The Premier League is back, but these fans are not happy because of Arsenal’s first opponents

The Premier League teams have agreed to get the action back underway in the 2019/2020 season next month.

The competition will resume on June 17th, but the first set of games would be the outstanding games for Manchester City, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

Football fans across the world are glad to hear that the competition would be back underway soon and they have taken to social media to show their delight.

However, it isn’t the fans of every team that is happy after the Premier League released the fixture list for the first set of games, and Arsenal fans are the ones with the most concerns.

The Gunners were supposed to play their Premier League game against Manchester City at the Etihad before the competition was suspended and that fixture has been pencilled down as Arsenal’s first game when the Premier League returns and fans are not happy about that development and they want us to know it.

Piers Morgan was the leading Arsenal fan to express his lack of delight in Arsenal’s first game back.

The positive is that at least it gets the hardest possible game out of the way immediately and there is no guarantee that City will be any fitter or motivated than Arsenal. There is no need to be gloomy about this game.

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  1. agreed. Instead of thinking about the negatives – they are playing freaking football again!!

    Yup, tough start but it may be perfect. If both teams are at full potential we likely are second best. We might grab something from this.

    Hope all on the board have been faring well in UK and globally. Looking forward to discussing the ups and downs, ins and outs now that we are moving ahead.


  2. I feel it could be good as mikel has finally had time to show what he wants from his players . And if not should be a great game

  3. “No need to be gloomy about this game”. Well, no more than any other disgustingly for safetys sake, too soon game! The first death , a certainty, either direct(a player) or indirect(his family) will ensure all hell breaks loose to footballs long term regret and damage to its standing.

    Some disagree and just don’t accept the danger . Either that or they just don’t care for the lives of others. Make your own minds up as to which of those two dismal choices it really is! After all ONLY a “paltry 377 humans died today” in Britain. That is either a deeply sobering or an irrelevant thought, depending on your life values, if they exist!

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