The pressure is on Emery, so let’s look at potential replacements…

Leicester away should be the final nail in Emery’s coffin. by Konstantin Mitov

Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are again. The pressure is on, the rumours keep on coming in, and despite some being ridiculous and obvious click baits, you cannot deny the Arsenal manager has messed things up and the pressure is on and mounting.

Sure we do not have a reputation of sacking managers, but where has that led us to hey? Emery was a poor choice, we have to admit that. Mistakes were made, but what is important is learning a lesson. We took too many years to learn one with Wenger, but Unai has nothing to hold onto. He failed our top 4 chances, which all started with that defeat to Palace. Then he lost the EL final, which was his speciality.

Now the handling of the Ozil situation created distress within the squad, and even though Mesut was back, we still failed to create enough chances and still threw away our lead. We did it at Watford, Crystal Palace, Liverpool in the league cup and now again against Wolves. We dropped Xhaka, added Tierny, what is the problem?

You can say the rumours are exaggerated but where there is smoke, there is fire. The board dining with Mourinho may be fake news but the news Emery has problems communicating with the team due to his bad English, seem to have some truth to it. The way Xhaka and Ozil are handled is also not great, and the results only pile pressure on top of that as excuses run dry, but results are set in stone. Sometimes in life people just need a fresh start. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, you just need something to change. A new face maybe and mid-season this can only be the manager. Let’s look at potential replacements.

Jose Mourinho, the elephant in the room. Ironically as it may sound, I would love to have Jose. People forget that his spat was with Wenger not Arsenal, although for a long period of time people thought it was the same thing. Mourinho would absolutely LOVE to manage Arsenal. He knows the league, he knows London, he’ll get some good players, some of which he knows (Ozil and Luiz) and the opportunity for him to win trophies with us is something he’ll take at a heartbeat. One major benefit I see is that he will definitely demand the best from the board and he’ll play to win, that’s certain.

Could it be an expensive mistake though? Sure it can, I can easily see him blaming everybody else if things don’t go his way. In a hypothetical world, where he becomes our manager, he’ll have a free first season, but then the pressure is on and expectations will be very high, and it’s not like Jose lasts too long at a football club, before ruining his relationship with everybody, but to hell with it, it might be exactly what we need.

Those players have for far too long been treated with cotton wool! Perhaps it’s time to have a character up front. Someone who has lifted the important silverware over his head. Someone who has delivered multiple times. Jose may be everything, but his record is one of the best. Whether he is past it and on the decline, I would say, Man Utd is not the best place to judge. Unfortunately, Arsenal have become the same toxic environment, and a contradicting figure like Mourinho could be a problem, or as I say again, it might be exactly what we need. It will be the complete opposite of everything you associate Arsenal with and I love that prospect.

Other candidates could be Max Allegri, who would be an excellent choice, but I find it more difficult to get him on board now. The language barrier could again be a problem here, but he is out of work and could be looking for a new challenge. Regardless, what he did with Juventus before they started spending like mad on Ronaldo’s and such was impressive, taking them to two champions league finals and winning multiple titles and cups in a row. I think it’s more possible for him to go to Bayern sadly as they’ve sacked Kovac.

Those two would be the “safe” bets. Opting for experience and a big name, but there is also the chance of going fresh with a young manager. Trying to emulate Poch, Zidane and so on and the Mikel Arteta rumours will be back. He studies under Guardiola, which is a major plus, but being a good assistant and being a good manager is two different things. It would be a bold decision, but again, it could be a stupid one.

Vieira will be mentioned surely, as Lampard and Ole have also taken on Chelsea and Man Utd in a similar fashion, but it’s another wildcard option. Has he really impressed as a manager in France? Sure he’ll have something Arsenal players can only dream of these days, which is actual league titles won with the club, but former glory is not the same thing as being a successful manager today.

