‘The position right now is the worst in decades’, Lehmann’s scathing assessment of Arsenal

Jens Lehmann has been frustrated by Arsenal’s start to the season, same as most of the club’s fans, and he didn’t hold back when he spoke about them recently.

Arsenal is currently 15th on the league table, a position that has made it hard for the club’s fans to celebrate the fact that their team is currently one of the best sides in the Europa League.

Despite spending money to reinforce their team in the last transfer window, Mikel Arteta is currently leading a team of players that are so poor with form that things have to change drastically else he could lose his job.

Lehmann spoke to the Daily Mail recently about his former team and he said that the club hasn’t been in this poor shape in decades and that it is simply not acceptable for a team like Arsenal.

He then said that the club’s brand is deteriorating if things continue to be this way, and that cannot be allowed to happen.

‘The position right now is the worst in decades’, Lehmann told Sportsmail. ‘For a club like Arsenal that is not acceptable.

‘All of us old players would try to help and make the Arsenal brand strong and big. We are very disappointed because the brand name is deteriorating, and you simply cannot let that happen.’

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  1. And as I keep saying, this didn’t happen over night. Wenger, Gazidis, and Kroenke are responsible for running our club into the ground.

  2. Once again, some fans just want to read a statement to suit their views.

    “The position RIGHT NOW is the worst in decades”.

    RIGHT NOW – not under AW or gazidis, but under MA, Edu and kronkie.

    What Lehman says at the end of his statement “because the brand name” Is DETERIORATING” not “HAS Deteriorated”… and one can only think he’s talking about relegation issues, 30+ year old players being given three year contracts, over £230,000,000 spent in the last two and a half years, 17 new players including a reported club record of £72,000,000, our worst start in the PL for decades, three home losses on the trot, shown how to play by the spuds, lying 15th in the table and looking as if we won’t even match AW’s worst two seasons of 6th and 5th (that with another FA cup win).

    So instead of facing the current situation, what is used to explain our football this season?
    Let’s just keep blaming Wenger, for some reason it seems so hard to admit we’ve gone backwards at an alarming rate since he left, after claiming “We’ve got our Arsenal back”.

    It’s been downhill ever since… that’s what Lehman is saying and trying to spin it to blame everyone else is as nonsensical as claiming we never had a defence in the last 12 years.

    1. Ken, you are those few fans with clarity in mind, I always like to read your comments. The first commenter is probably a die-hard Arsene hater whose comments are best ignore.

    2. Ken, you are those few who have clarity in mind. I always like to read your comments. The first commenter is probably a die hard Arsene hater.

    3. @Ken1945

      You still refuse to accept that Wenger was heavily involved in our downfall, just as he was in our rise, early on in his Arsenal career.

      Of course the new regime, including Emery, and Arteta have made mistakes along the way. The new regime have the responsibility of making Arsenal great again, but do forget what they inherited. You say it’s been downhill since Wenger left, which is true, but the new regime are trying to instill a new culture which is, and will, take years. Not to mention, trying to offload the mass deadwood they had to take on as well. Also, it’s been going badly downhill since 2006, let’s not forget that!

      1. The dead woods wenger left, Santi carzola, aron Ramsey, Alex iwobi, ospina, Jack Wilshire, welbeck, Martinez, Niles, Koscienly, Monreal, holding, Jeff Adelaide, ozil laccazzete, aubu yang, xhaka, Elneny nkitiah, willock mhikitarian, , etc, awwww what a terrible load of shits mehn, it’s very laughable when people keeps recycling all these loads of rubbish, of course u will always find a way to blame wenger! Pathetic,

        1. Mustafi, Ozil, Kolasinac, Xhaka, rubbish, etc and all on monstrous contracts!

          Santi, Ramsey, Wilshire, Welbeck all chronic injuries. Iwobi, Nketiah, Miki, yeah great players!

          If you think that’s quality then you are delusional Uchman! Try and name an Arsenal squad in the last 30 years or more that was worse!

          1. Forgot to mention they had no clue whatsoever how to defend either. I think at the time of Wenger’s sacking, we were the worst, or one the worst teams in the league off the ball.

  3. Too damn right it is. I doubt if even Arteta would deny Jens’ prognostication. If Arteta can’t turn it around then this will be your legacy Arsene Wenger, settling for fourth best then sixth best and finally leaving nothing to rebuild with. Tear it down and start again. Better to do it now than having to do it from an from an eventual Championship position.

  4. Don’t we know it!! ☹ I’m expecting a win on Sunday and a convincing one at that, as Burnley are in a worse position than us – yes that is still possible – but if for some reason we do end up dropping yet more precious points and lose our 4th home game on the spin, for the first time since 1959, then a certain Spaniard really should be sweating….

