The REAL reason Arsenal will NOT sell Alexis Sanchez?

Despite the fact that the Arsenal and Chile international forward has spoken to the football press about his desire and need to be playing in the Champions League and thereby making it clear that he wants a transfer away from the Gunners this summer, Arsene Wenger appears to be standing firm to his declared stance of not selling the striker.

This has impressed a lot of Arsenal fans and made them think that we have a different type of Wenger in charge. The way that Arsenal has been run since the takeover by silent Stan Kroenke has seemed to put profit before glory and so to not take a transfer fee which it is thought would be around the £50 million mark seems to show a change of priority.

Maybe not though, according to a report in The Guardian which suggests that the reason Arsenal are keeping hold of Alexis and could see him leave for nothing next summer is also based on financial principles. The idea is that getting back into Europe’s top club competition at the first opportunity would be worth more to the club than £50 million.

There is the TV and matchday revenue, of course, but also hidden costs like the shirt sales that come with being a top club. There is also the fear that, like Man United, we would have to pay inflated wages and transfer fees to sign top players without UCL football on offer.

With that in mind it would make sense to keep our star player to help us back to the Champions League and he might then decide to stay as well. If this is the reason Arsenal will not sell it takes the shine off a bit but if it means we still have Alexis do we really care?



  1. That’s obviously the reason though, should we sell Sanchez to another English club we would be really struggling to get top 4

    1. How about the reason that there have been no bids? Bayern flirted before pulling out, Man City have been touted but do they really need him? Reports also allege his agent tried to flog him to PSG who have been flirting with Coutinho before allegedly triggering Neymar’s release clause.

      Where is the concrete interest? Where are the bids?

      If they are all waiting to get him on a free when he is 29.5 years of age, he might as well get us to the top of the top 6 in that time.

  2. Fine.

    I am glad to know that most of the players who are in China but did not feature in today’s match are absent because of injuries. From Arsene’s post match speech. Per, Giroud, Kolasinac(played for a while) and Walcott(played in 2nd half) are sick due to food poisoning. Koscieny has a back pain.
    Once again well done to the boys. I believe so many of them have points to prove this season which is good for the team. Players like Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Welbeck, Xhaka and Lacazette.

  3. Real or not does it matter? Keeping Sanchez gives the club better odds of making it back into the top 4, maybe winning the EPL as well as the Europa League. Either way they both lead to UCL qualifying spot.

    Even if Arsenal had sold Sanchez now 50m wouldn’t have allowed them to put there hands on a player of his qualities. Also it would’ve sent a negative signal about its ambitions.
    Now what they can do is keep strengthening the squad and hopefully we can see 2 more 1st XI ready players come in as they continue to splash some $$$.

    Manage the outgoings (sale or loans) and include buy back clause in some cases. I believe including Gibbs, Jenko, Debuchy & Wojciech, up to 8 players may be candidates (Wilshere, Campbell, Chambers going by the rumours, Adelaide,Walcott/Giroud). Save the wages, recoup some money and in some cases include buy back clauses.

    Make a compelling argument for both Özil & Ox at least to renew. Promote players like Miles, Nelson, Bramall and give bigger roles to Ox and Iwobi. It could in turn convince Sanchez to extend for at least 1Y with massive salary bump with a clause allowing him to leave were we to fail to qualify for UCL again.

  4. What this article fails to mention is the savings in Sanchez wages. He is reportedly on £140k a week and would like 400K. To keep him for the year also knocks 3m off the loss. If you also consider he could have signed an improved contract last year then the amount would be higher

    1. Sorry, It’s more like 10m off the loss. (don’t do maths when you’ve been in the pub)!!

      1. Still,where are you gonna find a player like that for £140k a week? even if only for 1 season

    2. It is really more than that. He is on 140K pounds a week. If you calculate with the 300K pounds that he has reportedly been offered, the saving is 8.32m pounds ((300,000 – 140,000) x 52 weeks). If you use the amount of 400k pounds that he is allegedly seeking the savings will be 13.52m pounds ((400,000 – 140,000) x 52 weeks). When you deduct this from the sum of 50m the loss will not be that bad in financial terms. In terms of telling other clubs to back off it will be worth a lot more than that. for players who sign contracts not intending to keep the contracts it will send a message too. How many players can force Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea to sell? Stnad your ground Wenger although it is hard to trust you based on past behavior!

  5. …sounds good.!, let him stay contribute something for us to be back in UCL get the money to buy a new player, then let him leave for free.!!, hopefully he wont underperform.!

    OT: read chelsea are closing on Morata, wonder if there is anything behind which restricted Madrid to sell him to Man U.!, may be coz of moureen’s mouth.!!

  6. Whatever your beliefs are regarding the intentions of this club moving forward, don’t think for a second that it has to do with appeasing the fans, winning the highest honours and/or changing the stagnant culture that permeates this club…every decision is made for one sole purpose and that is to maintain the delicate balance between Kroenke’s unyielding need to acquire more wealth and Wenger’s fragile psyche, which is why we have this ridiculous wage structure that pays deadwood too much and makes it incredibly difficult to attract special players…personally I believe that Wenger’s greatest fear isn’t that he won’t win a big trophy again but exposing himself to the overwhelming criticism he will face when people discover the totally dysfunctional state of affairs that exist at Arsenal due to his antiquated practices which have gone relatively unchecked and unchallenged since the departure of Dein

    1. Ah, well, if it’s written on Twitter, then it must be 100% accurate! Just like how you know that if something is written in the Metro, the Sun, the Daily Mail or the Star, then it’s bonafide fact and they haven’t completely made it up, at all.

