The positives and negatives of Wenger’s top replacements

Who would you prefer as the next Arsenal manager? by Don Nayr

Credit to Arsene Wenger for finally making the announcement that he is going to step down as the Arsenal manager at the end of the season. He will surely go down as the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history. All Gooners ought to unite now and support the team to give Wenger a good sendoff, preferably with a Europa League medal. The Arsenal players also have an obligation to work their socks off in the remaining games, they owe that to the manager who has stood by them countless times.

But after the announcement, what’s next for Arsenal Football Club. Who is the man best suited to take Arsenal forward?

According to betvictor the odds on the next Arsenal manager are…

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10/3 Patrick Vieira
6/1 Carlo Ancelotti
6/1 Thomas Tuchel
7/1 Brendan Rodgers
15/2 Leonardo Jardim
8/1 Mikel Arteta
8/1 Joachim Low
8/1 Massimiliano Allegri
8/1 Rafael Benitez
10/1 Thierry Henry
10/1 Lucien Favre
11/1 Dennis Bergkamp
14/1 Diego Simeone
16/1 Sean Dyche

A brief analysis of the top 5 candidates


Positives- An Arsenal legend who was part of the famous Invincibles squad, will introduce a winning mentality still young for a manager at just 41 years old.
Negatives- inexperienced at the top level,he has only managed New York City FC.


Positives- Widely experienced, has won major trophies across different countries, tactically has been said to be adaptable.
Negatives- most people consider him as a short term option and his age would be a factor as he is 58 years old.


Positives- Young at 44 years, tactically very adept, plays expansive attacking football, has had major stints at good clubs like Mainz and Bvb.
Negatives- a major concern with how he deals with those in authority, has clashed with arsenal’s cheif scout Sven Mislintat.


Positives- young at 45 years, experienced and almost won the league with Liverpool, has gone unbeaten at Celtic, English
Negatives- has been said to be too arrogant for his own good, disliked by most gooners.


Positives- the Venezuelan born Portueguese is still young at 43 years, plays attacking football and won the league with Monaco last season.
Negative- at the beginning of his AS Monaco tenure there were concerns about his brand of football but he proved everyone wrong in the subsequent season.

I would like an arsenal team solid at the back with a strong backbone and good attacking prowress so my pick would be LEONARDO JARDIM.

Who would you pick as the next Arsenal manager based on this odds?



Updated: April 25, 2018 — 11:36 am


  1. Gazadis said we need to be brave in our choice so I would imagine it’s either e new coach or Henry or viera

    1. I will like either of the two

      1. Or the two together

  2. Allegri for me ,then Jardim or Ancelloti

    1. Pires, I second your choice; any of these three. I would only throw Conte in the mix, although I think the board would find him too demonstrative!

  3. Bring in Leonardo Jardim.
    No better option please.
    The club is about starting afresh after getting this low. So young but experienced manager is needed.

  4. I want Allegri as manager BUT
    Im fine with any of these
    1. Allegri
    2. Ancelloti
    3. Low
    4. Jardim
    5. Enrique
    6. Simeone
    7. Tuchel

    No Arteta, Henry, Vieira, Brenda, Bergkamp please.

    1. As long sa Raul Sanllehi deal with football matter next Arsenal manager is Luiz Enriqe and second option is Jardim full stop and i will put my money on that!!

    2. No credit. He should have quit the Fergie way, when at the prime not when the empire is crumbling

    3. Agree with Innit

  5. Arsene is one of the greatest managers in the Premier League. He has done a lot. Many people are both happy and sad and as you can see here the pundits are in melt down

  6. i can now breathe… whatever comes

  7. Brenda??? Nooooooo!!! 😣

    1. Brenda has not chance has name just mentioned for PR strategy

      1. I hope you’re right! Even Charlie Nicholas said he’s the man for the job 😩

    2. Sue, will be Enriqe mark my words Brenda is just another Moyes coming to Arsenal

      1. No Brendon Rogers please please please. Anybody but Brendon, as a matter of fact his name is the only bad news I have had today

        1. Or Roberto Manchini his worst then Roger and looking desperate to get back to EPL

  8. How is short-term a negative, in regards to older candidates like Ancelloti? The footballing world’s entire existence is based around the short-term, and Arsenal need to realise this. Long-term is fine, as long as the manager is successful, but we should be looking 2/3 years, then move on if it starts going wrong. No more waiting around patiently for 5/10 years, in the hope the manager FINALLY turns it all around!

    1. I agree.
      might be a positive thirdman.

    2. Can’t help but agree with this.Wengers time at the club shows how comfortable the position was for him.He knew his job was safe wherever we finished in the League.The new Manager must show progress and realise the pressure is on from day one.

    3. I think Ancelloti is better with a squad that is already complete. Arsenal need rebuilding as well so idk if Carlo is up to it, but I wouldn’t be upset if he got the job, cause his C.V. is great and he knows how to win.

