“The quality at Arsenal is unbelievable!”

There are some Arsenal fans that will moan about Arsene Wenger’s performance during the transfer window, but there is one Arsenal legend (that has actually trained with the squad) that has been very impressed with the Gunners new signings, namely the great Robert Pires.

Arsenal may have “shot themselves in the foot” (as Wenger said) by not being ready for our first two League games but with the campaign restarting in earnest next week, we should have a fully fit squad firing on all cylinders when we play Southampton next weekend. Pires definitely thinks we will be having a good season….

Pires said about Wenger: “He spent a lot of money. Not like Man United or Man City, but he chose good players with good quality.

“I think some players like Xhaka or Mustafi can help this team. Because actually the team is really good, the quality is unbelievable. Maybe they need more confidence, but I believe in Arsenal this season.

“I believe always in this team and this squad and of course in Arsene Wenger. I know a lot of fans are particular about Arsene.

“But I think the quality is there. This is my opinion, but when you see all the names at Arsenal, the quality is unbelievable. Believe me, because sometimes I’m training with the guys, and the team is very, very good.

“We need maybe a bit of luck for this season, and I hope less injuries.”

Well if a super talented ex-player like Pires believes that we have a fantastic squad, then maybe the fans should start believing it too. We are only 5 points behind after our opening debacle, and with United playing City this weekend we will make up a bit of ground on our rivals.

Let the comeback begin…….



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    We can only hope the boys give it a go….Long Live Robert Pires. #Respect.

    Can’t wait for the weekend even though it’s just Monday. International break came at the wrong time. Wanna see the latest signings play.

  2. ArsenalDave says:

    I do love Super Rob, I’m still gutted he had to come off in our CL final!

    Wenger has plugged the gaps in the squad this year lets hope the changes bring us the league and/or the CL.

    1. Namosky says:

      Was it Pires or Reyes that had to come off in our CL finals?

      1. ArsenalDave says:

        History says Robbie:(

  3. Ramterta says:

    true but we are yet to have that truly standout player.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      What happens to the”TEAM” when that “standout” player gets injured?

      1. ArsenalDave says:

        Dude, Wenger will probably replace him with Ramsey 😀

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          To AW, Ramsey is the “standout” player…

          1. ArsenalDave says:




    2. Shah of Arsenal says:

      Ozil is definitely a true standout player lol
      He makes our team click so much more efficiently, he is an incredible player

    3. muffdiver says:

      Sanchez and ozil are in that category

      1. Ramterta says:

        they may be good players but I know every one of us would jump st swapping them for only the likes of auba griezzman and bale.
        Leave alone lewa muller and neymar

        1. ArsenalDave says:

          Who downthumbed? You wouldn’t wan’t Bale Greis, Aub over our crap? Fools.

        2. khangunners says:

          I will not swap ozil for anyplayer. Sanchez i might be tempted

  4. Ramterta says:

    Individually might look good.
    But on an entire team notice.
    United City and Chelsea look better than us in defense midfield and attack.
    Liverpool are better than us in attack

    1. mohawk says:

      United or Chelsea or City may or may not be better. They have strengthened. But we don’t really know yet. Will ALL THREE of them be better??? No way. I will bet anything on it.

      And Lpool is NOT better in attack than Arsenal. I am not buying it. They have Coutinho. The rest of our 2nd tier/fringe players (Ox, Walcott, Iwobi) are at least equal to the rest of Lpool attackers. But they don’t have anything like Alexsis or Ozil. It is just not there

      Nor do Lpool have the deep midfield to facilitate the attack like Arsenal has (Cazorla, Xhaka, Elneny) And we have Perez as a wild card on top of it all. Lpool cannot match any of that.

      I don’t believe you have really thought this through.

      1. ArsenalDave says:

        I agree, We are a far better team player for player

        1. ArsenalDave says:

          …than Liverpool, Wengers best squads have always been beautifully balanced. I hope he has cracked it this year. We look strong all over the park this time around.

          I hope Wenger redeemes himself and proves himself right this year

  5. El Blaze says:

    I think our team is solid all round. My only reservation is in our striking position. If Perez turns out to be a clinical finisher then I think the EPL should watch out for us. But I have my doubts about Perez being that 20+ goals a season striker we have been looking for.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @El Blaze
      One thing he has going for him, is the element of surprise…

  6. OT… this could be the reason why wenger pull the plug on his arsenal coached career.
    According to lukaku “henry spends more time coaching him using PlayStation than he does on the pitch”. Lol

  7. Big G says:

    Last season our quality got us 2nd place weather lucky or unlucky, we have strengthened and so has everyone else. Individual quality can win you games but only when the players are performing well. Which team plays together well for the season will be the league winners and the team with the best quality for the season and that is when judgement should take place. Yes you can hear and listen to what other people say i.e. Pires but that doesn’t mean we will be good enough at the end of the season. We can only do what we should do and that is get behind the team and sing our hearts out for them and let them know we believe in them and hope we can do it. I’ve been through a winning season and stood on the terraces at the end and i’m guessing that there can be no prouder moment in a fans life save for getting married or having a child.

    1. cesceru says:

      Your mama born u well

  8. ArsenalDave says:

    Yo Admin, write me an article please.

    Title it “The last Arsenal legend”

    Hint: his brothers name is Yaya

    The Milan Glorie game was excellent and sad in equal measure. Half the Arsenal legends on show stilll looked like viable options.

    If Gibbs wants to leave, Bring in the nutty boy, he plays twice a week so still fit, perfect fit for Passion, club morale and sub for a WHU game?

    Freddy would own our right wing still? You know im right!

    Santi and Ozil are great and all but “Super Robert Pires!”

    Also, Correct me if I’m wrong but Kanu still has Velcro laced laser guided boots, and Thiery is still more mobile than Ollie G’s Y fronts could ever hope to be, He never had trouble hitting the net!

    The day will never come when Mesut>Dennis over anything Arsenal related, I’m not sure he’ll ever even earn himself an audience with the hallowed back 5?

    Yep 🙂

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