The Premier League urges clubs to get ready for the resumption of league games

The Premier League has activated the first phase of “Project Restart” as they look to get the Premier League season back underway.

They have suspended the Premier League since the start of March after Mikel Arteta tested positive to Covid19.

They have asked players to isolate while the Government has also banned public gatherings and put in place social distancing measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Football around the world is on the cusp of resumption and the Premier League is targeting a return to action by June.

Express Sports claims that the Premier League has told clubs to prepare for the restart of the league season, which includes recalling their players that have left England to return for their native countries.

It also involves clubs resuming training partially to prepare for when they will be given the go-ahead to start full training again.

They will inform the clubs about how the season would be restarted including safety measures to be observed via a video call on Friday.

For now, they have alerted them that the campaign will be underway in a matter of weeks and they would be smart to kick start their preparation for the season-ending.

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  1. 18,000 death is not enough to stop the league

    not even 18million deaths

    Football must go on…


  2. I just wish they did what is best for everybody,as for john Ibrahim your comment look like you don’t care about human life is either you have turn off your humanity or you are not thinking straight because none of your family,friends or relatives are among the victims that complete that 18000,why on earth will you come out public and say 18000 lost soul does not worth canceling the league for,as for me even if they have to cancel next season it’s fine by me because nothing is valuable than human life,if they can’t guarantee people safety then they can forget the whole season and kiss the league good bye for all I care

  3. I was listening to an interesting report the other day discussing how many different people would be involved in a game just played behind closed doors
    And also the people who would think it’s ok to group outside the games
    I just can’t see how on earth they think football will start in the next couple of weeks or few weeks

  4. Ask yourself “what drives the Premier league more than any other factor?” You will, if you are wise, come up with the correct answer; MONEY AND STILL MORE FILTHY MONEY!
    Then please ask yourself this; “in its 30 year existence has the Prem EVER cared about fans and put their health and involvement in decisions that affect them on the agenda at all?” Again, if you are wise, you will come up with the correct answer”NO, NEVER”.

    Finally, please ask yourself this; “IS THE PREM LEAGUE A MORALLY REPUGNANT AND FOUL SMELLING CORPORATE BULLY WHICH NEEDS IMMEDIATE CHANGE?” If you are wise and most of you ARE exceedingly wise, you don’t need me to answer, as you already know it to your core !

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