The Ramsey saga just proves that Arsenal are no longer a ‘Big Club’

The news that the Arsenal talks have broken down with Aaron Ramsey have been met with relief by some gooners, arguing he’s overrated and not good enough for our starting line up anyway. Which reminds me of rubbishing your relationship, only after you realised they were about to leave you anyway.

We have once again allowed a star name to run down his contract, making us look weak both on and off the pitch.
While we continue to be one of the world’s best at making money, a top club does not frequently fail to extend deals like we do. Some view his injury record as reason not to justify the salary he wants, it’s believed the board are the ones who have pulled out on an agreement.

It’s a shame Stan Kroenke doesn’t think of value for money when setting the prices for tickets and merchandise. Only when reinvesting does our owner proceed with caution. The American will no doubt enjoy hearing that several of you feel we have ready made replacements in the squad, giving licence to not just slash the wage bill but get away without replacing the Welshmen. No man has benefited from gunners cheering change for the sake of it more then the man who will soon have sole control over us. He no longer spends 8 million a year on a manager, choosing not to recruit a marquee name. Instead he set the criteria for someone who would accept a limited transfer kitty.

So disillusioned are the supporters he’s meant to serve, that 6 consecutive victories have led some to believe that we are good enough to wash our hands of Ramsey and Ozil. In reality Uni Emery has lost against two superior sides and beat the ones he should have, none of them in a convincing fashion.

Arguing that Rambo is deadwood only makes excuses for our lack of ambition. This isn’t a Theo Walcott, someone leaving because his career became stagnant. This is a midfielder who will make one of our title rivals stronger , on a free he will be a bargain for someone. Meanwhile the player himself will get the wages he wants plus a signing on fee. So the only losers in this situation are Arsenal.

At the Emirates since a teenager, we are letting a future captain walk away for free. He’s not a South American youngster, where dreams of going to Spain are natural. As a British player, he would have grown up viewing Arsenal as one of the biggest institutions, and to believe it an honour to wear the red and white.

Now he’s the latest to learn we are no longer a big club.

Dan Smith


  1. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    We stopped being a big club since the days of a deal taking Wenger months to close. I’m sure greedy Kroenke will soon sit up when he realises the stadium is half empty on each match day. Idiots!

    1. Enagic says:

      Give Kroenke a chance please he just finished full take over this week and lets see

  2. OlaJoe says:

    Ramsey leaves or not Arsenal will remain Arsenal. A lot had left dat hasn’t reduced us from being a top club like the writer is painting. I remember a certain south American who is the highest paid in the league but yet underperforming. We can’t keep over paying players who are underperforming. Ramsey leaving is not going to be a big deal after all his not even in the level of players like Hazard or Kelvin Dybruna

    1. Gbpnw says:

      Spot on, OlaJoe.

      1. Gunner22 says:

        The only one delusioned is Dan the writer.Is emery not a winner? We lost to chelsea fighting, we have improoved in our game, chek has improoved, back & side passing has improoved. Danny, yes Danny is scoring goals! Ramsey is not a top draw player or else clubs would have been lining up offers for him this summer.Ramsey xhaka mustafi and berin need to be replaced, 1 going so much the better.Btw its good the club are getting ruthless with players.

        1. Maks says:

          Ramsey leaving is a sign that we will be big again!

    2. Things are changing says:

      I am not so sure Ramsey would make our title rivals (we are actually not challenging for the title) stronger. I don’t think he would start for any of the top 6 teams.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    “This is a midfielder who will make one of our title rivals stronger”…seriously? I suggest you watch the entirety of his decade at the club!

    Ramsey wouldn’t even make the bench at City, maybe Liverpool, but not the starting XI. Possibly the bench at Chelsea, definitely the bench at Spurs, but definitely not starting XI. I could only maybe see him making the Utd starting XI. Most Arsenal fans wouldn’t even have in our starting XI! Haha!

    Ramsey, like so many others at Arsenal, is easily replaceable.

