The reason why Lacazette and Aubameyang rejected new Arsenal contract talks

Arsenal have been sweating on the future of their attacking duo Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners have been looking to tie them to a new deal for some time now, but the pair have refused to discuss an extension.

Aubameyang has been linked with a move away with both Real Madrid and Barcelona keen to add him to their squad following Arsenal’s struggles.

Reports from Metro Sport claims that the Gunners have spent the last six months trying to convince the duo to sign new deals.

However, both players made it clear to them they won’t sign an extension if Unai Emery remained at the helm.

Arsenal were an underperforming side for some time under Unai Emery, but the club’s board decided to afford the former PSG boss more time.

They finally decided to fire him after he completed a run of seven games in all competitions without recording a win.

They have now installed Freddie Ljungberg as their new manager, fans will be hoping that Aubameyang and Lacazette can now commit their future to them.

Aubameyang has already scored eight league goals for the Gunners this season while Lacazette who has just returned to fitness scored the Gunners two goals in their game against Southampton at the weekend.


  1. To the author of this article,there is a big difference between rejecting new contracts and not discussing,right at this moment there more important, pressing things than contracts,they may be thinking the time is wrong,as consumate pros and team players they would rather concentrate on their form,the team performances and results and many others things,until recently Laca had been injured from the start of the pre season,they also wanted to see what would happen to Emery’s situation,many more things….so your assessment that they refused to sign new contracts is wrong,if you look at both real & Barca recruitment policies they,ve been both buying young mostly 19 to 23 and some players of 25,26,27 while trying to sell older players like !
    Rodriguez,rakitic,Vidal..,!! just saying.

    1. Barcelona tend to buy younger players currently. But they need quick results as well, as shown on Griezmann purchase

      However, the old Suarez is still more productive, more skillful and more of a team player than Aubameyang. So it’s highly unlikely they would get Aubameyang

    2. I Absolutely don’t buy it.
      The way these players are acting is nothing new here at Arsenal. We all know what they really want. Big big big wages (£300,000 and above) or they are waiting for the big clubs to come in for them.
      I don’t think that any Arsenal fan / Supporter buy this nonsense that they are so worried about form, performances blah blah.
      They have seen what other players have done to us at Arsenal Ramsey and The Shirt selling Genius as the recent example of money grabbing. Run down your contract then fleece as much as you can from Arsenal or any club that comes in for you.

      I have had enough of it. Same old tricks but some still have this naive Wishful thinking.
      These players just want wages in the region of £300,000 a week then they can start bargaining for Ad On’s / clauses etc..

      That’s all. Same old player tricks we are now accustomed to nearly each season for the last 10 or so seasons.

      Get as much as you can for them.

  2. Signing both to new contracts doesn’t make sense to me unless we are going to play two up top. Why must we always ignore the fact that none of them is good at the wings?? We won’t get where we want to be with both starting. That is the hard reality

    1. Aubameyang is pretty good as an RW, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t like that position. Whereas Lacazette is awful on the wings, because he simply doesn’t want to race with the opposition’s fullbacks

      I agree that we shouldn’t have two strikers starting in games. But I think Aubameyang would extend his contract soon

  3. Now that Emery is gone, it will be interesting to see whether either or both of Aubameyang and Lacazette sign contract extensions. If they don’t sign in a reasonable time, then the supposed club policy of selling players before the last year of their contracts should be enforced. The transfer fees received can be reinvested in addressing defiencies and bring in players wanting to fight for the Arsenal shirt.

    1. Agreed, @Ozziegunner. We must ACCEPT they are not renewing and not fall for those regular excuses, that so and so is “focusing on his football, Euros, worldcup, or has already agreed a deal in principle and is just waiting for a pen to sign or whatever nonsense excuse they will come up with that allows them to keep their spot in the team without committing to the club.

  4. Leno
    Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney
    Torreira Willock
    Pepe Ozil Auba/Saka/Martinelli

    Want to see Chambers given a go at CB and Tierney to start.

    Want Torreira to stay at DM + Willock was a bull under Freddie in the U23 and want to see him progress to the next stage. Both offer energy in the middle.

    Pepe on wing while the team plays free-flowing football + Ozil at CAM and one of Saka/Martinelli Auba on the other wing.

