The pressure on the Arsenal board has just gone up massively

Arsenal board come under fire from the fans following developments elsewhere.

The pressure on Unai Emery could not have increased anymore really. I mean, Arsenal fans are calling for his head in massive numbers already.

But the same cannot be said about the Arsenal board. The pressure on them has been fairly limited but not no more.

What Tottenham have done over the last 24 hours, sacking Mauricio Pochettino and hiring Jose Mourinho has put into focus the dithering at board level at Arsenal.

I have seen numerous Youtube videos from Arsenal fans saying Spurs are now acting like a big club. That they will finish above Arsenal this season and so on.

That is the domino effect of what that lot have done.

Some Arsenal fans are angry that Emery is still in a job when other clubs act far faster, Bayern Munich and Tottenham being the classic examples. Some fans are also unhappy that Arsenal has missed out on Mourinho.

Now, I am not saying I agree or disagree with these positions, I am just reporting the reaction from Arsenal fans freely available on social media and Youtube.

In my opinion, the fans will turn their anger away from Emery and put it on the board. It is they that have insisted the Spaniard remains in his position. It is they that have blown the opportunity to land at least two high profile replacements in Jose Mourinho and Luis Enrique.

A bad performance against Southampton and I expect the board will come into the crosshairs of the fans.

If that happens, then maybe the board will act but don’t hold your breath.


  1. Whilst I didn’t want the toxic one at Arsenal he will be good for spurs in the short term and they will win something but with very negative football and he will ruin them eventually. Yes AdMart the BoD need to act on replacing Emery asap or we will be left behind.

  2. Unlike Tottenham, Arsenal would most likely unable to attract a top manager currently. Because they have spent a lot of money in the transfer market, which might decrease the transfer budget for next season

    Therefore the requests for hiring the likes of Enrique, Allegri and Mourinho are unrealistic

    The fans don’t need to complain, because one or two more defeats will definitely seal Emery’s fate

    1. I disagree, how much did we spend over the summer? We do have strong enough squad and are in no way inferior to spur or chelsea.

    2. I insist Arsenal have the squad to win games The issue remains a coach who seem not to know what to do tactically for his team to win matches.
      Even with two defeats, I don’t see Arsenal board sacking Emery. The board has a bad habit of waiting until the team are near relegation zone before they change non performing a coach.

  3. Stan would not want Mourinho .
    Mourinho would want a large transfere budget.and control.
    Bring back a true Gunner ,either as a player or coach of the midfield.He is the best midfielder anywhere ,no tantrums . Carzola to Arsenal.
    Arteta for the manager.
    Sell Xhaka,tantrum king,who thinks a goal against a pub team is a demonstration of his abilities,he is correct, Newcastle fans do not want him neither do Arsenal fans.

    1. To me, Moutinho is past it, footbal has evolved past his ‘pack the bus’ tactic, he is only relying on some luck and past record. I admire his disciplinary methods for his player which is what arsenal player needs presently but he overdo it, attacking every member of your team including backroom staffs? Common, thats too much

      1. Debatable to say he’s past it atm. If he went to clubs with proper defensive identity and failed then I believe we could definitely say he’s past it. Spurs have the players to carry out his style to the max and that is what worries me. He is either going to a massive success or failure imo.
        When you look at the very few impressive wins he’s pulled of at Utd you can see that given the right team which could carry out his style he could still be a problem. His stint at Spurs would prove a lot

  4. In all honesty, i do no envy the guys at helms of affair presently,its really getting more heated up by minute, even a win against soton isnt enough for the mess Unary created already.
    I really dont know what the man is thinking, i mean, we played better than this last season, even with an improved squad we are playing bad. Its so visible to the blind, what a wrong approach the team display, its so annoying what our player do when we are defending/not with the ball. Its not defenders problem but the team defending tactic is so poor, we keep running back to our 18yard everytime oposition attack giving oposition good oportunity at our goal or get penalties, why cant we defend from oposition half, its so frustrating. Am one of Emery good supporter, as i like to see him improve on his first year performane ,but presently, i think i agree with the general opinion, he is Confused and has nothing more to add.
    Ill have Poch as replacement for stability but my most prefered choice is Arteta, i want to see us breed new genration of great coach just like blues,i donk think Lampard is better than Arteta at coaching

    1. Everyone is forgetting the loss of a flair player in Ramsey and a massive character and leader in Cech.
      Yes weve signed players but we also lost Kos, welbeck, iwobi.
      Whatever anyone thought of wenger I remember him saying never change more than maybe 2 to 3/4 players in a transfer window as it disrupts and destabilise the team, he was right.
      It seems to have happened slowly over several windows but there is just no Arsenal players of Wenger ilk left at the club, thank goodness Per and Ljumberg are around at least.
      The squad is made of players who dont know what it means to wear the badge.
      Signing cazorla on a short term contract to link up again with ozil would at least put a smile on my face.
      Too much has changed at arsenal in my eyes.

