to do.

    3. jon fox says:

      Though I urge all to stay away from all Arsenal games from now on, I DO see some sense in your suggestion, but only for those who cannot bear to do the best of all protests; a total boycott. But every little helps, as Tescos say, and for those who will turn up, no matter what, your suggestion is a fine one and I hope it happens en masse.

      1. Spectrum says:

        Hi jon. Thankyou for your compliments earlier. You are obviously one of our passionate supporters who have their priorities right. You “wear your heart on your sleeve” for the club and see the bigger picture.

        I have to concede that due to the continual and seemingly never ending turmoil at our club, compounded by the slap in the face to the fans by Wenger accepting another two years – I am considering suspending my support for Arsenal temporarily – until this footballing vandal leaves. I have become demoralised and exasperated at the shambolic state we have got to.

  10. Sammie sillz says:

    Wenger is giving kroenke profits, which is what kroenke whats as a businessman, so what makes u think he will want to sack him?… But i still have some hope for team that’s if the right players are played….

  11. waal2waal says:

    Konstantin you wrote “For me, the players need to take an open plea to the board and the owner that they want the manager gone.” end of quote. Please indicate where you know of any player(s) in the history of Division 1 or in modern Premiership football who have taken those steps you have proposed? Yours is one of the most ridiculous solutions that iv read and as advice to a disgruntled fan base what you suggested here lacks any sound credibility at all. Even in your editor/writer role there are occasions when your senior will have occasion to get your back up. im doubt you would ever write to your company bosses seeking the removal of who it is that interviewed you and took you in to the company.

    Please explain or expand on this salient point as until you do anyone with sound judgement should take what you say with one eyebrow raised. I agree that this manager has overstayed his welcome and that gazidas and kronke have brought the club to a thread bare performance slump. im more interested in what you expressed the players should do to get us onto recovery road…

    1. Spectrum says:

      ” …I doubt you would ever write to your company bosses seeking the removal of who it is that interviewed you and took you in to the company….”.

      Here’s an example. In politics, haven’t you heard of no confidence motions being passed against a floundering Opposition leader or prime minister, in the party room ? It happens quite frequently. Margaret Thatcher springs to mind.

      If you fail to deliver or become an unpopular liability in politics, you get the chop from your fellow M.P.’s – they don’t necessarily wait until he or she gets voted out at an election. Why should football be any different ?

      1. stubill says:

        Because Kreonke owns 67% of the club, it’s impossible to vote him out.

      2. waal2waal says:

        @Spectrum – your point relates to steps available to politicians who are public servants and answerable to their public office and not “contracts” for football services.

        Footballers sign up and earn a good living under “contracts” for services something entirely different in nature and purpose to what it is you suggested. No contractor, it’s what players are, would be well advised to take steps that would breach their contracts and potentially see them sacked, see their contracts severed, don’t believe me just try it.

        1. Spectrum says:

          I was referring to a principle, not encouraging contract rebellion, or a player strike, which would be illegal.

          The players could request or demand a meeting with the manager and tell him straight that he has lost the confidence of the player group, or a majority of the player group. Any manager with any sense can then see that his position is untenable, and would be a fool to stay on. Especially if this development became public. This scenario is extreme, yes, but extraordinary situations demand extraordinary solutions. And at Arsenal our situation has become extraordinary. Extraordinarily stagnant and toxic. And it’s been going on for years.

  12. arsenal_champio_neighs says:

    I think the players do try their best.
    But the squad lacks quality save 6-7 players.
    The rest struggle against any one decent.

    1. Gunner 71 says:

      Don’t have a go at the players if this is how you want to act as fans.

      1. Spectrum says:

        Because it’s all the fans fault, and nothing to do with the players themselves or the clown that trains them, picks them, choose the positions they play in, supposedly motivates them, e.t.c. – right ?


        1. Gunner 71 says:

          I did not say don’t blame Wenger or the board. I said don’t blame the players if you are a fan. Not great being a player and you don’t play in your position or are forced to follow tactics which you know will never work and no one believes in

          1. Spectrum says:

            Then it’s up to the players to do something about it. See my reply to waal2waal ( above ).

  13. Liam says:

    Kev did you just say dont boycott the games surely his reign will come to an end soon? Wow just Wow. Getting pretty sick of half arsed fans who kick off when we dont sign the players we need then hibernate the second the season start using lines such as the team need us we cant be disruptive. I dont care if Wenger wins his next 10 games still want him out because i can guarantee he will lose the 11th 12th and draw the 13th game basically undoing all the good work. How can the majority of fans pick out the games we will lose in a season. If a regular fan can see this then how cant Wenger. Just to back this up i had Liverpool -3 on the last betslip and arsenal vs stoke under 1.5 goals. I would have won on the leicester game too had shakespeare not took off the defensive midfielder basically giving us the game.

