The REAL reason Arsenal are denying Benzema transfer chase?

There is some very good news for Gooners if the latest Arsenal transfer rumour turns out to be true, and boy do we need it after the horror film that was our first home game of the Premier League season. The good news is Karim Benzema and that his transfer to Arsenal is very much on and could be completed a lot sooner than any of us thought.

The Daily Star is reporting the latest news, as revealed by a South American journalist and massive fan of Real Madrid with sources at the club, is that Real Madrid have now let it be known that they will sell Benzema this summer.

And although Arsene Wenger has been playing down and even flatly denying his transfer pursuit of the striker, this is apparently because of a desire to show respect to the Spanish La Liga club and keep them sweet while the negotiations are being done.

The report also claims that Benzema´s agent was at the Emirates on Sunday and is in London to finalise the personal terms of this long awaited signing. It appears that Benzema could already have his medical planned as well and if so we could be in for a very timely boost.

Or it could all be one big wind up and we could still be set for the usual torture on transfer deadline day. Which do you think it will be Gooners?

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  1. If it happens, it would be awesome. Exactly what we need to complete our attack. A dedicated LW backup to Alexis would be nice too but I’m getting too greedy.

    I’m hoping Wenger would consider getting top quality DM too

      1. We need benzema, draxler and krychowiak… These 3 players would take us to the next level. A total of 100mil would bring joy and success to arsenal fans.

        1. What you need and get in this life are two completely two different things!;)

          We may sign:
          Jack Shit/Noel Body/Scot chmist

  2. benzema would be a great addition. It will be a great boost for the fans and players. i think sundays performance was down to complacency, effort and poor 2nd half tactics, and not just down to us not having the quality players. We have quality throughout the squad, we just need to extract some of the desire from Alexis, and inject it into 3 or 4 of others.

    1. @goonerbri
      I really don’t see how he’ll be such a great addition.
      It’s like most people want him because others on social media do. He’s tending at the moment. And as soon as he FKS up, he’ll be in AW and Olivier’s shoes as the patsies for all thats wrong with AFC…

      1. Benzema vwould be a huge upgrade on giroud. He would bring speed and finishing to our attack. We need him and should pay whatever real are asking.

        1. Benzemas shot to goals ratio at best is one less to Girouds. In the CL however Benzema is up their with the best of them. Great stats in CL. That would suggest he could be a big game player.

      2. The fact is that he is beTter than Giroud, Theo and Welbeck, as a striker and that’s what counts. Otherwise, he’s not as good as Lew or Reus, in my opinion. In fact, sometimes I think he’s lazy.

        1. Benzema is not lazy.that’s his style of play. He would deliver goals for us and that’s what we need. I still think Wenger will not sign any players this window. He’s took fkin stubborn to do so

            1. I believe Wenger will sign at least one more player Im hoping more but definitely someone will arrive. I always hear the same people on here saying Wenger will not sign anyone before calling the man all sorts. When was the last time Wenger did not bring in anyone, overwhelmingly one sided I would say. Even before Cech the same were said, he will not buy because he is a blah blah blah. I wonder if these people ever take a step back and look before they say the exact same thing next time.

              Now Im not talking about whether he will sign the said player of your choice nor the said position, because that is the managers prerogative.

      3. He is a quality striker. Am not slating Giroud, Theo or Wellbeck, but he is a class above those 3. If he doesnt come, then so be it. I feel we have enough quality to challenge

          1. I would comment more, but this site angers me. I live in a town 20 miles outside london. in fact its a big Spuds town. I grew up the minority in my school as most supported the noisy lot up the road. it made me the fan i am now. Arsenal through and through. football is about passion and SUPPORTING your team. Its in your blood. Nowdays i look in the parks and see kids with Man City shirts, chelsea shirts, WHY??? Come on all gooners! get behind YOUR team, SUPPORT your team! and sing your hearts out at the emirates. We have every chance to do something great this year. The team needs us as much as we need the ARSENAL

  3. If Daily Star is the source then i seriously doubt its authenticity. But if it happens then it will be a good move cos we certainly can’t count on Giroud for goals, at least Benzema will be an upgrade!

  4. oh my god!here we go again this is bull sh*t or should l remind you about a certain Higuain used to play for madrid and was sold to arsenal by the media@ the end we all now what happen……

    1. Exactly, plus Wenger simply does not want to sign a striker neither a DM. Wenger fkin out…..right now so the new manager Mr. Klopp can sign a few players

  5. And many thinks Cech alone would win us the League……. We still have outdated players like Mert, arteta,flamini etc on the team…… U have no idea what quality signings (major or minor)can do to the spirit of a team like Arsenal…… But nah!…. Wenger is contented with what he has at his disposal…..its a shame really!

