The real reason Giroud is not playing for Arsenal

Koscielny gives his reasons on Giroud’s absence!

Whilst Arsenal seem to have hit a consistent run of form in the league, despite a less than convincing performance from the Gunners away to Burnley, it cannot be ignored that we still have many of our ‘regular Stars’ to come back and add to the depth and quality of the squad.

One named that is consistently mentioned in this bracket – and a name that has been in the thoughts of many fans so far this season, is where exactly is Olivier Giroud?

Giroud, who has been our first choice striker for at least the last four years, seems to have disappeared so far this season, with a contribution of many combining factors sealing his fate on the team. Giroud has reportedly been out with an injury these last few games. It is A toe injury that was not expected to bother the French international for more than a few days, but has since seemingly developed into something far more serious, so much so that the 30 year old has only managed a few minimal appearances here and there so far this season. Aside from the injury, Giroud has also been massively lacking in fitness so far this campaign. After returning late to first team training, Giroud is still yet to build up his physical fitness to match the demands of the Premier League. We saw against Chelsea how he was off the pace and slowed our entire game down, whilst he was so off the ball against PSG, he resulted in getting two yellow cards and ultimately sent off in our opening Champions League fixture.

But despite the general belief being that Giroud isn’t getting into the team because of injury, Oli’s closest friend at the club, Laurent Koscielny, reckons that his absence is all down to the form of Alexis Sanchez. Koscielny said: “It’s difficult for Olivier Giroud at the moment, because Alexis Sanchez is currently ‘walking on water’ at Arsenal.”

Now admittedly Alexis has certainly grown into his role in leading the Arsenal attacks. However I don’t think his performances as a striker this season would keep Oli out of the squad completely! I mean why wouldn’t Giroud at least be on the bench, when he clearly has the quality to be there. In my opinion Arsene Wenger is still not entirely convinced on the Frenchman’s fitness, which is becoming a real concern at the club. In fact I’m surprised that Koscielny didn’t mention anything about his teammates fitness at all during his interview.

Giroud in my opinion really needs to step up his game for the Gunners if he wants to keep his place as a regularly playing striker in the Arsenal first team squad. At 30 years old now, Giroud no longer has age on his side and he’ll soon find his Arsenal career winding down if he isn’t careful enough about getting back into the match day squads.



  1. LiveSA says:

    He is not missed

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That’s what your wife said.

      1. bran99 says:

        The guy is single

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Oh… So it has nothing to do with a Toe injury then? ? ?
    If he wasn’t injured then surely Giroud would have been included in the French squad last night?
    But The real question is: How did he get that injury? ?
    Wenger stated that he got it in Paris, yet he wasn’t limping in any way, prior to being sent off there. It sounds as if Giroud’s toe injury was self- inflicted, probably from kicking out at a wall etc in anger/ frustration.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      Your argument makes no sense. France would never have called him up for a variety of reasons. Firstly Giroud has not played regularly and therefore is unselectable. Secondly France has better options i.e Gameiro.

      Whether Giroud got the injury in France or the extent of the injury is anyone’s guess. I would worry however if there are signs that Giroud is not ready to fight for his place in the team because I think he is a useful and potentially an important player for us.

  3. Jim A says:

    Gee, I remember him getting pulled down and getting a vital 3 points for us. That was a huge contribution for someone that hasn’t really played yet.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    and good striker ll do the same to Giroud, it’s just about Wenger sticking with the player.
    Giroud won’t bench even Lukaku on merit, talk more an Alexis that is looking more like Aguero/Suarez every week

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I’m thinking it might be very useful to us that Giroud has not got started yet. When those christmas fixtures come and go it can be the making or the breaking of a team around those next months. I think that is when I’d like a fully fit Giroud eager to prove his worth. This might end up looking like a bit of a plan if it works out with timing, teams begin to slow a little in general and they would not like facing our big bruiser who is only warming up. Giroud could play a huge part this season, we need to get more clever in trying to bring home that title, sacrifices for the better good.

  6. Jansen says:

    Toe, fitness issue or Wenger preferring a faster game (which he hinted at last season in an interview where he said the game was evolving to ever faster strikers and faster central defenders).

    If we never see Giroud start a game for Arsenal I will be happy.

    We have Perez and at some point Welbeck.

    Let’s hope Perez gets a fair chance to show his value when Sanchez needs a rest.

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