    1. jon fox says:

      Liam, You are clearly a betting man, as I am too. So I pose a serious question, if you care to please reply. What odds do you give on Wenger NOT being manager on first game next season? If the boycott, which I firmly support works, I say we can get him to be sacked during this season. Exactly when depends on the size and support the boycott and other protests get. Most of us realise the tipping point has already been reached, as his legacy (half built on George Grahams defence) is already destroyed.

  14. Abebe says:

    if boycotting or anything works to make this man leave the club, before we religate, would be a great sighn of love to The Club we all Love. Whatever it takes to up root z main cause of our pain, week in & week out. ARSENAL FC FOR EVER !!! ARSENAL Without arsen

  15. Lord Zeus says:

    Hmmm…mutiny, I love that!

    YNWA hahahaha

    1. McLovin says:

      You’ll never win anything?

      We just did last spring!

      1. Spectrum says:

        Go back into hibernation.

    2. Sue says:

      YNWA to the dole office ?

  16. John Ibrahim says:

    Gazadis has spoken “the transfer window was a success”

    so did Wenger tell him what to say and control him?

    To fans, its definitely Wengers idea

  17. Bis says:

    Getting rid of arsene alone wont solve anything in my view. How about the board and also the owner. The same thing will happen. Arsene is to blame for the losses and the players signed. But what about all the other problems(the most annoying to me being the contacts). This is hard to say against arsene because i still like and respect him. I do think there should be a boycott but i still hope they win.

  18. MWNN says:

    Konstantin. As much as you may be disappointed with what’s happening at Arsenal right now, I really don’t see how you are being objective in your writings on this site. To me you sound like that other fella that used to be on here Adam something.

    Yeah, you may be disgruntled and seem to have a hatred for everything Arsenal, but when I read your vitriol, all you’re really saying, no matter how many articles you write, or regardless of the content is that you have a deep rooted hatred and just want to be VINDICATED for all your negativity. You’d love us to fail at Bournemouth just so’s you can nail another nail in the Arsenal coffin, another “see I told you so”.

    It’s easy to elicit the support from comments such as Caragher but to be honest, he’s got no more insight as to the affairs at Arsenal than you do. What you do both have in common though, is a particular desire and contempt of Arsenal FC for your own personal gains, whatever they may be !

    I myself am not entirely happy with what’s going on at Arsenal. And before all the so called loyalist bully boys start with their usual nonsensical clarion calls about accepting mediocrity and the like, I don’t think that wielding the axe is going to solve the problems.

    Yeah, Wenger really needs to wake up and shake up or he could find himself and the Wenger experiment well and truly resigned to the annals of football history and just don’t understand (well I do……stubborn attitude) why he doesn’t do what is glaringly obvious. Which is to take the iron rod approach to management starting firstly with the tactics and employ a team that can carry that out. It doesn’t need us to spend shit loads of money on big names and big egos. It just needs to get the players that we’ve got at the moment, all playing together and with a certain, even more pragmatic form to get the results we need and at the very least, to give us a foundation from which we can build. As soon as Wenger learns that his tactics that need to be changed into something much more formidable, then he’ll have a chance of keeping his job.

    Until then, it doesn’t need naysayers and other small minded, petty commentators like Neville, Caragher, Merson and Konstantin to continue to try and prove to us all that they have some special love for the club above and beyond the fan base when all they really have is hatred and contempt and the chance to have their hatred vindicated !

    1. jon fox says:

      MWNN, Can you not clearly see that the things you say Wenger ought to do(in your penultimate paragraph) are just NOT in him? This is the whole problem; he cannot face argument and players not liking him and possibly standing up to him. The great managers, Fergie being the vert best example of all , have inate toughness and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, put the team sneeds above their own discomfitiure! Wenger has proved over twenty years that he is incapable of doing WHAT HAS TO BE DONE. This is why he must go and should have gone a decade ago. You are clearly an intelligent man but I cannot see why this , to me obvious, state of affairs is not obvious to you too. As to Konstantins motives, I am not in the least bit interested why he writes as he does, but I DO agree with him. Why waste your time on such a red herring.? Concentrate on what matters, which is getting Wenger, Kroenke Gazidis and the whole rotten edifice out of our club.

      1. MWNN says:

        That’s because getting rid of Kroenke, Gazidis other board members although might satisfy some peoples wonderlust, it won’t do us no good and could destabilise the club entirely for longer than we might be able to withstand.