  5. Haha! I followed that link to The Metro and there are no quotes. The only links in the story redirect you to The Times who again, give zero quotes neither do they mention their source. They only talk about Aubameyang and simply state, “It is understood Aubameyang will not renew his contract as long as there is uncertainty over Unai Emery’s position as head coach.” How this understanding has been arrived at they do not say. So, not only did The Metro magically introduce Lacazette’s name into that story, there is no evidence whatsoever Aubameyang even spoke to The Times. We can see clearly this is yet another disgraceful instance of journalists pulling stories straight from thin air.

  6. Both Aubayamang and Lacazette are wasteful both in possession and in goalscoring….. To me this guys are overrated…
    Check Aubayamang against frankfurt on Thursday, he was so wasteful as he has always been… Apart from his goals, i don’t see anything special in him…

    Lacazette is not physically in good shape anymore and I don’t see him getting back…
    He is depreciating, he gets tired easily…
    I don’t think he works on his weight
    he looks 32 to me…

    We better act fast on this guys and sell them big asap…

    Let us bring Donyell Malen back and build d team around Martinelly and Malen

    we need skillful and explosive strikers
    strikers who can dribble
    strikers who are good on one on one …

    1. Agree with Onu. We need to build up on our young players who are more dynamic and skillful. Give them more gametime.

  7. We must not return to those sad days when we didn’t have a “real” world-class striker…if we want to progress, attract the proper talent and still be relevant as a recognized power in the footballing world we can’t overlook the importance of having a pure goalscorer up front…personally I believe Auba is the more indispensable of the two…he makes more sense leading the line whereas we have Pepe, Martinelli and maybe even Saka to provide the necessary service and supplementary goal-scoring should Laca go elsewhere…from a formation standpoint we aren’t best suited for having two up top so maybe we need to really see what we’ve got moving forward by trying a more offensive tactical alignment…maybe a 4-1-4-1 with Bellerin, Chambers, Holding & Tierney at the back, with Lucas providing cover, then have Martinelli out wide left and Pepe out wide right…in the middle we would simply place Ozil in a little deeper position and Laca tucked in behind Auba…this would allow for quicker transitional soccer while allowing Laca and Ozil some more space centrally due to our ability to stretch opposing defences with Tierney, Bellerin, Martinelli and Pepe playing in wider positions…the only key is that we can’t keep relying too heavily on crosses from wide positions and get back to looking to cut back inside so as to take more shots in and around the top of the box, like with Sanchez…likewise we can’t have both Bellerin and Tierney bombing down the wings unnecessarily as we tend to get exposed far too often on the counter…it’s time to take some of the restraints off this team and start outscoring our opponents because we aren’t going to become a defensive juggernaut no matter what manager walks through the door…remember Klopp and Pep both had defensive issues when they came to the EPL but they understood that sometimes a good offence is your best defence…release the hounds Freddie

  8. Auba is a one dimensional striker but for what he does, he is one of the best in the world. Doesn’t allow for much flexibility in tactics but I don’t think arsenal need too much experimentation in tactics right now. We need to find the one that works best for our players and stick with it, and produce results. Because no coach is getting more than a season without getting positive results here at Arsenal, so rather than reinventing the wheel first, any sensible coach should go right back to basics and find a way to make our players click.

    The kind of players we have, and considering their quality in their respective positions, 4-2-3-1 is the formation that can get the best out of our squad as this formation allows to field players with specific roles and compensate for player’s lopsided skill-sets and is also very tactically sound formation, both defensively and offensively, and we have the right kind of players who fit this system. Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka(duh), even Luiz and Chambers are more defensively minded so fit in double pivot roles. Ozil, Willock, Ceballos, Smith Rowe can play as AM as they are more offensively skilled.

    We can’t play 4-3-3 because we lack all-rounded players in our midfield and we lack attackers who can contribute defensively in all fronts. We have players who are particularly good with one thing and not in others.

    But one thing is non negotiable. Good one touch passing football.

  9. Two things. At their age both need to give themselves the best opportunity for silver wear so signing one more contract will effectively be their last so it’s of paramount importance it’s with a club that’s gonna win something significant.
    Secondly, Suggesting Auba, apart from scoring goals, adds nothing else is literally the most stupid thing any football fan could say about a striker. That he was joint top scorer last term? Really? In the wise words of Tony Pulis and Peter Crouch “some players are Tip Top Charlie’s and the others are ham n’ eggers”…. He’s a tip top Charlie and has every right to stroll about so long as he remains one of the prems top scorers. It’s the ham n’ eggers that need to get their sh*t together and stop conceding goals. If our defence were as good as George Graham’s defence , with Auba and Laca’s goals we’d be winning serious trophies.

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