Bayern Munich looking for revenge win over Arsenal

Th Gunners are going off to Germany to get ready for the most important game so far this season, and although we are in confident mood, the Germans are also determined to beat Arsenal this time around.

Their super-striker Robert Lewandowski has gone an unbelievable two whole gams without scoring a goal and he is desperate to end his goal dought on Wednesday. Lewandowski said: “We have to get the points. We’re playing at home and will give our all. The most important thing is that we control the game and score the first goal.

“I’ve gone two games without a goal now, obviously I want to score again. I will give everything for that.”

But we also have our own Germans in the Arsenal side in Ozil and Mertesacker, and Per knows that Bayern are desperate to get revenge at the Allianz Arena, but he is ready to stop Lewandowski scoring yet again..

“They will be angry,” Mertesacker said. “We are the first team that really challenged them and beat them in the end. So they will try to show they are better than us. We showed that we can beat them. That’s a good sign but it will be a different game at their place.

“Both teams have got a good chance to go through to the knockout stages. We improved our position in the last game against Munich but we need to get something out of this game. That puts pressure on us to perform and we need to defend even better.”

Our defence is on fire as well as our attack force, so I can see no reason why we should lose this time after our clean sheet at the Emirates. Can you?

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    1. I expect Sanchez to turn up like he did against Utd, with the absence of Theo and Ox were going to need him to up his game and do well on the counter along with Joel and Ozil.

      1. I want Oz to produce enough Wizadry to make Hermoine jealous, but what I want more is for Santi the Saint to give us another miracle while our French detective CoqBlocks so hard Ellen Degeneres would be proud.

  1. I somewhat understand the over confidence from fans but I expect a much tougher game with a Bayern side that will be more eager to win than at the Emirates..
    By the way -Robert Lewandowski, aint their only goal scorer..
    We need to be fully focused and like at the Emirates, make sure we dont loose the game in the 1st half and then anything can happen..

    1. Guys, for the first time in a long time I can proudly say we are a TOP European team, we’re up there with the likes of Barca and Juve. Why ? 1. We have history – 2. We play some of the sexiest football on the planet – 3. After all our dramatic encounters, Bayern Munich is practically our European rival

  2. Oh, Wednesday should come already…
    It’s been a while since my last comment here, anyway I do not know the approach Wenger will be using tomorrow but I want us to go for a win and not a draw.
    I think I like what Campbell did in the game against Swansea, he knew when to go forward and when not to, he knew when to push the ball forward and when not to, it was great to see such from him. I also liked the fact that when Bellerin pushed forward, he stayed very close to the half way line to help cover for Hector, which was very important. If he continues like this tomorrow, then I think handling Costa won’t be a problem unlike the first leg.
    Sanchez should just be himself and stop trying to do too much sometimes. Mertesacker must start tomorrow, if we are gonna be playing defense and counter all through but if not Gabriel should start. I do not want what happened on Saturday happen again when Gomis beat our offside trap, we might not be lucky with someone like Lewandowski.

  3. We were very lucky not to be beaten 2 weeks ago. Let’s not get carried away. They were far better than us with 70% possession. We will have to be as lucky again and hope RL leaves his scoring boots at home again.

      1. Paddy, when you can’t even enter the box to shoot or don’t ever trouble a GK how can you claim to be unlucky.

    1. Do you even football?? That game wasn’t about luck, was a good tactical awareness n executed very well, give credit where it’s due

  4. Arsenal will go with the same side that played Swans. Theo will be hugely missed as his speed helps us in the counters. But OG suites to the defensive game plan thats in offing. Its a must win game for both teams(especially us). If we win this and the next two, and assuming Bayern win the next two as well, table toppers will be decided here.
    Bayern will be licking their wounds, after playing a good attacking football in emirates still ended up on the losing side.
    Luck is what I am hoping for, draw is a win for us.

  5. It will be extremely difficult to watch at times with Bayern possessing the ball. Are the only team I’ve seen who could keep Barca off the ball for any longevity. We must be clinical and very patient. Alexis and Ozil will need to be at their finest so I’m predicting we go one up from an Ozil assist Alexis goal ..COYG

    1. I like how you slightly imply we’re on par with Barca, good to see fans with re-newed hop for Wenger and his team 😀

  6. “MNF panel joke about Mike Dean’s ‘celebration’ for Spurs goal”

    This isn’t the first time he is celebrating a Spurs goal. Remember he did same a couple of seasons ago when Spurs scored against Arsenal. Besides, come to think of it his performance in the Chelsea vs Arsenal game where he failed to send Costa off but did to Gabriel eventually costing Arsenal the game. Can we safely conclude that this guy is a season ticket holder at White Hart Lane?

  7. Not sure about mertesacker starting tomorrow’s game, I wish Gabriel would start because of bayern’s pacey wingers.But then again per might start because he understands German and we’ll need to hear what they are saying.

  8. THE GUNNERS CAN COME AWAY WITH 3 POINTS FROM ALLIANZ ARENA. Haven put an end to the Bavarian club side dominance at d 3rd time of asking at the Emirates Stadium 2 weeks ago, The Gunners can take all the 3 points at the Allianz Arena if they confined Bayern Munich to their winless game against them in their 3 attempts tomorrow night. Arsenal will prevail over Bayern if they contain, endure, persevere and resist all d fiery dart of attacks Bayern will throw at them. To do that successfully, they MUST constitute themselves to a defensive unit. every Gunners SHOULD convert himself to a defender to held each other out by clossing down any threat by Lewandowski, Iron Robben and Muller incurssions into d Gunners’ 18 yards box to test Petr Cech resolves. No Gunner SHOULD switch off to have a momentary rest on d field. And any form of momemtary loss of concentarations MUST be eschewed by every Gunner on the field of play. The Boss and the Gunner MUST UNDO(the KEY) Bayern in their game to counters to score goals.

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