The REAL reason Ozil has been out wide for Arsenal?

Poor old Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal boss cannot do right for doing wrong it seems, even with the Arsenal fans who are supposed to support him. It has not quite reached the Alan Pardew stage yet, with fans printing thousands of leaflets demanding his sacking, but if the Gunners had not managed to win at Aston Villa then things could have started to get a bit uncomfortable for the Frenchman.

And while Wenger may have been forgiven for thinking that the performance of his midfield star Mesut Ozil at Villa Park would have vindicated him, a Metro report shows that some fans have taken it as further proof of his poor managerial skills. Instead of congratulating the Prof for sticking with the under fire German and bringing him back into the number 10 role, some fans just slagged him off for not doing so earlier.

One so-called fan wrote this, “Oh look ozil bossing the game. When playing central. Lol Wenger u fool.”

I wonder if some of these fans were the same ones who wanted Wenger to drop Ozil from the Arsenal line-up altogether… Anyway, I think I know why he has been playing the Germany international on the flanks this season and I don’t think it because the Frenchman is a tactically inept fool who thinks that Ozil is a winger.

First of all, Ozil has not been fully fit after the World Cup, but Wenger wanted him back in the side and firing again as soon as possible. But he also wanted Jack Wilshere to play and Ozil’s lack of fitness meant that he used Jack in the more important central role. With the number of games Arsenal have had so far, the players have not been able to take many full training sessions, so the best way to get Ozil fit and used to his new team mates was to play him and the wing is where you do the most running.

Also, Wenger did the same with Wilshere and Ramsey when they were struggling for form. Then when they were ready he brought them back into their favoured positions. And the fact is that Wenger has constantly backed his number 11 and Ozil repaid him and confounded his critics in the Aston Villa game. So can we assume that Wenger, the most successful Arsenal manager in history, might have a clue what he is doing? No? Oh he must just be a lucky fool then…

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  1. heres hoping ozil gets a run at number 10.

    shout out to super facking tw*t mike dean- mourinhos new squash partner.

    two penalties not given, costa goads zabaleta all game- red card- goal for the chavs.

    1. Was a fair red card, but the red is definitely on Chelsea’s side. Thought the goal was offside too.

            1. Hahaha Leicester shipped FIVE pass the rags! And the spuds were shut out at home now a 1-1 city/Chelsea would be a perfect weekend

        1. Yeah i had this gut feeling it would happen, that’s why i love the bpl. Lampard’s goal is just one of the things that give you a grin, being a fan of any team (except chelsea lol). And this league gives you the kind of storylines every week! Lovely.

            1. Fair point, but lampard is respected by chelsea’s fans and cesc lost our respect completely-different scenarios, lampard’s just a transcition, while fabregas decided to continue his career with one of our rivals.

      1. Yeah fair card.
        But than why weren’t the City penalties given?

        Remember our Home game last year?
        Theo bought down at 0-0?
        It was a balant penalty not given by this same mickey mouse.

        1. Yeah, strange – he’s also the ref that awarded the penalty for Sunderland at Stamford Bridge and effectively ended Jose’s unbeaten home record.

          1. I am not talking of that game bro.

            Mike Dean didn’t give two penalties today against Chelsea for City and also for us last year.

    1. Anticlimax indeed, in terms of it not being a perfect weekend.

      City not winning a game in which they pressed so hard against a usual “park-the-bus” Cheski” was not a good ending. However, it did end with a good note, in that it was Lampard who scored against his beloved club. That was in and of itself, as beautiful ending to the week.

      Lampard’s goal for Man City against his beloved Chelski reminded me of the Dennis Law’s back-heel goal for Man City against his beloved Man Utd in 1974 which sent Utd to the 2nd division.

      Reminiscing can be good at times.

  2. I think ozil got wengered just like Ramsey and wilshere did. He’s just honing in his skills and stamina and will go back to the center permanently when walcott returns imo at least.

  3. Lamps scores against Chelsea…
    Hope Welbeck puts a couple beyond United when we meet
    Would be pretty awesome…

    1. with the way these man-cheaters are playing if we can’t do the double over them then i will stop watching football

      btw nice to see the man-cheaters glory hunters blaming the ref for the loss

      karma is a bitch!