    1. Enagic says:

      Exactly! Ramsey is not what we need at Arsenal but Iam more optimistic with Sanllehi now. Arsenal needs a player who is close to Santiago in that position who is Ever Banega very skillful and creative player and since Sanllehi took football matters I hope we will start to look to South America now

    2. Dan Smith says:

      So who’s better in our midfield ?
      Don’t defend Korenke
      There’s is nothing good about letting players run down contracts
      We need to stop thinking it’s okay

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        What a stupid article, as if Arsenal are no longer a big club because they’ve withdrawn an offer to a below average player. How many more times has this got to be repeated, “36 goals Premier League goals in 240 games”. What have you been doing for the last 10 years because you couldn’t have been watching Arsenal if you regard Ramsey as a half decent player. You ask ” so who’s better in our midfield”, over the last 10 years? I’ll you tell you, Song, Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky. Arteta, Arshavin, Kelly Smith, Kim Little and plenty of others I’ve not mentioned. If he wasn’t Wenger’s toy boy, he’d would have been out years ago. The sooner this traitor leaves our club the better.

      2. Maks says:

        Sorry but it is a stupid article.
        Ramsey leaving is a sign that we will be big again!

  4. Mikki says:

    I don’t even think i will miss Ramsey if he decides to leave….is time to get rid off over hype players,Ramsey can’t dictate a match for u let alone giving him a new contract….ozil and Ramsey should leave us for good….even zaha can single handedly win a match but not Ramsey and ozil….we need to rebuild we can’t hold on to players that have disappointed us for many years they should go…..

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I like that Raul plays hard ball. Some players you have to give in to, I don’t think Ramsey is one of these players. Ozil was gave in to, its a pity Raul didn’t play hard ball with that deal. Its after effecting the Ramsey situation by the sounds of it. Ramsey is probably aware of how much Ozil was offered during the season, compared to the offer he got when contract ran out. He might have intended all along to run the contract down. We had a 50m offer during the summer, it now looks a stupid decision to not collect on it. Emery still plays him so I imagine still wants him to stay, he’s a productive player no matter what anyone thinks about his game.

  6. rkw says:

    we may have stopped being a big club but ramsey’s departure will make us a better team which is what matters in the end …

  7. Innit says:

    Kroenke becoming sole owner confirms pretty much that we arent a big club anymore
    He will limit our spending
    His other clubs have had mediocre success

  8. oba (AUBA)arsenal of lagos says:

    Dear Mr Dan smith,actually you are the disillusioned for me I’ve been disenchanted with Ramsey as far back as 2011/12.ha! How I laugh when you said Ramsey is another world class big name leaving.bro do you see Ramsey in the light of eriksen,debruyne,David Silva, fabregas,ever banega even mata?I’ve been jubilant since the news broke it wrong for us to have CAMs/CMs like modric? Not someone who overplays the ball and tries to display skills he’s not endowed with.Ramsey at best is an arsenal bench man I await ozils leave, I have no beef with him coz his brilliant when he’s turned up but its about time he’s left.I can mention over ten players who’ll fill in Ramsey’s position that’ll get even you to reach orgasm if they play at arsenal. All ye Ramsey supporters pls go cheer him at his next club and hey I don’t give a rats ass if he leaves without arsenll making a dime coz the hundreds of million they’ve been raking in over the years hasnt been well utilised.

    1. killamch89 says:

      I have been in such a jubilant mood since hearing that I heard he won’t be getting a new contract. I suspect that we may very well sell him to China. He can still fetch a good price – Closer to 50m hopefully

    2. Dan Smithb says:

      I don’t think he’s good as them so here’s an idea ….sell him
      Don’t let him run down contract

  9. CorporateMan says:

    If Ramsey is asking for wage parity with Ozil, as is being rumoured, then he should go. The Ozil deal in itself was a circumstantial error. We can’t right it by making another one!

    1. Exactly! The author seems to think we should dish out a £350K-a-week deal to whomever refuses to extend their contracts just to proove we are a big club. Does Man utd not have contract trouble with Martial? Pogba constantly angling for a move? Doesn’t Chelsea have trouble with Hazard? Courtois even left. Doesn’t city have contract wrangles with Sterling? Didn’t Liverpool lose Emre Can? Didn’t they lose Coutinho? So why make it look like contract renewal issues is a special problem only faced by the “small club” Arsenal? Wow this article is something.