  5. I can’t help but to feel happy and sad abput the appointment of Mourinho at Spurs. I’m happy because I never wanted Mourinho at Arsenal due to the nasty things he’s said about us in the past and we not having the kind of players for his style. I’m sad because Spurs is the perfect team atm for Mourinho because they absolutely have the players for his style and he should get the best out of them. If Mourinho fails at Spurs then I’d be inclined to think he’s finished because they have the right players for his system.
    I don’t know why lots of clubs don’t consider the playing style of the manager before appointing them.
    Emery is done at Arsenal and it’s a matter of when he will be sacked. Arteta and Allegri have moved higher in the consideration a head coach with Enrique and Mourinho now out

    1. spurs have the players to match Mourinho’s style?
      They haven’t got anyone in their team who can park a pushbike never mind park a bus!

      1. They do imo. That team is built for his defensive style of football. I’m not saying he’ll be a success but he will either be a massive success or failure

        1. Agree with you, kev, Spurs definitely do have the players that can suite Mourinho’s methods. Like it or not, I predict Spurs will finish above Gunners if UE stays.

          I also agree with those that say Arsenal do not have the players that JM can kick into a team. There would be a mass exodus by Christmas.

    1. Bloody hell man that’s not just racist it’s a disgraceful comment.


      Normally I remove a comment with swear words in them but in this instance, I fully understand your anger. Therefore I have removed the swear word and left the rest of your comments intact.

      I have removed the offending post and immediately banned the poster.

      It was vile, it was racist and will never ever be allowed on this site.

      Thank you for highlighting this Declan.

      1. Thank you admin and in fact I held back with my comment and perhaps better I did. I couldn’t believe he said what he said and thanks for your backing on this 👍👏

    2. Good observation. I always wondered why Dele alli was always starting over Lucas Moura but I thought to myself that perhaps his role was different than it looked in the formation. His central midfield pairings were very bad. In that, without Eriksen his pairings could not create much when given that role. They were more of box to box who could dribble but weren’t creative enough

    3. Tell your number 1 reason. … to Viera. …makelelle. ..kante. …matuidi. ..fabinho. …,fernandinho. …or even wilock and hear back from them…. Mr Himler

    1. Certainly more intent for sure. They sacked their coach, and get a potentially good one next day. We dither as usual.

  6. If we lose or even draw against Southampton this Saturday, that should be it for Emery .Giving him one more month will be suicidal for Arsenal .Clubs are taking instant decisions to upgrade their teams by sacking and replacing their Managers, but the Arsenal board are still day dreaming that Emery will suddenly become another Pep or Klopp.No way. Time to act is now.

  7. i am happy the egorinio is at duds. as for acting like a big club, duds have Poch 4 yrs. we are on our managers back after 1. i know that the football is not great, but should we not give him at atleast this yr? look, none of us knows what happens behind the scenes. we can rave and rant all we want, but the board will the decision. i am sure that they have some1 in mind. they are not blind.

  8. There won’t be a better chance of a top manager than Potch. Are we going to be has beens for decades, are are we going to get a TOP manager? Potch is there. Are we totally ******, and a bunch of shite. Our board are whimps.

    1. 😂😂
      When I found out who makes up the Arsenal board I readjusted all my expectations about them accordingly. Its a bunch of old guys without a care in the world. It’s only Josh who looks energetic, passionate and remotely interested in what Raul, Edu and Vinai do.

  9. Mourinho didn’t even try to hold out for the Arsenal job, all that public backing of himself and what he’d do and how lucky Arsene was, means he was never in the equation. The Arsenal job must look attractive right now, we’re spending money, the manager has a say with targets it looks, and Wenger’s shoes aren’t the ones to be filled instead it’s a brand new crop of players in need of guidance and encouragement along with a dose of confidence. Bright academy players in need of grit and determination.

    It’s a wonder we haven’t heard any fans saying Dechamps.

    It’d be a good time for a lucky manager. I’d prefer Howe over Rodgers or Arteta. Allegri’s a big name and you’d be happy about that part, but it’s a different league and who’s to say that it’s not still a risk. Attack minded managers seem to be on the up these days, the league is more open than ever, so I’d like to see someone like Howe making his bones with Arsenal.

    Also, I hope the rumours are true about us looking for Saliba’s partner and are willing to pay, the right couple of players in there will make the world of difference.