  4. Everything has gone our way this weekend – Liverpool, United, Spurs and Everton all losing, City and Chelsea drawing and a convincing 3 points for the Gunners.

  5. Just wondering….is the anti-Wenger feeling as high in the Emirates as is on this forum, with all the FIFA managers?

    1. Nope. Two visits at the Emirates last season convinced me that if you want to meet some of the scum of the scum of Arsenal fans you should be here. Can’t be lower than here. Piers Morgan pales in comparison with 3/4 of this board. Fu ck, Mourinho could be considered a fan of Arsenal compared with 3/4 of this board. So, if you want to meet the lowest, pessimistic fans ever (they swear they are Arsenal fans but they are clearly not) you must lurk here. Here I get my energy by fighting these fu cks. Always a pleasure.

  6. @admin I mentioned this a few days back but I guess it wasn’t heard on the mobile site it is stuck on an article from a week ago so to get the newest you have to go to a subsection of articles and it just kind of a hassle can you fix this?

    1. Somehow its working with my bookmark but it gets directed to that panic article when i type j in google and enter

  7. For us Arsenal fans, this have literally been the best weekend of results we could have hoped for! We won, United lost, Spurs lost, Loverpool lost, City and Chelski drew with each other and Everton lost.

    1. The only person linked or associated with Chelsea past or present who I have respect for, true England legend and footballing legend. A great guy in general.

  8. Perfect week for the Gunners:
    West Ham 3-1 Pool
    Lesctier 5-3 ManU
    Everton 2-3 Crystal Palace
    City 1-1 Chelsea.

    *Don’t mention Spurs. Didn’t Gazadis say Spurs are not rivals anymore. 😉

  9. Perfect weekend for Arsenal:

    Beat Villa
    Ozil returns to form
    Liverpool lost
    United lost
    Spurs lost
    Everton lost
    Chelsea & City drop points

  10. The only reason why ozil played outwide , was to accommodate wilshere and ramsay in Wenger ridiculous formation.
    Now wenger is actually making it look like he did something great by playing Ozil in the middle, fans, journalist, the media and even our enemies have been saying thats where ozil should play. That is all we have been asking and if Mr. wenger is not using him there do not play him at all or sell him because it would be Ridiculous to waste such a talent on the wings

    1. @ruelando
      I’m gonna call Bullsh*t on this. When he was played out wide, his game was lackluster, like he didn’t give a f**k. Put him in the middle and he scores tracks back etc. Thats some spoiled azz’s brat action if I ever saw it. You all can blame AW all you want. But it’s Ozil who is lettin the squad down by refusing to perform unless played in his desired position.

      1. On this one I agree with you a little bit. Ozil’s performance yesterday was 50% down to the increase in his effort(which we haven’t seen in a long while). Again he seemed motivated and happy playing yesterday. Could that have been down to the fact that he hated playing on the left? I suspect so. I also think he wanted to prove something yesterday.
        You see, the thing about playing footballers out of their most natural positions is that they often under-perform. Ozil is no more a versatile player than say, C. Ronaldo or Iniesta. However if you play a C. Ronaldo in the CF position you will most likely not get his best output (whether he puts in effort nonetheless). Iniesta, the season he was played on the left wing for the major part, his output dropped significantly. Iniesta could not always do what Iniesta does in CM nor did he do what a David Villa or Ronaldinho or Pedro did for Barcelona when they played that LW position.

      2. How can he play good when his not comfortable with the position, u moron buffoon go n lick wengers ball cos all u akb are same, never wana blame ur lord for his mistakes.stp living in past u ball licker .u morons support the club or take ur akb band wagan n ur lord wenger to some other club.

    2. Yeah, I agree with you. Wenger himself said one of his number 10s had to play out-wide in order to accommodate other number 10s in the team. That number 10 had to be Ozil. But I like the way Wenger apparently yielded to the other opinion that Ozil be put back in the middle. Now that was some flexibility for a manager that is often perceived to be stubborn and rigid in his ways.

