The Ramsey saga contrasts with Arsenal’s loyalty to Santi Cazorla

Various British media outlets have spent the last week checking how Arsenal-s old boy Santi Cazorla has settled in back home and most importantly how his recovery is going. One of the nicest men in football, he holds no bitterness despite missing 636 days of football.

Forget the physical impact of overcoming 10 operations and an ankle skin graft, most individuals would have been broken mentally by the threat of having something they love taken away from them. Many Arsenal fans credit his injury as coinciding with our decline, the midfielder having the vision and football brain his peers lacked. He had to watch on the sidelines as the club lifted an FA Cup while also being robbed of playing at a Euros and a World Cup. All because of an ankle injury in October 2016 which was diagnosed as keeping him out for a few weeks.

Little did we know, we would never see him in the red and white again. Despite being sent to World renowned specialists there was fear his leg would have to be amputated due to a bacterial infection which ate away at his achilles and ankle. Once a doctor tells you that, football is put into perspective. No wonder you couldn’t take that smile off his face, after hearing this wouldn’t be life changing, kicking a ball again is a bonus.

Nonetheless after going into great detail, this could be the most serious injury any gunner has experienced.

He never got to say goodbye to the Emirates as his contract was allowed to run down. It was right for all parties. The best Emery would have been able to offer him was cup games every two weeks, with an outside chance of proving his fitness. Robbed of nearly two years of his career, the man wanted to try and get back to what he loves, playing weekly, helped by a less physical demanding League.

While Villarreal deserve credit for taking a gamble on him, he has lifted the lid of Arsenal’s gesture which encouraged him not to retire. While Arsene Wenger will never publicly admit it, Cazorla believes a contract extension in 2017 was designed purely to keep his spirits up, with officials deep down knowing he wouldn’t play during the one year he had signed for. Essentially Arsenal were paying someone a salary out of loyalty, not wanting to give up on a person at his lowest, helping him believe he could still be a professional.

While there’s countless examples of our old manager being too soft with his squad who in return would take advantage, this is one of those times when I’m proud the Frenchmen had the values he did. Business wise did the medical advice suggest he warranted a new deal ….no …..But it’s those small details which separate us from other teams.

At a time when Aaron Ramsey and the board haggle over 100-250 000 pound wages, to the point of Emery ending all negotiations, it’s nice to know there is still a human side in this greedy sport.

Incredibly, against the odds, Cazorla has played 3 consecutive games in La Liga. It’s still early but I hope he gets the final chapter he deserves. Maybe we will face him in the Europa League Final?

Thank You Santi

Dan Smith


  1. snowden says:

    Santi is a fine example to follow by anyone who wants to make a success of their life. His playing for Arsenal was an honour we didn’t deserve. He was a reason were could be proud to be gooners.
    Thank you Santi and ‘good luck’.

  2. kev says:

    I see your point admin but we need not to paint everyone as a traitor.Ramsey has helped us in securing some trophies in his time here and despite asking for a huge pay rise I think he deserves some respect.Its quite painful to see him bashed left,right and centre and I’m sure people can’t wait for his demise in ability once he leaves us.We need to live above these kind of things and rather prove those who left wrong by winning trophies.I still don’t understand why some who left us would be want to come back.What better trophy have we won or to show that they were wrong?Funny how all the top players who left us are painted as bad guys and are called greedy yet each and everyone here want personal success in life.

    1. waal2waal says:

      …football moves on and likewise arsenal has to ring in changes and move on. Our failure to know when to move on has resulted in our demise. You argue ramsey helped us in the past and that his demand of superstar wage can be overlooked – it can’t. Any top (internationally renowned) club at least deserves to keep those players able to give “value” for money.

      Ask the Q whether or not Ramsey has been “doing the business” as a senior player for arsenal? the answer is patently obvious. @Kev, try to put your inclination towards ramsey aside, this is only “business”. AMN is a ready available and adept replacement who could help you forget your man.

      1. Kilted Gooner says:

        Arsenal have brought this situation on themselves by giving Ozil a contract in excess of £300k per week.

        Ramsey plays the same position as Ozil, has a better goal return, and more or less the same assist return yet Ozil is paid 3 times more??