  9. Even great Presidents/CEO have to move on at some point i had enough with Wenger’s Arrogants
    came out and said “i dont worry about attendence” really??

  10. Jardim or Tuchel as long-term, Enrique as short-term depending on what route the club is going to take.

  11. Guys Ancelotti is just another Mourinho within two seasons he always falls out with his players and the club. He isn’t a great manager tactically either – he depends on the individual brilliance of players just like Mourinho.

    1. Yeah but within those two years he wins trophies. Champions League and League trophies.

  12. Arsenal youth win Premier League 2 today also. Nelson and Nketiah score. Hope the new manager also gives youth players a chance cause these youngsters are really excelling and impressing.

    1. RSH I agree.

  13. I’d like to see Löw or Allegri, with Bergkamp as assistant manager, so that he can take over after either of them…… he was really smart as a player, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he’s smarter as a coach.

  14. I have a big party this week end …thanks God finally he is leaving….. .long live Arsenal Club!!!
    He was fired ……for ever…

  15. I just hope so much that we have it in us to recruit a strong personality like Pep rather than kroenke wanting a puppet he can mould and over rule.
    We also need a man manager, someone who the players respect but also fear just slightly.
    In terms of success in the transfer market and publicity etc we need a manager everyone instantly knows someone with charisma and stature.
    That person is viera for me but whether all those things make a good manager is a different thing.
    I personally can imagine the likes of tuchel or allegri or Enrique supported by Arteta, Henry, viera etc
    It’s whether these guys would move roles to come in as an assistant.
    I would like the assistant or manager to have a good mixed knowledge of attack and defence.
    We need to rebuild from the back forward.

    Slightly off topic I’m excited but at the same time slightly reflective and worry for Wenger I think one of the reasons he’s still here is he’s knows nothing else. I hope he gets another role that keeps him in the game enough to satisfy him on a daily basis.
    For the good old days which I can remember just……thanks 🙂

  16. Conspiracy theory.
    Fans now return to the Emirates
    Arsenal finish the season strongly
    Wenger on the last day says “suprise I’ve changed my mind” lol

    1. @Ronny

      Haha! Please no! I can imagine the board dithering, because they’ve NEVER appointed a manager, and then Wenger steps in in his new role as interim manager, to help them out haha!

      1. Its season ticket renevel time so they were desperate what with empty season ticket holders seats only they had no choice but to throw AW under a duble decker bus

  17. @ay75
    Yes I like your choice 🙂

  18. A.Y God bless you, you have said it all I totally agree with your selections, low or allegri or no deal please

  19. I have nothing but respect to Arsene. Merci Arsene 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    As for his successor, since Klopp is not available, I favor Carlo Ancelotti or Antonio Conte.

  20. Why is no one mentioning Maurizo Sarri of Napoli? I think his style play suits us. Napoli play one of the beautiful football in Europe

  21. Annan spot on I love Napoli they are how I Kong arsenal to be again.
    Great attackers hamsik as the leader and strong defenders. Darrington does go under the radar as he’s maybe not glitzy but yes no doubt a fantastic manager. If they beat juve this year he may even agree to leave.

  22. Bloomin spell check lol

  23. Allegri for me. Definitely not Brendan Rogers let him ‘live the dream’ and stay up in Scotland so he can win the SPL every year. By the way he’s not English, he’s Irish.

    I’d love Patrick but it’s too much of a gamble. Maybe next time!!

  24. Carlo Ancelotti or Low for me… Both have won major honours in their respective careers
    And even if Ancelotti is 58 still he can manage 8-10 years more… Sir Alex Managed such a big club till the age of 72 and that too winning the league in his final year…

  25. Allegri-master tactician as proved against that minor team down the road and Real Madrid; defensively solid and a compulsive winner or secondly,Jardim, but 2 words worrying me-Brendan Rodgers.

  26. No inexperienced manager like Vieira or Henry. Jardim would be the safest bet and we need a manager who will instill a bit of discipline which he will do. He is also used to operate on a small budget.

    1. Jardim remains the best option in my opinion, he is great with developing young players (there’s a long list of players we know that went through him) and always has a disciplined side that play offensive football.

  27. Enrique nailed on

  28. What do mean credit to Arsene Wenger he was forced out of the club and way over due

  29. I want low as our new manager because he has won a world cup and based on that he will win us the league in the nxt 2 seasons give him a season to adapt get us back in the champions league if we dont win europa and then challenge for premier league but with that being said I want to see ousMann dembele follow him to the emI rates and I wnt to see nzonzi there and a defender u guys might argue or be angry bt I want alderweirald

  30. Allegri tops the lot, then tuchel, then jardim in that order. The young German coach from hoffenheim is a welcomed fourth. As for ancellotti, Rodgers, and especially Enrique that’s a no but thanks for the interest!

  31. Daily Poll - What is the best position for Ainsley Maitland-Niles?

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