The positive changes at Arsenal and what they could mean to us…

Arsenal – Topics for the Future… by Sean O’Hara

Good Morning Gooners

We really dont know what is going to happen in the future for Arsene & Arsenal football club but as we look down the barrell of another season wasted under Arsene Wenger, I wont say the owners etc… as they have invested but still have the same ol’ same ol’ on the pitch under Arsene, as the training methods & tactics are not good enough anymore to compete alongside the new young bucks in Pochetinno, Pep, Klopp & Conte. Which clubs know how to beat & bully Arsenal, most, as Wenger’s way of playing was found out a long time ago!

Ivan is changing a lot behind the scenes (all positive signs) so I can’t criticise him. The new backroom staff is all good movements by the club behind the scenes, along with the New Record Club Deal with Fly Emirates, just shows that off the field we are run the right way – but have the wrong manager doing the business on the field. Who knows we might get another big deal from Puma or replace them with Nike/Adidas as that time is coming soon.

I Just dont like Stan Kroenke & the way he is. I always wanted an owner who actually cares for the club to win & do well… I think we all do! Money is not what we need or investment from an Owner, just one who actually wants Arsenal to win again. Maybe young Kroenke Jr. Josh could be the answer in taking the reins from Daddy, as it goes to him anyway i’m sure.

We have two big problems at Arsenal to sort out this summer and thats what happens on the pitch in management & who is good enough to be An Arsenal player – as we had, and still do, have players on too big a wage for what they contribute, cant all lie at Arsene’s feet as he has given them the platform to play & impress, has he not?

Im not slating Arsene one bit, I will always respect the man for his loyalty & dedication to Arsenal Football club with all his achievements in Silverware & where he has taken the club but, calling a spade a spade, that change in management is needed whether you are him IN or OUT. We need a new captain to steer the ship so to speak with the new investing & players.

January window was a good window as we got good replacements for Alexis but still CB or CDM wasnt addressed, which looks like in the summer is when we will have to wait and see who comes in, depending in where we finish the season I guess, looks like 6th… that has to be enough for a change in management is it not? Or is a Europa League win enough to let him see out his last year? Or is a Caraboa cup?

Players have slowly been leaving the club who are not worth the wage they were on or close to the standard Arsenal need to match the big boys, Aubameyang was a coup (Lacazette partner) along with Mhiki, then Ozil was the cherry on top for a rebuild on the defence as Coquelin needs replaced (CDM), Walcott/Chamberlain (RW), Debuchy (RB, No2), Per retiring/Boss is broke (CB) & its Cechmate for Peter (GK).

Five new Signings, a New Manager & away we go for a better Arsenal FC. Its a dream at best, even on FIFA but a very good one at that, dream players;

GK – Donnarumma (AC Milan)
CB – Koulibaly (Napoli)
DM – Fabinho (AS Monaco)
RW – Mahrez (Leicster)
RB – Pereira (Porto)

Just a discussion about a few topics!

Sean O’Hara


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I just do not see the point of signing anyone else whilst Wenger is allowed to coach them. Mustafi, and Xhaka were not rubbish before they joined us, yet they’ve been terrible! Cech is apparently a WC keeper…really? Bellerin was one of hottest RB/RWB prospects in Europe, but now he wouldn’t even make it into Wolves first team! Audameyang, and Mkhitaryan are considered WC, and also have a telepathic understanding with each other from their time at Dortmund, yet they flopped hard in their first real test against Spurs. Ozil must be a phenomenal player because we’re paying him over 300k p/w, yet was he even playing against Spurs? And that’s not the first time I have wondered if Ozil was even on the pitch in big games, especially away from home.

    With the exception of Bellerin, all of those players were quality before they joined us, yet not anymore. Yes it’s too early to judge Auba, and Miki, but I’d still expect the same awful performances from them in big games in a years time if Wenger’s still coaching them.

    Let’s stop bashing the players, because it’s Wenger’s coaching (lack of), and his philosophy that is strangling the life out of anyone that plays for him. Complete waste of money to sign anyone else until Wenger leaves.

    1. John0711 says:


    2. AndersS says:

      Spot on. We can Messi, Ronaldo, the best midfielders in the world and the best defenders and goalkeeper. We still wouldn’t win the league with Wenger here to mess it up.

