The Premier League table without VAR decisions would be different for Arsenal

Arsenal is five points clear at the top of the Premier League table as players head for the World Cup to return just before Christmas.

Considering their struggles at the end of last season, it seems like a dream that Mikel Arteta’s side could be this high on the league table.

However, things are much better and five points in the lead by Christmas means Arsenal must be taken seriously.

One key factor in winning a game in the PL nowadays is VAR decisions. When it goes your way, you stand a much better chance of taking a win.

But it can also be the difference between losing and winning a fixture. Considering its importance, The Sun has computed the EPL table without VAR interventions.

The report reveals without VAR, Arsenal will have 35 points, the same as Manchester City.

However, the Citizens will be atop the league table on goals difference.

Just Arsenal Opinion

As interesting as this seems, it is a useless piece of information which will help no one.

VAR has come to stay and the EPL table will always be affected by the decisions made with it.

We have also been on the receiving end of some poor VAR decisions, yet we have moved on and are thriving.

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  1. “We have also been on the receiving end of some poor VAR decisions…”

    I think you’re reading the data wrongly. This is about changes *both ways*. There are cases where we have benefitted from VAR decisions (think: reversal of Gabriel’s sending off, pen etc).

    And VAR doesn’t make bad decisions, in fact VAR doesn’t make any decisions, it only lets the twits who do make the decisions see what actually happened. It’s just a replay system (apart from goal line technology which is different).

    Overall it shows that without VAR, City would be benefitting from 5 whole points of what would have probably been mostly bad decisions. All hail VAR! 🙂

  2. I disagree with you, on that! You are trying to said VR is in Arsenal side right. I totally disagree with you man. Gunners for life 🙏✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  3. Without VAR then city wouldn’t have those points too. Every club has benefited from the VAR in its own ways

  4. Why analysing just Arsenal out of 20 teams you are not making any sense. Did you mean the rest of the teams are not benefiting from VAR or what?

  5. I find this ludicrous or plain stupid because this person did not factor in the Man United game which has thatsrtinell hosl stood would probably have resulted in a differet result.
    So he thinks Man City didn’t benefit from VAR decision or what?

  6. Without VAR, our first goal againts man utd would have counted where Eriksen claim its a foul. And it would have changed the game.

  7. I can’t believe anymore
    Just VAR is on Arsenal Side
    Man your wrong , look at last Season
    Every goal Arsenal was scoring, immediately refree must be called to the var , and at end goal must be canceled, look at this Season
    VAR is very different with our goals , yes I agree VaR is some how good but not good enough , because if it is good enough, we couldn’t lose our last game as Arsenal playing with Manchester united,, VAR is very Foolish 100%

  8. We still have a long way to go, hard nuts to crack. I believe things will change but people are just focusing on only arsenal but every little snake bite consider Newcastle not only those giant clube.
    VAR is someone decision but base on the center refree, if refree says no then it mean no.

  9. VAR or not Arsenal leads on a clear 5 point. No more a match journey for the closest rival. Hopeful that the clear lead would be maintained. Arsenal is for real.

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