The reasons Arsenal have done nothing yet in transfer window?

I donĀ“t know why I am surprised really, because we Arsenal fans should be used to disappointment in the summer and winter transfer markets. And to be honest I do not expect Arsene Wenger to continue this way. I am sure the Frenchman has plans and knows what he wants to do, but it is frustrating that we have yet top complete any of the transfers that Arsenal fans were hoping for.

I think there are good reasons for this, however. The one that seems most likely at the minute is Petr Cech from Chelsea and if we do get the Czech Republic star it will be a major coup. But we have had bad experiences trying to deal with Chelsea and Mourinho before, Demba Ba being a prime example.

Back then Mourinho said that he vetoed the move because we had signed Mesut Ozil and that made us serious rivals. So if Wenger went and signed a couple of top players now it would give Mourinho extra ammunition to convince Abramovich not to let us have their keeper.

I might be wrong but I have a feeling that Wenger is playing it cool until he sees the contract with Cech signed, sealed and delivered. Then I think that the Gunners will really kick into gear, transfer-wise, or at least I hope so. Do you think that the boss has it all under control or is he letting things get away from him again?

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  1. We have another 2months yet and Wenger will buy what he wants,not what all you think he should buy. Relax and enjoy Wimbledon and the Summer. CB

  2. Im praying that he doesnt leave it late and gets us lacazette, carvalleo, and cech at least! Coyg!

    1. We have a big squad we have a complete team unless some move out i belive we wount buy having said that i hope our team remains united and no one leavs
      I think the answer is in this question could we lone out serge Ganabry and or chupa Akpom for more fire power and or the question on the condition of Abo Diaby

  3. People underestimate the importance of having a good pre season. You will see ozil this year after his first preseason for Arsenal. Not having pre seasons and bonding with the team could be bad. Let bring players before July 10th so they can travel to Asia with the rest of the boys. that is a great bonding time.

  4. He could also be watching the Copa. He did the same with the World Cup, then signed one of the most promising players from the competition, who then ended up being the player of the season…

  5. So what you t saying is wenger’s like Gerry ford borrow from Lyndon Johnson…he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time

  6. I am so used to Wenger in the transfer market now. He is so unpredictable but I love the ‘surprise’ buy that makes us happy too…So let’s relax and see how it unfolds. I strongly believe He has plans and He will buy the players we need…

    1. Same here, first it was Cazorla, then it was Ozil and recently it was Sanchez, the manager has stayed true to his promise of buying star players, and he doesn’t need to follow the overhyped players like City and United do

    1. The window isn’t open. You’re reading stories written by dipshits commented on by the bottom of the barrel of our Fan Base

      1. Precisely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Nothing has been done because the transfer window doesn’t open until 1st of July.

  7. Wenger always talks about movements in the market. The only ‘big’ team who has really bought players so far is Liverpool. This is due to necessity as they cannot supply CL football next season. I am pretty sure Wenger already has his targets: Schneiderling or Carvalho though I am not sure which one of the two he’d prefer, Lacazette or Martinez – I think Lacazette is the preferred choice here as Martinez would have already been completed, and Cech. Once the big clubs make moves, the rest will follow.

  8. I’m not too fussed at the moment as there’s the window doesn’t close for months. I just hope Wenger doesn’t leave things to the last day again, so we don’t end up with a another Welbeck!

  9. Well when the window opens players will get picked up fast

    I expect United to get Schneiderlin, Milan to get Kondogbia and Martinez, Benzema to stay at Madrid or go to United, Pogba to go to Barcelona, Vidal to stay at Juventus.

    We will be searching the leftovers as usual
    You need to be quick with transfers.
    Mourinho got Fabregas, Costa, Remy BOOM Business done !!!! Chelsea wins Title

  10. Guys. Guys. It’s cool. I know the answer. We haven’t done anything in the transfer window yet because the transfer window isn’t open. Its pretty difficult, but go to and type in “when does the transfer window open?” Its bonkers, there are “websites” that tell you facts. So crazy.

    This site is filled with absolute muppets

  11. Wenger always does his shopping the first 3 days when the market open and or the last 3 days of the closing market………

    its been this way for the last 10 years

  12. I don’t understand why many fans think that there are no other players in the world other than Kondogbia, Martinez and Schneiderlin..Missing out on this players is not the end of the world..Javi Martinez at Bayern Munich had an injury plauged season but he is still class..I bet this are the kind of players that Wenger is looking at..Players who have played in the highest level consistently..and Wenger has a habit of buying from the very big clubs now days..he could even get us a Goetze..

  13. Not that we are in good him, but Pogba cannot go to Barcelona, they are still banned from transfers until January.

  14. Hopefully we get an announcement soon. Guessing the first deal we’ll here about is Cech coming in. What a coup that would be. I really believe knowing that there’s no UCL pre-qualifying games to be played that Wenger will try to get the deals done quicker than usual. Having all the players available for pre-season with certainty in the squad will be important for a good start to the season. I doubt will get to see a signing on the last day like Ozil or Welbeck before. Le Prof from what he said before know what he wants and needs and crossing my fingers that him & Gazidis will do what has to be done. Cech & 2 more quality players and we’re set.

  15. Yep I think you are right, Cech is the priority right now. To understand why others may not be signed is related tovwho we have not got rid of yet. With Flamini , Rosicky, Arteta all still on the books. Jenkinson not loaned out yet, it is clear only one or maximum two more will arrive. I hope it’s a striker because I agree with Thierry, if we stick with Giroud as main man, we cannot win the prem. It would be nice to get Kondogbia too who is up with Pogpa, but Wenger may be back in mean mode and not want to disrupt Coquelin too. I’m afraid Wenger may not go far enough to win the Premier League. Wenger himself said he battles his “demons”.

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