The real reason why Vardy snubbed Arsenal

Over a month ago now just before the start of the European Championships, Sky Sports announced that Arsenal had activated Jamie Vardy’s £20 million release clause in his Leicester contract. It came as quite a surprise at the time, in a move that would see him switch sides in the Premier League.

After a very successful season for Vardy, the Englishman was a much wanted man and it looked as if Arsenal had beaten other clubs to his signature by activating the release clause right at the start of the window. Vardy however wanted time to think about the move and eventually during the Euro’s, the 29 year old decided to reject Arsenal in favour of staying at Leicester. Vardy also signed a new deal with the foxes, which saw his weekly wage increase to a rumoured £100,000.

Many fans were left to engage in debate after Vardy’s rejection, with some fans pleased the Gunners didn’t sign him due to various reasons, whilst others were left frustrated. There were a few rumours flying around about why he rejected the Gunners, from playing time guarantees to wage demands. However now Vardy’s manager Claudio Ranieri, has spoken to the media about why Vardy truly rejected Arsenal football club.

Ranieri said: “Maybe it is because he started from the bottom and now we are his family. It is the first time in the Champions League too and he wants to stay together. I am very happy. He enjoys it a lot here – he is a king and he is happy. Thank you to him and his family because it was important.”

What Ranieri says is a very fair point and in the eyes of the player I can see why Vardy has chosen to stay at Leicester and become a legend, rather than have a last ditch hurrah at Arsenal. Vardy may not be on as high wages (although at £100,000 per week at Leicester, I’m sure he wouldn’t be on much more at Arsenal) and he may not have quite the same success and likelihood challenging for the league once again this year, but is Arsenal really a tempting offer for Vardy. At 29, I can see why he wants to stay at Leicester and he’ll hope that history repeats itself in the upcoming season, because Vardy has a real opportunity to become a club legend.

At Arsenal there was no guarantees he would be a regular starter, if he’d play in his preferred position and if he’d even adapt to Arsenal’s style of play. With those considerations in mind, I don’t think Vardy would’ve seen Arsenal as a highly attractive option and so perhaps the Englishman was right to reject the Gunners’ approach.

The bad news of course remains with Arsenal, who after Vardy’s rejection, are still without an experienced signing up front.



  1. So Chelsea without European football in the span of a week sign Batshuayi and Kante…
    Arsenal trying yo sign Higuain since 2013…

    Meanwhile Welbeck is out till February and Giroud will miss the first few games of the season …

    So we’ll have to Xhaka, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Akpom, Campbell
    Vs Matic, Kante, Fabregas, Hazard, Costa, Willian.

    So let’s see how the striking situation is looking

    United – Ibrahimovic, Rashford, Martial
    Chelsea – Costa, Batshayi, Remy
    City – Aguero, Bony
    Leicester – Vardy, Mahrez
    Arsenal – (Giroud out for first few games), Welbeck (out till February)


    But we’ve at least uncovered the REAL reason Vardy snubbed Arsenal!

    1. As long as Wenger is in charge the situation in Arsenal remain the same no EPL, no ECL, the best we can hope is 3rd or 4th and stay in Euro Championship, and this exactly what the owners ( mainly Kroenke), and his puppet Wenger want and planned. They were lucky for the past few years because there were crisis in MU , Chelsea, Liverpool, and somewhat in MC.
      So a mediocre club with no ambition to be knocked out after the group stage of ECL, and you guys should get used to it by now.
      No butts no Glory as long as Wenger and Kroenke in charge.

    2. You can strike Campbell off that list, it looks as if he will be heading to spain… Sold not loaned.

  2. I’m already beginning to feel flags and protest. All our major rivals have strengthened, and unless Wenger pulls a rabbit out of the hat which doesn’t seem likely given the activity over the current transfer window, which we went into needing a striker and central defender, neither of which has been addressed, the inevitable will happen. Of course Arsenal fans have the right to feel aggrieved, we contribute far more than other supporters in terms of ticket prices, so we expect a proportionate amount to be invested in our team.

  3. I have all confidence that wenger will buy a striker, perhaps not the striker most will want but we will get one.
    Wenger had some negative experience with the fans last year and i think he realise that there is a lot of hate festering that will come out if he does not get a striker, also he as said we needed replacement for Welbeck, he as already done the vardy bid and i expext him to try for another

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