      1. DAN smith says:

        I would suggest mate you look at how many players have left for a top 6 rival under our current ownership

        1. JBe says:

          Ma guy, take a nap

  10. Wow, just wow. What a rubbish article! Hands down the worst I’ve seen on this website since I started following it 6 years ago. Shouldn’t have wasted your time Dan Smith conjuring up this nonsense. Lol. Is Ramsey Messi? Not even in wonderland he isn’t! Ramsey is Ramsey and the club managment is not the problem. People like you pressuring the club into handing over yet another ridiculous and undeserved contract to a mediocre midfielder are the problem. Thankfully it is not up to you whether Ramsey gets a new contract are not. Once again, GARBAGE ARTICLE! Sorry for the language but this writer really got on my nerves with the nonsense.

    1. DAN Smith says:

      Who said he was Messi ?
      Even if you think he’s garbage you don’t let his contract run down

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Desperate Dan Smith, I’m just wondering if you think Liverpool are a big club having never won the Premier league, Second division side when I started watching Arsenal. Tottenham also, never won the Premier League, in fact no title since ’60/61. Manchester United, relegated in the 70’s along with Tottenham and have bigger problems than us at the moment. Manchester City, actually went down to third tier of English football and almost bankrupt at one time. Chelsea, a yo yo club for years before the Russian’s money baled them out. Do you know any of these facts Dan because none of them refer to Arsenal. I don’t think you’ve been around long enough to have the nerve to say Arsenal are no longer a big club.

        1. Dan Smith says:

          Okay Kenny ….. I don’t think Liverpool , City , Chelsea or Spurs are a big club and never said that
          Im worried under the current ownership we are not acting like a big club
          OX, Fabregas, Nasri , Van Persie, Clichy, Adeboyore, Sanchez have all joined our rivals
          I been round long enough to know that that never used to happen
          Now can you tell me in the last 10 years when Man U , City or Chelsea have sold their best players to a rival???????……….. exactly lol
          Its not that they are bigger but have more ambitious owners

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Now you’re saying we’re not acting like a big club, that’s different to being no longer a big club. Whatever it is Dan, we’ll always be a big club, the player sales that you mentioned didn’t really effect our top four standing at the time and was obviously done because of the outlay due to building the new stadium and by the way, I regard all those clubs you mentioned as big clubs and I would add Everton to that group, a sleeping giant if ever there was one. Still mates Dan.

  11. Roshan says:

    Ramsey for Martial swap!

  12. AlexP says:

    Did I miss something here? A club refuses to pay exorbitant wages to a player that has now been slightly average for past 2-3 seasons and that makes it ‘not a big club anymore’? Ok, I can live with that, go on you mighty Gunners.

    1. Dan Smith says:

      Refuses to pay exorbitant wages …..very noble of Arsenal
      Shame they don’t think that when setting ticket prices or signing TV deals
      So bringing in exorbitant money but don’t spend exorbitant money …..great

  13. Ado says:

    If anyhting it proves we are actually a big club. No player is bigger than the club, especially not Ramsey. We don’t want to repeat what happen to Ozil. The reason there was a Ramsey saga was becasue of Ozil. The domino effect of having a high contract player.

  14. Greig Howell says:

    Rubbish, Ramsey isn’t worth what it’s being reporting he’s requesting. Maybe it’s because he’s English why he has so much support. If we a truly a “big” club we shouldn’t even be fighting for the likes of his talent to stay. Same thing applied to Walcott and the other midfielder they allowed to go last season. Don’t even remember his name. Gwwndozie will likely mature to be a far better midfielder than Ramsey and even Iwobi. Let them go!!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      BTW Greig, Ramsey is Welsh but UK rules of English FA still apply.

    2. waal2waal says:

      @Greig Howell – we shouldn’t be overly concerned about him leaving – he’s replaceable if we care to do our homework.