    3. Adega Olatunji says:

      Well said but not really about coaching, is about passion and desire. Wenger has lost the two totally. You will always hear him talk about commitment to the club, that is true but that is in the area of money not to win big trophies. So as a good player once u come to Arsenal fc under Arden Wenger you told to take things easy. For example, unlike other clubs players don’t get to starting eleven by form at Arsenal but by favouritism. So why should a player fight for ball on the pitch when he knows that no matter how bad he plays he will be in there next match. Good examples Dhaka and Ramsey but Perez was never given a chance. As big as Paul Pogba is at United Morinho is showing now that he must up his game by benching him.

    4. Steve h says:

      Well said, he’s got to go. Never has been a coach,

  2. John0711 says:

    Full agree with TMJW however here’s my issue, Auba is 28
    If Wenger stays Aubameyang will be almost at the end of his career when the new manager comes
    So the dilemma is i don’t want wenger to have ANY money but also that way 50m was wasted on Auba so personally I want wenger gone now and the new manager will be able to sign quality GK.Dm and CB with the money we have

    1. phil says:

      I believe Ian Wright was late 20’s when we signed him so we can only hope Auba has the same desire and attitude.If he does he will prove to be every bit as good if not better.

  3. Arseneout says:

    thats the dream, but in reality let me tell u what will happen. First, we will loose to man city and then get knocked out of the europe league. In the last matches of the season we will win couple of games and arsene will stay. In summer we will bring one addition and some called fans here will say we can win the league. This is brief show of future and its dark by the way.

    1. Mobella says:

      He is a Nostradamus? That is my first thought when i read your comment. My second thought, is how come you are so hurt when the future you predicted come to pass. And i realise you love the club so much and it hurts you in a position you can’t influence her running.

  4. barryglik says:

    Topics for the future?
    I really thought you had some
    quite novel breath taking new
    topics about the future of Arsenal FC 🙂
    But no its the same issues
    Wenger out and who do we want to buy.
    Same as usual 🙂

  5. McLovin says:

    More like:

    De Vrij (FREE)
    Meyer (FREE)
    Shaw (FREE)
    Ozyakup (FREE)

    And no GK because Cech is Wenger’s favorite.

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    After KFC ran out of chicken I don’t know what to believe anymore. Hope this hasn’t hit fatboygooney too hard


  7. barryglik says:

    Here are some really new ideas.
    PL clubs must start 7 English
    born or raised players every PL game.
    Clubs can spend a maximum 20m
    on new players per season.
    Max weekly wage 50k for players.
    Premier League to be reduced to 16 teams
    2 teams relegated and promoted.
    Season to therefore have 30 PL games.
    Championship to have two 16 team conferences
    with the winner of each gaining promotion.
    Season starts mid February through first week of December.
    The winter break is part of the off season.
    Teams in European cups are exempt from the league cup.
    Teams can use all 7 subs.
    Drawn games go immediately to penalties

    1. jon fox says:

      barryglik, SOME but not all, are sensible suggestions BUT we surely all realise there is no way they are going to happen. Fewer games mean less money and football is not known for wanting less money. Is it! In theory I would LOVE to bring in a maximum and sensible wage for all players, world wide, BUT players also like money and that genie escaped from the bottle back in about 1961 when Jimmy Hill(ask your grandad, kids) was prominent in football matters. The drawn games going to penalties is IMO , potty! I like the seven English – but surely you mean British – players in every eleven but that genie also escaped decades ago. In life you learn that we can NEVER turn the clock back. The death penalty will NOT be returning and NOR will a maximum wage, however desirable it would be. We live in the world and the football world as it IS; not always as we would wish it to be. Realism!

      1. jon fox says:

        My above post does NOT mean to imply that I want the death penalty to return.

    2. Maks says:

      Lot s of your ideas would change the game and nobody wants that (cos it brings more money then ever) and if you will start 7 english players every games this league will be well behind top EU leagues cos lads are not talented enough and thats the fact! Stoke will rule that league cos that is how REAL (or lets say avarage) english football looks like.

  8. DM says:

    Prevail on AW to go if he wins the Carabao/Europa cup. If he doesn’t, we are stuck with him for another year. Its the right thing to do given his service.

    For players, I do not think what Arsenal need is a buying spree, but one or two additions. Get a CDM maybe Nzonzi or Gueye from Everton. and a RB to compete with Hector.

