The reason why Joe Willock wants to join Newcastle revealed amid standoff

It would appear that Mikel Arteta and Edu are playing hardball with Newcastle over doing a deal for Joe Willock, despite the fact that both Willock and Steve Bruce are very keen on the idea.


Arsenal are desperately trying to raise cash to pay for their own targets, but Steve Bruce is aware of Willock’s desire to return to St James Park, but is pleading poverty and trying to get the best deal possible.


As Bruce told SkySports on Friday: “Talks are ongoing as far as people coming in.

“And I think that is the vital thing, the supporters want to see one or two walk through the door.

“We are doing our utmost to make that happen.

“Hopefully, something this week might fall, but as I have said from the start of the window, we have got to remain patient.

“We haven’t got a lot of money, like most clubs. So we will see what we can achieve.”

And of course, Bruce was specifically asked about Willock as usual, he replied: “It is ongoing.

“As I have said many times, we have got to be respectful to Arsenal and to Joe. He is their player.

“Look, we will do our utmost if Joe Willock becomes available.

“As I have said from day one, we have tried to bring him back.

“As I have said, he is Arsenal’s player and at the minute, he is still Arsenal’s player.

“So we will see what develops…”


I am sure Bruce will be asked the question many more times before the end of the transfer window, but surely there will have to be a cut off point at some point.


Interestingly, the Chronicle in Newcastle, who are close to insiders at the club, have revealed the reason why Willock is keen to play regularly this season rather than being a bit part player at Arsenal. They reported…

But Willock, the Notebook understands, remains keen on the Tyneside switch and the chance to prove himself in the Premier League in a season where he is aiming to put himself in contention for England’s World Cup 2022 squad.

So, it looks like this one is going to run and run, but as Arsenal have no European Football and too many stars in contention for the attacking spots, surely it just makes sense for Arteta to find a compromise as soon as possible…

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  1. It is certainly a buyers market right now.
    That is clearly illustrated by Arsenal offering fake new contracts to Bellerin and Xhaka which won’t scare a fly. In fact buying clubs will read Arsenal is so desperate to sell that those buying clubs will wait even longer and pay even less.
    Loan with an option to buy is currently very popular but mainly because clubs can not find buyers who are willing to meet the selling clubs valuation. In reality there is no obligation to buy and in many cases is just postponing the inevitablity of losing the player for peanuts or for free like Sanchez Ramsey Mkhitarian Ozil Mustafi and Socrits and then Kolasinac Torreira Lacazette Bellerin and Aubameyang.
    Arsenal did not offer to pay full price for loanee Ceballos and is not offering anything near what the other loaneee Odegaard is on sale for.
    So why would Newcastle pay anything near what Arsenal want for Willock?
    So whether to let Willock shine at 15th ranked Newcastle on loan or warm the bench at 6th ranked Arsenal?
    Or maybe sell at cosiderably less than the asking price. Those are Arsenal’s real options.
    Stick, twist or loan get it right or go home 🙂

  2. Willock should have been given a chance. Include a buy back clause at least. Whatbof he score again like 15 goals this year and makes the england team ?! And like Emi we sell him for 15m and next year he is like maddison with 50m value ?! Lol. He should stay as an offensive midfield. Who we have to play offensive midfield ? I would prefer us to offload willian and auba that cost both 0.5m per week and wont progress at all.

    1. The chances of offloading Willian in this transfer window is as good as us winning the Champions League during Willian’s stay with us. Add Auba to the equation, it is as good as winning the domestic treble this season.

      1. I am not sure for willian. If he is told we wont play at all this year ?! He should have some motivation to leave even of it is with a small paycut… It is sad that 1) he cost a lot for nothing 2) his minutes are hampering youngsters potential ones. I am sure arsenal could find a suitor too if they sell auba for 15m. It is not a lot but it would be a lot of money saved (bonus and everything he is almost at 20m per year) and we could go for a player that fits the project and the tomeline of our core (esr, saka, white…)


          If you read this article, you’ll understand the real motivation behind Willian’s desire to continue his career in London. If Willian had any sporting ambition at this age, he would have stayed at Chelsea when they were eligible to play in the UCL last season and not joined us stating his ambition was to win the UCL trophy during his three years stay at Arsenal when we only qualified to play in the Europa league by winning the FA cup and not through our 8th placed league position. Unlike Willian, his ex Chelsea teammate Luzi earned his second season to play for us after signing on a one year rolling contract.