Options like Ten Hag and Julian Nagelsmann could also pop-up again, but do you honestly see them happening? I feel like they are more eye candy than anything else. I’ve learned over the years of supporting Arsenal, that we can be linked with anyone, but that doesn’t mean anything, and getting rid of the manager first is a far bigger issue but just take one thing into account.

We are going away to Leicester next, who are already 6 points ahead of us in the table and we’ve lost there in recent years. If we lose again, which is in my mind certain (I hope I am wrong, but seeing the football we and they play, we are doomed before the game starts) it’ll be 9 points. It’s November and we’ll be looking at the top 4 from afar. It’s ugly people, and the board face the prospect of Auba and Lacca leaving if we continue to not move forward.

Sticking with a bad manager for the sake of just sticking with one for long is not a good strategy, not that that has ever prevented us from doing it, but Unai has achieved nothing so far and our negative and resultless style of football is getting on one or two nerves. There is a positive thing to negative results.

Actions will have to be taken.



  1. Ten Haag and Nagelsmann, eye candy? You’re havin a laugh ain’t you…They’re the best 2 options you’ve named.

    1. Ten Haag is a big risk….two years ago Leornado Jardim was in the same position
      His team had just beaten PSG to the title relying on youth…Monaco reached semi finals of Champions league defeating Pep Guardiola’s Manchester city… every thing was sweet and rosy then and Jardim was considered even to be the New Wenger and look what happened since then…. Monaco was nearly relegated last season…
      So what I am saying is basically any any Manager we appoint after sacking Emery is a big risk….
      If we were to appoint an interim Manager it should be an experienced manager who can tighten up our defence

      OT : What I find really surprising about arsenal this season is that we are playing just the opposite way that we played at beginning of last season…Once we never try to control a game by controlling possession once we have the lead. We simply try to play pointless long balls to by pass the opposition press…. Another problem is we never try to stop opposition crosses into our box. In the last game Tierney was the only one who tried to stop the opposition crossing….Yet another problem is we never try to fight for the second balls…

      1. Monaco decided to cash in on all their best players, that wasn’t Jardin’s fault. He is a very good good coach

        1. And he left at the beginning of the season only to return after Henry messed up and then he saved them from relegation.

        1. Diego Simeone for me!

          No nonsense, tough, good attacking football and just the kind of attitude this squad needs. Someone to sort the men from the boys!!!

          1. This is the most clueless comment in the history of this site.

            Simeone’s Atletico play the LEAST attacking football of any of the top 20 sides in Europe. 12 goals in 12 games, resulting in 6 draws in 12 matches despite having the world’s best keeper…

  2. I agree with every of your points regarding Mourinho. I mentioned it all before also, Mourinho won’t be a bad choice actually. I recall saying his war and battles were against Arsene Wenger not Arsenal FC.
    They both had that rivalry, it had nothing to do with the club and like you said, maybe a tough hand is what the players need, maybe Mourinho is actually who we need to kick our board in the âss, we all know Mourinho won’t hide shít from us or play puppet for the board.
    People cite is time at United as example, hell he was right about that united squad wasn’t he?
    He said the best thing he did for United was coming 2nd place with that squad and people thought he was crazy.
    Years later, United can’t sit in the top four not to mention top 3.
    Yes he might be too explicit and straightforward with words, which is people don’t like him and say he’s arrogant and disrespectful, but the plain truth is, he’s a born winner and a manager who will come out clean regarding the board.
    Maybe, just maybe he’s exactly what we need to kick out the softness in the club

    1. @EddieHoyte
      I’ve always gad mad respect for Jose, regardless of the back and forth between him and AW. But he’s no yes man,and that is Exactkt what the board is looking for… So I can’t see this happening.

      1. I doubt it’ll happen though. Our board can’t take someone who will stand to fight for ignore their stories and manipulations

    2. The only problem with Mourinho is he is not good for a long term project… also he has third season syndrome

      1. @Francis

        Why do we need another long term project? Chelsea do short term, and it’s been nothing but a massive success.