  6. Question to all of the Karim lovers in the house. If we are to get Karim, then what happens to Olivier?
    Would really like to know where people think AW is going to put Olivier. And please, spare me your personal biased opinions.

      1. @El Blaze
        No it’s not so simple dude. Karim hasn’t been tested in the EPL. Which is much tougher than fun in the sun La Liga. Even Mourinho said he thought Benzema was weak.

        1. Benzema has benched Giroud in the France squad, so it is probably natural that he would bench him at Arsenal.
          He is the better player. Is he going to adapt to the PL fast enough to replace Giroud? Nobody knows. Is Giroud good enough to lead our line, hell no, he never was. He is a relic of our “we are paying for a stadium” days. That is why Wenger tried to buy Suarez and that is why although I am not a big fan of Benzema, I still think he would be a sure fire upgrade to Giroud.

          1. Benzema is not an upgrade,he would be a massive upgrade. Trust me, the guy is pure quality. He’s exactly what we need right now. Just pay the amount real want and sign him.spend the God damn cash stingy old fart Wenger

          2. @JimBeam
            La Liga aint the EPL dude. HUGE difference. Karim is not tough enough to play targetman. And as far as the French team is concerned, Dechamps picks whoever of the 2 is in best form at the time…
            I asked what would happen to Olivier. Nobodies answering. Just giving me their personal opinions. Something I didn’t ask for and don’t need…

            1. NY,
              I remember a time at the start of two previous seasons ago when there was talk of us getting another striker and while that was going on Giroud improved enormously. So, I think in answer to your question Olivier should fight it out with Benzema…perhaps both their games will be raised by the mutual competition. And, if at the end of the day Giroud shows he is better than Benzema then so be it.

            2. @NY_Gunner,
              Its easy…BENCH. I don’t think its a personal opinion that Benzema is better than Giroud. Even Thierry Henry knows it. Many pundits know it. Many here know it. Its easy to see right there while you watch both play.

              All that talk about him not tested in the EPL and la liga is not the same…well you can call that your “personal opinions” and fear of an unknown. Speaking of personal opinions, Wenger is the KING at that and you worship him so I don’t think personal opinions here are a problem. Lets have him here first like we did with Ozil and Sanchez then we can see for ourselves.
              Costa, Aguero, Fernando Torres, Michu etc all came from the spanish league and they were hits. Alexis sanchez is another example. Some also flop like Soldado. But its better to put the squad in a position to challenge legitimately for the title by adding quality than just relying on Giroud’s targetman ability like we have done for the past 3 seasons. This has gotten us nowhere close to the title and if you ask me Giroud is just a decent target man in the EPL.

              Gomis, Kane, Lukaku, Benteke are better at playing that role because they ca do a lot more than just being a pole.. Why do we have to always play “target man”. To be a very effective target man, you need skills, pace, vision, strength, dribbling, ball control etc for it to work. If you ask me, Henry was the best target man. Ibrahimovic is a great target man. I don’t think we need a target man for our style of play. RVP and Henry were not in the Giroud mould but they had presence. Benzema has presence. If you’re ok with 4th place, Giroud is your man. No pressure, he just has to try to score 10 to 15 in the league and we make 4th.

              Benzema is a massive upgrade to what we currently have. He is naturally a better footballer.

        2. NY…dont bother with this bunch dude.
          Even if I am all for siging Benz, I do agree…it wont be as simple, but well

  7. I think his agent if he was there Sunday would be saying ‘you sure about this’? To Benzema down the phone.

    Agent: benny, just watched the match here at the Emirates, did you see it? On TV

    Benzema: Qui!

    Agent: so what do think

    Benzema: I wanna sign for them

    Agent: why? You are at one of if not the biggest club in world football, winning trophies and playing with superstars week in week out, year after year. Why go there?

    Benzema: i am tired of the pressure to win all the time. Those Arse’nal boys sure know how to relax and take it easy. And besides you stand to get a fortune from the deal!

    Agent: ok, I will call Arsene Wonga straight away.

      1. This is no joke, but the actual transcript of the conversation conducted.

        My source will remain unnamed so to protect his identity as a famous Italian reporter who likes the limelight.

  8. wenger should look around Europe for a DM even if its a loan. Coq looks like his going to straggle. Arteta his not the solution. or flamini.

