“The problem is the direction” Loudmouth pundit actually makes a good point about Arsenal

Gary Neville says Arsenal has more than enough young and talented players in their squad, but the team lacks leaders.

Arsenal suffered a 2-1 loss at Everton yesterday, which means they have now suffered defeats in their last two league matches.

Prior to those fixtures, Mikel Arteta’s men were doing well and were on the cusp of breaking into the top four.

The likes of Tottenham and Manchester United have now moved above them on the league table.

The Gunners finished last season outside the European places and now faces the prospect of having yet another poor end to the campaign.

Neville blames the standards around the youngsters for the problem at the club.

‘He’s flip-flopping between doing a good job and being under pressure, there’s no in-between,’ Neville said on Sky Sports as quoted by The Daily Mail.

‘When you look at average age of the squad: if you’re going to Old Trafford or Goodison Park some players won’t have experienced it many times and it’s tough. 

‘I remember my first few games at Anfield or Highbury, you need really good experienced players to get you through those difficult moments. 

‘You need comfort in there and that spine to be really strong and Arsenal’s senior players are not really massive characters or massive leaders, they don’t get the young players through those difficult moments in the game, and the young players go under a bit, which is natural. 

‘There’s a lot of talent there and the young players are not the problem, the problem is the direction and the standards around them. Arteta hasn’t got that as a young manager.’

Just Arsenal opinion

Neville is really full of himself and believes that whatever he says should be taken as gospel, however, most of the time he is best ignored because he really does not have a clue and is a terrible hypocrite.

But on this occasion, he makes a very good point.

This Arsenal team has struggled against the top clubs in this campaign, but Everton isn’t one.

The Toffees have been poor in recent weeks before facing us yesterday and they simply won that match because they wanted it more.

The Gunners were sluggish and even Granit Xhaka didn’t help to boost the confidence of the youngsters.

No team survives without leading figures in the dressing room, and Arteta needs to work on that soon enough.

Though, the real problem is maybe closer to the managers door than anywhere else.

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  1. A lack of standards has been a problem the last several years.

    Top 4 was one that many (myself included) complained was not good enough. We need to be competing for PL titles.

    We haven’t had standards in several years now, and mediocrity ensues.

    First it was Arteta talking about a CL return in 3 years.

    Then 8th place finish turned it into “The Project” devoid of standards.

    Another 8th place finish brought about our recent “Process” similarly devoid of standards as well as measurable goals.

    We remain as far away from CL caliber play and qualification as when Arteta took over.

    In spite of his total control, 12 new players, and over £200 million spent in 2 years. Sorry but it’s not working under Arteta, and our performances scream for an experienced manager who can right this ship.

  2. The problem is the manager whichever way you look at it! These players aren’t kids they are 23 or 24 years old Wayne Rooney was tearing it up at 16 years of age and had a brilliant euros in 2004 aged 18 or 19! Full international players should not be trembling with fear playing anywhere or they are in the wrong profession.. I would rather play at a packed Anfield than an empty one every day of the week.

  3. How can you say most of the time he is wrong, a hypocrite and full of himself, say but he has a point this time and be took seriously ?

  4. Even though we lost to an Everton team clearly up for it at goodison and exceptionally luck not to have Godfrey sent off. Things are not as bad as last season were 4pts off 4th. Last season we were way further behind in 15th with 17pts, 10pts behind Utd who had a game in hand.

    Some one said above, Arteta said it would take 3 years, were are actually on year 2. Are our fans that seriously deluded enough to think that buying 200m pound worth of players is enough, that’s not even our net spend. When to compete with the other 5-6 teams of which 4-5 have spent 600m to well over 1billion on their teams. I mean be realistic for God’s sake.

    Yeah Arteta is like a flip flop at the moment but the players, or should I say apparent key players are letting the club and the young players down. The jury is still well and truly out on on Arteta until the club is in a stable position. Whether that’s with or without the current manager remains to be seen.

    This squad needs at least another 300m within the next 6 months to the start of next season. We haven’t got a striker full stop, Auba is finished Laca never had it really in addition. Up top the last place we have invested in which for me was a mistake. I would go full out and sign a striker for 100m and spend the other 200m on a world class commanding leader for the midfield and a back up for Tomiyasu.

    This is a project like it or not but Arsenal fans asked for improvement, we have if you look at the table from this time last year to now. Let’s see how we do up until the end of the Season and judge the situation then.

      1. You might as well talk to a wall Reggie Arteta fans see prime Barcelona through their Arteta tinted glasses.

      2. I see what your saying Reggie, but who would come in. I think there may be 2 windows for arteta now. 1. he has to win all remaining fixtures till the end of the year 2. We have to be within 4-5 pts by the end of January.

      3. Perhaps you could explain which Manager you would bring in to replace Arteta mid season and how you would convince their current Club to release them?

        1. Grandad, i have got to the stage where, like utd, bring an interim manager in and take our time but many would do better, we have decent players being blunted by poor tactics and management decisions.

          1. While I accept that Arteta is not the answer, an interim Manager is not a solution imo.Do not get carried away by what is happening at Man Utd.Rangnick has been brought in on the basis that he will take over the Clubs recruitment policy after a new permanent Manager is in place.As a hands on Team Manager, his record is nothing special, but in terms of being able to identify, and buy youngsters ,and thereafter to sell them on at vast profits, he is second to none.During the last decade, recruitment at Man Utd and Arsenal has been shambolic.Arteta is failing as a Manager, but in the last transfer window he has brought in talented young players, who with the possible exception of Odegaard, could serve us well for years to come. For those who consider he is to blame for the poor form displayed by the likes of Auba, Lacca , Pepe, and Partey, we will have to agree to differ.

    1. Not sure what you expect Arteta will do differently than he has since he joined.

      Squad still shaky and inconsistent building play from the back.

      Midfield still unable to create chances for the attackers, or even slow down opponents on defense. In spite of new additions, loaning players he deemed not good enough.

      Our attack has been lame and weak ever since Arteta took over and started making decisions. Even Emery’s squad was scoring goals with that “Deadwood.”

      Arteta hasn’t adjusted for opponents pressing us yet, and the attack and scoring opportunities are as woeful as they were last year, and the Spring before that.

      Frankly Arteta’s excuses have dried up at this point, and seeing that weak performance against Everton was not only a disgrace, but another capitulation.

      His inexperience is showing, and he so far has no answers how to take this squad to the next level.

      1. Durand they don’t care about performances they are quite happy for Arsenal to limp to wins over the bottom half teams and give king Arteta free hits against the better teams.

          1. It’s funny how West ham didn’t spend anywhere near what we’ve spent and are coping perfectly fine playing Europa League something that we’ve made excuses over as to why our league form was so bad

          2. I wasn’t implying give 300m to arteta, the squad needs at least 300m fella whoever spends it is anyone’s guess

        1. Problem is Kev we will probably win the next game(can’t even be arsed to see who it is that’s how much I’m bothered ATM )then all this will be forgotten once again .

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