THE TIME IS NOW! – The protests to rid Arsenal of Kroenke and Wenger begin again

Taking down the regime


Here we are again. The end of yet another disappointing but all too familiar transfer window at Arsenal Football Club.

As many of you know I have for some time now, like many others, wanted the removal/departure of Wenger. It seems that now, after a series of recent events including a poor start to the season and poor transfer and contract activity; on top of last years protests, the real Arsenal Fans (and by that I mean both the AKB and Arsene Out brigades and not the football tourists!!!) see that nothing will change until the regime does.

That regime consists of Ivan Gazidis who always hides beneath the radar and consistently lies through his teeth to ensure the gullible come along for the ride, Stan Kroenke – enough said, and Arsene Wenger; a once relevant and motivating force, but now sadly for some years a pale imitation of himself who is hurting our club and who is taking us backwards with his decisions. They all are, collectively!

So NOW is the time for change. We can’t wait ’til the end of the season to protest (we all know what happened last year), so we must do something now. The problem with last years protests, despite some amazing and headline grabbing projections, was that there was too much apathy, fear or misplaced loyalty towards Wenger and this affected the numbers that turned out for the actual match day protests as well as preventing people from raising their free banner in the stadium.

The same team behind those protests, are BACK and doing it again and I ask you all for the love of Arsenal Football Club to DO SOMETHING!!!

How can I do something?:

1. Don’t buy Arsenal Merchandise
2. If your not a season ticket holder; don’t buy a ticket and attend a match
3. If you are a season ticket holder, don’t rent it out; and don’t attend.

Below is the Online Gooner Forum where you can keep informed of the planned protests this time around, so if you can, get involved!

5. DONATE!!!!!
Please donate at Chris Butlers second Justgiving page to remove Wenger and Kroenke. PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN to enable the procurement of more banners, free handouts for the crowds, more projections and perhaps more planes. I’m sure there are a whole host of new tricks up the sleeve but to make the world and Most importantly AFC sit up and notice the funds and sufficient feet on the ground at match days must be amassed.

Please do something!! THE TIME IS NOW to change the face and future of the club we love!!!

If we continue down this path we will slide further down the table and it will be a huge fall to recover from. Better to step in and act now rather than wait for everyone else to make things alright’.

It’s in our hands, so let’s do something!;)


OnlineGooner Wenger Out Protest Forum:

Wenger/Kroenke Out Justgiving Page:





  1. justforlaugh says:

    Arsenal is the only football club in the world where the manager loses the dressing room, the club gets rid of the dressing room

    1. kev says:

      JUST IN:News coming in is that Arsenal have rejected a £72m bid from Man City for Alexis Sanchez.I brought to you yesterday that thebid was made and it’s now been rejected.It’s a shock though as that was our asking price.
      However,I’ve had it confirmed that Arsenal also want a player in return too + the £72m before even considering selling.

      1. The cassete says:

        I have a feeling we’ll mess this up and end up getting screwed over. City are the only team Sanchez wants to join, if we leave it too late and City decide to lower their bid, we might be in a position whereas we’d have no option but to accept. Might aswel just accept it. But lets wait and see what happens.

    2. Spectrum says:

      Wenger is now so senile that he can’t find his way TO the dressing room.

  2. Skills1000 says:

    We will sign one of Mahrez or Draxler today. Mayrez has left his national team to finalize his move to a new club. Sanchez will probably go to Man City today

  3. gotanidea says:

    Action 1 to 4 should be enough to make Arsenal shiver. We don’t need to show banners and whatnot.

    I have already spent a lot for Arsenal, no need to spend more for “Wenger Out” banners and other Arsenal stuffs. Better spend the money for my health.

  4. Kamikaze says:

    I dnt have anywords to say!

  5. Wolfgang says:

    If fans can unite and don’t buy tickets,eventually the message will sink
    and the US owner will take action to axe the fm who is the root cause
    of the decline. Hopefully the owner wont take fans for granted and treat the club as
    a cash cow/horse/atm to help his US other possessions.

  6. gerbick says:

    Fear not Arsenal will sign a couple 16 year old wingers for the academy and hand the EPL to Man City.

    The board and owners are a joke

    1. Spectrum says:

      Like Wenger did when he sold Van Persie to United. Thereby handing them the title that year.

  7. Emmanuel says:

    You guys are sick. Its not compulsory you support arsenal. Itsgood to register your displeasure but This is taking it too far. I suggest you defect to support other clubs. The whole euphoria and media frenzy is sickening. If you love arsenal so much then raise your cash to buy out the shareholders.
    If you love the club, support them through these times until they stabilise.
    Football is now a business not a charity and if you are not satisfied with the product, go elsewhere.

    As for me, its not a do or die affair. Lets get behind the team or we shift our support to other so called better run teams or BIG clubs that can win premiership or champions league.

    You have a choice and dont have to support arsenal. The press is even more pathetic. Leave arsene wenger alone and leave arsenal alone. take your support elsewhere.

    1. Chris says:

      What a terribly misguided comment. Supporters have the right to protest if they wish without being told to find another club to support. For most true supporters that is not an option.