        I think Ramsey was well within his rights to ask for more money but unfortunately for him the gamble hasn’t paid off. This definitely wont be the last time this happens either.

        1. waal2waal says:

          ozil is proven quality at domestic and international level whilst ramsey offers …(pause) what it is he does. Whatever it is he offers Emery clearly see no further need for it.

          sorry @kilted Gunner, i see no point in arguing the merits of ramsey over ozil in so far as arsenal ambition is concerned. its kinda the same as arguing the appeal of a merc with the Gilburn GT (a failed attempt at car production from Wales). Nil comparison

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Kilted Gooner could you please show us the statistics that say that Ramsey’ performances compared to Ozil’s are comparable for games played for Arsenal.?

          2. waal2waal says:

            then came a long and eerie silence….

          3. Break-on-through says:

            I’d say he’s talking about the most recent season, last season. Two seasons ago Ramsey was on the bench and didn’t get too many starts until the last stretch, he came in and solidified his place for the next season. After Cazorla injury Wenger kept going with Xhaka and Coquelin even though they were terrible together, for a while it was Elneny and Xhaka too, in the end Ramsey seemed the best one. I like Ramsey’s qualities, I think they are useful because he’s an impact player, very direct. But he’s mostly been a squad option throughout his career and if it wasn’t for Cazorla’s bad luck that would’ve still been the case. So its allot of money for a player most people would consider on the fringes.

        2. Godwin says:

          Hey Bro.
          Ramsey and Ozil are never same kind of players and its an Insult to compare Ozil with Ramsey. I respect Ramsey and he is averagely good in his way but not as good as Ozil. Does ramsey create chances like Ozil? If Arsenal had better midfielders like Madrid , Ozil would have shone so much and believe me, Another club would have bought him by now. In the season Ozil had the highest Assists and goals, there was Santi who always pushed ahead for ozil to create chance for the forwards. But sadly we dont have such player any more our central midfielders are playing sideways and backward passes making Ozil to drop deep like a deep lying midfielder. Ozil is an AM not CM. Ramsey isnt as good as Ozil in AM and isnt good as a CM because he gives ball away cheaply in the middle of the field. check last season games. If you cant the best Ozil, push ball forwards and you will see him shine. Ozil never be a complete goal scorer but wenger has helped his goal scoring ability now. The board is to blame for all this contract issues and not the players. why leave a players contract to reach a year before extension and then the players put you in tight condition with greed? common! Wish arsenal could release all players with a single year in their contract that are unwilling to extend their contract so that others will take that as a warning. You’re either with us or NOT!

        3. Sue says:

          Kilted Gooner… don’t make me laugh ??

    2. Stephen says:

      My friend, It is not always all about trophies. Trophy is most times fans’ desire. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of togetherness, team spirit, family-hood and a sense of belonging. Having a role to play. Why else would fab4 or Hleb want to leave a Barcelona and choose us first? There must be something they missed. Something they still hasn’t found. Something that may have been pertinent to their greatness. Nasri also comes to mind.
      Mind you RAMsey does not possess a quarter of their talent…

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I hope we face them at the Europa and he comes back home to get the send off he deserves…
    While the likes of Fabregas and Nasri were different.. the likes of Santo Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky are players that can never be forgotten or replaced, Santi and Rosicky had brains bigger than any of our midfielders in the last decade, I hope we get to see players who’ll replace them.. both unlucky to be ruined by Injury at the peak of their career

    1. Kurt says:

      Fabregas can’t be compared he was is a better player then both Santi and Rosicky he left to his boy wood club wanted to come back Wenger didn’t want that and then he moved to Chelsea and I’m sure his happy he went there bcos if he came to Arsenal he would not of had two Premier league medals to his name.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Eh????Fabregas is a better footballer than Santi Cazorla or WTF are you saying? Yes I don’t doubt Fabregas’s career but all round as a footballer, you’re saying Fabregas was better and is better than Cazorla? Really? or you just wanna clown? What does Cesc do that Cazorla can’t do or couldn’t do? hell he even uses both feet to take shots and score free kicks, not to mention his quick passes and quick feet.. You’re only saying Fabregas is better than him because we all became fans of Fabregas while he was very young… Saying Fabregas is a better player than Cazorla is a disrespect to football itself… Hello? Cazorla that’s in the same mould with Xavi and Iniesta is who you compare Fabregas with?? man stop trolling.. I loved Fabregas, I still love him but tell yourself the truth, I doubt people would even pick Fabregas over Rosicky at his peak