  11. Lovely weekend for us but personally I’d have preferred if we had done it vs harder opposition during the weekend the big guns face off. I’d have liked if Chelsea had lost in stead and here’s the rationale:

    If anyone watched the game you could see that Mourinho set up his team to go for a point, I think pound for pound City are the only team that really has the attacking prowess to make Chelsea wary and they didn’t really show much adventure going forward today, think the red card and the fact they scored first kinda erases that from our memories.

    As for City they have lost at home, drawn vs us and drawn again today, I have a feeling that they have enough noose to hang themselves proverbially speaking and as such we have less reason to worry about them and worry about Chelsea if we are to win the league. Don’t get it twisted last year the only reason Chelsea didn’t win was because they didn’t have a decent striker and they went and addressed that pretty quickly. I think to date this was our only outstanding performance and I take good solace in that.

    However think we have a tough run of fixtures coming up that we need to pay more attention to and hope Chelsea drop points. For me personally, realistically if we can beat Spurs, go to Stamford Bridge and get a point coupled with a Chelsea draw somewhere about we would be in good stead going into the rest of the year.

  12. When Chelsea come to the Emirates, will we be able to beat them? If we strengthen properly in January, then I think we can. Away at the Bridge next month will be a struggle though..

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      I’m always of the mind that if we turn up on the day and fight over every blade of grass from whistle2whistle and box2box, we can do anyone, anywhere…

      1. Not if the other team is doing the same and have more talent on their side. One win against a distinctly Average VILLA and we are world beaters again!

        Look, We are at least a good DM and a good CB short in this team. Until those positions are filled with quality players, the likes of Arteta, Flamini and Per are always prone to making mistakes, no matter how much fight and passion we are putting on the pitch.

        Unfortunately not everything in football is about fight and passion, talent, team balance, tactics are also very important.

        1. Chelsea starting XI has not moretslent than our starting XI.
          Villa has a grrt start of the season and we stopped them.

    2. Though they (Chelsea) are UNDENIABLY a real force this season. But on match day, I tell you player to player, we have a very big chance against Chelsea. The real battle will be between Arsene Wenger’s mind and Jose Mourinho’s. Whoever wins that part of the game will carry the day. Sadly history doesn’t favor Arsene Wenger in that regard.

      1. it all depends which arsenal turn out on that day…. i don’t believe that a midfield comprising of ozi, santi, alexis, ramsey cant defeat chelsea

  13. stop advocating that ozil needs to play in the centre. Modern day football doesn’t work in a position to role bases anymore. heck not even FIFA, FM or PES does.

    Ozil’s always been given a free roaming role, drifting all through out in the midfield.

    the problem with him isn’t position, it’s his mentality, fitness and how it syncs with the rest of the team. We’re not asking him to play centre back which he obviously doesn’t have the physique and mentality for the role, we’re asking him to do more than he was doing so he fits IN to us, just as much as we adapt to him.
    He is playing as the playmaker from the first day here, but what made his performance drop is the same thing that made Ramsey’s performance dropped.
    and that’s Wilshere.

    now before you jump into the “wilshere shall be sacked” wagon, let me explain here.

    Wilshere now basically is doing both of what Ozil and Ramsey’s roles are supposed to be,namely initiating plays and running b2b to either stop plays from opposition, or continuing the play someone else initiates.

    the fact of the matter isn’t wilshere’s doing it wrong, but he isn’t experienced enough to do BOTH at the same time.
    Wilshere however, being the man who loves to take it in his own hands, wants to make things happen too often that he loses his composure while doing it.
    this then gets him into those moments where he keeps the ball far too long and then losing it.

    What wilshere expects is someone to run with him, but what he doesn’t see at times is that what he wanted to do has been seen through by the opponent and they already have a plan for.

    which then leads to him doing all the running, and the rest of the team just stand there watching, because they know it doesn’t work.

    now Ozil and Ramsey are trying their very best to also make things happen, and it’s been evident that Ozil has been doing much more running, and Ramsey has shared the ball with Wilshere to help along.

    the core of the issue is, Wilshere isn’t ready to be the core of the team yet,which is why everyone else isn’t performing well when he plays.

    but the again, Wilshere does need to play as well to gain experience or he’ll never improve.
    So, just rotate the guy, and ease him in to the role so that other players can get used to him and keep the balance in the midfield for everything to work.

