The real reason Rosicky wants to leave Arsenal

We are all aware that Tomas Rosicky has made it clear that he wants to leave Arsenal so that he can actually play every week rather than sit on the bench, and we also know that Arsene Wenger has upset the Czech international by exercising the club’s right to extend his contract by another 12 months, but do we know WHY the 34 year-old wants to leave after so many years of loyal service?

I will tell you. Rosicky is currently with the Czech national side, and today he will win his 100th cap for his country when they take on Iceland in a Euro2016 Qualifier. Tomas obviously loves his country very much and has been talking to about his upcoming landmark century ahead of tonight’s game. “The first game always comes to mind more than the others.” Rosicky said. “It was in Ireland and I came off the bench, substituting Pavel Nedvěd for the last eight or so minutes,”

“That debut seems so long ago that I do not even remember if I was nervous. I might have the shirt somewhere at home, though. I thought I might get nostalgic with the 100th game approaching, but I do not feel it. The success of the team seems the most important thing. We need to play good football and get the right result.”

“Everything is different from when I got my first cap. There have been many different coaches, many great players have come through the team. Of course different football is played nowadays; it is very hard to make any comparisons as everything has changed.”

This 100th appearance will make him the third highest for his country and he will need another 18 to match the great Karel Poborsky, and with his country currently at the top of Group A he is hoping to have his final send off at the Euros in France next summer. This is the real reason that he needs to play regularly, as he is very worried that he may have to be dropped from the Czech side if he is not playing at all for Arsenal.

Rosicky made it clear where his priorities lay: “Before the start of qualifying we were talking about whether I would continue or not, so we shall see what the future brings,” he said. “The EURO is the focus, from the perspective not just of my international career but also my career as a whole. The national team plays a crucial part for me. I cannot step off the gas – I am captain and must lead in the right way.”

So there we have the truth from the horses mouth.He just wants to play, and help his country one last time in France next year. Should Wenger deny him that career-defining end game?

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  1. Right now its time to keep all our players, till we find out the full extent if the FA’s punishment, We could be banned from transfer activity,We could be fined . For those who dont know tune in to Sky Sports Asap; Apparently we broke FA regulations during the signing of Callum Chambers.

    1. We definitely won’t be banned from any transfer activity. If he wants to leave, let him as he’s such a loyal player and has a good season or more left in him. He wants to play so let him join a club where he will play.

      1. All i am saying is you never know. I Don’t work for the FA and i’m pretty sure no one on here does either, He has been Loyal to the club, even through the periods where we were at our worst, when people started jumping ship in rapid succession. I don’t know why Wenger hasn’t repaid that loyalty, He is one of the few players in the world who’s, ability seems to transcend time, its evident every time he sets foot on the pitch, It would be a shame to see him leave.

        1. Is easy to be loyal when your daily visit at Arsenal FC was spent in the physio room. I’d say it goes without saying. Careful with the wording because RvP was also loyal.

    2. We don’t even know what regulation were broken as FA is not saying anything. They just say they are investigating the transfer. If that’s the case why don’t they investigate Arsenal’s bid for Suarez?

      1. No we have Charged now and given till the 26th June to respond to the charges. They wouldn’t bring it up if they weren’t going to take any action. With a plethora of actions that could be taken All i am suggesting is that making hasty decisions to release players could prove costly. As mentioned it could be a transfer ban (i didnt mean there was), It could be a fine (To bring it up on such a scale would mean a heafty one) or even points deduction. Who Knows?

        1. We have been charged with what? What is the charge and how we broke any FA ruling. It looks to be related to the agent but why is Arsenal the only team charged and Southampton not?
          What a plethora of actions if we don’t even know WHAT THE CHARGE IS ? Definitely silence at FA and the Emirates. I suggest waiting for details.

          1. (Im not saying it is) But if the agent has been charged, it seems like a potential breach of “Third Party Ownership”, that is a very bad thing to be charged with. The FA frown heavily upon that and believe me the actions they will take, will leave a sour taste.

            1. If is third party ownership then there’s no issue. Chelsea and City are full of players under third party ownership as they employ Mendes for mostly all of their players. Big friend of Maureen.

  2. He wants to play and AW can’t promise him a lot of game time.

    Let him go. It’s the only fair thing to do.

    All the best Little Mozart. A truly great servant.

    1. I think his shit hot and should get more games with us or at least subbed on a lot more, he is able to change games when its stale, he is our “Ole Gunnar Solskjær’

  3. He is too good to sit on the bench
    Maybe it’s better for him to leave if it will make him happy

  4. We need to get past all
    this emotional bullsh#t.
    Little Mozart Cr#p.
    The guy has never fulfilled his promise here.
    He is dead wood pure and simple
    “Prince”pathetic Poldi, injury wreck Diaby and
    Wengers new Thierry Henri, Sanogoals.
    The token Jap Ryo injury wreck Wilshere
    flash in the pan Chamberlain 16 mill cart horse Wellbeck.
    11 years without the EPL and still celebrating 3rd/4th place
    and the Fu#k All Cup. Jog on over paid under performing prat.
    Now go buy top quality GK DM and striker and win the Fu#kin EPL.

      1. This is the problem, he doesn’t know what he means – he continually flits around on the wind with random garbage. Every time he feels unloved or not getting enough attention he fires from the hip. Zero self-awareness also – “the token Jap”, nice.

    1. Did you watch the FA cup game vs Brighton this year or the FA cup game vs. spurs last season? Or maybe the league game at WHL last season? You wouldn’t be calling him deadwood if you watched him at all. The only recent bad game I recall from memory is the League cup game at home vs Southampton. Criminally underrated player and more than good enough to fill the shoes of Mesut Ozil or Cazorla when needed. I would pick him in the lineup above Wilshere any day. Class player without a doubt and a very loyal servant. If he wishes to leave to get more playing time, we should obviously not stand in his way. But would love to see him retire at Arsenal with a Premier League winners medal.

  5. Rosicky can leave Arsenal. He is not gonna play ahead of Cazorla and Ozil. Wilshere and Ramsey are also ahead of him so I cant see him getting games in midfield. On wide areas we also have plenty of options Sanchez, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck and Gnabry.

    1. We need a like-for-like option, Rosicky is more similar in playing style to Ozil & Cazorla than any of the other players you have listed.

  6. Charlie Austin is a hidden gem. I am not saying we should sign him but Jose Mourinho wants to sign him. Surely If Jose Mourinho is interested in a player he should be something special.

  7. When Tomas Rosicky leaves the pitch on his last game for the club I’m not ashamed to say I will have tears in my eyes. It has been a rare privilege to watch him compose his magic.

    Oh yes, the goal in the 5-2 spurs…just fantastic!

  8. Rosicky is 1 of d best players i’ve ever seen. The way he moves on the ball is just pure magic nd his composition oj it is exceptional. I wud pick him above wilshere anyday 4 sure.
    If nt for cazorla’s nd ozil’s brilliance, i wud have almost picked him above both of dem. The guy is simply too gud to b on d bench; look at Pirlo of juventus, den u’ll understand wat i’m talking abt.

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