  15. gunner smith says:

    It could be true with the US owner tightening his grip.He is no Russian oligarch.
    I would have preferred the guy who sold him his shares to be sole owner.
    Nevertheless we will have to wait and see.
    Arsenal stopped being a big club when they couldnt challenge /win the epl thanks to
    the fms vision of the beautiful soccer.How can you explain repeated big losses to
    your nearest challengers.If you have lost big the first few times it s acceptable but to
    keep repeating the same errors and losing big is criminal.
    Football is being blackmailed by footballers. The sooner the football authorities step in the better. How?
    Each team should have a maximum of 5/6 imported players.The rest must be home grown.
    Otherwise the clubs will bleed to death.There shd be amaximum wage based on clubs income.
    It maynot happen nowbut it could in the next 10 to 20 years.

  16. GunnerJack says:

    Big decision time for Emery – but has he the guts to make it?
    As it’s now pretty obvious Ramsey is leaving will Emery start rebuilding from RIGHT NOW and relegate Ramsey to the bench, or better still let him watch future matches at home on his TV?
    He could then put Ozil back into his proper position behind our attackers to see if he can come back to form and could also try out our youngsters as and when they are fit, such as AMN, or when he deems any of them sufficiently capable.
    No need to buy yet another midfielder.

  17. Milton John says:

    Ramsey said it’s not wages but the assurance of the position he wants to play that is central attacking midfielder the role of No.10 is delaying him to sign the contract extension. Now he got that during the start of the season and now only he realizes that he is not good enough for that and that makes his starting line up in Jeopardy. The next best thing is to make the most of the situation buy bargaining for a huge contract and sign it which is possible as long as Wenger is in charge. The situation is changed and he can go out to grab the rich contract elsewhere. On footballing reason we don’t miss him but the best option for us was to sell him for a fee of 30-35 million during last summer transfer and reinvest it in a much better player with adding a further 15 to 20 millions extra. Let’s hope this situation won’t arises in future because Wenger and Gazidis are not a part of our club.

    1. Emc says:

      No player is bigger than arsenal, if that’s what Ramsey what is dead wrong you can’t tell a coach how to select a player and Ramsey is still Wenger’s leftover which we need to get lid off he needs guarantee what about if he is injured? What is going to tell Emery who to select and fill in for him?

      I am just glad we are opening up a new chapter for Arsenal and Kroenke ownership of 100% and Sanllehi in as Head of football matters and I really hope he brings him what worked successfully for Barcelona

      And good chemistry Emery/Sanllehi unlike Wenger despite being an employee, he was the one tell employer what to do.

  18. Chabaloah says:

    I emplor anyone to look at the statistics, whether we agree with his playing style or not, Ozil has one of the best assist records in the league and he’s joined much later than Ramsey did.

    Every single season Ozil has produced the statistics, Ramsey has not. Injuries, form, whatever the reason he can’t ask for the same as he is not in the same league as Ozil, an instrumental world Cup winner for Germany, their best assister for the country. Yes they’ve played in different positions and that could be seen as an unfair comparison but has Ramsey topped any numbers in his position? Interceptions, crosses, long balls, passes, goals? None. And that is the difference between them.

    I agree he should want more to secure his own future but let us be honest, Ramsey was never a star and Arsenal would have paid Sanchez a similar fee but again Sanchez before his decline was exceptional. So the club have the money but Ramsey isn’t worth it.

    He can go and suck eggs.

  19. Sue says:

    Players come.. Players go… if Ramsey doesn’t want what we’re offering then clear off!! I think we’re way too generous as it is (regarding wages) he is not bigger than the club, yes he’s scored some important (& special) goals for us, which I’m thankful for… but if/when he does leave it’s not like we’ll be so awful that we’ll be relegated!!
    Even if does go to a rival & ‘makes them stronger’ ? we’ll always be there or thereabouts… because that’s what we do! In my eyes we’ll ALWAYS be a big club!! Arsenal forever ❤