  9. please just Loan out Iwobi and Adelaide…….. Of what use are they to this team when they can’t even get game time or even make the bench?……u brought em in, talked of em so highly and with ur very own hands u’d destroy what u built for urself……..seriouly,what were West-ham thinking …playing Oxford Reece against a team like Arsenal?

    1. he kept Ozil in his back pocket and we also want him.Top clubs also want him even before this match.I hope we sign him quickly he is going to boss so many players and will be a legendary player.

  10. Sometimes i dont understand some people saying thing like Benzema is not what we need and that he is not that good.Some people lack reasoning to be very honest.They dont think before talking.I wonder why people say that because when you watched him from his first season up to this season he really is that good.Some arsenal legends are saying we need him almost everyone is saying so too.We need him and stop judging his character because you have no right to judge anyone.Giroud is an average striker and i am not judging him from yesterday’s game i am judging him from season 1 to this season.He is nothing special and has never been.

  11. please yourself with delusion but BENZEMA IS NOT COMING, atleast this summer.
    RM wants to win treble and what makes you think that they will let him leave,
    also benzema is a type of player who will stay atleast one season and fight for starting spot.
    bayern munich are also keen on kevin de bruyne and with douglas costa and vidal in, the only quality player we can get is gotze or javi martinez.
    walcott wants to move in the centre and will only start games when he is played up front, we all saw that on sunday so i dont think we are in for any new striker

  12. wenger will never buy benzema, if he does giroud does not start every week so and he will never be able to start for france ahead of benzema, not to mention the likes of gomis who are also ready to snatch giroud’s spot there.
    same thing happend to fabianski for poland, when he was at arsenal !!!

  13. i feel people here are under rating arteta, two seasons back we remained on top of league for maximum no. of days and arteta was there in midfield at that time.
    i agree we need DM but i surely dont with people who says arteta is not premier league quality and also consider him no good than flamini
    I feel he is good enough to start against any team that ended in the bottom half of table last year and all the carling cup and fa cup matches upto quaters !!

  14. Really? You’re really quoting the daily star?

    Do you still wait up for Santa Claus?

    Daily star will print and post anything to sell their papers and get their drivel read online. Keep their bollocks out of “just arsenal” .

    If I wanted to be lied to I would go straight to the horses arse and be shat on, I would read the daily star. I avoid them on principle only to be tricked into reading the shite on here.

    For the love of God be a journalist, pull your finger out and get some transfer news instead of reading back to us the latest articles you’ve read from the daily star.

  15. Off topic. I think the 2 reason Cech made mistakes are because.

    1, When Chelsea defend free kick they don’t try to play offside in any of the free kicks they defend and hold a more deeper position than we did for the first goal, so Cech didn’t need to come out in Chelsea but thought he might need to on Sunday, obviously wrong choice.

    2, After conceding the 2nd goal he point at Koscielny, maybe even Ox. That could be because of two reasons or both. First he probably was blocked by Koscielny so couldn’t see and/or he wanted Koscielny to close the ball down or Ox which neither did do and hence the shot went on target. This is something else Chelsea defenders do, they will dive and slide to block a shot.

    He will have to get used to our defenders not doing what Chelsea defenders did, because unfortunately you can see more goals ‘soft goals’ gifted by our defenders, it happens every season, we give around 10+ goals away easily in the league.

  16. I bet we should stop talking about transfers and note so about Benzema.its two months since we talked about him.otherwise sell Giroud and buy either lewa or Benzema and Dzeko.
    plus a CM. just think.what happens if LeCoq got injured while we next playing against Chelsea and up against Beyern in Champs league?
    play the artetas and the flaminis? a times I wonder what Wenger gets in backgrounds from these useless players as can a team like arsenal have such players? I can’t understand. Wenger should be investigates .

  17. Sorry to say this but Benzema is not coming to Arsenal. Benzema is the only true striker Madrid has as far as we know they are not on the market for striker. Madrid sold Ozil after they bought Bale and sold Di Maria after they bought James. When Madrid sell their player, they always buy someone big.
    The other thing is, why would Benzema join Arsenal?He is in one of the best team and He is Madrid’s number 9 and he is guaranteed place at first 11.So what is the motivation for him to join!

    You don’t have to get your hopes up with out any evidence, wait for the most reliable sources ( sky sport and BBC sport ),until now they are not saying anything.

  18. I bet we should stop talking about transfers and more so about Benzema.its two months since we talked about him.otherwise sell Giroud and buy either lewa or Benzema and Dzeko.
    plus a CM. just think.what happens if LeCoq got injured while we next playing against Chelsea and up against Beyern in Champs league?
    play the artetas and the flaminis? a times I wonder what Wenger gets in backgrounds from these useless players as can a team like arsenal have such players? I can’t understand. Wenger should be investigates .