          As for Auba moving out, even for 15 million quids, won’t be easy, as only “super-rich” clubs playing in UCL or may be some Chinese club can possibly afford to sign him and most of the European heavyweights are already looking to offload their high-earners in this summer. Most importantly, moving Auba out this summer will create huge unrest among our players, even though none will admit that in public.

          1. Auba is maybe fun in the locker room. But that is not tierney or xhaka when it comes to leadership on the pitch. Nothing. Was made captain because he scored goals and the club wanted to show him he was important… Today was not exceptionnal. Look at abraham that scored again today… I would 100% sell Auba and get Tammy, a gunners fan who can improve and would save us 200k a week !

        1. Yes absolutely. I agree. He contributes more. But willian cost 35m/3 years, auba 55/3 years. So he contributes more but cost a lot more. If he is to do the same year than last season (10 goals, 3 assists) it would definitely be smart to sell him now and save almost 40m for the next 2 years.

        2. Would have been easier to put Auba in the same category as Willian, except for one reason. Unlike Willian, during his stay with us, Auba has scored 22 league goals in the previous two full seasons and a further 10 league goals in his debut half season when he signed for us in the January transfer window. Auba proved himself to be one of the most valuable members in our playing squad and earned himself the huge contract through his performances. Last season was, hopefully, a blip in his career due to multiple other factors, both on and off the pitch.

          1. You are right. Auba underperformed last year but at least he deserved being extended. Otherwise, not sure than the last season is a blip and not a trend due to him ageing also. Lets see . Anyway he wont leave this summer. Willian is just a total joke, one of the worst arsenal signing ever. Not even sure he is still interested in playing football. 3 years dor this age and a guy who conoeted 7 years at the neighbooring and rival club. What a crazy and unvelievable mistake. I dont say ot was a total midtake last year. It was hard to predict that insanely horrendous season. But whatever his level, 3 years was too long. We should have never done that. Especially that he Wanted to stay in london.2 years would have already be very fine.

  3. The sad truth i s that once we authorised the huge contract deals, both Auba and Ozil before him essentially retired but on full pay.

    Willian was on a so called free that has totally wasted the three years of his salary for no proper return and we must NEVER AGAIN make such amateur and foolish mistakes!

    FAR MORE effective to join me in my campaign to cull ALL Prem salaries by at least 80% across the board.

    THAT would cure this nonsense of greed and obscene salaries for coasters and retirees in all but name.

    1. I think we should use our players better and play them where they can still perform. For example in my opinion Willian is not running enough but because of his passing and golscoring or set pieces qualities he would be good for the number 10 position. Emile Smith Rowe can’t play 50 games in a season.

      The same for Auba he is not running any more so play him in front of the goal not wide. Arteta realised this and that is why he tried to play Nketiah or Balogun on the left side.

      1. 40 – The number of guaranteed games this season.

        27 – Number of games ESR started last season, the first of it on Dec 10th. After a full summer rest and a proper preseason training, ESR can last this season.

        If our management is building a squad for the future, there’s zero incentive in playing Willian ahead of deserving youngsters like Willock, Martinelli, Balogun, Nelson, Nketiah and Azeez.

        If Auba is tasked with covering for the LB in the games, he simply can’t outrun opposing defenders from a deep position. Unless the “cleansheet first: scoring next” tactics change, there is no point in criticizing proven performers for their dip in their outputs.

        1. This would work only in an ideal world without injuries.

          I hope your are right and our youngsters will get enough playing time. I would also like to see the youngsters like Balogun, Azeez etc. more in the team but as soon as results will not come Arteta will drop youngsters even more than last year.

          Auba is good but is already 32 and is not delivering at the moment as he should.
          I think Arteta has to change something in tactics and positions.

          We also need a new keeper who can make a pass to another player.

          1. Sadly, only in that ideal world, Willian can play good in the No 10 position and Auba can perform better as a lone CF in our team set-up.

  4. Arteta is a complete novice. He has no ability to judge individual players or put a cohesive team on the field. What possessed Arsenal to hire him. ZERO experience. Is White that good? Like Pepe.

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