    1. Enagic says:

      Now we are shifting away from Wenger’s policy where he clinged to average players for so long despite never improving and help arsenal win – just take Barcelona and arsenal position to position who does really Ramsey gonna bench? The biggest arsenal overhaul we been crying for is coming start with this coming January window and next summer will be even awesome since won’t be a World Cup year so our business will get done soon and Sanllehi is a master when you come to that

  20. AndersS says:

    I really don’t see Ramsey making a rival a lot stronger. Just as we won’t be much weaker without him.
    You can just as well argue letting him go is a step in the right direction towards restoring us as a title contender in the future.
    Ramsey has had his time and never quite living up to the potential as a star, who could be the backbone of our best 11.
    Why would we think he can be an important part of making us title winners in the future?

  21. Mk says:

    Ramsey needs to go, he’s part of the Wenger era and there are better players which will improve us.
    Regarding letting his contract run down, it’s not like we haven’t tried to get him to sign a new contract. At the end of the day you can’t force players to sign and you can only sell if a club wants to pay of which I’m pretty sure no club has for a couple of years.

  22. waal2waal says:

    ramseys arsenal achievements over his 10 years service are poor (…to say the least). Let’s not forget he had much to do with the teams demise and dismal performance as we failed to reach the champions league earlier stages. i struggle to see how this midfielder is a world beater and where he has distinguished himself in the arsenal hall of fame? arsenal players used to be comprised of noteworthy midfield internationals and ramsey has proven to lack the quality and consistency that is expected of a top tier premiership team.

    so, fans should allow him to leave a.s.a.p and be replaced by a skilled-midfielder who is possessed of character, one that is esteemed and currently on the rise in the modern game (imo). It makes us sound cheap when holding ramsey to be irreplaceable or touting him as uniquely relevant, he’s not: he epitomises arsenal-mediocrity at the butt end of the arsene wenger era.

  23. Grandad says:

    The fact is that as a Club we no longer have any player on our books who is sufficiently talented to be considered indispensible .The incompetence of the last 5/6 years of the Wenger era manifested itself on and off the pitch and the Ramsay contract situation is yet another example of the latter.On the playing side we need to unload 5/6 players during the course of the next 2 transfer windows, and given the apparent pressure on the wages bill the top priority should be to free Ozil to encourage a wealthy club to take over his contract. Easier said than done unfortunately.When fit Ramsay was a good player but in my humble opinion he was not a great one.

    1. gooner4life says:

      All i will say is bring back David Dein.

  24. Sal says:

    very happy with the club stance with ramsey, not giving him what he wants is exactly why we are still a big club and hopefully on the rise!!

    we can do much better than him he’ll be like wilshire and walcott next season wishing they still played a part in this great club, rasmey is like hleb watch him fade away when he leaves he won’t get playing time in any of the major clubs and we can’t shift him as soon as january!! get the other young midfielders a chance he’s had more than enough and he’s not worth anywhere near the wages he is demanding, i think it’s a win for the club and the fans in the long run he’s been playing better but so inconsistent that we won’t notice him when he’s gone so unlike van persie fab and sanchez i won’t even blink when he says his goodbyes… definetly not a game changer and a proper mid will make our team even more compact, so thanks for the memories rambo but bye!!

    if the club wants to reward anyone on low wages than just look at some of our youngsters or even our 32 year old left back who is so consistent as his replacement is on 120 k twice his salary i call that unfair and have we heard montreal ever complain? reward consinstency not divas!! giving ozil 300k was a big mistake let’s not offer the welsh the same!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on ! This is also mainstream Gooner opinion , even though the article writer(in his loneliness) chooses to think differently. But we REAL Gooners, know the truth, which is just as you wrote.

      1. Dan Smith says:

        Yes its a good idea to let a player run down his contract
        Well done Arsenal

  25. Joelacazette says:

    arsenal start to be a small club when we out from champion league n tott fonosh above us
    Sob… Sob

  26. Nnamdi Ejiofor says:

    I’m glad he’s leaving. Good player but we can do better, and no player should hold the club to ransom. Thanks for the service Rambo, but I won’t miss you.