        The obvious solution in the interim is for Wenger to give up his dream of trying to put together an English galactico’s and concentrate on changing his on field tactics something much more perfunctory. Even with the players that he has at his disposal, he could quite easily set up a more solid, determined and functional team than he has at the moment. The football he could have the team playing, might not be very pretty or easy on the eye but it would be more combative and solid.

        I myself in a recent post have said that he has to abandon his experiment and just be brave and change tact. I also went on to say that even with the players we’ve got, even a a manager such as Pardew for example would rub his hands together if he was in charge of the talent that we have at Arsenal as he knows that with his mindset on how the game should be played i.e functionality over flair, even he could make the players and team much more formidable. I wouldn’t be averse to any manager that has the talent and guile to mould our players into a decent, solid side take the reigns at Arsenal. And, if any of those players feel that they’re not up for the physical fight and adapt to the new regime then they can leave too.

        It’s too easy to swing the axe, as much as Wenger might vex some people, when he should be pressured into abandoning his flair and grace football and the Wenger experiment and be a ruthless leader, much like Ferguson was. And, if that really is beyond his remit then there’s no other option but to replace him.

        1. waal2waal says:

          …a careful and well reasoned narrative, food for thought, thanks.

          1. Mr Bean says:

            I better be careful. I want Wenger out. I could be a psychopath if I phrase that in a strong manner like Konstantin. I want Gazidis, Kroenke, and Wenger out. Or should I say OUT. Loud enough. MWNN, waal2waal, with people like you around nothing would change. Stalin and Hitler would be in power for everrrr and everrr. Shite I’m a sociopath. I’d better stop my habit of giving money to help people and trying to be compassionate.

          2. waal2waal says:

            @Mr Bean – i think you’ll find im not in the AKB brigade, neither persuaded by the occasional drivel spewed out by Kon-stantin im not sure he has arsenal-fc at heart. its clear he has perceived there’s ill feeling amongst fans but has no little to offer by way of workable solutions. read again i suggest sociopath not psychopath trait there’s major differences. im also aware changes are needed at afc i want a younger manager, MWNN suggests AW gives up his Galactico football approach and works at producing something more robust.

          3. MWNN says:

            with people like us ? What makes you think that you are in any position to cause or effect change. Like us, you’re just a fan with no power, no position to make anything at Arsenal happen. Unlike ‘us’, you can’t see that and you can’t therefore be objective

        2. Spectrum says:

          What Wenger COULD do and what he DOES do are entirely different. And that is a key part of why he must go.

    2. waal2waal says:

      …there’s something of a mischief with the way Konstantin writes others perhaps can’t sense it but iv no doubt its there: There are sociopaths in our midst. Some of them are high-functioning sociopaths. High-functioning or not, all lack empathy. All are antisocial; they ignore the rules and laws of society so they can live by their own norms. Cold, callus, and calculating, they stop at nothing to get what they want, and they are impervious to consequences and punishment.

      Highly functioning sociopaths are adept at morphing themselves into what people want to see (Signs of a Sociopath Are Big Time Scary). These very quickly learn what makes people tick, and they know just how to engineer and oil the clock.

    3. Vlad says:

      Bravo, MWNN!

  19. Mathew says:

    Trash . Behave like fans you moaners!

  20. Mathew says:

    MWNN, I couldn’t agree more with you. Spot on in your comments earlier on about those whining.

  21. john says:

    I think the players have lost confidence in Wenger now and it will take a massive turnaround in results to get our season back on track, as other players asked to leave, Wenger just isn’t up to it anymore he should off taken.up. PSG job

  22. Ronny says:

    Boycotting matches I believe is the type of thing that leads to players like ox and mustafi wanting to get the he’ll out.
    Although there’s a lot rubbish wed like to see move on I’m not sure that we’ll be able to buy all 11 players come January.
    Also all its doing is heaping pressure on the players and making them likely to lose which will put pressure on Wenger but again from who?
    Gazidis and Keswick have no bal*s and kroenke loves Wenger.
    If Wenger was sacked it would cost the club money as he’s under contract poor performance or not.
    Is a man who likes his money so much and doesn’t care about success really going to spend money to get rid of Wenger.
    The only way Wenger will go is when he decides but even then that will take a while as they’ve no candidates lined up or anything.
    Boycotting games I don’t see working.
    I’d rather will got as many bums on seats as possible but all wearing illumine us yellow for instance the shirts saying kroenke get out.
    Empty seats other fans just laugh at us.
    Statement of organised unity will get on the news and be discussed by pundits.

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