The reasons Arsenal have improved – and can improve more!

Behind the scenes actions have put on the field results‏ by KM

Ah, as the first premier league game of the season gets ever so close, maybe it’s time to put into account what happened that transformed Arsenal from top 4 finishers to back to back FA cups & Community shields winners.

It’s hardly one thing alone, but if I had to put a finger on it, it will first point to the backroom staff changes. We replaced Pat Rice, a true legend and great servant to AFC, with Steve Bould and if you’ve forgotten how horrible we were on set pieces, maybe it’s because our new more balanced style has won your heart.

Another major figure sitting in the shadows of our successful second half of the season is Shad Forsythe. The guy left us with a fully fit squad that just had enough to dominate the league even though Wenger refused to rotate. Even though Welbeck is injured and Alexis is missing, we still had dilemmas up front with our starting 11 against Chelsea.

Smart players is another thing that goes totally unnoticed, but in fact, we have players who sat down, analyzed their mistakes after the Southampton game, and started to work more for each other ditching the managers ‘all guns blazing’ approach. In fairness to Arsene he went along with the will of the players and it works. Turns out that the manager could learn a thing or two from the players too, rather than what people expect to be always the other way round.

The goalkeeper. Even though we have only just landed Cech, it was becoming ever more clear that a new keeper will eventually take Szczesny’s place and so did Ospina. Fast forward a year later and Cech is now dominating on goal and Szczesny is off to Roma. I’m so happy about this, if Wenger told me he was leaving last year, I would have booked him the ticket myself.

Clearing out the deadwood is another road sign passed by seemingly unnoticed. Players like Park, Chamakh, Squillaci, Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson and Podolski are out. Who of them had bad fortunes, who didn’t fit in the squad, and who were just bad is another matter. The good news is they are out, and as the wages money freed up, in came some shiny new players.

The signings. The impact the signing of Ozil made alone on our squad was good enough to see us two thirds of the season at first place. Last year we added Sanchez who carried our team through the first half of the season which was full of average performances. Now we’ve added a goalkeeper of immense quality to bring calmness to our back four.

And finally the manager. Far from being his biggest fan at times I have to give him credit for finally accepting some truths and moving on from some old habits. Is it because he realizes he’s at the end of his career and wants to go out with a bang? Or was there pressure on him to deliver with last years contract negotiations going late? Maybe a combination of both, but results show improvement.

When such huge monies are involved in the sport it becomes more and more tied with the results. What Mourinho said about Arsenal leaving the philosophy in the dressing room, means he maybe sees us as a threat. It’s a compliment more than an insult.

The real insult will be if we fail to get that little extra quality we need up front and that elusive DM that will support Coquelin. I didn’t mention Money as a key factor because too often it was Wenger’s excuse for not upgrading on all the other things I mentioned earlier.

However, when people on the board bomb out statements that you have 200 mills in the bank and you are a player or two away from a real title challenge, it’s not serious to risk the best chance we’ve had for years to win the league, and an excuse of ‘there wasn’t enough quality’ would just seem silly.

This season will be interesting to say the least, because for the first time in many years Arsenal will be regarded as serious contenders. The underdog status will no longer be on our side. We have a large squad with a mixture of talent experience and a few titles to the peoples names (well at least 2 FA cups).

We’re close, really close. Will we make the changes necessary to push ourselves to the top, or will we wait and see if what we have is good enough? Time will tell.


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  1. Arsene is really starting to see obvious errors he intentionally overlooked in the past.
    Winning the league is a different thing entirely and so its gonna be difficult. I just have a strong hope for our squad.
    I just hope for a mobile and technical striker to lead our line from this season on.

  2. Whether we have MEANINGFULLY improved remains to be at the end of the season.

    Its all about how many / which trophies have you secured at the end of it all. We are currently at FA cup winners level, that’s our improvement so far but whether we have done enough this summer in terms of recruits plus preparations remains to be seen.

    – I think most of us will want to see us improve is our ruthlessness and ability to bring in what we need to be champions during the transfer window.