      Personally, I would not protest, but I totally understand why some will as the situation has become ridiculous and humiliating. Arsene Wenger has become a laughing stock, which in turn has made the club a laughing stock.

      Ownership of the club is harder to change, but Wenger needs to go. Only when he leaves will the respect truly come back for what he has achieved in the past.

      1. Gunnertrev says:

        No there needs to be a total clear out from top to bottom , kronke is currently placing a huge investment in the LA rams which will cost him between 1 and 2 billion dollars, where do you think that money is going to come from, we are only an asset to him ,one of many that he has and he is bleeding his assets to finance the LA project, we will end this transfer window with a very small net loss or profit even though we know that the funds are there, but guess where the money going.

    2. Bobbyraz says:

      Lmao, this guys brain must be dead seriously, we should support the club till dey stabilise oh my God, so u think stability is our problem not the clueless manager and our criminal owner

    3. Raj says:

      Are you ok with watching us lose 4-0 , 5-1 , 6-0 against other teams? Everyone has supported this club through tough times. But how are they repaying it now? By taking away profits and not reinvesting in growing this club. You are as deluded as Wenger and Board.

    4. ClassyGunner says:

      Sir, you are effectively saying that, if your child is not doing well in life you just keep supporting it but do nothing to help it. AND if you are not happy with the child go support somebody elses child who may is doing well.

      What kind of a mentality is that? If we were not in love with Arsenal FC, why would we be thinking of doing anything at all? Would we have not started supporting Chelski or City already?

    5. Emmanuel,
      Just who do you think you are telling people to go support another club. If they are like me THIS CLUB IS IN THIER HEARTS and you cant just switch your support. I think its you that should switch alliances and go support someone else you Wenger fanboy. Fans have every right to express thier displeasure on forums such as this and if i was in the U.K i would be front and center at the protests. Its time for fans TO STAND UP AND GET THIS REGIME OWNER,MANAGER AND BOARD AS FAR AWAY FROM AFC AS POSSIBLE. I can’t get to London cause i have a business to run but am happy to invest $$$$$ for the cause, what ever it takes to get rid off these people that are bringing the club down . Come on guys what is happening over there is breaking my heart its up to you to do something for the club, yourselves and for us die hard Gooners from all over the world. I spend hours each day following this club watching games live, on youtube watching the latest developments and on the internet and i can’t just stop i love the club to much .
      C.O.Y G

  8. ClassyGunner says:

    Empty stadium (even half-empty) will do the trick. If we do not go to the matches, the board has to take notice because
    1. match day revenues are lost
    2. massive media attention worldwide
    3. Sponsors, both current and more importantly potential ones, will see this as a loss of fanbase thereby making AFC less attractive.

    We would have to go through the short term pain of bringing these things on to our own beloved club. However it will have far reaching long term benefits. Lets do this and results are sure to come in

  9. Konstantin Mitov says:

    Wenger will not be sacked by Kronke, unless there is a massive backlash like it has never been seen before.

    1. Spectrum says:

      Then be a part of making that happen !

  10. Kc says:

    Madness allowing all this to happen ox was our strongest rwb look how he treated mahrez when we played Leicester. We should of had Wilshire and bought Radja nainggolan they are strong committed determined middies. #GetTheBoardOut

    1. Mobella says:

      How did he treat Mane, Salah and Jese. He was useless ,he has being useless. We want to change our situation? We should begin with everybody that started the Liverpool match and the man that put that team together.

  11. #Tiredofthis says:

    By all means protest and boycott matches, get as much publicity on to it as possible but until this club starts to cost kroenke money the change we want to see will not happen. So the question is how does the club loose enough profit for kroenke to consider selling??

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      read my comment above. Do you go to our games? and if so, are you in?

      1. #Tiredofthis says:

        Stop going many years ago, but I’m in

  12. Damian chi says:

    in my own opinion I think if we unite and refuse to buy tickets the message will be very loud and clear… from now hence forth fans! stay at home don’t go for any Ars
    enal match….. «

  13. Kc says:

    Wenger out Kroenke out #WoKo

  14. Khadar says:

    The broplem is arsenal fan they are like animals ,,you see now the gunners are not willing to win acup ,what caused ,next the the emerets will be full of fans why ,, be like man united fan club own will do what they want,, or club will not work,,,canon arsenal fan do same thing before deadline,,,

  15. wycombe says:

    I wish i was in London, I would be at the forefront of the wenger out brigade, its embarrasing sticking to the arsenal but oh well

  16. arsenal_epl_champs_2018 says:

    Like your enthusiasm.
    Since Stan came in 2009 it
    has been the $u$tainable model.
    Profit for $tan, no pressure for 8 Mill Ar$ene to win
    and fat $alaries for mostly mediocre players.
    What about the fans?
    To be brutally honest going by the failed protests
    last season the majority of the Emirates fans are happy
    with the $ustainable model.
    Going by his USA $ports franchise$ anywhere in the PL is
    good enough for $tan to maintain his profit$ margin.
    The transfer window so far has been perfectly $ustainable.
    Lacazette for Sanchez = 15m. Profit
    Kolasinac for Gibbs.= Even.
    Chambers for Gabriel. = 9m. Profit.
    Wellbeck/Iwobi for OX$ = 30m Profit
    $Owner happy. $Manager happy. Player$ happy. Majority of fans happy.
    Believe me after a couple of signings and a win v Bournemouth
    most fans will settle down for another tilt at the $ustainable trophy.
    We want you to stay we want you to stay
    Ar$ene Wenger we want you to stay.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      That’s the problem,..