    1. People reply of the top comment to get attention even though their reply doesn’t necessarily relate to the comment they are replying to.

    2. How can I add an EDIT Button? What if a Spud comes on and writes “I love Arsenal” then I approve it. Two minutes later they edit it to something “not very nice”. It will get posted because the original has already been approved. That cannot happen…..

      Secondly there is NO sorting of comments. You become 15th because 14 other people reply to a post above you after your post…..

  19. City rolling over WBA with ease … Wenger living in the long gone past …. Needs to be put out to pasture if we are to go anywhere … Personnel preference … Bender griezman and benzema …. Two of three will do though … Chances? not much as the existential twat still thinks the last ten years was an accident

    1. They are playing against Westbrom. Let’s say the titles contenders are Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, City and Liverpool. If we rate the teams they played on season opening Wesr brome would be the last.
      3.West Ham
      4.West Brome
      So I am not surprised if Man City beat West brome.

  20. I am sick to death of all the rumours. What I want is for our players to start playing football, after all thats what they get paid for. Arsene give them a swift kick up the arse.

  21. i AM STILL GUTTED WE did not sign schneiderlin. He would have given a much needed strength to our team in midfield. WE miss player like him who has strength and also intelligence .In a space of one summer Manchester United’s midfield from average has become brilliant. Look at this now they bring a player like schweinsteiger from the bench along with herrera, two quality midfielders. I cant see that with us. Even if we get a benzema our problem will persist, yes benzema may not need 8 chances like giroud to score but in crucial games, smart teams will shut our attack down and we will again suffer the same problem.

    We have to act fast as this midfield wont be enough for us to compete in all major competitions.

  22. The team was out of sync. Lost balls,
    especially the mid was poor out of all the
    players and Wenger should know Özil will never
    dribble past a defender and take on a
    defender in BPL like he did for Madrid in la
    liga. BPl defenders are more wreckless and
    eager to Injure players. Same thing that
    happened to Di Maria. Özil is best suited for
    AM #10 role where he can create and scout
    his wingers and forward to create for them.
    Once Alexis starts on the left Özil is more
    flexible on the mid to find option and Alexis
    runs and link up. Ox was the only best player
    creating and penetrating the the right. He
    has more chemistry on the right with Bellerin
    than Debuchy. Now 5 shots 0 goals for Giroud
    is concerning. Hope he’s good from the
    knockout blow he received. Walcott played on
    the right unlike in the middle. Wenger should
    def go for Benzema he is best suited for this
    formation he keeps going back to back and
    finally adds a bit pace that Özil can work with.
    Not sure about Theo on the middle but need
    to see how that works in a game this season.
    Most likely Theo starts next game in the
    middle vs Palace. Adding Benz will give us a
    new look up front, but it seems it won’t
    happen this window. I think k this wi Dow is
    closed for Wenger unless Arsenal loose again
    he will go in a panic buy. This is just 1 game
    but Arsenal has to step up next game
    especially there mkd because Palace is a very
    under the radar team with there wingers and
    strong mid. Bellerin should start and Gibbs.

  23. Wenger is not going to pay the asking price for Benzema,
    Yes it’s true that Arsenal have put in a 2nd offer for the player but stubborn wenger won’t pay that extra 2 mil.
    And the reason he has denied an interest in Benzema to the media is because he wants to give Real Madrid the impression that his not desperate for the player and that he won’t be held to ransom for him either.

    Now we have been linked to some 20 year old lazio striker that came through the Barcelona youth academy

    As per usual our signings will be done on last day of the transfer window…
    Don’t be surprised if we sign a few injured Oap’s ?

    1. Yes you’re probably right. Wenger doesn’t seem to learn that playing hardball doesn’t work. Suarez wanted to come to Arsenal and was made to train on his own because of it. Any offer closer to 50m would’ve clinched it. He did the same over Hazard as well. Imagine those two in the Arsenal team. He is arguing over 10% or less of the total fee. Wenger is a liability in the transfer market. The sooner we get a professional in, aka David Dein, the better.

  24. Looking on the bright side, and yes I’m struggling really hard to find something to be happy about – we’re not bottom of the EPL anymore…. Does that mean Wenger will say we don’t need to sign anyone…. again?

    1. The bright side is… losing at home to west ham will put pressure on wenger to panic buy,
      Even though he denies it…
      He will end up buying aload of ?
      Everything about Arsenal is so predictable,
      its been Groundhog Day! for donkey years ?

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