      1. @NY_Gunner
        thanks for reading through that essay…I know it’s long, but glad you read it through and see sense in it.

    1. After the game on tuesday, John Barnes said of his personal opinion that there where just to many playmakers in the team, each trying to do his own thing in his own way. That kind of creates confusion because then people don’t understand their roles in the team any longer. Wenger admits that he is using more that the usual amount of number 10s (and yes even in this age of total football, positions of specialty is still a big deal) in his current formation. Wenger clearly used examples (which any sensible person will agree with) of HOW this has worked in the past to defend his decision to employ similar tactics. However it is the WHY that I’m concerned about. His reasons for playing more number 10s than the usual sounds pedestrian to me.

    2. wilshere is playing on the basis that he is a brit and a wenger favourite not on merit. look at him play ,he is slow.He does a few good things in a match but he is essentially useless,he would not be in the top five starting teams.He is good as substitution a bit like giroud.This team without a true dm(not arteta)and another cb has no chance winning anything.I hope Campbel,podolski and co have play time under despote wenger.

  14. A perfect weekend and even a perfect one coming through marking the return of Theo Walcott our junior Henry! COYG! Will be a bit patient with him but will be fantastic to watch him!

  15. Perfect weekend but I just have 2 words for the prodigal son fabregased…..F** k off…. and 2 words for van payme…..take this….. have a GN gooners…..

    1. exactly… i don’t get it why the “prodigal son” asks us to move on but in his every interview he rants about us and wenger…. why can’t he just go to hell

      and as wenge says i don’t hate him cause he joined chel$hit, i hate him cause he left

  16. All I can say is I cannot wait to see those mancs faces tomorrow at work. 160m pounds spent and Leicester of all teams put 5 past them. Great weekend for us gooners.

    1. A Manc told me yesterday thatDi Maria wouldbe a headache for all the teams, I said that he was a headache indeed but their defence was the Tylenol LOL

  17. Wenger said he gave Ozil the freedom to float from Left, right and middle.. He was just being lazy in the previous games, that’s all..

    The team interchanged throughout the whole Villa match, not a single attacking player stayed in their starting position, they all kept interchanging.. Ozil was not stuck on the left or right, Cazorla, The Ox, Ramsey all floated between midfield and wings..

      1. Jeez!! I was looking for the first person to come out and acknowledge this. I so f**king agree with you 200%. The fact that most of us expected it to be like this….well.

  18. The fact and the matter is Ozil is one of the few world class player we have (that is just a fact even if he has performed below is expected level) with Sanchez and Koscielny (and may be one more).

    When Walcott gets back on his feet, we all know the line up will be clear and simple.
    Ozil is the number 10 and Wilshere is the suppliant and should be on the bench (well not according to Wenger, so expect some weird and delusional tactics very soon).

    Where is Campbell?
    He is gone in January for sure (I know I would, especially with Porto on his tracks)…!
    Rosicky must wonder why he signed a contract extension when Bayer04 and Schakle were ready to give him 3 years with the same wages…!!!

  19. In general, form being equal Ozil>Cazorla>Rosicky so Ozil should be no 10 most the time

    I also think that Wilshire and Ramsey can play double pivot behind Ozil very well, they are both young, fast and full of energy. It beats having Arteta or Flamini as a starter.

    With Theo coming back to the team, Ox can be a sub for Theo or Ramsey or Wilshire.

    Sanchez is undisputed on Left Wing.

    For the moment Welbeck looks to be growing into the role of being our Main striker.

    Once we do get a quality DM, we can rotate him with Ramsey and Wilshire.

    The team looks very good, light on the defensive side of midfield and a slow with Per in defense but in general if we can avoid injuries, and show that we can compete with the big boys, we can have a good season.

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