The positives and negatives to Dani Ceballos’ loan signing

So our 5th signing of the season comes in the form of a player that was also with us last season. Welcome back Dani Ceballos.


Dani’s joining us for the whole season on loan from Real Madrid in a move that was ‘never in any doubt’ but for me this move has both positives and negatives. Although he turned down bids from different teams to return to us after his short return back to Madrid, at the end of the season we will lose him again.


While Dani was a key figure in our team after his injury and although it is nice to have him back because he knows the team and how they play and knows how Arteta works so it shouldn’t take him any time at all to slot right back into the team, there is a negative that will come at the end of the season when we will have to part ways with him again.


Although loans are a nice thing to have and helps with funding, I can’t help but feel they are a bit of a waste of time, all because a player will come in, give their all, fans become attached and then the player returns to their parent club.


An interview on by Dani himself states that although his return was never in doubt it was also helped by fans asking him to come back, which again shows that fans can sometimes play an important part in where a player ends up.


I know Arsenal are trying to do the cheapest thing possible to save money and do the best deals they can with the funds they have available, but knowing a player, who becomes a permanent fixture in the team, is going to leave at the end of the season becomes such a disappointment. You cannot enjoy the signing as much because you know it is only temporary.


For me as a football fan although I like change in some circumstances, I also like things that are set and permanent. And although it is nice to have Ceballos back, because he knows the team and is a key figure, it makes me angry that he is only on loan with us where we will play him, watch him grow, give him game time and prepare him well, to then send him back to Madrid, where let’s be honest, I can’t imagine he would then return to us for a 3rd loan spell!


If the fans have the power to make a player come to a club then here’s hoping we have the power to get Dani a permanent deal at the club after this season.


Gooners how do you feel about loans?

Shenel Osman


  1. Loans in general feel like a stop gap but as the article says there are positives and negatives.

    1. The loan allows the club to gel the players they have Already brought in And ensure they have enough funding for the right player next window.

    2. To see If the type of player they thought they need fits into the system they want to play.

    3. Cover an area where they feel they need numbers.

    In Dani’s case he fitted in well last season, had some great performances and moments I thought wow. But he didn’t produce a lot of end product and wasn’t consistent. Who knows Dani May continue to progress under Arteta’s system and there is a chance he may oppt for staying permanently under a secure ship next season who knows.

    He is a good fulcrum in the middle and did keep it ticking over with his turn on a dime and dribbles out of trouble last season hope that end product comes.

  2. Getting Partey will be perfect,
    -first it will give Partey much needed time to settle while cebalos keep the team running
    -2nd it will reduce the presure on the new signings
    -and by the time cebalos loan end Partey would have settled in well,
    Without buying 1 of Partey or Aourora, the cebalos deal couldn’t mean much and we will be back at same spot by end of the season.
    The above reason, applies to defense and that’s why I think, beside Luiz, mustaffi should be retain to help Gabriel and Saliba settle, I can’t trust Mari for the job yet

  3. I think we will get one of Partey or Aourer and they will eventually all start in a midfield 3 with Xhaka and Ceballos. Once Saliba and Gabriel settle in I can see us going to Artetas ideal formation 4 3 3. I agree we should keep Mustafi, Mari and Luiz based on experience ahead of Holding and Chambers as we can generate better money through there sales as well.

  4. I am finding it hard to be too excited about the whole Ceballos business. First of all there are the arguments you made about the nature of it being a “loan”. Minutes that can be spent on developing a team player.
    Also while I do acknowledge his ability and work rate, he reminds me too much of Lamela at Spurs, a player with technical ability and energy but does not really affect very much. He is 24 and Real is still sending him out on loan, there might be something to that.
    He would have to prove that he is a difference maker before I would be excited about him signing permanently. At present , I do not think that he is the answer to Arsenal’s midfield shortage. The team still needs one or preferably two frontline midfielders to even have a sniff of top four. We are struggling to get a bare bones team together while other teams are building redundancies into their attacking forces.

  5. Pros and cons on both but just thinks it works well and we should enjoy it whilst it last. We brought Torreira and got a good season than a disappointing one with him looking at the exit door. There are no sure thing. A player on Loan sometimes plays harder To either prove a point to parent club or win a move elsewhere. Let’s just enjoy Dani cos as of now he is a starter for our club for the next season and a upgrade to what we have already. Hope we do sign another midfielder but still happy with what we have got. Coyg

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