        Before it all implodes, Mourinho will give us at least two brilliant seasons, possible three. When was the last time we had a truly brilliant season?

  3. God help my lovely Arsenal FC for God sake.
    Emery came to Arsenal to like some players and hate some,that’s his biggest problem and another one is his tactics and his observations on the pitch…. With all starts left for him at PSG he couldn’t manage them create havoc with Artam Ben Alfa,Javier pastors and so on short and simple his not good 😞

    1. Allegri was always my choice, even before Emery, because he would sort out our chronic weakness for the past decade i.e. our defence (or lack of it). Under him Juve also played attractive football and as a tactition he is probably second to none. That said, I agree with Admin Konstantin, he will probably choose Bayern over us. Mind you, Mourinho is apparently on the Bayern shortlist, so who knows what will happen!!

      1. Allegri would surely love to rub shoulders with Pep and Klopp right now, but which club will give him the best chance for success. Manu it has to be said is the obvious choice, a whole rebuild required, he’ll have the money. He’ll have Pogba and De Gea and Maguire, not a bad spine to start from. Arsenal is a top choice, but I feel he will go with utd. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t learning English on his year out sabbatical, or that he didn’t already know a little English. Tott is not an option, between ourselves, utd, Bayern and Madrid, maybe PSG too.

    2. To love everything opposite what arsenal stand for according the writer, is anti-arsenal! We don’t need that right now. What we need back now is our Arsenal, our philosophy, good football that makes the heart merry, that makes you proud of your badge even when you loose sometimes, being satisfied that you played a very good game of football. That is what Arsenal needs now.
      Mourinho definitely does not represent that.
      Have we forgotten who we are? Have some Arsenal fans become so desperate to even contemplate Mourinho to Arsenal? Employing Mourinho would the height of insanity for our beloved club and the height of hypocrisy and desperation.
      There are good football playing managers out there desperate for a platform like the Emirates to show want they can do.

    3. Dudu, you don’t help your argument by mentioning “Ben Alfa” who has fallen out with every coach/manager he has played under.

  4. Jose won’t come, as he wants a long contract so at least he can get paid while being sacked.

    Language barrier shouldn’t be a problem as Emery’s English is probably not much better than Allegri’s.

    I feel like players respect Lljungberg more than Emery. Am I completely in the wrong here?

  5. For me it’s Brendan Rogers
    I personally think he would say no, but look at his positives he played attacking football, promotes youth and always gets the best out of his players

  6. Ten Hag,Nagelman and another German that is being considered by Bayern Munich;Ralf Rangnic coach and actually sport director of Leipzig;he is an advocate of the youth coming from between.All of them speaks fluent English.To get the best Arsenal would have to act quickly otherwise Bayern will pick up the best.From England have to be Arteta.
    Mourino will fix the defense but will create divisions among the club and fans;in other words, toxic environment.

  7. I hope Emery gets sacked after the Leicester match because we will have national team break and quite an easy run of games after:

    Southampton (H)
    Norwich (A)
    Brighton (H)
    West Ham (A)

    Easy enough for the new manager to start his life at the Emirates.

    1. It breaks my heart to publicly state
      this but the best results for the
      short and long term future of this
      Club is two resounding defeats this
      week. In all honesty the Portuguese
      side deserved a result at the
      Emirates a few weeks ago and LC might
      be the most in form team in the EPL
      atm. Even if Emery is able to nick
      a victory in EL an empathetic loss
      on the road to Rodgers and Co. should
      be imho the last fixture he ever
      manages for the club.

      I think most fans would be quite
      content with a manager who was
      able to reinvigorate the squad with
      a return to a style of play that
      made Arsenal the envy of the league
      for almost 2 decades. If the defense
      continues to be a work in progress
      than why in the bloody hell are we
      not relying on the strength of the
      team to achieve results. Id take
      4-3, 5-4 score lines ALL FREAKING DAY
      if it meant we were consistently
      beating the teams below us in the
      table and at least being competive
      against Pool and City.

