The REAL reason Walcott’s on fire for Arsenal?

Some Arsenal fans may not really care too much one way or the other about the reasons behind the high quality performances and impressive scoring form that we have seen from the England international star Theo Walcott recently, as long as the 27-year old keeps playing well and putting the ball in the back of the net.

For those of us into such things, though, the debate about what has brought about this upsurge in impact and influence from the speedy Gunner is an interesting one and has already been much discussed in the football press. We have heard from Arsene Wenger who puts it down to a change in attitude, while Theo himself has given credit to his manager and a talk they had over the summer.

Another theory doing the rounds of the media is that his snub by Roy Hodgson for the Euro 2016 England squad has sharpened Walcott’s focus and spurred him on to greater efforts but perhaps it is more simple than that. According to a Sky Sports report the upturn in the forward’s fortunes could simply be down to the fact that he now has Alexis Sanchez in the centre forward position to work with.

The report points to the fact that the Chilean provided the assist for both of Walcott’s goals against Basel in the Champions League, but more generally the fluency that Sanchez adds to our attack and the way his movement compared to the more static Giroud gives more space for the other forwards and helps to drag defenders out of position.

Of course it is down to Theo himself how he uses this and I am not trying to take anything away from his form but is the use of Alexis in the middle the reason the flying Englishman is looking so much better?


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  1. As long as he keeps scoring, i don’t care what his reasons are. This is not a soap opera, this is professional sports.

    1. No he hasn’t. Theo was negligent and weak in his defensive duties. I never heard Bellerin or any right back big up Theo after his latest displays the way that Bellerin is so happy with him now. Theo himself has basically admitted as much by telling everyone how he has changed, everyone else is asking him how the change came about which is again admitting as much. More than 90 – 95 percent of the fan base wanted Theo gone, if he was always good on the wing they would’ve said we want him back on the wing. Theo’s effort and desire was in question too, decision making, dribbling into trouble, Theo needed to improve. Call a spade a spade, Theo knows people weren’t happy.

  2. its because he has realised he is not a striker anymore.
    He tried to altee his game for the striker role but it did not work so he has made himself revert to the wing role where he is familiar with

  3. Answer is just that he is consistently playing in his natural best position
    On the Right

    He wasn’t good as a striker
    Giroud was better and Alexis is better up front
    Theo is much better on the right wing

    Henry was better up front then on the wing
    Theo is better on the wing than up front

    1. I don’t think that’s all there is to it. He played games on the wing last season, season before he played games on the wing. He was next to useless from a defensive stand point, and drifted in and out so much it became hard to watch. The boy seems to have woken up, he looks more a man, not afraid to show aggression, despite his size. Invincibles49 made an interesting observation. Walcott finally getting that idea of being a striker out of his head, and free to focus on being a winger instead of trying to muscle in on Girouds position whilst he’s supposed to be our winger on that day. I think the Alexis playing alongside him holds weight, Alexis, he’d have to rub off on you esp if he’s directly next to you. And the fact he doesn’t shrug his defensive duties even though he’s the furthest forward, he’d make you look bad if you didn’t at-least try. Mentally Theo himself has picked something up I think, either he took a long look at himself, maybe because of Arsene/fans turning. Or else someone has gotten through to him. Whatever it is I hope it’s here to stay.

  4. Because his mind is in the right place now. Earlier he used to play in wing and dream of playing as striker. Well he got his wish and played there but it did noy work out. Things were so bad that he even lost his England place. Thia spell took the confusion and dilemma out of his system and he could finally make peace with the fact he is beat suited as winger. And this peace is helping him perform upto his potential without distractions.

    Furthermore, playing Sanchez through the middle has helped his cause as well. Sanchez sometimes drops deeper allowing Walcott to go centrally. So he gets greater freedom and movement. In contrast, when Giroud is playing he is mostly consfricted to the wide position and just doing back and forth runninh and crossing, not being able to get involved much in open play around/inside box.

  5. I read something interesting from Walcott. He spoke on Mustafi being the one signing that has steadied the ship most, of course we know this already. But he says that he tells everyone if he thinks they are not doing right, and he says before the games he gets the lads up for the occasion. I for one loved hearing this. Could Mustafi have told Walcott he must defend better, by the sounds of it I’d imagine he would’ve had words for Walcott.

    1. I had read an interview where Theo mentioned the influence of Mustafi in the dressing room, getting them psyched before games and also barking orders on the pitch. Wow!!! Just Awesome

  6. He is better bcoz he will knows that if he does not perform he will be out like wilshere…or in case a new manager is there he will be thrown out…its time to be a star on the pitch…or to get out!

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