  10. Arteta is not a Lampard. Haven’t we had enough shite for the last few years. We need someone who has been there….Potch would be the answer. Do we want to wallow in shite or become something special. Potch is entering his managerial prime.

  11. I’m very very excited to say the least. Can’t wait to see how Spurs play under Mourinho. And oh, the fixtures to come. Spurs vs Chelsea, Spurs vs Man United. Those would be the special ones!

    And I really hope Arsenal board gets on board and board a good manager aboard soon.

  12. Wonder what the Arsenal Board are making of the Poch sacking. Definitely they are having something in mind. As far as Emery is concerned the next 3-4 games are perform or perish. In either way, Arsenal is benefitted. Also, I am glad the Spuds took Mickey Mouse because I never wanted him at Arsenal, because he has said so many bad things about Arsenal.

  13. Arteta will be our next manager, If it wasn’t for that idiot Gazidis he would have been there instead of Emery.

  14. I don’t think that there is any pressure on the board at all. The board doesn’t really matter, only the ownership matters, which means life is good around the board table as long as Stan is content. If the profit margin is okay, then I think Stan is okay.

    It will only be an issue when valuation really starts to slip. Where we are headed, that may be sooner than we think. I know that Arsenal is a “big club”, but we are shrinking, we are not getting results (except for the FA Cups – thank heaven for them!).

    2004 is a long time ago and we are dropping further and further away winning the league.

    I think it is more like – we (fans) would like the board to feel pressure and act.

    PS – I would take Poch in a heartbeat right now baggage and all, but we won’t ask and I doubt he would want to come (he seems smart enough to know that he needs some time to think). I also would have taken Mouriho, baggage and all. We need surgery…

  15. The Mourinho appointment will of course now increase already huge and pressing expectation on Arsenal to stop burying their heads in the sand and accept the fact that our club is becoming a laughing stock for its inability and unwillingness to act. I refer to this on many levels. Firstly, the fact that for a full decade already we have had a sham defence which has betrayed our historically sound reputation for having a sound and decent defence. Note that I say historically “decent”. I do not necessarily say “good”. The FAMOUS GEORGE GRAHAM BACK FIVE WAS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME STANDARD . But the current joke so called “defence , which we laughingly even call a defence, makes us a laughing stock and with good reason. We did nothing to improve this shambles last summer and things are, almost incredibly, EVEN WORSE, than ever before.

    Secondly, we have become infamous for prevarication and must now be the most conservative and unwilling to change club in the Prem. Our ground move was made when our board and shareowners still had huge ambition but since we actually moved in 2006, we have become the Miss Haversham(Dicken’s Great Expectations) of top level clubs. NB: she shut herself away from life and clung to the old and musty and it ultimately killed her(in a fire). When I started watching Arsenal regularly, way back in 1958, we were already a long term world famous club as the most innovative and way ahead of the times. From Herbert Chapman and even before that with Sir Henry Norris, we embraced change, were visionary and thus gained the world emminence we now hold. We have turned from Jekyll into Hyde, agonisingly! Or make that Miss Haversham!

    It is abundantly clear that this club , its owner and manager are not fit for purpose but NOTHING, REPEAT NOTHING, is done. I have almost given up expecting things to ever improve with this current set up in charge. I say this even though we undoubtedly have half a good squad. But we also have a near half rank bad, rank unintersted and rank TIMID squad. Decay and fear haunts the corridors of power at Arsenal and UNLESS a complete sea change comes over the owner and board, we are doomed to slip further and further away from being the great , forward thinking and pro-active club we once were. Heartbreaking, but as we all surely know, profoundly true! We may not die in a fire but dying is what we are near to doing. If you refuse to embrace vital change, you die from dinosaur thinking. SOB!!!

    1. Jon Fox, well said sir! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      It’s as if everyone is just along for the ride, absolutely spineless in decision making. Top people in industry get paid a lot of money to manage, lead and make decisions for the benefit of long term sustainability. Top football clubs do the same if they are progressive, and the boards can see through the BS going on.

      If we want to be counted in the same basket as Bayern, Inter, Real, etc, a whole new approach is needed. Is the Arsenal management team (which includrs thee board) up to this?

  16. Sack the board and then sack Emery they are absolutely useless they don’t no how to run a football club (Board) Also what in hell is silent stan doings. Absolutely nothing just watching Arsenal football club decline since the Americans took over every thing has gone wrong and it will only get worse every one in charge is to slow to act we are Arsenal football club. Years ago other clubs use to say and admire us by saying let’s do it the Arsenal way I’m fed up and i will not be renewing my season ticket as long as they keep mr Emery in charge I say this for all Arsenal fans we will not acept being the second best we want to be winners again

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