  4. Sean Williams says:

    Santi Cazorla was the best. Pure class and irreplaceable. Our big decline started when he got his injury. The magic died on that day and we became ordinary. How lucky Man City are to have David Silva whilst we lost Santi. City have their magician we lost ours. Is there any consolation? I think yes……….Matteo Guendouzi. This young lad already looks a cut above any 19 year old we have had. If he steers clear of injury I see a world class player, and Arsenal captain, in the very near future. Ramsey? Not in the same league. Time to let him go.

  5. jon fox says:

    I doubt very much there is a single Gooner who has anything but admiration and affection for Santi. However, though it is laudable to be generous and pay him a years a salary for “encouragement,” as the article states and wholly understandable on a human level, the plain and maybe unpleasant facts are that a club should be spending it’s money on players who can and will help the club , not on sheer pity. I write in these terns for perspective, as we are a professional club and not a charity for players who, however admirable as a people, are finished at our level. So all in all I believe this action , though typical of Wenger’s personally generous character, was the wrong call. I would though certainly support wholeheartedly the idea of Santi coming back for a testimonial match, which would be well deserved and well attended. I just like proper perspective in debate. Doing community based projects a plenty as we already do and so do most big clubs, are however vital and add to what we are all about and should always be continued. Generosity is important but MUST be used wisely and properly.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Jon, shut up and see a doctor, you have accused Ozil of having depression but you sound like you have been living with it for years, how else can you be such a miserable git? People who unfortunately suffer from depression will find negatives in everything… Just like you have done for Cazorla.

      Cazorla gave us everything while he was with us and the moments will not be forgotten by me and many other true supporters, we will not belittle the magician to try and sound like someone did wrong… Who I wonder? It is Jon Fox… Oooh look, a bash on Wenger. Wenger was wrong for treating Cazorla as a human.

      Worse than an obsessive ex, you can’t get over Wenger, you really are heartbroken over that, aint you.

      1. jon fox says:

        Midkemma, You clearly did not see my reply to you on your last reglar moan at my posts,so I repeat it(paraphrase, at least) here: You are like a moth attracted to my brilliant light and clearly jealous of my aptitude with words and how to make my case. Why my own thoughts are so important to you that you need to almost troll me and try to police what I write can only be explained by my above comment. Ask yourself why it is SO important to you. Your comments, with which I usually disagree, are not at all important to me , as I am in no way jealous either of your brain or writing abilities. But I bear you no personal ill will and recognise in you a devoted and real Gooner, as AM i too. Are we and all other fans not allowed to disagree in your world? Is conformity of thought and writing styles so important to you and if so, WHY? I strongly suspect your regular criticism of me and your need , even desire to do so, says far more about you than it does about me. I suggest we refrain from commenting on each others future posts, as we are clearly poles apart on almost all things Arsenal wise. As to Wenger , I am not heartbroken at all but elated he is finally gone. YOU sound like the real heartbroken one that your “hero” is no more.

  6. Midkemma says:

    People can moan about Wenger but he did some morally correct things.

    Cazorla gave us so many good moments that if any player had earnt a chance to prove doubters wrong and play football again then it was Cazorla.

    Sad to see so called Arsenal supporters claim it is right to throw Cazorla out the door and Wenger was wrong for treating Cazorla as an individual.

    How many players can we say would have fitted in with the invincibles? Count, all of you, count now! How many players did you get?

    I got stuck after Cazorla… maybe this or that player but really it is only Cazorla that I would have confidence in saying he wouldn’t have let down that team back then.

    Then people like Jon Fox uses Cazorla tragedy as a reason why Wenger was bad. It is disgusting! It makes me feel sick! Cazorla literally made me smile week in and week out when seeing him play, even after his injury I was eager to see his health recover in hope to see him play for us again, I was keeping my fingers crossed 24/7.

