The REAL reason Arsenal are struggling in EPL?

I suppose it is a bit hard on Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players to say that we are struggling in the Premier League title race, as the Gunners sit just two points off the league leaders Man City. However, with just two points from our last three league games, the table should bea much better thing to look at for Arsenal fans.

There have been reports in the media talking about November being a bit of a jinked period for Arsenal under the prof, while the much publicised problems we have with injured players is the underlying cause according to many football experts.

However, there is another theory about what has stopped Arsenal from taking control of the Premier League and taking advantage of the points dropped by our big rivals Man City and United. This idea, proposed by our friends at The Sun, is something that I for one have long suspected, that Arsenal get a rough deal from the EPL officials.

The paper looked at recent incorrect decisions by a referee or his assistants and produced the league table as it would have looked without these errors. Arsenal would be three points better off, United would be one point better off and Man City would drop two points and that would put us on top.

Of course we will hear the same old cliche about luck evening itself out over the season but I am not so sure, especially when you consider what happened when we faced Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Do you think this theory has legs?

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  1. What I am concerned about is the slow,boring sideways passing possession based football we have been playing in the last 3 games(EPL).With Giroud upfront we dont even attempt to counter the opposition with pace.We just wait for the opposition defence to get back in their own half and then its just sideways passing.Remember how we ripped United and Leicester a new one with our pace..I miss that..Walcott please get back soon.

    1. Now that is a very good point, and while Santi has been awesome, it will be interseting to see if Ramsey plays as b2b whether that dynamic changes. When he played in that role he was often keen to run behind the defence whereas Santi always plays infront. That could changebthe type of ball played in the final 3rd altogether. Mote onetwos with Ozil maybe.

  2. Real reasons

    1. Bad luck with injuries: Wilshere, rosicky, Alexis, Cazorla, Koscielny, Arteta, Coquelin Welbeck. Ramsey and OX are back now
    2. Wenger NOT signing a single outfield player this summer. It’s unheard off for a top team to do that.
    3. Wenger NOT getting the striker and DM that we desperately needed

    that said we are still 4th place with just two points behind. So we are Still in it.

  3. someone once told me if we had half the luck man united has we will be so much higher I dont know how much truth that it has in it but it gave me a food for thought. Man united are lucky to win while arsenal are unlucky to lose.We are rarely outplayed but we stil lose

  4. Here we go again, unlucky this, unlucky that.

    We are not/cannot perform consistently.
    Why? Our depth and quality is not sufficient to win a premier league/major trophy and our manager has be unable to forge a efficient and dynamic team.

    Yes, we are still there or thereabouts but aren’t we always?

    1. Yes but this time we seem to get closer than in recent years. I totally agree quality and depth is not sufficient. Maybe it would be without any injuries, i dont know. But my main concern is, why do we suffer so many injuries? Is it only bad luck? Is it warm up issue? Is it something else? I am really wondering.. Imagine the opportunities we had with a fully fit squad..

  5. A large section of our fan base arenas deluded as our manager……they will always find ways to excuse the managers ineptitude and lack of ambition and drive…..over the course of a season every team gets their fair share of bad and good decisions going for them, using this as an excuse for yet again failing to rise up to the occasion is borderline stupid….we have a core of players who should be winning more than they do and that is MOSTLY down to the manager….

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