The players that must leave Arsenal this summer

Players that should leave Arsenal this summer by Mo

I know everyones thoughts are focused on the NLD tomorrow, but I have been thinking a little farther ahead about what Arsenal need to do in the summer. The fans and the media are everyday talking about what players we need to bring in, but very few think about what players we should get rid of. After seeing the Gunners hopeless displays in recent weeks, I have thought about what players we need to move on.

First there are the obvious ones: Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini. Most likely all of these players will leave in the summer when their contracts run out. But since Wenger is the manager i would not be surprised if he decided to give Flamini a contract extension instead of buying a proper DM.

Secondly there are the players that are out on loan: Szczęsny, Debuchy, Sanogo, Akpom, and Jenkinson (there are several others but most them have barely featured in the first team). In my opinion we should keep Ospina as our backup GK and sell Szczęsny on. He is not a world class goalkeeper and I and most fans never feel safe when he is in goal. He is too error-prone for my liking.

Debuchy has disrespected Wenger publicly so he will probably be shipped out in the summer. I personally would feel a lot safer knowing he is our second choice RB instead of Jenkinson who has gone from being one of the better West Ham players last season to playing badly, conceding penalties and losing his place in their team. Sanogo was never Arsenal quality, he is too slow and does not have the ball control or technique to play as a striker in this level. Hopefully our manager has realised that. Akpom is still young and will hopefully get a chance in the squad next season.

Thirdly the players in our first team that I personally want to get rid of. These are the players that I feel do not deserve to put on the red and white, some of them might be controversial and a lot of you will probably disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion.

The first one is Aaron Ramsey. He is now 25, has been in this club for 8 years and besides that one season when he was scoring a lot of goals he has done absolutely nothing in the other seven years. He is not a good dribbler, he always passes sideways or backwards and the few times Ramsey tries any forward passes most of them are misplaced (I have even seen him pass the ball out of the field recently). Aso he is the player that has been dribbled past more than any other in the BPL this season (51 times). He barely scores any goals, but the one thing that really annoys me is how many times he loses the ball in one game. How can he help Le Coq if he is the one creating the problem in the first place? Ramsey runs around like a headless chicken for 90 minutes and people are saying how he runs everywhere, well in my opinion Ramsey would be more beneficial for the club running alongside the linesman than inside the pitch.

Our English players are constantly injured therefore i personally feel like we cannot afford to have all of these players that barely contribute anything during the season in our 25 man squad. Wilshere, Walcott, Welbeck and the Ox are injury prone and i feel that at least one of them has to go in the summer to free up space and wages for incoming players. Welbeck has only been here a short time so he definitely deserves to stay, he has also provided us with some important goals. The Ox is young, he can get past opposing players and create chances out of nothing, so he of course stays. That leaves us with Wilshere and Walcott. Wilshere is injured more than he plays. He is still young and i personally will not give up on him yet. Walcott, on the other hand, has been in this club for 10 years and what has he really achieved? He is never consistent, one game he is great, the next he is horrible. I also don’t feel like he has the abilities necessary to play as a striker. That leaves only his pace which is the only attribute he has, but with teams always parking the bus against us, he barely gets to use that pace. That to me means he is redundant. I feel like its time to give up on him and I hope that players like Akpom or Gnabry can step up or we can buy another Striker/Winger.

To conclude these are the players I feel should leave in the summer. (Btw I love Rosicky but he is 34 and always injured, I will be sad to see him go).

Rosicky, Szczęsny, Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo, Ramsey and Walcott.

I do not want to speculate on incoming players because that would be pure guesswork, but with the new TV deal we should have no problem replacing these players. We will also get back players like Hayden, Jenkinson, Akpom and Gnabry when their loan spells end in the summer, and hopefully some youth players will take the step up like Iwobi has done this season.

Written by Mo from Norway (username makatelli)


  1. its time for our high priced high value players, ozil & sanchez to earn thier coin… great players need to find a way,

  2. I had a feeling our we’d be back to our normal ways and win the annual Arsene Wenger trophy.

    1. You want Mertisaker to stay, Coqulin yes is an idiot and also Mertisaker for not kicking ball out,but Bellerin was very poor for most of game his passing as is Ramsey was woefull Flamini should be for the West broom game he is not fancy but as good as any we have available. Gibbs did ok but his closing down and tackling is as if he is afraid of getting hurt. Welbeck did well but Ozil not firing like before. We would have won this but for Coqelin as the bench was right for changes around 60th to win the game. We didn’t lose so not a time to hang heads. Good that Sanches had a reasonable game, but at end just walked off didn’t shake hands or went to fans to applaude them, not the best Sanches shame on you. Looking now forward to Teusday and around 7-30 this evening on Watford V Liecster

  3. Poccettino takes off the only player who’s on a yellow. Wenger TAKE NOTICE HOW REAL MANAGERS HANDLE.

    1. no doubt, and know your players! coq will always get a second yellow if on early yellow, he is reckless, i like him, but the stupid yellow hand ball was a kiss of death…

    1. Yep!…
      Next season.. Arsenal will be selling their own brand of fizzy drinks at the Emirates!

      Called .. “Joker Cola!… The Bottler’s Choice!”

  4. its over
    so it should be

    leicester show how 10 men fight. we crumble in 5 mins

    wenger is finished as an elite manager. has been for years.
    its such a shame

    1. I was thinking that as well. It took us 20 minutes to score the equalizing goal then and to the last second to score the wining goal. Tottenham did both in 2 minutes.