  7. I think that a new wenger has emerged. Unlike wenger of previous season Sanchez would have been a story now for the gunners folks. See more at

  8. Sanchez should stay with Arsenal trophies, or risk going to Man Shitty and Lose all games.
    Arsenal na the best koko. Remain with Arsenal my boy. Don’t go nowhere baller.

  9. Whats the point in speaking about Sanchez. His actions are not in Arsenes controll. I am saying Arsene bec the claim that no one is biger then the club is false when the club we are speaking of is Arsenal.

    Think of this. They want delay Sanchez transfer to city as late as possible so Arsene wont find himself into situation where he needs to act.

    1. This notion that Wenger is a ruthless dictator is nothing but a myth created by the WOB. There is literally not one shred of evidence to suggest that that is the case.

      1. Have you ever seen someone who is loyalist calling his dictator out? Wengerits are something else. haha.

  10. Chelsea just confirmed morata, wonder how i shudnt feel jealous, our competitors are strengthening real hard, one or two players and it seems we are done in the market, well this season even 5th we achieved the previous campaign gon be difficult

    1. @enny, a ball hasn’t kicked yet, what leads you to be so negative? Do you really think we will finish 5th.

      I hold out more hope.

      We can challange with the current squad, any additional signings of quality will also help.

      If we keep everyone dot and focuses we can finished on top


    I remember being a young boy in Poland, watching David Seaman,
    Thierry Henry, Dennis Berkamp
    and others play for Arsenal.
    Never in my wildest dreams did I
    think I would get a chance to
    play for the club I supported as
    a little kid. When I was
    approached by Arsenal in 2005
    my world changed forever. I
    began my journey as a 16 year
    old boy at the Arsenal’s
    academy, trying to one day
    become a first team player,
    going out for evening runs in
    East Barnet with Jack Wilshere.
    Little did we know then, that
    couple years later we’d beat
    Barcelona in the Champions
    League and wear the no.1 and
    no.10 shirts. It has been over 11
    years since I became an Arsenal
    player and I never thought the
    day I leave this club would
    come. Everything that I am and
    everything that I have, I owe to
    Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Liam
    Brady, David Court, Bob Arber,
    Steve Bould, Neil Banfield, Mike
    Salmon, Tony Roberts, Gerry
    Peyton, Pat Rice and many
    others. Words can’t describe my
    gratitude to these people and
    love for this club. Today I move
    on, ready for the new challenge
    in my life, taking with me only
    the good memories and bag of
    expierience. I leave hopeful that
    those days of Berkamp,Henry,
    Seaman and others are soon to
    return to Emirates Stadium and
    Arsenal get back to winning the Arsenal player no more but I
    will carry the Arsenal name with me wherever
    I go and I will do so with great pride.”
    Premier League. I may not be an arsenal player anymore but I will always support arsenal

  12. Sell him ffs and put the money towards buying two players that actually want to play for Arsenal (in Lemar and Mahrez).You know full well that if Sanchez stays and plays a couple of stinkers the fans will abuse him from all angles and he’ll only get even more sulky after that. The player has no intentions of renewing his contract and even If he did the chances of a club offering £50 million for him at the end of next season are very slim.

  13. If only we could sign him on a new contract with a release clause of like £10m……so it’s a win win for both parties if he decides to leave

  14. I’m with @fatboy.
    He wants to leave then get rid but as someone said to who, I heard he’d been offered to RM today!
    60m to city and buy mahrez abd lemar with a few other players sold.
    Forcing a player of sanchezs nature to stay when he wants to go worries me.

  15. maybe you don’t understand that Wenger’s words are simply an attempt to recover some of the market value that was lost due to the way they have mishandled his contract negotiations, which means that everyone, once again, knows that we have little to no leverage when it comes to negotiating a transfer…much like we did with RVP, when we sold the EPL trophy to ManU for less than $25 million…any reputable team with a sporting director would never have allowed this situation to occur again and if they had heads would roll…if handled correctly the worst case scenario would have seen us get a minimum of $65 million for a player of his ilk in the present economic climate and we could have used those funds to purchase the best available striker in the early days of the transfer window…just imagine what outsiders must think about the state of our team if all you did was read the headlines…sadly, things might just might be worse than they think

    1. in one sentence youre insulting Wneger for selling RVP to a rival and then suggesting exactly the same with sanchez.. go troll somewhere else as youre not an arsenal fan !

      1. He’s simply saying we must not sell our best player very cheap so we can at least strengthen adequately with the money recovered from his sale…

  16. @neil.
    AKB by any chance?
    Come on be a bit more objective in the argument viera lyn has a point.

    Oh and on your comment that Sanchez said he’ll play to the best of his ability if he stays, he would say that wouldn’t and may well 100% mean it with good intentions. However the season is a long one and with differing personalities,(who may have already fallen out) the inevitable loss to contend wih and other factors outside of the game, it would be easy for sanchez to not play to his level even if unintentional and sub consciously.

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