  27. jon fox says:

    Dan , In it’s way , a well argued article with much truth about Kroenke. But you start from the point of view that Ramsey is a star player,” a star name” you call him. To be a star you need to play like one. You and I will be acutely aware of how few on here rate Ramsey at top level. I certainly don’t . You choose to believe we are saying this like dissing our soon to be ex, which is an amusing but wrong analogy. I take the opposite view and would remind you that Ramsey has been mostly unrated, on here, long before his present contract talks. Do you deny this? The truth is most true Gooners just dont rate Ramsey as anything special at all and are totally comfortable that he goes. Many would want him out today(were that possible). Of course we would rather get a fee for him buy he is now saying he will stay til next summer, leave on a free and then get a huge signing on fee. But he is 27, should be in the prime of his career but still chooses to stick around a club he no longer wants to stay at, just so he can get hugely more money. Surely the REAL TRUTH is that this selfish player(who always plays for personal glory anyway) has a giant ego and far too big a opinion of his own worth and his bluff has been called , both by the club and us fans. But it is a free country and clearly you still rate him highly. Goodluck in your loneliness with that opinion!

    1. stubill says:

      I bet his ego is well and truly bruised right now, I bet he never imagined that Arsenal would say, “ok, if that’s how you feel, you can go, and we withdraw our offer”, that’s got to hurt, surely.

    2. Dan Smith says:

      Wherever star player is your opinion
      Other then Ozil can’t think of better attack midfielder we have and don’t trust our owner to be ambitious in buying a replacement.
      He’s still been allowed to run down contract which happens allot at our club
      That’s not a good thing
      No one is right or wrong. If I wanted to write an article just for everyone to say nice things that be easy

  28. khitb77 says:

    I have mixed feelings about Ramsey (potentially) going on a free.

    He’s got a lot of assists and or goals from midfield for us, no one in the squad comes close to his figures. However, he doesn’t seem to fit in with Emery’s style of play. Plus, him going will free up some wages, although we’ll need to either spend a fortune on a replacement or promote either Nelson or Smith-Rowe for next season.

    There’s part of me that believes if we played to his strengths, he’d be an amazingly effective player. But we’ve gone from talking about building the team around Ramsey to realising that he’s not been the consistent “star player” we hoped he’d be.

    What is clear, is that there are far too many big names being allowed to run their contracts down. Someone needs a proper arse-kicking over our unprofessional approach. Hopefully we can just blame it all on Gazidis, now that he’s off to Milan!

  29. JADON SPIRIT says:

    Ramsey is rather not good enough to play for Arsenal.

  30. JADON SPIRIT says:

    @Jon Fox

    God Bless You. I can’t understand how some people rate Ramsey as a top player.. I mean how?

  31. JADON SPIRIT says:

    Even come to think of it… We have Niles and Rowe who’ll perform better in that Middle.

  32. Dianjuh says:

    I honestly couldn’t believe this article.

    We talking about Ramsey here.
    How about we analyze what exactly Ramsey does that is exceptional?

    1. He is not an out and out DM
    2. He is not a creative midfielder either, not of David Silva or Cazorla quality
    3. He is not a dribbler, a tackler, a maestro passer, and he is not physical either.

    So what exactly are we going to be missing?

  33. B says:

    Ramsey is the top Arsenal goalscorer from the midfield,of all freakin time….had two awesome assists against last weekend,just starting to own the CAM position!… Gerrard ..said hes the best in the league not a while back….shut ur flytraps…if we lose Ramsey…we lose quality.. we lose Arsenal DNA,…i cant stand to see another old boy of ours leave….not after Walcott and Wilshere!!!

    1. famousfromdubai says:

      follow him dawg, follow him. Gerrard says he is the best in the league, that to you justify why arsenal should give him that amount.
      And please, lets not deceive ourselves saying he had two assit. The assist was actually Ozils, Ramsey fluffed his lines, Aubameyang bailed his ass.

  34. B says:

    i think many of you watch arsenal from this blog!lol…Ramsey is class

  35. famousfromdubai says:

    i am so proud of every arsenal fan that has called out the rubbishness of this article.
    This is progress

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