        1. i support the club
          not the ppl who run it

          let the wolves guide you for the sheep you are.

          this club was made in 1886 or 1996 – learn

          1. Take a look at the comments here – including your own. “Your” team fought their arses off against the old enemy and kept a toehold in the race. Arsenal has the most ridiculously erratic and sooky, pouting fans imaginable.

            1. When we fell behind 2-1, playing with 10 men, I was thinking this would be one of those games where we would be in for another drubbing, but credit to the players, they fought back and managed to pull a goal back, and with some luck we could even nick a win at the end…..I can nitpick on each of our 14 players performance in this game if i want, but I happen to think that overall, obtaining a draw against a title contender playing away, especially playing with 10 men for almost 45 minutes, was not such a bad result after all, not only if the standard is applied to a fragile team such as AFC, but also if it were to be applied to some other “fantastic” team such as for example, Leicester…I can imagine that if we were to loose the game the way Leicester did at the Emirates, many (visitors to this site) would be condemning our players bottlers, chokers instead of hailing them for defending bravely for 20 minutes with 10 men…LOL..Come on guys…please recognise that at the very least our players did show some fight at the end (after panicking initially) and please learn to give them a little bit of credit when it is due, and much needed….COYG

      1. yeah? what about the two goals we let in immediately after red card.
        somehow forgotten that have you?

        let drawing with the spuds be your highlight . hope it keeps u warm

      1. …that you an many others will cling on to this draw like its saved our season.
        the performance did show heart

        but now the title is out of grasp

        an the way we crumbled from the red card was shocking

  5. Were not scoring, no way. forget about it Lads, fight for 4th again.
    Thats the Real plan, QF for Champions league, crash out, get money
    And repeat.

    1. Spot on, don’t ever believe the utter crap coming out of Wenger’s mouth. Arsenal since 2007 ceased to be a football club and has become a business, built to make money, that’s all that matters to the owners and the manager anymore.

  6. Get rid of the lot for all I care , I cannot stand every aspect of us , including you idiotic fans happy to accept mediocrity at an extortionate rate !

    I am utterly disgusted.

  7. My support for AFC on hold until wenger mertesakher Ramsey Gibbs Walcott flamini et al have gone and we get desire back to be a top club again

  8. Bets how this will end?

    A) 4-1
    B) 5-1
    C) 6-1

    We’ve been battered by Liverpool, City, United, Southampton, Everton and Chelsea in the past years. Its only fitting to get battered by Spurs as well.

    1. Such a sad person to be making those kind of predictions about your beloved Arsenal team…..

  9. its one thing to loose the league to the normal cast of characters, but spurs? we will never hear the end of it…

  10. Mert shi*e as usual, arsenal spineless as usual. Who’s doing the organising after coq went off, 2 in 2 minutes is a disgrace. Sanchez is right and per is a disgrace without kos to wipe his ar*email for him. Joke of a team!

  11. the fact that we taught that fu##er kane football at our academy pi##es me off even more.

  12. i’m not a big welbeck fan but the lad has run his socks off and has been the only positive from this game

    1. the only positive, maybe other than alexis scoring at whl down a man? bellerin crosses? ramsey sublime flick?

  13. That Spud should’ve had a yellow and off – it’s outrageous that a red is flourished so easily at us!

  14. Dyer deserved a red card more than Coquelin, his foul was completely deliberate, it’s absolutely outrageous

  15. Players and manager must go. I don’t understand what he is playing at but its all wrong at Arsenal. We won’t get 4th place and that says who will come in to Arsenal? No one because they all want CL football
    AW out

  16. Green shoots. Arsenal showed more character in that last 30 minutes than all of last month and Wednesday. Still disgusted in our recent performances but saw enough today to think this season might not be over. Coquelin… What the &$?/ were you thinking?

  17. Sorry everyone. It looks like i got food poisoned yesterday and have spent all day with toilet and fever. Hopefully Bob will get a review up soon but i’m out of action…

  18. I just want to make something clear. We played very good but i need to make something clear.

    The ref today was shocking. I never complain about refs bec it goes sometimes two ways. But today.

    The second goal came from an offside poz and should not be count. Kane though is a striker Arsenal needs to have.

    -Lamela should have seen also a yellow for pushing Sanchez. And he would be out.
    -Handball in the end, no penalty.
    -Giroud was fouled no second yellow, no red card to get even.

    As for Arsenal.

    Coquelin is to naive and ost his focus. Happens way to often with him. But his nature is something what makes him stand out. Stupid mistake he should not forget and learn from.

    Ramsey besides scoring was so terrible shocking that its disgusting. I am srry but i cant stand Wenger at all for benching Campbell for someone like him. So many misspasses, and so many times his lost the ball infront of the backfour, its crazy, and dont get me started with his slow decicion making. To many touches, no vizion and creavity.

    Instead of him in the end taking to many touches to shoot, he should have just one touched the ball to the right corner. Thats how you hit the ball in the danger zone while being under pressure, but noooo, he was walking and walking and ruined a great chance.

    And again, Ramseys job is to put the likes of Sanchez into poz like this and not the other way around. bec not like Ramsey Sanchez would probably score and we would win this game.

    Wenger just what are you doing? Giroud coming from the bench is always class. Proves that he should be used in this way alone.

    Man of the match for me is Bellerin. Ospina did also great. Merti also, something i have to admit bec i am no big fan of his.

    Wenger got many things right today besides not using Campbell in the game. I am angry bec its frustrating.

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