    It is extremely painful to see someone like jon Fox call himself a supporter and then slate Arsenal for sticking by a player of Cazorla quality.

    1. waal2waal says:

      @Midkemma: See how J Fox began his narrative, he endorsed our “admiration and affection” for Cazorla. Read again. Not every fan will see eye-to-eye with us but essentially we share a common so perhaps we ought to resist the urge to berate or deride each other over difference in opinions.

      1. waal2waal says:

        …share a common interest… etc

      2. jon fox says:

        Thank you for pointing out to midkemma what I actually did write, not what he chose to misinterpet it as.

        1. waal2waal says:

          … i welcome your commentary on this forum i’ve said it (already), and before any others think i’m partial to your opinion – most unapologetically i will say i am. So Keep agitating for a sustainable, seamless and all improving arsenal = quality over mediocrity.

          1. jon fox says:

            You are too kind but a huge thanks for what you said. I always try to be honest and I accept many will not agree, but some will. Such is life. It does seem as if midkemma for his own private reasons has a n aganda with whatever I say. You may notice he ALWAYS criticises whatever I say. But that is his problem , not mine.

  7. clive says:

    Santi d magician

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Just out of interest, for what it is worth, Paul Merson has stated publicly that he rates Santi Cazorla as one of the best players he has seen play for the Arsenal. He has played with and seen players at the Arsenal, who have been considered great players.
    There is no doubt that the team’s performances dropped considerably once he was out injured.

  9. Shinoda says:

    Can we stop using abusive words towards people with a contrary opinion.. The world has over a billion people & none of them is entitled to agree with anyone’s opinion.

  10. jon fox says:

    What I find interesting in the article, apart from the Cazorla comments I posted above, is the fact that Emery ended the Ramsey negotiations. Having now had just seven Prem games he has already seen the same weaknesses in Ramsey that most of us knew ages ago. Thank goodness he saw in time and had the sense to withdraw the increased offer made before he knew the truth. He knows it now, fortunately, and Ramseys ten year long frustration of us Gooners is on its last legs now.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I doubt that is the sole reason Jon. He told us that he watches old footage of games in depth and he was doing that before the announcement on his arrival came out. If that was the reason, you’ve stated, then he would’ve known it already like you say we knew it, the bid in the summer would’ve been accepted or at the least the lad would’ve been put up in the shop window along with Jack Wilshere. Emery does not dance around these things, he’s very forthright. I reckon something happened behind the scenes, nobody is speaking about. The offer was made so to do an extremely quick u turn on the deal, well, it doesn’t really line up with what you’re saying.

  11. Durand says:

    Could be deal involved more than money. Wilshere wasn’t resigned because Emery said he couldn’t guarantee Jack a starting spot.

    Maybe Ramsey wanted guarantees as well of some kind, and that’s why Emery ended things. I don’t claim to know behind the scenes or read minds.

    I go on the eye test like Wenger says; 10 years of watching Ramsey and he’s average at best. Period. We need to upgrade the midfield, not cater to him.

    He got a run of games, fair shot.

    Start Iwobi on RW and Ozil as a 10 for run of games.

  12. Abel says:

    Arsenal football club unlike most others has certain values that are never compromised.
    As they say “form is temporary, class is permanent”
    Arsenal have stuck to our values as noted in the recent managerial choices.
    Wenger was by far the classiest coach in the EPL for decades. Emery is also a similar character and so is Arteta. People like big Sam and Mourinho would never be hired by this club because they lack the class.
    Ponchettino of Spurs has penned down his biography whilst still in management and would have revealed certain clubs secrets in order to sell more copies. Wenger on the other hand has kept mum despite being privy to juicy club secrets.

    Diaby, Rosicky, Van persie and even Wilshere were offered new contracts despite doubts about their fitness. Of the aforementioned, only rosicky remains a legend despite not outgrowing his niggling injuries.

    ‘Wenger and the board’ offering Santi a new contract while recuperating from a long term contract oozes class. Anyone who thinks otherwise should ask himself why they support our club if they don’t agree with our core values..

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