      Emerys biggest sin atm, and it has
      been quite transparent with the # of
      empty seats @ the Emirates recently
      is he has removed the ENTERTAINING
      element from the club and sadly has
      made AFC UNWATCHABLE!!

      1. He hasn’t had the chance to play a team with much chance of going 5-4 so far this season.
        Laca was injured, Pepe was finding his feet, all other options were youngsters and that’s a lot of pressure to handle, leaving just Auba who has already been doing his part 🤷‍♂️

        We can but hope that now he has Laca back, Pepe seems to be settling, and even the youngsters have settled into the squad a bit more that we may see some more aggressive play from us – we certainly slowly seem to be making moves in that direction imo.

      2. tOTALLY AGREE WITHY EVERY WORD. Mourinho will not b ecoming though as the club will never allow the spending money he would demand. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE WITH MOURINHO, SO FORGET THAT ONE. But I think UE will be sacked after we lose at LEICESTER AND WILL GLADLY TAKE A HEAVY DEFEAT TO GET THIS VITAL DEED DONE.

      3. It shouldn’t “break your heart”; you should be discusted with yourself for wanting your supposed club, Arsenal to lose.

  8. Emery has been nothing but a complete disappointment.
    He has done absolutely fck all in all aspects.
    Time to cut him loose.
    Let the likes of Ljungberg take over for now until the summer.

    1. Would love to see Raul and Co. give
      FL the opportunity to see out the
      rest of the season if(hopefully after
      a humiliating defeat @ LC on Sat)
      Emery is given the axe. I cant fathom
      if the Spaniard is given his walking
      papers that the likes of Mourinho
      or Allegri would seriously consider
      the post without a ironclad promise
      of a long term deal and funds
      available to spend in the next 2
      transfer windows. I personally cant
      see Raul being held hostage by either
      of these denands.

      If Freddy exceeds expectations and is
      able to navigate Arsenal to a top 4
      finish or Europa League glory than
      the club may have found there long
      term solution at the position. If
      he is unable to right the ship, or
      the team somehow gets worse during
      his time in charge then replace him
      at seasons end with one of Arteta,
      Naiglesman, Allegri, the Ajax coach,

  9. Mourinho is an awful human being whose ego is bigger than his trophy cabinet. He left Man Utd with such a poisonous atmosphere. His brand of football isn’t very attractive either. Even if he’s the best chance of improvement, I still wouldn’t want him.

    That said, we’re all one big team. If he’s appointed I’ll be behind him all the way just as we all should be for Emery. The team needs to feel that we’re behind them and that we (arsenal fans) are better than the others.


  10. Emery won’t be sacked because:
    1. Arsenal are very patient, classy, and always honour the contract.
    Beaten 8-2, 6-0, fans protested, empty seats, all that and Wenger was offered a new contract. Even Gazidis came out saying Wenger is the best option.
    2. We are business before everything else. Would the board sanction paying the compensation fee? I believe they won’t.

    If the board suddenly become ruthless, Freddie will take over as a caretaker. The season is underway and high profile managers won’t be available. If the worst happens and we are close to relegation, we will settle with the likes of Big Sam, managers experienced in “rescue business”.

    1. The 8-2, and 6-0 were one-off results. Stop hammering on it for the sake of arguments. Even in those games we weren’t playing as awfully as we are right now, drawing and loosing games from a winning position. Right now we are in a situation whereby we are more certain of loosing games than winning, it’s that bad

  11. The 8-2, and 6-0 were one-off results. Stop hammering on it for the sake of arguments. Even in those games we weren’t playing as awfully as we are right now, drawing and loosing games from a winning position. Right now we are in a situation whereby we are more certain of loosing games than winning, it’s that bad

    1. If you know our history, then you know they were not one offs in the slightest. Losing 5-1 to Bayern, three times in a row! How many other beatings from Liverpool, Chelsea etc. Remember it isn’t just the high scoring beatings we took. It was our atrocious record in general against top sides under Wenger.