    GK open fair competition between Cech and Ospina. Yes I rate Ospina highly. For CB the biggest priority should be developing Holding and Chambers.Give them games, if we are going to screw up at the back, I would rather them than a $35m player

    1. Kane says:

      Yuck!! You sound like wenger. Games wont turn chambers into the next rio ferdinand. What we need is 5 quality signings.

  9. Kane says:

    Wether we do a double ( carabao & europa) or not, wenger should leave.

    I like the signings youve outlined plus Ancelloti as wengers replacement.

    Oblak or Timo Horn if Dona doesn’t doesn’t work.

    I like koulibaly but also Rugani or Manolas wont be bad either.

    Lemar for Mahrez?

  10. jon fox says:

    A good article Sean and though you are far kinder to Wenger than I feel about him, he has made a considerable ” impression” on our fortunes on the field. You will note the deliberate ambiguity in my phrasing. But cutting to the chase you DO correctly call for his removal and outline some of our current deficiencies. I DO however want an owner who will invest a part of his considerable fortune in the club AND one who takes a keen interest by regular attendance, Abramovitch style. One of the reasons I detest the EU is that I believe those running us should live nearby, NOT far, OR even near Europe or in the USA like the almost permanently absent Kroenke. Remote controlled power is bad for democracy , for fans, for being firmly in touch with everyday running of important matters. Wenger is remote enough , despite living in London overspill(Totteridge, Nr Barnet) since he is unaccountable, looks down on any and all of us “lowly” fans who “have never managed a team, not even for 24 hours”. This famously arrogant direct quote is burned upon my brain , as I , for example have only been watching Arsenal for a mere 60 years , compared to his 21 and a half. He is actually insulting ALL real Arsenal fans, but I digress from my main point. Your point about Gazidis is sound and surely any normal fan can read the signs of change happening within our club, faster and faster now. I also make the point, overlooked by some, that the reason Wenger was offered a TWO year, NOT one year extension, last summer was precisely because the club wished, obviously, to avoid the nonsense of his contract running down to nothing , which was almost certainly the difference between qualifying for CL and not doing so. So unless they extend and renew it THIS SUMMER, which, my friends is NOT going to happen, his contract is EFFECTI VELY, finished this summer. Last season we only missed top four on goal difference. This year we are already well adrift. I am 90 % sure the club plan to sack Wenger at seasons end. His only hope of a stay of execution is to win the Europa and thus make the CL or, in flying pig land, actually make the top four. Even were ew to win the Carabao this weekend it would make no material difference to the boards decision, in my opinion, since it does not of itself bring in serious extra revenue. The fact that Josh Kroenke is over here for three months is clearly also significant; he has not come to sample the delights of London nightlife, or at least not primarily. So , in May, I pray and believe it will be bye -bye Wenger. Personally I will have no regret whatever, just a deep thrill at the renewal of hope our club will then have under a real top, world proven manager. Because we can be certain we are NOT going to appoint a Pardew or even a Sean Dyche. There are a lot of top names out there who will be busting a gut to manage the world famous Arsenal. So keep the faith ! And chins up! The light is soon coming to chase away the darkness.

  11. indy757 says:

    This site has turned to Wenger out trash, and the sensible fans are leaving. Its become a one sided argument here. Wenger holds plenty of the blame at his feet. But he can’t play for xhaka or make saves for cech. You can give a person the game. Its all about how the players use the info, or implies the info into their personal game. The reason for arsenal troubles this year is the defense. These guys know their job and how it should be done. What more can they learn about defending. The problem with arsenal is the support from fake fans. Arsenal fans can be complete bums. I have been a gooner for over 13 years and loved every minute of it. I take the good with the bad. You lot should learn to do the same thing.

    1. Yossarian says:

      Dude… I’ve been supporting Arsenal for over 30 years, and some contributors to this site have been supporting Arsenal for twice as long as me! We do take the rough with the smooth.

      Although it might not seem that way for some of our younger fans, Arsenal is not Arsene [Wenger] and he is no longer the man for the job. The reason why this site is so negative about our manager is because it’s time for him to move on and allow somebody with a fresher approach to stop the club going backwards, like it has been for some time now.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Yossarian, as a fan for 55 years, I couldn’t have said it better.

  12. Maks says:

    Looking farward to the next season! 🙂

  13. Phil says:

    How about we start the changes at the beginning.
    Let’s get WENGER OUT and take things from there

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