      Short memories and not looking at the greater problems.

  17. Coldzero says:

    My suggestion is go and support someone else and take all this toxic crap elsewhere.

    As a season ticket holder if you think I am going to waste all that money to not watch them play you at deluded. I have supported them since the 70’s and seen worse than this.

    Hopefully this will finally get rid of some of the hangers on once and for all.

    If you don’t like the club, the team or worried we aren’t going win anything – it’s time to leave.

    1. Spectrum says:

      The club loves unthinking sychophants like you. That’s how they’ve got this far.

      1. Goonertone says:

        Ion not happy and want change but won’t give up my seat. Id be more than happy to not attend if a fan truly committed to change like yourself wants to refund me the £1200 for my ticket. How about it?
        Somehow I don’t think you want change enough to lose your money!!

    2. John0711 says:

      Wow baaaaaaaaaa

  18. dan says:

    if Arsenal do not bring in at least 2 top quality players to replace chamberlain and sanchez by end of transfer window then us fans must take action at next home game and hold a massive protest to make sure us fans let board and wenger know we are no longer going to tolerate this once great football club being run down into the gutter! Who cares if it effects the players and we get beat by bournmouth our season is already over a million miles away from challenging for major honours and if we dont take action now this club will never recover and end up just being a average middle of table laughing stock!!

    1. Coldzero says:

      Chamberlain wasn’t a top quality player and no loss- Alexi is a good player (not a legend like everyone says he is) but is toxic and sulky- get rid of both and see the clubs fortunes change.

    2. Spectrum says:

      We’re ALREADY a laughing stock and have been for some years now. Mid table average ? Well we’re in decline, so that’s perfectly feasible.

    3. Kilted Gooner says:

      Chamberlain does not need replaced in my eyes, but I do agree we need to bring in 2 players, just to replace Alexis. Bring in Mahrez and Draxler and go back to 4 at the back, suddenly things don’t look as bad.
      Wishful thinking though!

  19. Amrie says:
    Wish we could ask Martin Mcfly to burn the Agreement….. Actually Kroenke had made Arsenal FC “Invisible” again in difference style…..

  20. Ignasi M says:

    The board and Wenger surely would have his replacement sorted out , right? Given that he only signed a two year extension and that it was mutually agreed that it was to be his final. So there has to be someone in mind?

    I say fast track this process and bring in his replacement now.

    Wenger has ruined his legacy. 3 league titles and no european titles in 22 years is absolutely disgusting.To make matters worse he remains one of the highest paid managers in the world (8 mil a year). He gets paid more than Zidane!!!!

    Kill me

  21. Pablo!Pablo! says:

    The owners, management and players are transient.
    Only the true fans are lifers. WE are the club.
    The child analogy above is a good one. With the owners and manager as something like a carer. If you don’t like what the carer is doing, you change the childcare – not the child.
    I was born in Islington. I had family in Finsbury Park before Arsenal were there. I have had a season ticket for over 30 years. I am not leaving but I wholeheartedly believe that the management should and I will vocalise this.
    I don’t demand trophies – that is ridiculous. I do demand that we are competitive. I do demand that when things aren’t working that changes are made – and they haven’t been working for 10 years. And they won’t change with the current regime. If the change leads to us being even worse, then so be it. But we do know that the way it is things will not change. I do not accept mediocrity for Arsenal and I find it astonishing when certain fans seem to think that is OK. They have to know it will not improve, and probably only deteriorate, with what we have.
    Angry Gooners of the world, unite and take over!

  22. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    Funny doe Wenger always making d same mistakes every season waiting for d last minute to renew a players deal or d fans begging a particular player to stay. I keep wondering what is d job of d management oh forgot they r senile, n thinking only of their millions. Arsenal is not a football club it is only a money making venture even @ that it is terrible. Let’s take a monetary visibility of all d players maybe after sales r they worth millions even billions of pounds I do not think so but other clubs especially our London neighbors v fantastic players they r proud of where as d case is d opposite in Arsenal. Always waiting till d last minute to make frantic signings which in most cases d club does not need,or in most cases do not make any. I hope fans in England keep good their words by boycotting all d matches n stop buying souvenirs. Of course we v some sycophant fans after one or two matches r won will be their old self.

  23. Gunnertrev says:

    There needs to be a total clear out from top to bottom , kronke is currently placing a huge investment in the LA rams which will cost him between 1 and 2 billion dollars, where do you think that money is going to come from, we are only an asset to him ,one of many that he has and he is bleeding his assets to finance the LA project, we will end this transfer window with a very small net loss or profit even though we know that the funds are there, but guess where the money going.

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