    1. Sue, according to some, it’s not a certain Spaniards, but a Frenchman who has nothing to do with the current way we are playing, performing, results, selecting the team, or transfers for nearly three years 🤔🤔🤔.

        1. No I’m not Sue, we certainly do have some bitter and twisted supporters following our club, that’s for sure.

  5. “For a Club like Arsenal that is not acceptable.” Let’s take a closer look at another sample of poor recent decisions:
    1. Pepe was acquired for 72M without proper scouting and evaluation, based on a final decision taken at a barbeque by the owner;
    2. 19 year old Saliba was acquired for 27M, loaned back to the selling club and is yet to appear for the club despite our frailties in defense;
    3. Partey was acquired as a deadline decision after he was identified as a prime target over a year ago;
    4. Despite knowing our major deficiency was midfield creativity, 32 old Willian was acquired from Chelsea on a reported 220 pw on a 3 year contract;
    5. We waisted almost all the entire transfer period dithering over re-signing our own player, Auba, on a record fee.

    So the main question here is: where is the budget and planning process to both get rid of and acquire players. We seem to approach each transfer period with a finger in the air, not knowing which direction the wind is blowing and not knowing how much money is available for targets. At the same time we are being outpaced by our opponents who identify their targets on day one and aggressively pursue them.

    For a big Club like Arsenal is this acceptable?

    The next transfer period is coming very soon. I wonder if we’ll be repeating the same mistakes again.

  6. The above comments only highlight that the club is rotten from top to bottom, with nothing much being done to remedy this situation. I also hope Arsenal FC win the Dick of the Year award for their petty narrowmindedness in dealing with Gunnersaurus. These things matter and demonstrate whether or not an organisation has class.

  7. If we Arsenal fans need to understand that ARTETA is a longterm plan.then the powers that be need to understand that we are going to play championship soccer for a while in the coming years..who would ever have imagined this 5 years ago..bought myself the new Pepe shirt.what a waste of my hard earned money..never ever again..Not while Arteta is in charge..the man is effen clueless….ARTETA OUT ARTETA OUT

  8. I’ve sat back and watch this constant twaddle (there is a better word but it would be censored) blaming Wenger for everything from losing to spurs to the sacking of Gunnersaurus and everything else when things go wrong. Wenger had to go when he did, his time was up and the club needed a fresh forward thinking manager to guide us into a brighter future, but we cannot keep blaming him for what’s happening now. Comments that we need to get rid of Wenger deadwood are ridiculous when the deadwood are still being picked by successive managers and we are still signing so called deadwood. It was Arteta who wanted Luiz and Willian but did he give them outrageous wages and contracts? No that was the people above him. Three years for a 32 year old who has not produced but still being picked over talented youngsters, oh that’s Wenger’s fault, spending £72 million on Pepé when Emery wanted Zaha, that must be Wenger’s fault too. None of what is happening today is down to Wenger and whilst Emery and Arteta are not beyond a lot of criticism, how about putting the blame on those that really deserve it, the owners and the board. We are going through the most turbulent time of my 60+ years of supporting The Arsenal and I’ve watched some crap under the likes of Terry Neil and cries of ‘boring boring’ Arsenal, watching the ball being lumped up from keeper to the forwards with the midfielders watching it going over their heads. But, we may have to sink even lower and endure relegation before we get rid of the Kroenkes, as while our stock value is still high they are not bothered about us or the team, just their bottom line. Dangote nor anyone else will be riding to our rescue in the near future, that hope is pie in the sky. Stop blaming Wenger, when the dream team of him and Dein was broken up with Kroenke joining the board which was initiated by Dein in the first place, the writing was on the wall of our slow painful demise. We are left with a club being run by people who know flip all about football or even care about it and it will get worse before it gets better.

    1. Well, I couldn’t have put it better Declan.

      Kroenke isn’t interested in our club, only what it can make him. It is rather sickening

      I feel for Dein as I don’t think he expected Kroenke to shaft the supporters and our aspirations for success under his ownership. I didn’t think it was a bad thing for a billionaire to invest back then. It has been a bitter pill

    2. I totally agree Declan. I’ve been a fan since the sixties and it’s painful to have watched Arsenal climb to the top and then let it all fall apart. The rot definitely started when Dein was pushed out and shares were sold to Kronke. What’s worse is that the Toots have been backed for many years by Joe Lewis who has heavily invested in a squad, training pitches and stadium until they have a team to be proud of.

      1. Amen to the last few comments – interestingly all fans who have lived through the good and the bad times.

        Such ridiculous claims about players and managers from the past, when it is the here and now that is what we should be talking about – just as Jen Lehman was talking about!!!

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