    – Another one would be the ability to win against Stock, Southampton, Chelsea (in the league), Swansea and to some extent Man U.

    – Improve on defending against set play and rotation of players.

    – Improve / find measure to sought out our injury crisis

    Ain’t saying we have not improved at all, the fact is as at end of last season, we are FA cup winners material, Period!!!

  3. We need two quality players a DM and CF. I would like us to sign Benzema and i also thing we should get Alex Song back. He didn’t force his move to Barcelona rather it was arsene who cashed in on him to help pay off our dept unlike flamini whom ran out of our club when we needed him most and Mr wenger resigned him. Why not do the same with Song.

  4. Wenger confirms Alexis is back in training “but I don’t think he will be involved on Sunday, it is a bit early maybe.”

    we are 1 injury away from flamini & arteta in mf still we are behind the likes of city & chelski

  5. Arsene is the sole reason the Ars have improved….he brought in a DM last season, snapped up a WC goalie this season and on schedule to get a WC striker next season!
    Meantime just have to be patient.

    1. But if he brought in a proper DM when he sold Song – we could probably have been the current champions.

    2. You do realize us bringing Coquelin was as a result of injuries and not that of a careful planning, no? Coquelin’s form in my opinion is a plus to Coquelin and not to Wenger. Truth be told, most of us were unhappy when Coquelin came back. We had hoped for the likes of Carvalho, Javier Martinez and even Illaramendi but got a loan player many of us didn’t even know still played for Arsenal.

  6. according to circulating rumour……….. Lacazette is considering not extending his Lyon stay……. If true, could this have something to do with the Emirates thrashing…….or just an eye opener? L()L

  7. Julio Maldonado [AS]: “I am not sure whether Benzema will leave Real Madrid or not but they won’t find a better “9” in the market”
    Acc to AS The option of Cristiano playing the “9” role and Bale as a playmaker could condition Karim’s role at RM & his possible exit Benzema could be convinced that his future lies with his compatriot Arsene Wenger IF he doesn’t start the first 2 La Liga

    1. Even if Ronaldo plays no 9 (he doesn’t like it by the way), who’ll be his substitute? It’s in Madrid’s best interest to hold onto Benzema for as long as possible. There aren’t too many strikers of Benzema quality at the moment. Where are all the strikers gone by the way? LoL

  8. there’s this arsenal forum i visited…… And there was a post welcoming sanchez back to London…… Over to the comment section, everyone else was welcoming sanchez…… But a certain “Rahman” was busy typing sh*t…….i could have sworn it was u….. HAFIZ!

  9. Anybody know anything about Denis Cheryshev?
    A lot of rumours about him joining us
    He is worth about £15 millon
    Is he like Pedro?

    1. okay! seriously… Denis cheryshev (or whatever he’s called!)……… Lets be clear, he’s a madrid player huh?……. Loaned out player huh!…. I think highly of us and i can’t even think of us going for a player who ain’t even capable of breaking the Real madrid reserve team…….who’s denis cheryshev?

  10. Surely, the idea of resigning Song wouldnt be a bad one whatsoever. Im pretty certain he is decent enough for a backup DM. in anycase, he could also play alongside le coq as a deep lying play maker, with his crazy long passes. Besides, i dont think he is as expensive as most of the targets the fans had in mind(i stand to be corrected if not so)

  11. Looks like Gnabry will be loaned to West Bromwich. If that happens, I think it’s good because he needs regular competitive playing time.

    I have high hopes for Gnabry

  12. This wilshere injury is a blessing in disguise, no more him or ramsey on the wings for the next two months. As long as we don’t get an injury i can see us close to the top without wenger finding a way for him or ramsey to start. And when he comes back for Christmas he’ll bring much needed rotation.

  13. I wish our players were more like mertesacker the guy never gets injured and is always available.

    1. Ever wondered why he never gets injured, it’s because he never allows his body his body to sweat and is too busy avoiding contact. How can the guy get injured??

    1. We all know that story…buts that’s an unnecessary comment from a 25yr old…
      The guy’s already been getting death threats for a MISTAKE…

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