      1. How many years was Wenger there at the club? In so many years there are only these big margin losses you can point to…so looking at the time he served n the overall results he has achieved these losses don’t count. All big clubs have been embarrassed few times in their history. The same Wenger who’s record against top 4 you are questioning is the guy why ur trophy cabinet at Emirates is full. When he had the funds and market was kind of sensible not inflated…we won the league few times under him. Even with limited budget we kept on finishing in top 4 tell me one manager who has done the same thing?

      2. TMJW, yet with all the humiliations that you love to keep harping on about…we consistently finished in the top four, we always progressed to the knock out stages of the CL and we won the fa cup three times in four seasons.

        How come you never talk about the humiliations we gave other teams, such as the 5 -1 defeat of Inter away?
        Did you even bother to look at the seven gameshighlighted on youtube where we humiliated otner teams?

        There is another article about harmony ripping Arsenal apart and it’s this CONSTANT going back and blaming AW that is certainly a part of that scenario…get over it TMJW, the time of AW is now part of the clubs history – both the good and the bad and we will never move on if the blame culture stops between the fans.

  12. The Leic manager is the type of move that big clubs used to make, it is a valid option, but it also has the benefit of weakening a rival. Che, City and Manu used to try this stuff with us, sometimes it felt like it was more about destabilizing us.

    No doubt Emery is in trouble. These last two home games were big, our home form was as good as you could expect, but now we have a very difficult away trip and that six point gap must not widen.

    The players look like they don’t want to play for these fans, they won’t say it but it looks that way. It could be much worse than we realize, if Auba is being approached and yelled at outside of football, how far does this really go, we hear about some of it and some of it seeps out off the stands but there’s a chance that it’s much uglier than we realize. I read what some fans said to Xhaka, and they’re the same idiots who done the same to Wenger, do they believe that these players will play their hearts out after saying… I hope your daughter gets cancer. The team/players confidence is also gone, that was Wenger’s specialty but other than Auba, Martinelli, the team looks shot of any real belief. You seem to think it might be Emery’s instructions not being understood, they understood last season and put the work in for most part, also he has a translator and some Spanish speaking players, coaches etc. It looks to me like it is the fans that they don’t want to play for, when Lacazette first arrived he said it is like fans are visiting the opera/pantomime over here, it’s like they are all sitting down at the theatre.

    1. Yes we fans are to blame. It is OUR FAULT we have not one top outfield CB and are shapeless, pedestrian,and we don’t give the club enough money to buy new players. I feel so personally guilty for not being able to do more.NOT!!!! All I can do is call for the manager to be sacked. And i will keep doing so until he is gone,which won’t be far away now. THANK GOD!!!

      1. I think it is a little bit your fault Jon. I’ll get back to you when I can think of a semi-good reason.

        1. Let me help you out Truth. At the start of this season, he was the sole supporter of Emery and so devoted back then. As he is a slow person, he just recently realized that he was being duped by Emery.

          It was the game against Liverpool, let me quote one of his post on an article titled “Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal – Depressing as Arsenal suffer yet another Anfield defeat”:

          Jon Fox (August 24, 2019 at 8:34 pm)

          “rkw, I said they were awesome and they were . But perspective please! We still have a lot of poor defenders and I have been saying that louder and more often than any other GOONER FOR YEARS NOW. But that is NOT EMERYS FAULT; IT IS Wengers, Gazidis’s and Kroenkes. Keep faith in this manager . He is a top one and to me at least, that is obvious.”


          1. @350oz,( a name designed to conceal your own real name I notice)Just thought you should know that I am now keeping a list of your past posts and will shame you too if needed. All have the right to change our mind as circumstances alter and unlike how the club worked under Wenger, I believe in being pro-active and not waiting and hoping in vain for something to improve when it is clearly going downhill. I stuck by Emery, who had a decent pedigree when he came; at first he had to make do with all WeNGERS PLAYERS but now that he has more of his own he is making us clueless, shapeless, workless and hapless. I know you have never ever changed your mind -or assume not , since you ridicule me for doing so, but as you are such a wonderful judge why not suggest the next manager in your opiion and than we can all see how wonderful a judge you are. I advise you not to take me on unless you want to ne constantly humiliated.I was wrong on Emery but was man enough to admit it publicly and call for change ,something that you seem to think is beyond the pale. So would you still back Emery ? Care to give us the benefit of your undoubted wisdom? BTW, this “slow person ” has 3 degrees , has worked at a high corporate level with internationally known names and can eat you for breakfast, sonny, any time I choose , so beware!

          2. @jon fox, ooh spooky 😂

            Two months and you’ve already changed your mind, that’s not proactive john, that’s wishy-washy.
            And you’re wrong again, Emery won’t be sacked, no chance. He will be around until the end of this season, then the board will make a decision. It hinges on whether he takes the team to Champions League or not, simple. You can quote me on that.
            Next manager? How the hell should I know, even anyone with half a brain wouldn’t make a prediction. You, keep on believing what media told you.
            BTW you should stop with the three degrees BS, that sounds really dumb.

      2. It’s not literal Jon, it’s not like they say to one another, or themselves, do ya know what, I’m not gonna play for these guys. When the fans are behind them, they don’t say, now here I go, am going to play for these guys. It’s cause and effect, not literal, JON.

      3. jon, a new coach will not address the basic deficiencies of this squad. A lack of physical and mental toughness, no leadership within the team, no tall commanding physical DM causing a lack of physicality in midfield allowing Arsenal to be bullied in midfield and no decent CB’s.

  13. I feel bad for Emery but things are not working,it is best for both parties to cut ties,I read that the board are giving him 4 weeks to save his job, sadly this boat has sailed;now it is up to the board to sack him now before it gets worse,he”d lost the dressing room with players openly mocking him and his statics,the board has to sack him now and if they don’t they will be blamed as much as everyone else and rightly so!!

  14. I think given Mourinho’s recent track record, we could negotiate a pretty decent contract. He is out of real options at big clubs and would likely consider a success-based remuneration with and easy out.

    ie: No top 4 or EL this season and both parties get to walk away for free should they want. If he does get us into the CL we give him a pre-negotiated bonus.

  15. I think we should seriously give Arteta a go, he is an ex Arsenal players so understands out club culture n value, he has always been very professional. He has learned n worked with the best Wenger & Pep. He will for sure play attacking, eye catching n beautiful football that we fans want to see from our team. As this will be his first job so won’t cost us that much in terms of pay …if he is successful then we can tie him up for long term bec of his age as well. Important thing to add he speaks good English so that’s a plus for getting his message across. The way he played and adjustments he made with limited skills n declining age factor in his playing career shows he has a brain which he puts to work.

    1. Arteta is too inexperienced and not worth the punt at this time. The club needs a manager that has gotten results and gets more from their players. Now is not the time to gamble with a coach, now is the time to get a leader who can stop the rot and has experienced fixing problems.

  16. Ten Hag is a favorite to become the new Bayern manager. They know him well from when he was in charge of Bayern II during the time Pep was there. However it is deemed unlikely Ten Hag will leave Ajax mid-season.

  17. If Emery does get sacked we will most likely be putting our trust in Freddie at least in the interim.

    Mourinho is a big no no, not just for me but for the club too – he wants big money signings, doesn’t utilise youth and throws his dummy out of the pram if he doesn’t get his own way – throw in how divisive his appointment would be, it’s never gonna happen.

    Arteta is just as risky as Freddie but we wouldn’t prise him away from City with only an interim offer.

    I don’t think Allegri would be a good fit.

    Just about everyone else is currently somewhere and are unlikely to leave mid-season so as I said, I think our options for this season at least, are Emery or Freddie.

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